The Lost Ten Tribes Identified and the Relevant Statistics.
An Ongoing Series: Previous Articles

Israelite Empires in the Recent Past
The British Empire.
The French Empires.
The Belgian Empire.
The Dutch Empire.
The American (USA) Empire in 1900.

Biblical Prophecy says that towards the Latter Tribes the Lost Israelites (especially Joseph) would be Prominent Sea-Farers, Rule the Seas, be in Many oceans, and control all major strategic regions that allow access to real or potential antagonists i.e. Gates of Your Enemies, be The Battle-Axe of the Almighty or "Police-Man of the Globe" (Jeremiah 51:20 Zechariah 10:7) and other particulars of like nature.
Our article on Israelite Bases Overseas illustrated the reality of Israelite Presence Today.
In addition to the above,
the Lost Tribes were destined to have a Corrective and Civilizing Influence on the Peoples of the World. Historically this is what they did have mainly through their colonizing activities. The Maps of Israelite Empires in the Distant and Recent Past help show the extent of Israelite Civilizing Influence.

The Lost Ten Tribes Identified and the Relevant Statistics.
An Ongoing Series: Previous Articles

The British Empire

British Naval Bases 1914

British Empire 1914

Map does not include areas that Britain gained effective control of (such as Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Tanganyika, etc) after WW1 but see Map below:

British Empire 1920

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Ends of the Earth

The French Empires

Empire of Charlemagne

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We identify France with Reuben. The Ribuari (sons of Reuben) Franks laid the foundations of the Carolingian Empire of Charlemagne (742-814 CE). Charlemagne found the Holy Roman Empire. His capital was in Aachen, Germany. German Historians regard him as a German monarch whereas the French refer to Charlemagne as King of France. He was the son of Pepin the Short and grandson of Charles Martel both of whom were rulers of France. His power base derived from his ancestral leadership of the Ribuari Franks who by then were mainly in France. After his death the Kingdom split up into different sections. The dynasty of Charlemagne continued in France but was eclipsed elsewhere. Despite the relatively short life of his Empire it had a profound civilizing influence on all of Europe for centuries afterward.
The Empire of Charlemagne and its beneficial effects may be attributed to Reuben and the French.

Empire of Napoleon

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Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821 CE) became Emperor of France by harnessing forces released by the French Revolution. Like the case with Charlemagne, the actual rulership of France over regions conquered by Napoleon did not last long. Nevertheless, everywhere it existed Napoleonic Rule reformed and rationalized local existence. The effects remain until this day. On the whole, despite serious reservations, the Napoleonic Era resulted in a radical transformation and reformation of European existence in a positive direction.
Reuben was the firstborn son of Jacob (Israel) in a biological sense but the right of the Firstborn was given to Joseph (1-Chronicles 5:1). Historically, the rule of the English-speaking peoples (identified with the sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh) was greater and their influence more profound than that of the French. Even so, in many ways the French were the first to acheive greatness and influence other peoples in a good way. They had a style and finesse of their own.
The French have the characteristics of Reuben and fulfilled the promises to Reuben and to Israel in general.

Historical French Empire

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French Empire in 1914

Map does not show New Caledonia to the northeast of Australia and other islands.
France also had effective control of Lebanon before WW1, after WW1 France controlled Syria as shown in the map (Historical French Empire) prior to the present one.

The Belgian Empire

Included what later became Congo Free State, Katanga, Ruanda-Urundi (all in Africa) and in China the Tienstsin concession zone

The Dutch (Netherlands) Empire

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The American (US) Empire

USA Empire in 1900.

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Brit-Am is the "still small voice" that contains the truth.