Highlights of Exekiel 

The Brit-Am Book of Ezekiel

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The Book of Ezekiel


 A Brit-Am
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Highlights of Ezekiel
Israel and Judah will re-unite and everything will be restored, rectified, and enhanced.

The Order of Return of the Lost Tribes in Ezekiel.
Judah needs the Return of Samaria (Manasseh and Israel); Judah will teach Joseph; There will be a new covenant.

Ezekiel chapters 1 to 5
The Holy Chariot ("Mercabah"): the Divine Presence.

Ezekiel chapters 6 to 10
Evil will be punished. The Tribes of Israel commit idolatry

Ezekiel chapters 11 to 15
The rights of other Israelites in the Land must be recognized.

Ezekiel chapters 16 to 20
Settling in the Land requires keeping the law of Moses.

Ezekiel chapters 21 to 25
Judah and Israel will be punished for their sins and the Temple destroyed. Their oppressors will also be punished.

Ezekiel chapters 26 to 30
Judah needs Samaria to Return

Ezekiel chapters 31 to 35
The Ten Tribes will return, the Land will be healed, and Judah will be avenged.

Ezekiel chapters 36 to 40
Judah and Joseph will re-unite and as a consequence be purified. Gog and Magog and the other nations will attack Israel.

Ezekiel chapters 41 to 45
Rebuilding the Temple and Reconciliation with the Almighty. Division of the land and Portions for the Prince, Temple, Levites, and the City.

Ezekiel chapters 46 to 47
Water flowing from the Temple will heal the Dead Sea. Division of the land amongst the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

    Highlights of Exekiel 

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