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Ephraimite Forum: Introduction

Brit-Am exists for the three Rs:
a. Research of the Ten Tribes Location
b. Revelation of Research Findings, i.e. getting the news out.
c. Reconciliation: working for a rapprochement between Judah and Joseph.
This affects a lot of people and arouses consideration of numerous issues.
Our regular articles and "Brit-Am Now" posts are intended as much as possible to concentrate on the three Rs from the Brit-Am perspective.
This is liable to "cramp" the opportunities for needed discussion and self-expression of numerous adherents, subscribers, and those who are just interested and who all deserve to be heard and who often raise subsidiary issues that are also important.

We have therefore introduced this feature:
"Ephraimite Forum"
"Ephraimite Forum" is intended to deal with all other issues that are not our immediate concern.

This feature is still in the experimental stage.
It should improve with time like most of us.
If you have ideas on this or any other pertient matter please do not hesitate to pass them on to us.

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Ephraimite Forum-4
Date: 26 Sivan 5767, 12 June 2007
1.Jewish Genealogy
2.Interesting Quotations from Thomas Jefferson
3.Richard Griffin: Want to help
Start by making your own coffee

1.Jewish Genealogy
From: Craig Blackwood <>
Subject: Avotaynu Guide to Jewish Genealogy

2.Interesting Quotations from Thomas Jefferson

An association of men who will not quarrel with one another is a thing which has never yet existed, from the greatest confederacy of nations down to a town meeting or a vestry.
Thomas Jefferson

An enemy generally says and believes what he wishes.
Thomas Jefferson

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.
Thomas Jefferson
He who knows best knows how little he knows.
Thomas Jefferson

He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.
Thomas Jefferson

Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.
Thomas Jefferson

Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.
Thomas Jefferson

Leave all the afternoon for exercise and recreation, which are as necessary as reading. I will rather say more necessary because health is worth more than learning.
Thomas Jefferson

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.
Thomas Jefferson

Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances.
Thomas Jefferson

Nothing is unchangeable but the inherent and unalienable rights of man.
Thomas Jefferson

One man with courage is a majority.
Thomas Jefferson

Whenever you do a thing, act as if all the world were watching.
Thomas Jefferson

3.Richard Griffin: Want to help BritAm?
Start by making your own coffee

Previous generations understood  God's advice  contained in Proverbs that a little bit of money here and there adds up quickly in terms of our personal wealth. So too a little bit of money saved here and there can free up  money we might not otherwise have to help God's work and other worthy causes. I typically spend 2 to 3 dollars a day buying coffee. I am now making my own at work and I am going to offer that money  to BritAm.   I suggest all of you do the same.

Dr. Griffith

Want to get rich? Start by making your own coffee
Russ Wiles
The Arizona Republic
Jun. 10, 2007 10:04 PM
The road to riches, like a long journey, begins with that first step. Most Americans aren't born with seven-digit net worths, but many get there by putting their money to work for them, one dollar at a time.
Saving anything can seem daunting to people living paycheck to paycheck. But if you earn income, you have a chance to put some of it away by reducing expenses.
Almost everyone could take their savings to a higher level. If you're among the 35 percent of workers counting less than $10,000 in savings and investments, it's time to get serious. Here are a few ways to start:
? Pay off your credit cards.
It's easy to dig a hole through reckless card use, and you'll stay bogged down if you don't pare your balance. Suppose you pay only a 3 percent minimum each month on a $3,000 balance with a 13 percent rate. At that pace, you would need 13 years to pay it all off while incurring $1,590 in interest. Run numbers at payment.asp.

? Make your own coffee.
All those high-priced lattes add up. If you could save $4 by forsaking just one cup of designer coffee each day, you'd save $1,460 a year. Run numbers at calc/coffee.cgi.

? Adjust the thermostat.
For many Arizonans, utility costs rank among the highest bills, especially in summer. Shave them by adjusting your thermostat, installing low-energy bulbs, planting shade trees and more. Read tips from Salt River Project at menu/energy.aspx.

? Eat out less often. As with coffee, you can save cash by purchasing fewer meals out. If you cut $4 a day by packing lunches five days a week, that's $1,000 or so over a year. Calculate your savings at www.hugh

? Downsize your auto. Cars are expensive in many ways - purchase price, gasoline, insurance, registration, repairs and more. One way to minimize that is with less-costly models.
For example, taking out a $12,500 auto loan rather than a $25,000 one will help you save more than the $12,500 difference. You'll also avoid $1,868 in interest (on a 48-month loan with a 7 percent rate), plus higher registration and insurance. Visit auto-loan-calcula tor.asp.

? Entertain yourself.
Movie tickets, drinks and popcorn for two can approach $30. Shave $20 by renting a movie and watching at home. Trim costs further by borrowing a video at the library. Cutting entertainment by $20 a month frees $240 over a year.

Put money to good use
So you've saved up a lot of extra cash by cutting expenses. That's a good start. But now you need to invest it wisely.
Once you start building up cash, create an account for emergencies. Money-market mutual funds and certain bank vehicles are suitable for this.
Longer-term, workplace 401(k) plans and other retirement accounts offer a mix of tax and other incentives.
Young adults have golden opportunities to maximize wealth over time. A 25-year-old starting from scratch can reach $500,000 at age 65 by investing $424 a month and earning 4 percent above inflation. Someone who waits until 45 to start must sock away $1,364 a month to reach the same goal.
See Vanguard's "determine how much to save" calculator at https://flagship .vanguard. com/VGApp/hnw/planning education/retirement.


Ephraimite Forum-3
Date: 24 Sivan 5767, 10 June 2007
1. Tolkien and the Jews
2. Shakespeare and the Jews
3. Prof. Paul
Eidelberg: The Hidden Cause of the Arab War Against Israel
[followed by
Brit-Am Refutation]
1. Tolkien and the Jews

2. Shakespeare and the Jews

by David Basch

Humor: Was Shakespeare Jewish?
by David Verveer,7340,L-3309633,00.html

The one-man play "Shylock" by Gareth Armstrong

3. Prof. Paul Eidelberg:
The Hidden Cause of the Arab War Against Israel
[followed by Brit-Am Refutation]
Subject: The  Hidden Cause
The Hidden Cause of the Arab War Against Israel
By Prof. Paul Eidelberg
Why Arabs want to destroy Israel receives only superficial commentary by students of the Arab-Israel War.
Most say the Arabs want to destroy Israel because it is a Jewish state.  Notice, however, that the state's political elites are only nominally Jewish.  In fact, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres, Foreign Minister Tsippi Livni, Defense Minister Amir Peretz, and Education Minister Yuli Tamir want to transform Israel into a multicultural society like Sweden, whose political elites have erased their own people's history and culture.
Others say that the Arabs want to wipe Israel off the map of the Middle East because it is a democracy that threatens, by its example, the autocratic power structure of the Arab-Islamic world.  And yet, despite the veneer of democracy--periodic multiparty elections--such is the concentration of power in Israel's (prime ministerial) government, on the one hand, and such is the impotence of its legislature on the other, that Israel should be classified as an oligarchy.  Indeed, since the government owns or controls almost 90 percent of the country's assets, Israel may rightly be called a corporate state.
Still other commentators say that the Arabs want to annihilate Israel because Islam is a militant and expansionist religion.  This is indubitably true.  But the question remains:  What is there about Israel that the Arabs most detest or fear if it is not, strictly speaking, a Jewish as well as democratic state?  Could it be the state's secular character, its having ever been dominated by secularists?  Consider what two Arab commentators say.
One writes:  "The propagandists of secularism, who leave out of account the religious factor in the Palestine problem, ignore the fact that this is the only bone of contention in the world which has persisted for thirty centuries." 
Another Arab spokesman declares:  "Apart from the political conflict, there is a basic philosophical and spiritual incompatibility between the two contending nationalisms.  Even if all political disputes were to be resolved, the two movements, Zionism and Arab Nationalism, would remain, spiritually and ideologically, worlds apart--living in separate 'universes of discourse' which are incapable of communication or meaningful dialogue." 
Notice that neither of these Arab spokesmen regards territory or geographical boundaries as a decisive issue in the Arab animosity toward Israel.  Which means that Israel's policy of "territory for peace" is doomed to fail, indeed, is leading to Israel?s territorial dismemberment. Territorial nationalism, however, is the paramount principle of secular Zionism.  This being the case, the "peace process" signifies the end of secular Zionism, the ideology of the Likud party!
What is crucial here, however, is not the noun "Zionism," but the adjective ?secular.?  From the Arab point of view, Israeli secularism is the greatest threat to Arab-Islamic civilization, as may learn from Moslem scholars such Harvard-educated professor Seyyed Hossein Nasr.
To be sure, Arabs murdered religious Jews even before the establishment of the secular state of Israel.  But anti-Zionism was the principal motive of such murders, and the Zionist movement was dominated by secularists--even self-professed atheists like David Ben-Gurion.
In short, Arab hostility toward Israel is primarily motivated by the fact that Israel is ruled by irreligious Jews, above all by those of the political Left..  In other words, the hidden cause of the war being waged against the Jews is Jewish rejection of the God of Israel.
            This conclusion accords with basic Jewish sources as well as with Jewish history.  When Jews turn away from God, God turns away from Jews.  Stated another way, when Israel fails to exalt God?s name, God will use various instruments, be it the United Nations or the Arabs, to condemn and humiliate Israel. 
            This underlying dynamic of Jewish history is obscured by the very brilliance of well-intended critics of the ?peace process??which is why they have had no discernible impact on the obviously irrational and suicidal behavior of Israel's government.  The same critics would accomplish infinitely more if they would but recognize that the irrational and suicidal nature of the ?peace process? is a consequence of the godless character of Israel's government.  They would then see that Arab despots are merely instruments of Divine Providence.   The Arabs are simply facilitating the demise of a secular state, a precondition of Israel's spiritual redemption.
Brit-Am Refutation to above article.
It is true that in the past some Moslem theologians have used the religious factor (or lack of it) amongst secular Zionists in their arguments.
This sentiment can also be found amongst the Moslem "Man in the Street" community.
Arabs are often religious to a degree. Their religious concepts can be divided into three basic categories:

a. A superstitious pagan sort of distant appreciation of cause and effect, good and bad luck, fate, etc.
Secular Jews especially immodestly dressed women and women in assertive public positions can upset the Arab sense of propriety and threaten their inner world.

b. Classical Moslem "Arabian" orthodox type.
This will tolerate the Jew to a limited degree as long as the Jew maintains an inferior status and allows himself to be periodically oppressed which oppression includes beatings, rape, abduction of women and children,along with occasional murder with life varying from barely tolerable to a living hell.
On top of all this under an Islamic regime they will perpetually have the threat of a capricious annihilation hovering over their heads.
Welcome to Islamistan!

c. General Monotheism that finds expression through Islam.
Arabs quarrel with each other and oppress one another.
An Arab who is disaffected with his peers may come to consider them basically "wicked" while finding the Jews relatively speaking to be "righteous".
Arabs often have or can come to quickly acquire a healthy "fear of God".
This can come into play at times of disaffection or after military defeats or even as a result of vigorous law enforcement measures.
The more religious the Jews are or seem to be the more these potentialities amongst Arabs can work for the Jewish good.

The three above categories intermerge and overlap in the Arab character.
The first two are usually dominant while the third may assert itself after traumatic experience.
The third category "Fear of God" is the only viable option that Jews should look to.

In order to get along with the Arabs the Jews should therefore be prepared to thoroughly beat the Arabs while themselves living a God-fearing existence.
Being "religious" in itself is not a solution.


Ephraimite Forum-2
1. Steven Maney: The Double Standards of the BBC
2. Brit-Am Reply to Question on Meat and Milk.
3. Other Peoples: Canaan, Ghana, Uganda

1. Steven Maney: The Double Standards of the BBC
From: steven maney <>
Subject: little britain
Dear Sirs,

I read about the guy who wouldn't lecture in the UK because of the attitude in the media and universities.

I would like to say that I agree with him and wonder if this is a direct result of darkness hating the light?

For instance, while on an open university course, I was amazed to see how 'freedom of speech' was allowed when it came to criticising fat people, religious groups, men and poor people. BUT, no one was allowed to say ANYTHING critical about homosexuals.

Homosexuals have penetrated all levels of the BBC, government and higher education, and as a result, they are defended in cases where others would have been sacked or worse.

Could you imagine the police 'dropping the case' if a heterosexual person had been caught with a dead woman in their pool after a drug fuelled party, comparing the Michael Barrymore/ Lubbock case?

And what about Graham Norton, who is currently hosting the 'Joseph Choir Search' - looking for children to audition for the Andrew Lloyd Weber musical- what if he had been 'religious'? What would the BBC have done when he said, on air, that drugs were 'OK'? Would he have been allowed to work with children?

The BBC is also currently suppressing a report about its anti-Israel bias, so I would say the lecturer was right not to come and hopefully his stance will raise serious questions about where this bias is coming from.

Kind Regards

Stevie Maney

2. Brit-Am Reply to Question on Meat and Milk:
 (PS: Thanks for your earlier reply, but I noticed you used the milk & meat kosher example- didn't Abraham give the 'Lord' meat and curds with bread?)

We are not about to get into a debate on this matter since that would take us too far beyond the field we have to concentrate upon.
You are referring to our notes on the Brit-Am Answers to Queries on Judaism entry

Q. 3.  Are Rabbinical Explanations derived from the Bible?
If so, can you give an example?

Meat and Milk

You are also correct concerning Abraham.
Some explain this verse as first milk products and after that meat ones which is permitted.
However even if we assume that they really did eat meat and milk together this was before the beginning of the Torah.
Before the Torah was given through Moses the Patriarchs may have kept many of the laws but it was in a different format.
For example:
Jacob married two sisters which under the Law of Moses would have been forbidden.
Under the Law of Moses levirate marriage takes place when one brother dies without children one of the surviving brothers has to either marry the widow or formally release her (Deuteronomy 25:5). This only applies to the brothers.
Before the Giving of the Torah a similar practice existed but it could be carried out by any member of the family
and therefore in the case of Tamar either of the sons of Judah was eligible and so was Judah (Genesis 38).
A remnant of the earlier custom still remained (though not legally binding) even after the giving of the Law and so Ruth had to be "redeemed" by marrying one of the surviving kin of her deceased husband (Ruth 4:5 ).

    3. Other Peoples: Canaan, Ghana, Uganda
The following message was first seen at
but has since been also available from other groups.
It is included here out of curiosity
Kenya: Maasais, Canaanites And the Inca Connection

 East African (Nairobi)
 5 June 2007
 Posted to the web 5 June 2007
 Philip Ochieng
 WHY IS ENKAI, THE Creator god of the Maasai, almost the same as Enki, who created the Sumerians, as well as Enoch, the Canaanite hero who  stormed heaven, and Inca, the divine chief of the ancient Andeans?
 Is it accidental that if you reverse the syllables of those names -
a  word-game which ancient societies played all the time - you get Ka'in of the Sumerians, Kainan of the Canaanites, Cain of Genesis and Chanes of Mesoamerica?
 Thus, although Genesis informs us that Cain was Enoch's father, a  scruple crosses the mind. For the book cannot make up its mind which one of them was the first city-builder. It says that Cain gave his city the name Enoch. But both words mean exactly the same thing - "founder,"  "settler," "city builder." It is thus certain that Cain is Enoch.
 What the Maasai share with the Canaanites, Sumerians and the autochthons of Central America is their Nilotic root.
 And, as is now well known, Genesis is drawn entirely from Israel-  Judah's bondage in Egypt and Sumeria (Babylon) and, between them, the religious subservience in Canaan called "idolatry."
 All the ancient Nilotes worshipped the creator goddess Maat (known also as Isis and a thousand other names). As the goddess of love and justice, her counterpart in Orphic mysticism was the mysterious Eros, known to the Vedic Indians as Kama and to the Romans as Cupid.
 By the time we meet this deity in literature, however, she is entirely male because, by that time, the whole matriarchal world of the Hamites has been overrun by Semito-Aryan patriarchy and all institutions of the goddess have been handed over to a new male supremo - for instance, Zeus on Olympus.
 Ptah-hotep, the Coptic guru, defined Maat as the truth, justice and  righteousness. For she it was who could transform a human individual  into a geru-maa, self-disciplined and virtuous. A geru-maa was likened to a tree growing in fertile ground, offering pleasant shade and yieding succulent fruit.
 This is extraordinary information. In ancient Hamitic languages - as we saw in an earlier piece - you removed "at" from a noun to masculinise it. If you masculinised Maat, you got Maa.
 MAAT HAD BEEN THE supreme goddess ever since she created herself and the universe. Now, under patriarchy, the need arose for the supreme divine office to go to a male god. It was thus that Maat became Maa.
 If, for its part, the geru in geru-maa is cognate with the Hindu- Sikh guru (the supreme teacher), then geru-maa can be translated as "Teacher of Righteousness." This is engrossing. For Genesis identifies the  "Teacher of Righteousness" with the Canaanite priest- king Melchizedek of pre-Israelite Jerusalem.
 The Maasai are likely to have come from around Napata and Meroe, the  seat of a celebrated Nilotic state where, at Nag Hammadi, ancient  gospels have recently been discovered which connects the authors with the Melchizedekian order to which Jesus belonged.
 All this may indicate why the worshippers of Enkai called themselves  Maasai. Cynthia Salvadori translates the word Maasai as "people of Maa speech." But that begs the question: What exactly is "Maa speech?" An answer that suggests itself is that Maa is another name for Enkai.
 Moreover, if Enkai is cognate with the Sumerian Enki, the Canaanite  Enoch, Genesis's Cain, the Andean Inca, the Mexican Chanes, to this list we can add the ancient Western African kingdom of Ghana and, in modern Ghana, the Akan.
 Robert Graves in The Greek Myths and Robert Temple in The Sirius Mystery report that Canaan is only a Hebrew corruption of Aganor - the Ugandan who became the eponymous father of the Canaanites - a name which closely resembles Ghana.
 They and Cheik Anta Diop - the great Senegalese archaeo-historian -  demonstrate a direct cultural, mythological, linguistic and blood link between Cush, Egypt, Crete, Arcadia, Thessaly, Armenia, Lemnos, Canaan, Garamantia (ancient Libya), Dogon, Bambara, Wolof and Akan.
  East Africa
 Arts, Culture and Entertainment


Ephraimite Forum-1
1. Werner van der Wal:
Suggested Alternate non-Brit-Am Genealogies
2. Steven Collins: Ancient Israelite Technology
3. Joan Griffith: Lost Tribes and Race
4. African Israelites?
5. Lost Tribes in Nigeria?

1. Werner van der Wal: Suggested Alternate non-Brit-Am Genealogies
From: wesjvanderwal
Subject: w7.198 Tien Stammen

As of jewic origin, of Levi be Jehuda (a levite) of Kehati,
I am amazed how may different theories on itself exist about the 10 tribes "fit" with humanlogical coherancemaking power.. The theory of yours -as i may response about, descently- is interesting but also appearing unfit at the highest Israeli rabinalcourt; also biblically and by DNA tests we can prove difference. By knowing hebrew in the names by jewic translation we can learn a lot.

Jafeth in israeli idiom and gramar isEurope, its tribes are of Asknaz far most (first in east, wandering to west europe, in east Togarma (slawes, armenic, georgian, cavcas and westturks ) entered ) Riphat stayed in Paphlagonic TurkeyMountains and in Keltic regions as well kelts, paphlagonics, kurds and gypsies(roma, sinti, bohemian, more..) went from him, they lived isolated(Ireland) or mixed (in France f.ex.), Magog Russia, Tubal (Finnics as Saami(Lapounia), Estlandic, Hungaric, N.Russian and Siberian) Meshech (Altai-turks andKalmukkis) Tiras the Italian (mixed w. goths from Sweden, later Spain(Gothalonia=Aquitaine(Agothanin) and Cathalona(Gothalonin))), Jawan is hebrew for Greece, although its son Elisha formed the greeks((H)Ellas=Elisha), its sons Dodan became Rodos, Kittim Cyprus, Tarsis became Basque(which mixed to iberic kelts, anglosaxons,..), Ashknaz inherrited Gomer's name the oldes son of Jafeth(Nicefine-/beautiful- presence), his oldest son;

Gomer was derrived to G/K-immirya in Assyrian and Germanica in roman, so all Jafeth's kids were aswell by romans as jews called Germanica resp. Gomer, germans first were co named by title "Ashknaz" since it often ruled by its princes on the others or connected or bind them to its Electorat Parliament seatings. Towards 2-3 before BC Angols(Norwegian), Saxons (orr.real Swedes(Svards an alied co tribe to Saxons), Goths(pre-Swedes that moved first from Danmark to Sweden but moved when moreover the greather(-in that time-) Saxons moved in, out to Spain and first South France where they partly stayed, scriptures and own history and jewish sources refer to them as -nonjewic, nonisraelic- Gomer-Ashknazi tribes. In Britain derrived from a keltic word "Briton"(in which was a jewic presence "co-married-in") in N.East and Walsh, Donegal, Ellis-, Ulster, Cork and Dunedin Cornwall, and other kelttribes the Angols(15), Dane Juttons(1,in 3 subtribes), and Saxons(Sacksoni(n)) (3) formed entered from (A)S(h)kan(az)dinavia, forming 18 districts after pushing away of to alliance the Celts(Gallic/kelts/keltoi), acknowledge in German and Judaic rabinal precious books as german tribes in which some a jewic or israelic table-leg was joining in through times, but unmixed (forbidden to mix goim(foreiners) en mass, sporadic was allowed; see Moses, Joseph and Boaz wifes!) in Thora!).

Dutch are also Riphuar- and Sali(littlepart)(Nider)Francks(main german- and some little allied tribes)(75-80%), Nider(=Lower, dutch "Neder") Sackson in NE, Frisian in West in Franckmix, in North only frisian almost, further Chamavi (Utrecht, Gelderl.-partly Overijsel prov.'s) Chatti(Rhenfrancs from Germany in FarEast, Nimwegen - Arnhem, and belgic & dutch Limburg & Liege/Lutick aera, France Gaul-(Gallo)Francks mixed with Armoiric and Luttetian kelts in north, Aquitanies(Gothic mixed to Francs and kelts), east of Rhone-Loire river valey and this valley and mountains here is Burgundic Franc Aera where Burgundin from Swedish south island Burgund mixed with Francs, Swiss Swabes(Suaves) and Alimans - so Switz- and Frances Eastland is one mixtribal region. German and Austria had their regions with Saxon, RhenFrancs(Chatti), Alimani, Bayuwar, Semnon(E.Germ.), (Sudeti-Silesian)=Bohemian (keltojiddic-germ.-slavo -&gipsy-mix).
Realplaces are found in Bible seen through hebrew words and in Highrabinal bookworks and information of Flavius Josephus, a Roman-Jew Historian at Roman Court! Actual research shew, -revised by highrabinal Court each number of ab. 4-5 years?- is depicting a walk from Persia and Arabia into the world farther as far as Japan(Gad esp., Ephraim2nd), China (ChiangMin border China-Tibet), and Afghanistan Pathan(Ephraim1st, Manashe2nd), S.Africa& Zimbabwe = Benjamin&Levi-in-Benjamin intercon-tribe (from Sena'a; called themselves Sennapeople or Lemba) and Guatamala, Nigeria and Uganda-Ethiopia(Falasha=>)=Dan, N. India (B'nei Manashe=Manasse), .

Jafeth has not disappeared. Cham be associated to afropeople eventhough some are blanchised or yellowished(Chinese; Sinnim=China) by mixing Jafeth and semitic tribes, because DNA and Hebrew rabinalwisdom BASED ON BIBLE in hebrew(orig.)text leads to so. Influences by languagegrammer and adaptances from foreignwords leading to similarity leads not to a proove; den is an 3rd article-the in oldertimes changed from ten(=to) into den(=the) like english thou(=to/you) into thy and the(=the/you/that), Dan in Danmark is derrived from Tan-maurik (Tan is a needletree, Maurik=Mark=borderland, in german; it sounds as Dan the tribe but that is ALL). Sometimes names changed due a leader; jews called nations on etnical tribenames or as God gave them in Bible and so in jew dictionairy; you find Mitraim=Egypt, Sinnim=China, Erevon(Evening'greatness/regionland')/Jafeth=Europe, Ashknaz - former E.Europe, E.Eur.jews(thus), actual W.Europe, middleagename f. Germany ( Germanya due engl.influence on language after 1948!)), Tiras=romanic world (Romania, Albania, esp. Italy), Magog Russia, Togarma Slavo-Caucasicregion,..): idiom: Jawan + N. Empire = Europe (literairidiom), Mitzraim + S. Empire = Arabicworld, Gog + N. empire = Russian hegemonia (influence aera of Tubal-Meshech-Magog and around), Ashur + N. Empire is Perso-Arabic Eastworld -literair idiom-. In fact the aerais have the commonw.capitals in Egypt, in former times Athens and Rome (but now on Euromoneybillets roman&greek char's), and Moscow.. American is seen in rabinalbiblicalview to America. An "arm" is like britishword 'army' derrives from 'arm' as body part and weapon sametime, in hebrew also army and hights the strategial places. Now, Bok of Daniel reads much more very easier.
Some jews -asimilated- are not acquaint to original basics, and by "human kaballah(=math) it turns into wildes theories.
More to tell but your and mine time and paperspace is to little, also to stay polite i let it to here; Only as information to inform gently and highly respectful.

Okay, best wishes and wisdom to good,
Werner van der Wal Winchester, Utrecht, Netherlands.

2. Steven Collins: Ancient Israelite Technology
From: Steve Collins ****************************


Steven Collins

May 2, 2007

For all who wish to gain insights into the real history of the ancient world, I strongly recommend watching the cable-TV programs on The History Channel (THC) called "Ancient Discoveries" (generally airing Tuesday nights). These programs provide much evidence that ancient civilizations were far more advanced that previously thought. Recent programs have provided evidence that the ancient Romans engineered many ingenious machines powered by an advanced knowledge of hydraulics. A program this week on THC showed the Romans had a bread-making factory in ancient France powered by hydraulics and even used hydraulic machines to pump water uphill out of their silver mines in ancient Spain. Earlier programs revealed that the ancient Chinese used hydraulics to operate a primitive robot and that they also developed sea-launched cruise missiles powered by gunpowder and even sea-skimming torpedoes. Even Roman garrisons posted at Hadrian's Wall in Northern England had continuously-flushing toilets.

Last night THC aired a program called "Machines II" which discussed the ancient Parthian batteries which I discuss on pp. 110-113 of my book, Parthia: The Forgotten Ancient Superpower. A cutaway illustration of the Parthian battery is on the cover of that book. THC mentioned that the batteries date to the period 250 BC-250 AD (the time of the Parthian Empire) although they did not mention the Parthian origin of the batteries. THC conducted a demonstration of the Parthian battery design which confirmed that they could easily be used for gold-plating objects. This is exactly the purpose that I proposed in my book for these ancient batteries. A Parthian electroplating technology offers an explanation for the Medieval alchemists who tried to turn base objects into gold. The Parthian Magi had hidden wisdom and skills which they kept to themselves. We derive our word "Magic" from the Persian/Parthian word "Magi." If the Parthian Magi used batteries to electroplate base objects into having the appearance of solid gold objects, it would, indeed, appear to be "magic" to all their contemporaries. Think how it would have inflated the displayed "wealth" of kings, nobles, etc. if the Magi turned base metal objects into "gold" objects for display purposes. Those seeing the objects would assume they were solid gold when in fact they were base metal objects with a gold veneer. When the Parthians were defeated and driven out of Asia by the rebelling Persians, the knowledge that "base metals had once been turned to gold" would live on in the legends and lore of the people who descended from the Parthians (the Germans, Goths, Saxons,Vandals, etc.) who migrated into Europe and provided the population base for Medieval European nations. The Medieval alchemists tried to duplicate the feat of their Parthian ancestors but could never do so because they lacked a key ingredient: electric batteries. That the Medieval Europeans tried to duplicate what the ancient Parthians actually were able to do further confirms that the Europeans descended from migrating refugee Parthians. The cultural memory that such a thing was actually done would remain with those people who had descended from the Parthian Empire.

Also, as it becomes more evident that various ancient civilizations had extensive knowledge of hydraulics, possessed electric batteries, cruise missiles, etc., it becomes ever-more untenable for "establishment" historical sources to maintain that ancient civilizations lacked the technology to sail ships across oceans. The belief that "Columbus discovered America" is in tatters, given what is now being discovered concerning the advanced state of ancient technological development. My books document the evidence that the ancient Israelites of King David and Solomon's time had extensive colonies and mining operations in ancient North America. The Carthaginians, who were founded by the Israelite/Phoenician Empire, inherited the Phoenician knowledge and long carried on trade and contacts in North America. One of my books cites an historical account by Aristotle concerning Carthage's secret colony (which was located westward out into the Atlantic Ocean ) that accurately describes the geography of North America. The false notion that "Columbus discovered America" developed only because his voyage occurred after the benighted Dark Ages, a time when mankind was far more backward than ancient civilizations. Mankind in the first millennium BC was far more advanced technologically than in 1000 AD! This fact also belies the theory of evolution as it is scientifically proven that the concept of mankind's steady upward development is a myth. As THC series has noted, we need to rethink our concepts about the ancient world!

I Kings 3:11-13 records that God made Solomon the wisest man who ever lived (or would live). When the Romans conquered Carthage in the 2nd century BC, they burnt the great library of Carthage, which housed the combined records and knowledge of the Israelite/Phoenician and Carthaginian cultures. As cited in my book, Israel's Lost Empires, the Romans knew the Carthaginians had invented a threshing machine they called a "Punic cart." It was described as a "sledge with small toothed wheels" (Daily Life in Carthage, Gilbert and Colette Charles-Packard, p. 89) In other words, it was a geared device. THC series has also examined the "Antikythera Mechanism," a very sophisticated geared machine which was apparently a mechanical computer/calculator which kept track of (and predicted) celestial movements via incredibly advanced gearing mechanisms. Before the Greeks and Romans dominated the Mediterranean Sea, it had been dominated by the Phoenicians (an empire composed of the biblical Israelite tribes allied to the smaller city-states of Tyre and Sidon), and their Carthaginian heirs.

My books document some of King Solomon's likely inventions based on the appearance of many new technologies which began around 1000 BC in the Israelite/Phoenician Empire. Carthage would have inherited the knowledge of whatever inventions were developed during Solomon's reign. THC (and other documentaries) have examined the advanced wisdom of the Egyptians, but I Kings 4:29-34 states Solomon's wisdom exceeded any wisdom found in Egypt. The Carthaginians, who preceded the Romans and were concurrent with the Greeks, and who inherited the knowledge of the Israelites, had machines with geared teeth. The Greeks and Romans later had such machines. Hmmm. I wonder if some of the inventions of the ancient world originated with the wisdom of King Solomon. I Kings 10:24 states "all the earth" sought the wisdom of Solomon. Solomon wrote in Proverbs 8:12 that it was "wisdom" (which God gave him in an unprecedented amount) which produced "witty inventions." Approximately two centuries later, a King of Judah named Uzziah, had equipped the towers and ramparts of the city of Jerusalem with engines and catapults which hurled "arrows and great stones" at enemies. [Those who have seen the Lord of Rings Movie, The Return of the King, have seen a cinema version of this ancient Israelite technology on the towers and ramparts of the Gondorian city of Minis Tirith.] This biblical account indicates the ancient Israelites had what the Romans would later call a "ballista," a device for hurling great arrows.

When the Messianic Kingdom restores the entire truth of mankind's history in all historical periods, we will learn just how advanced the technologies of the Israelite/Phoenicians really were! All the earth sought to witness and learn Solomon's wisdom, so his inventions spread widely into other civilizations. I'll bet some of the "witty inventions" of the Greeks and Romans were pioneered in the Israelite kingdom of King Solomon.

3. Joan Griffith: Lost Tribes and Race
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-904

Re: < OK, WHY is it that the Bible and knowledge of it, at least in times past, has been so well received, accepted, and has saturated the countries of the white-skinned peoples of England and Europe? You do not find this in China, India, South America (or among the indigenous populations of North America), or other regions. Despite many years of Christians trying to spread their missions, Christianity remains a small impact. WHY is it that the white peoples went out to acquire for their own parts of the world such as Dutch East Indies, Spanish parts of "New Spain" (Florida, Mexico, South America), the English (Queen) Mary-land, New York(shire), the (Queen) Carolin(e)as, and even French Canada. Did the black people of Africa seek more land? The Mongol hordes and the Middle Eastern (Arab, Turkish) conquerors went as far as Austria, where they were stopped and turned back from Europe's boundaries. Their conquest era sufficed to bring information and culture to different areas across the world, but they relinquished sovereignty.

Meantime, the white peoples have only given it up in the face of rioting and rebelliousness (Panama, Palestine-Israel) and extreme duress. Wherever these white conquerors went, without fail, despite all their accompanying evils, they brought the Bible, including the Torah, and tried to make a better life for the people conquered: for example, demanding that they reject longstanding customs such as suttee (India) and human sacrifice (Aztecs) and headhunting/cannibalism (South Sea Islands). In fact, while scholars bemoan the loss of Incan, Aztec, and Mayan books and learning, the Spaniards actually followed the dictates of scriptures that say Destroy the people and everything they have and don't learn their ways. Of course, they prudently did not destroy the people themselves but made slaves of them.

We do not know how diverse the wives of Jacob were, but at least two of them had to be blonde, being Laban's daughters. Jacob's brother Esau was red-haired--so he must have been extremely white! We can go all the way to the description of King David, or perhaps David the shepherd boy, as ruddy--another redhead, possibly reddish gold blonde, even after hundreds of years and the inclusion of Ruth, a Moabitess, in the family tree. WHY wouldn't there be white Israelites today? If one looks at Israel, now, with Jews from every nation, you can find fair, pale blonde whites from northern Europe and all skin colors between to the dark ones from Ethiopia and other African areas. Probably the same holds true for the tribes of Israel--look at the great numbers of black people, now very racially mixed, who dwell in the USA. In addition, a "mixed multitude" came out of Egypt in fear of G-d, so Israel always had a mixture of peoples. Abraham himself thought he would have to leave his wealth to his Syrian steward, since he had no son, and therefore he headed a tribe of non-Jews, let's just say, who must have stayed with the family under Isaac. Of course the entirety of Europe is NOT the lost tribes of Israel. There is still a mixed multitude dwelling in and around them, to be sorted out after the Messiah comes. Such as? I'd say Belgium is not--judging by the tale related in "The Ghost of King Leopold," which depicts the king as a simple looter of the Congo and enslaver of its people. I was pretty young when I heard horrible tales of the famed, terrible Mau Mau of the Congo, who, given no education or apprenticeship opportunities by the Belgians, simply copied their memories of their white conquerors... And the Germans--who systematically murdered so many people that it is probably still only an estimate. Gentiles--wild animals. The Slavs--long known for their fierceness in war, much like the Vikings--might well be children of Keturah & Abraham? I don't know... it seems the Russians are Slavic? but we see the effects of learning at least some of G-d's ways where these conquering white Europeans went abroad to help the world, not only to loot and destroy it.

A minute's success pays for the failure of years. -Robert Browning

4. African Israelites?
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-904

Shalom Yair:

There was a group of black people who assembled at Passover in a suburb of Saint Louis, MO. I do not recall the exact location, possibly it was Wentzville. The group had hung a poster outside of its meeting room showing its depiction of the Camp of Israel in the wilderness, a star of David with each of the four groups of the 12 tribes situated adjacent or within this pattern. The Levites, of course, were located within the exact center. Unfortunately I do not remember this well enough to demonstrate how each group of three tribes, located at the four compass points, was situated adjacent to a six sided symbol. I thought at that time that this concept was indeed unique and believable.

My long held belief is that people in the US who have black skin, who are descendants of slaves, are also Israelites. This belief has been scorned. I have believed that these former slaves may be mostly descended from Dan. This is based from a number of accounts, including Genesis, Numbers, Perke de Rabbi Eliezer, perhaps a naive observation that a tribe in Nigeria calls itself Dan, and from a book written over 30 years ago by a professor from Nova Scotia. The title of his book was, "The Black Discovery of America". This book pointed out that western Africans were sea people who knew how to use the wind and ocean currents to sail to parts of central America in ancient times.

Those who scoff at this may comment, but please, no comments from those who believe that all Nigerians are responsible for those pesky e-mails that promise me a fortune if I would only go into a partnership with them and provide all of my bank account information.

I also remember seeing an illustration from a book depicting naked white skinned warriors in Mexico (Yucatan). The author commented that the only warriors of ancient times who fought naked were Celts. This may have been from Barry Fell's book, "America BC".

5. Lost Tribes in Nigeria?
From: Jennifer Robinson
Subject: Igbo

I recently married a Nigerian of the Igbo tribe. His brother is the head chief of the Igbo tribe and told me that they were descendants of Gad and considered themselves as originally Hebrew people. They are now mostly Christians. This chief said that when the people heard the gospel message of Jesus Christ, it was a natural progression for them to believe. The chief also told me that in Anambra State, Nigeria, there are some ruins of a house that the people call "Gad's House." I also am aware of the fact that Gad is also the name of a pagan diety though I did not discuss this with the chief. Anyhow, he believes that his people are part of the "lost tribes of Israel." Have you ever heard about this story or these people before?
Jennifer Robinson Eziagulu

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