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Ephraimite Forum:
Brit-Am exists for the three Rs:
a. Research of the Ten Tribes Location
b. Revelation of Research Findings, i.e. getting the news out.
c. Reconciliation: working for a rapprochement between Judah and Joseph.
This affects a lot of people and arouses consideration of numerous issues.
Our regular articles and "Brit-Am Now" posts are intended as much as possible to concentrate on the three Rs from the Brit-Am perspective.
This is liable to "cramp" the opportunities for needed discussion and self-expression of numerous adherents, subscribers, and those who are just interested and who all deserve to be heard and who often raise subsidiary issues that are also important.

We have therefore introduced this feature:
"Ephraimite Forum"
"Ephraimite Forum" is intended to deal with all other issues that are not our immediate concern.

This feature is still in the experimental stage.
It should improve with time like most of us.
If you have ideas on this or any other pertinent matter to Brit-Am please do not hesitate to pass them on to us.

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