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Brit-Am Now no. 1349 Ten Tribes
June 2 2009, 10 Sivan 5769
1. DNA. Brit-Am Contributes to the Overall British-Israel Related Message
2. Jewish Input into British Israel
3. David Hughes:  Remarks on the Davidic Dynasty
4. Andy
Reaume:   'black-sheep' of the visible 'Yahudim' lines
5. Why it is Important that you Know you descend from Israel.


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1. DNA. Brit-Am Contributes to the Overall British-Israel Related Message
The Brit-Am Understanding of DNA has been largely incorporated in the British Israel Reply to criticism against its beliefs on DNA grounds.
Martin Lightfoot, a BIWF official in Britain, consulted with Yair Davidiy on the DNA matter and we came to a  general agreed that was written up and then according to Martin Lightfootsent sent for consideration to "Michael Bennett  who is president of our fellow organization the BIBTF. He is a qualified biologist"
The result is below.
It will be noticed that many Brit-Am points have been adopted.

The Israel Identity Haplogroup Issue The large variety of haplogroup markers in the Middle East (see JD McDonalds (2005) research map) corroborates the Biblical account of Assyrian invasions that removed almost the entire population of the Northern Kingdom of Israel and a very large proportion of Judah, and replaced them with various peoples from a whole range of conquered provinces from beyond the Taurus mountains in modern Turkey to the Zagros in modern Iran. The shape of Abraham, Isaac and Jacobs "Y" chromosome is not known. What if it was in fact R1b, i.e. that of Western Europeans many of whom according to Milton.J, Camden.W and Turner.S histories of the British people are known to have migrated from the Middle East. The haplogroups "J1 & J2" largely associated with Jews could have developed from R1b simply by loss of the extra DNA information that distinguishes J from R. Furthermore, the Jews (largely from the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi) and the Ten Tribes have been separated for about 3,000 years. The length of separation together with some foreign infusion on both sides, environmental influences, genetic drift, etc, is more than enough to explain any differences that may exist between the two bodies. Moreover, it is only correct to say that the ?Y? chromosome is conveyed largely unchanged throughout successive generations of males. It is not true to say that no combination occurs between the Y and X chromosomes. According to Stanford School of Medicine (Genetics) the "Y" chromosome not only recombines with up to 5% of the "X", it also recombines with its own "Y" duplicate DNA. The male DNA (Y chromosome) of Jews is close to that of groups who have dwelt in the Middle East for an extended period such as the Kurds, Turks, Armenians and to a lesser degree Arabs. This however should be explained by geographical provenance. The Jews were in the Middle East for much longer than the Ten Tribes and the Jewish DNA type was determined by environmental influences. Conventional DNA theory attributes all major changes to UEPs (Unique Event Polymorphisms) meaning that single mutation somewhere along the line becomes the ancestral factor to all further appearances of that phenomenon. The evidence indicates however that instead of UEPS we actually have REP (Repeat Event Polymorphisms) with the same effect occurring almost simultaneously in more than one paternal source. Once the changes occur they are indeed transmitted by heredity. The changes themselves however may be triggered off by environment, nitrogen in the soil, the presence of metals, diet, and other factors. Fertilizers shape plant genomes. Conventional DNA based on the Y Chromosome (transmitted only by males) leads to the following conclusions: Most Japanese (haplogroup D) are closer to Africans (DE, E) than they are to Chinese and Koreans (O). East Europeans (R1a) and West European Celts (R1b) are much closer to Amerindians (Q), Chinese and Koreans (O), than they are to Scandinavians, North Germanics, Sardinians, Croats (I), and Jews, Greeks, and Arabs (J) North African white Berbers, Mediterranean and Balkan whites along with ca. 20% of Ashkenazic Jews (E3b), are a branch of black Africans (E3a).These apparent anomalies may have something to them but we doubt it. The mistaken perception has come about due to DNA researchers wishing to understand DNA reality as an evolutionary sequence. This has led them to depart from their own principles of research. The progression from one haplogroup to another (if it took place) in fact is more likely to have gone from a "developed" haplogroup (such as R or N) losing information. Observed mutations indicate the loss of DNA information. Finally, Israel identity researchers have continually protested that the Anglo Saxon / Cymri-Celtic / Norman peoples are largely of common stock. This is now ably demonstrated by current haplogroup data as seen on JD McDonalds (2005)research map.

2. Jewish Input into British Israel
Rotten apples in British Israel in Britain from ca. 1920s onwards began to adopt anti-Jewish racist dogmas.
This was taken up with a vengeance in the USA by the so-called "Christain Identity" movement.
Ever since then anyone who says that Lost Tribes are in the west is liable to be suspected of anti-Semitism.

British Israel however in Britain always contained some elements that were basically pro-Jewish and in the beginning most of them had been philo-Semites. It was only later that the rot set in.

Amongst early British Israel thinkers were also Jews.
One of these was Dr. Abadie of Amsterdam ca. 1793.
Abadie was a Sephardic Jew who had converted to Christianity.
In early British Literature Jewish sources are quoted and authorities with Jewish names such as Margolith referred to.

3. David Hughes:  Remarks on the Davidic Dynasty
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1348
#2. Jewish Davidic Roots of British Royal Family

to whomever
the British Royal House does not have its roots in the Davidic Dynasty, however, it does have at least five descent-lines from the Davidic Dynasty in genealogical jargon the phrase "direct-line" always refers to the male-line, although the British Royal House has female-links with Israel's Davidic Dynasty i have a booklet "Davidic Dynasty", about 50 plus pages, that i can offer to anyone who wishes to see how offshoots of Israel's Davidic Dynasty links to the British Royal House
also the sentence below "Because of the Davidic ancestry of Makhir, most Royal families in Europe like to claim their Divine Right, to rule based on their connection to Makhir"; this is crap; it would be nice if you would stop inventing history; all royal dynasties have their own "origin stories" and none claim their connection to Makhir as their "divine mandate" the origin story of Britain royal-line is the King Arthur story, who claimed Brutus as his ancestor
David Hughes
Brit-Am Comment:
The awareness of Makhir, his Davidic origins, and kinship with families in Europe has only recently been publicized.
The fact remains, assuming the work by Zuckerman is correct, Makhir was descended from David and important families in Western Europe are related to him.

4. Andy Reaume:   'black-sheep' of the visible 'Yahudim' lines
From: Andy Reaume <>
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1348
#2. Jewish Davidic Roots of British Royal Family

Hi Yair,

Although I'm not a regular supporter (financially or otherwise) of all that you represent, there have always been similarities we can relate to; therefore, please hear me out.
There are literally several million descendants of Queen Elizabeth's line in existence today, unknowing to most of them; howbeit, extensive research into my mother's paternal line has revealed ancestry from Charlemagne's line via his son Jean de Bourg.
Family Tree DNA has an ongoing project identifying Anusim French Acadian families with their former European Yahudim lines (first by DNA and confirmed by genealogy).
Without doubt, the British Royal Family Genealogy chart I once submitted to your office by mail some years back prove the validity of its claim, both via DNA and genealogy, at least on my mother's paternal/maternal sides. Both surnames of Lambert and Bourg stand as prominent Yahudim surnames in France to this day, yet the vast majority of them practice the Catholic faith, because of centuries-old persecutions and social pressures.
Although raised Catholic as a child, I have long since departed from all man-made religions, but remain faithful to the Scriptures in its true context and form.
There is definitely a stirring in progress regarding partial or full recognition of one's roots, both in the realm of the physical and spiritual, as time is always a factor at play.
Relative to content #2 in this Brit-Am edition, I submit some of my mother's ancestral information, only to show the extent of my research on this subject matter, and not doubting my own Yahudim physical roots.
Yair, as a researcher in your own right, the time must come to distinguish between the two separate, yet united Yahudim Royal houses of Western Europe, whose emblems are decorated with red and golden lions - red being of the house of Zarah Yahudah, and gold rendered to the house of Pharez Yahudah. Therein lie the clues to confirming validity with who fits where in Royal genealogy pertaining to Yahudim roots. Pertaining to Scripture, as a twin, Zarah's wrist was tied with a scarlet band before his birth for a reason, because his line was not forgotten by those who bare the very same 'mark' to this day. We are the 'black-sheep' of the visible 'Yahudim' lines, but yet as influential and prominent, and not by wishful adventurism.
European wars were generally fought between the two bloodlines, resulting in some branches being nearly extinguished, especially amongst the French dynasties where Reuben dwelt, and Yoseph predominated. The same scenario is repeated today in untold ways within the colonies of Canada.
It was once said that no one in his right mind wishes to become 'Jewish' just for the sake of it, and that those who seek their own identity, do so on the basis of research and discovery based on what truth is available, which amounts to no more or less than that.


5. Why it is Important that you Know you descend from Israel.

Knowledge concerning the Lost Ten Tribes obtained from
The Brit-Am Ten Tribes Movement Message should be important to you because:

The Bible speaks to you as Israelites.
The Bible warns you, promises you.
Biblical Blessings Pertain to you.
You have Obligations.
It involves your Ancestry
This Knowledge is Offered to you about yourself as an act of Divine Providence
It means the Jews are your brothers and should be regarded as such.
The State of Israel is part of your heritage.


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