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Brit-Am Now no. 1592
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

31 October 2010, 23 Cheshvan 5771.
1. Lars
Waern no.1: Appreciation and Pictures from a "Goth" in Sweden
2. Lars Waern no.2: The Tribe of Gad in Gotland? The Ram Symbol.
3. Robert Graves: Commendation & Request.
4. Britain and the Phoenicians: Interesting Extract
5. Jennie Schmidt; Where are Moab,
Ammon, and Elam?
6. KC Stricker: Pleased with Brit-Am Radio Interview
7. Did Sephardic Jews Assimilate Amongst Amerindians of the USA??
The Influence of Sephardic Jews and Moors on Southeastern Indian Cultures
by Donald Panther-Yates
8. Jerusalem Post (Special Christian Edition):
Zionist Christians might be from Israel's 'Ten Lost tribes'
9. All Patriots 'Know' that Moses Wrote the Constitution by Garrett Epps
10. Followers of  the Brit-Am Movement Should Be Aware they are Chosen!


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1. Lars Waern no.1: Appreciation and Pictures from a "Goth" in Sweden

LMK/Lars Waern  wrote:

I read pages at Your site with lot interest. Specailly appreciate Your translation to Swedish language of many pages as  I am a "goth" in Sweden.
I wonder sometimes about our standard here in Vastergland (Means western goth-land). Have You any idea about any connection to Gad and Israel from this symbol?




Sources of Pictures:

By the way many "gothic" areas in Sweden have a lion in their standard:


Source of Picture:


Source of Picture:

I will keep reading as much as I can at Brit-Am pages.
Very nice! Thanks for keeping up good work!
Kind regards,
Lars Waern

Brit-Am Reply:
The Swedish translations on our site were contributed by Orjan Svenssun.
Nice pictures you sent.
We will post them to our site.

Our impression is that a Lion  was one of the symbols of Israel in general.
The lion  is also specifically associated with the Tribes of Judah, Dan, and Gad (Deuteronomy 33:20).
Other symbols of Gad include an encampment of tents, an axe, a goat, lamb, or ram.

2. Lars Waern no.2: The Tribe of Gad in Gotland? The Ram Symbol.

Thanks for reply.

I know Judah has the lion as symbol. But did not know it was associated with Gad and Dan also.
Did read Gad have black&white as tribute also. In black/white version of Vastergotland weapon the yellow color turns white. Gives black & white tribunal then.

Also did not know lamb/ram was a tribunal of Gad

I like Gotland weapon much just because of lamb/ram tribute.
They called themselves "gutar" wish gives association to "gutu" in old Skythia.
Here is the Gotland standard.



Source of Picture:
Coat of arms of the province of Gotland, Sweden.

I think origin of the picture is famous Gotland sheep - "gutef r" (other link).
All af them, both male and female, have horns. May father "farm" some of this kind.

Gotland Sheep

Gotland Sheep

Source of Picture:

Kind regards,

Lars Wearn

Brit-Am Reply:
Picture Shows symbol Gotland depicting a ram with horns.
Gotland is an island in the Baltic that belongs to Sweden. Historically it was important due to its association with the Goths.
Wikipeda Gotland:
# The Gotlandic flag displays the Gotlandic coat of arms, white on red ground, known from the 13th century in the shape of the seal of the Gotlandic Republic with the proud ram. It reads: "Gutenses signo xpistus signatur in agno". This can be translated as follows: "I (the ram) am the sign of the Gotlanders.

# The island Gotland is obviously just one island, but the historical province of Gotland also includes adjacent islands, which are often considered part of the Gotlandic culture:
# The region is considered by some historians to be the original homeland of the Goths.[11]

Brit-Am  identifies the Swedes and Goths with Gad.
We said (see "The Tribes") that one of the symbols of Gad was a kid goat or sheep or a ram.

We were not previously aware of the Ram being a symbol of Gotland but this helps confirm our identification of Gad with the Goths.
It should be remembered that in Biblical Hebrew the name GAD could be pronounced as Goth and that the Goths on occasion referred to themselves as Godos or Gad and the component "-gad" isn different place-names is  considered an indication of Gothic presence.

3. Robert Graves: Commendation & Request

Shalom Yair,
Just a quick note to thank you from the bottom of my heart for staying the course in the awesome and necessary Work that [the ALMIGHTY] has called you to do in these latter days before the Age to Come...
Your prodigious work on behalf of the scriptural assurances that [the ALMIGHTY]  will regather Israel and we (Israel) will Finally do the work of making All Nations worship the [God] of our Fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob should be appreciated and supported with prayer and financial help.
We believers know full well that we have an obligation to return to our Father a portion of the blessings He bestows upon us. I know that because the Temple is gone,  a change was made in  the way He wants us to support His great plan.  It now devolves upon us who trust Him to return to Him a tenth (at least). in the form of support to those whom we know are doing the Work He has covenanted to do for mankind.  Part of that Plan is the regathering and restoring the kingdom of Ephraim and Judah, thus making us "One" in His hand to bring the Goyim to full knowledge of Him and His Teachings until His glory and righteousness cover this earth as the waters cover the seabed.
As for me, I pledge to support you for the remainder of this year and next; (so long as He renders me able) with a portion of my resources that belong to Him.
I urge all believers in the restoration of our two nations under Messiah ben David to do likewise. 
We need your work to continue until Messiah makes it no longer necessary.  To that end may He give you long life and unfailing strength as He did Moses until the task is done!
Shalom; and may [the ALMIGHTY]  stand with you as you stand with Him and do His work.
Cordially in the love of our Father,
Robert. H. Graves, TX.

4. Britain and the Phoenicians: Interesting Extract
Britain, Phoenicia's Secret Treasure

The fact that tin trade existed is too well attested to need proof. Herodotus as early as 445 BC speaks of the British Isles as the Tin Islands or Cassiterides. Pytheas (352-323 BC) mentions the tin trade, as does also Polybius (circa 160). Diodorus Siculus gives a detailed description of the trade. He tells us that the tin was mined, beaten into squares, and carried to an island called Ictis, joined to the mainland at low tide, which is generally held to be Mount St. Michael in Cornwall, although some have identified it with Falmouth. Thence it was shipped to Morlais, and transported across France on pack horses to Marseilles. From Marseilles it was again shipped to Phoenicia. Innumerable ancient workings in Cornwall still attest the trade, and tin is still mined there today. Lord Avebury and Sir John Evans held the opinion that the trade existed as early as 1500 BC, and Sir Edward Creasy writes: "The British mines mainly suppled the glorious adornment of Solomon's Temple". This matter ties in very well with the involvement of Phoenician builders with construction of Solomon's Temple.

5. Jennie Schmidt; Where are Moab, Ammon, and Elam?

Dear Mr. Davidey:

I noticed the Prophet Jeremiah, in chapters 48 and 49, says in the latter days the descendants of Moab, Ammon, and Elam would be returned to the land as well.  Is that because Moab and Ammon are descended from Lot, Abraham's nephew?  Who is Elam?  Do you know who or where these groups are today?  Will they live on Israel's inheritance land, or somewhere close by?


Brit-Am Reply:

Elam was originally to the  east of Babylon, in southwest Persia.
Craig White ("In Search of the Origin of Nations", 2003) identifies the Elamites with several peoples including
the Serbs, Croatians, and Poles.
[Regarding the Serbs and Croats there is indeed evidence that they both came from the neighborhood of Iran.]

Who is Moab?
Different Suggested identifications Made for Moab:
Spain. the Moors of North Africa. Portugal. the Khazars.

The Empire of the Moors by John G. Jackson
# The Almoravids [Moors of North Africa and Spain] were also known as Morabites and Moabites. All Moors were known as Moabites in the Middle Ages. #

The Moabites and the Dominions of Amexem in America
By Sheik Robert Stone-El, G.G., D.M.

Claims that Moabites were to be found amongst the Berbers in North Africa and also amongst the Sabaeans.
[This could connect them with part of the Afro-Americans in the USA today.] Locates them today in Meso-America.

# The Moabites and their children, the Moors, operated an empire that extended from the kingdoms of Morocco, Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli, Mali, Guinea, etc. on to the Asiatic Nations and countries in North, South and Central America that included the land which is currently inhabited by the Moorish Americans and Mexicans in North America, Brazil, Argentina, and Chili in South America. Also it includes Columbia, Nicaragua and San Salvador in Central America. All of these people were and are Moslems. #

There is even a religion in which Afro-Americans identify as Moabites:
# The Moorish Science Temple attracted mostly Black Americans. Noble Drew however was no racist, though he held certain racial theories. Blacks, he said, are Moabites or Moors, and under this identity he taught pride to a race of oppressed sufferers.

Who is Ammon?
Different Suggested identifications Made for Ammon:
Spain. Portugal. Japan.

An attempt (1995) by the Mormon Church to proselytize in Japan was known as the "Ammon Project."

 People of Ammon are guilty of wanton cruelty against the helpless, the expectant mother, and the unborn child.

We traced part of the Japanese to Edom but some of the geographical indications could just as equally have indicated Ammon
or Moab.

The Japanese  are not Hebrews!
Eidelberg ... references to the Kumaso whom he identifies as the Moabite people of Kemosh. There is a Mount Ibuki which he relates to the Biblical Jabbok River east of the Jordan. A "Moor of Nobo" becomes connected to Mount Nebo.

What About Poland??

6. KC Stricker: Pleased with Brit-Am Radio Interview
Heard you on Israel National News with Tamar.  Excellent!

New Brit-Am Broadcasts
Israel (New BAMBI)

Arutz-7 (Israel National Radio) Interviews with Brit-Am.

7. Did Sephardic Jews Assimilate Amongst Amerindians of the USA??
Brit-Am Preliminary Note:
We would advise everybody to treat what is claimed in the article quoted below with great caution.
Nevertheless some of you may find it of interest.

The Influence of Sephardic Jews and Moors on Southeastern Indian Cultures
by Donald Panther-Yates
Keynote address given to Institute for the Study of American Cultures, and Epigraphic Society, Columbus, Georgia
According to the U.S. Census, the Cherokee constitute the country's largest Indian group, with nearly 500,000 official and unofficial members. Through genocide, military conquest, plague, starvation, captivity, dispossession, betrayal and endless government maneuvers, they and the other major Southeastern tribes fought back with cunning and conviction. These were the first Indian nations to have constitutions, courts of law, a press, police forces and schools. Euchella v. Welsh (1824) and the Cherokee case before the U.S. Supreme Court in the 1830s marked their arrival in the circle of nations. The ensuing public sympathy stirred up by converted Jews like John Howard Payne, author of 'Home Sweet Home,' secured a place in legend for them similar to the Founding Fathers of America and Davy Crockett. Families like the McDonalds, Adairs, Rosses, Coopers, Keyses, Browns, Rogerses and Vanns mingled their bloodlines with the strength of the natives in the eighteenth century and before. Were it not for that mixture the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Creek and Choctaw could never have survived as political entities. Were it not for those intermarriages, most Southeastern Indians would not have acquired immunities to disease and survived at all! Southern Sephardic Jews were the secret ingredient in an amazing melting pot formed on the Old Frontier. Flexible, down-to-earth, inconspicuous, they infiltrated, impressed and inspired the indigenous hierarchies. God's Chosen People met the Great Spirit's favorite people. Seemingly all traces of them have eroded with time, but DNA is uncovering their amazing story.

8. Jerusalem Post (Special Christian Edition) Article Refers to Lost Tribes in the West?
From: Ges
Hello Yair
I thought you may find this article of interest
George in Temple, Texas       
Wow... I'm surprised this article made it in to this magazine

Zionist Christians might be from Israel's 'Ten Lost tribes'
Some contend that enough representatives of the northern kingdom were absorbed into the House of Judah before the Assyrian exile to say the whole nation is today represented by "the Jews." But why would the prophets, many of whom wrote long after the exile of the northern kingdom, talk of the glorious return of the 10 tribes and their reunion with Judah if it had already taken place?

The bottom line is that more than 80% of Jacob's family is still missing and have had 2,700 years to intermarry with every nationality. Today they probably number in the hundreds of millions. Where are they? How will we know them? And if we are in the Last Days, as most of us believe, how will they be found in time to be reunited with Judah?

...could we Christians be actual descendants of the missing Ten Tribes of the House of Israel, captured by Assyria and scattered among the nations in 722 BCE?

More and more Christians (myself included), and even some Jews, have come to this startling conclusion!

Brit-Am Criticisms of the HENNESSY Article:

(1) Article does not explicitly mention Brit-Am.

(2) Author of article is a Christian and over-emphasizes the Christian aspect which is something that could frighten most Jews (and also Gentiles) away.
A Christian-type message often detracts from the message in the eyes of Christians themselves since their own denominations might not agree with it.

(3) At the end of the article it says:
## A new genetic study has shown that worldwide Jewry all share the same genome, proving they constitute 'one family.' Maybe it's time we non-Jewish lovers of Israel take the same test. ##
This is simply not true. No such genome has been found.

(4) Article seems to waver between possibilities as to whether:

a. All Christians come from the Ten Tribes.

b. Only (or especially) Christian Zionists descend from the Ten Tribes.

Brit-Am thinks the ethnic aspect should be emphasized more or at least not neglected.

9. All Patriots 'Know' that Moses Wrote the Constitution
by Garrett Epps

That's because we have to learn the basic truth about the Constitution: God wrote it. It comes directly from the government instituted by Moses when he led the Children of Israel out of Egypt. That system was re-instituted in England around 450 A.D. by the Anglo-Saxon rulers Hengist and Horsa. The Founding Fathers, led by Thomas Jefferson, copied the Constitution directly from the "ancient constitution" of the Anglo-Saxons.

At this point a faint alarm bell should be ringing. First of all, just for the record, Jefferson didn't take any part in writing the Constitution. ...

But the louder alarm should come from maps and displays in the materials that suggest, without quite saying, that the Anglo-Saxons were in fact the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. On page 20 of our workbook, a map shows an arrow marked "Northern Tribes of Israel," running from Palestine to the Caucasus region. That arrow stops in 721 B.C.; another arrow begins at the same place at the same time: "Migration of Celts, Angli, Sacki, etc." It stretches to Northern Europe and then to England. NCCS Founder W. Cleon Skousen's big textbook, The Making of America, says that "many have thought the Yinglings, or Anglo-Saxons, included a branch of the ancient Israelites because they came from the territory of the Black Sea . . . and because they preserved the same unique institutes of government as those which were given to the Israelites at Mount Sinai. But whether related or not, there is certainly irrefutable evidence of a cross-fertilization of laws and cultural values between these two peoples."

10.  Followers of  the Brit-Am Movement Should Be Aware they are Chosen!

Our impression is that subscribers to and supporters of the Brit-Am Movement of the Ten Tribes are unique.
We are the people.
We are the warriors and advance guard for all Israel.
We are both apart from and a part of the whole of Israel.
In a sense the Almighty has chosen us.
Divine Providence has set us apart.
This does not make us better than others but there must be a reason to it, a purpose behind it.
We have an obligation to ourselves and to the rest of Israel.
Let us face up to this reality and act accordingly.

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