Hosea 9 and Muslim Hatred of All Israelites
The Moslims hate all western peoples as much (or more than) they hate the Jews. Most western Nations descend in part from the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. The hatred of Islam for Ephraim was predicted by the Prophet Hosea.

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Hosea 9 and Muslim Hatred of All Israelites
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Biblical Prophecy in Our Time.

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The Biblical Book of Hosea predicted that the Islamic Powers would cause damage to Israelite Nations in the West. Yair Davidiy, Representing the Brit-Am movement of the Ten Tribes briefly examines the relevant verses.

Hosea 9 and Muslim Hatred of All Israelites:

Talk Prepared as part of the Brit-Am You Tube Introductory Course.

Hosea 9 and Muslim Hatred of All Israelites: Article and You Tube Video Clip
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel are amongst Western Peoples.
The inhabitants of North America, the British isles and related nations are dominated by the Tribes of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh. Ephraim was the leading tribe.  The term "Ephraim" is used in the Bible for all the Ten Tribes.  The Ten Tribes are spoken of frequently in Scripture.
The Prophet Hosea spoke often about the Lost Ten Tribes both as regarding the actual reality in his won times and concerning the future.

Hosea foresaw the Ten Tribes linking up with Gomer meaning the European and Gemanic peoples (ch.1, 2).
The Lost Tribes of Israel will be rejected, then accepted (1:10) (Yebamot 17), (2:23). 

They will be extremely numerous (1:10).
They will have worshipped the baal (2:8, 2:13).
Ephraim will have brought forth "strange children"(5:7) meaning of mixed ancestry.
The Exiles will return from the West (11:10).
Ephraim is described as a cheating merchant (12:7). cf. Terms applied to Britain, "Nation of shopkeepers", "Perfidious Albion".
Ephraim is to the west (mostly) from the Land of Israel (11:10).
Ephraim is rich.
Ephraim is a merchant (12:7).
The Lost Ten Tribes must Return to God, to Jerusalem [reconciliation with Judah], and to the Kingdom of David (3:5).

Hosea also spoke of the future reunion of Judah and Ephraim i.e. of Judah and Ephraim together and of Judah alone.
 Righteousness, judgment, lovingkindness, and mercy are required of us (2:19).
Judah will be preparing the foundations of the Land for all the Tribes to Return (Hosea 6:11).
Judah will have remained faithful (11:14).

In chapter 9 of the Book of Hosea we have special reference to Ephraim in the future and the problems Ephraim will have with the followers of Islam.

Hosea said that Special laws apply to Israelites that are not relevant to other peoples. Israel will be punished for its idolatry and wrongdoing even though other peoples are not (9.1).
Some of the Ten Tribes went to Egypt (9:3). In Assyrian Exile the Israelites will no longer keep the Law (9:1).  Acts of terrorism of disastrous proportions will be committed against Ephraim by the followers of Mahomet who will be associated with "Egypt" and/or with Russia (9:6-7).
Hosea 9:6,7,8 expressly describes Mahomed and Islam.
Abortion brings a curse on Israel (9:13-14). Ephraim will have been connected to the Phoenician city of Tyre who will betray them, cause their children to be slaughtered, and help the Assyrians transport them overseas (9:13). Ephraim will be forced to move from place to place (9:17).
A Time of Destruction threatens to visit the Lost Israelites. This shall be occasioned by Islamic Egypt. Egypt gave rise to the Moslem Brotherhood.
Offshoots of the Moslem Brotherhood include Fatah, Hamas, and to some degree the Islamists of Saudi Arabia. In Ancient Assyrian terminology the word "Mutsri" meaning Egypt could also be applied to regions within Arabia and elsewhere. It could that the Bible uses the word "Mitsraim" (translated as Egypt) in the same way.


The word translated in the KJ (Hosea 9:6) as "Pleasant Places" in "Machmad" in Hebrew which is another way of saying the name Mahomet!!
The prophecy is referring to the Islam of Mohamed.
[In the NKJV the word is not translated at all, but DELETED! Could they now be changing Biblical translations and deleting words for the sake of political correctness? or does a more prosaic explanation exist?]
 # For behold they have gone due to the Robbery of Egypt,
Memphis shall gather them up.
Machmad [i.e. Mohamed] shall bury them for the sake of their silver.
Knettles [or Chemosh] will inherit them in their tents.#

We have a clear reference here to Mohammed and Islam and Islam wishing to destroy Israel and Ephraim (Britain and America) for the sake of monetary gain.

Rabbi Moshe David Walli (1697-1777) on Hosea 9:6:
#Machmad is the Prophet of the Ishmaelites [i.e. Arabs] who is known as Machmad .. who suckles [i.e. receives sustenance] from the aspect of [misplaced] kindness represented by silver. #

The next verse (as confirmed by Maimonides) also refers to Mohamed who was known as the Meshuga or Mad Man!

[Hosea 9:7]
## The days of punishment have come;
     The days of recompense have come.
     Israel knows!
     The prophet is a fool,
     The spiritual man is insane
[Hebrew "Meshuga" referring says Mamonides to Mahomad],
     Because of the greatness of your iniquity and great enmity. ##

A period of Condemnation is liable to come upon the West. We are in danger of punishment. We (Israel) will be made aware that Islam is Foolish and Mad and the followers of Islam hate us with a deadly hatred!
THINE INIQUITY, AND THE GREAT HATRED [Hosea 9:7] . We have been mislead.

Maimonides ("Rambam", 1135-1204, "Igeret le-Teman")  concerning the Mohamedans said (amongst other things):
# There never came against Israel a more antagonistic nation. They oppress us with the most oppressive measures to lessen our number, reduce us, and make us as despicable as they themselves are.#

The Islamists want to make us as themselves. They do not want to progress.
They would rather see the whole world reduced to a primitive ugly oppressively cruel existence subservient to Mecca.
[Hosea 9:1]
Do not rejoice, O Israel, with joy like other peoples,
     For you have played the harlot against your God.
     You have made love for hire on every threshing floor.

Israel abandoned the God of Israel and is a special people. Different laws apply to Israelites. It happens that people who are "called out" by the Almighty to go in a certain path sometimes backtrack or let themselves lapse. They still however feel as if they belong or as if God "owes" them something. Later when they see that things are not going as well for them as they are for others even though the others are no better (and maybe much worse) than themselves they feel unjustly done by [Hosea 9:1]

[Hosea 9:2]
 The threshing floor and the winepress
     Shall not feed them,
     And the new wine shall fail in her.

The previous sources of income that Israel relied upon will fail [Hosea 9:2].

[Hosea 9:3]
    They shall not dwell in the
LORDs land,
     But Ephraim shall return to Egypt,
     And shall eat unclean things in Assyria.

 The Ten Tribes (represented by Ephraim) were exiled from their land and taken to Egypt and Assyria,. From there they eventually reached Western Europe, North America, and related areas. [Hosea 9:3].

[Hosea 9:4]
They shall not offer wine offerings to the LORD,
     Nor shall their sacrifices be pleasing to Him.
     It shall be like bread of mourners to them;
     All who eat it shall be defiled.
     For their bread shall be for their own life;
     It shall not come into the house of the LORD.

Israelite forms of worship and how they practice social justice and good-doing, i.e. the charities and deeds they consider to be of social benefit will not be acceptable in the sight of the Almighty [Hosea 9:4].
   [Hosea 9:5] What will you do in the appointed day,
     And in the day of the feast of the LORD?

A Day of Judgment is approaching [Hosea 9:5].

    [Hosea 9:6] For indeed they are gone because of destruction.
     Egypt shall gather them up;
     Memphis shall bury them.
Machmad i.e. Mahomad]
     Nettles [or
Chemosh god of Amon?] shall possess their valuables of silver;
     Thorns shall be in their tents.

[Hosea 9:8] The watchman of Ephraim is with my God;
     But the prophet is a fowlers snare in all his ways
     Enmity in the house of his God.
Ephraim was sent a Guide from God. The Great Men of Ephraim in the past had hearts that favored the Almighty even if their theological doctrines might not have done. The mad "Prophet" referred to here appears to be Mahomet who was recalled by name in the previous verse (9:7). Islam will become an entrapment for Ephraim.
The Moslem enemy stores hatred in his House of Worship [Hosea 9:8].

[Hosea 9:9]
They are deeply corrupted,
     As in the days of
     He will remember their iniquity;
     He will punish their sins.

Ephraim has corrupted himself very much. Things are as bad as they were in the Time when the Concubine at Gibeah was mass-raped to death by a crowd of bi-sexual maniacs from Benjamin (Judges ch.19).

[Hosea 9:10]
I found Israel
     Like grapes in the wilderness;
     I saw your fathers
     As the first fruits on the fig tree in its first season.
     But they went to Baal
     And separated themselves to that shame;

Israel was taken special care of by the Almighty like someone treats fresh grapes in the desert where none else can be expected.
They preferred to worship Baal peor, a form of baal worship.
The Celts of Britain, Ireland, and the Continent worshipped baal and referred to him as "Bel" which was a Mesopotamian pronunciation of Baal. Britain was referred to as the "Honey Isle of Bel".  They became an abominable as the thing they loved.

[Hosea 9:11] As for Ephraim, their glory shall fly away like a bird
     No birth, no pregnancy, and no conception!

[Hosea 9:12]
Though they bring up their children,
     Yet I will bereave them to the last man.
     Yes, woe to them when I depart from them!

These are very harsh prophecies. Hosea 9:11 and 9:12 say that Ephraim shall be disgraced, their offspring will perish at birth or before it. Even if they do somehow manage to bear and raise children these will be destroyed. We should all repent and what we can to help our families and peoples.

[Hosea 9:13]
  13 Just as I saw Ephraim like
Tyre, planted in a pleasant place,
     So Ephraim will bring out his children to the murderer.

The Northern Israelites were connected to the Phoenicians who were to betray them and assist the Assyrians in exiling them (Amos 1:9) to the West, i.e. Spain, the British isles, and Scandinavia.              
[Hosea 9:14]
 Give them, O LORD
     What will You give?
     Give them a miscarrying womb
     And dry breasts!               
Maybe abortions are self-punishment having aspects of both suicide and murder?

[Hosea 9:15]
 All their wickedness is in
     For there I hated them.
     Because of the evil of their deeds
     I will drive them from My house;
     I will love them no more.
     All their princes are rebellious.

GILGAL: In Gilgal the Israelites demanded their own king and Saul was chosen to rule over them (1-Samuel ch.11). This was the source of their undoing. The coronation of Saul is associated with the Ten Tribes and impatience with the later choice of the Almighty who chose David from Judah. This quality is the source of Israelite disaster. 

[Hosea 9:16]
  Ephraim is stricken,
     Their root is dried up;
     They shall bear no fruit.
     Yes, were they to bear children,
     I would kill the darlings of their womb.            
[Hosea 9:17]
  17 My God will cast them away,
     Because they did not obey Him;
     And they shall be wanderers among the nations. 

WANDERERS: Hebrew "nodadim" meaning "moving from place to place".
Ephraim shall move from one nation to another until it finds its place. The Lost Tribes went to northern Assyria, to the Caucasus, Turkey, Persia, Russia, moved across Europe in several stages until reaching Britain, Holland, France, Scandinavia, Belgium, and Switzerland.

Hosea chapter 9 in Hebrew explicitly mentions Machmad (Mohammed) as "the mad prophet", and evil spiritual leader. Hosea speaks of terrorists assembling in Egypt and Arabia and bringing disaster on Ephraim. Brit-Am has shown through Biblical Studies and research in secular fields such as history, linguistics, mythology, cultural patterns, and numerous other disciplines (in fact anywhere where any relevant evidence may be available) how determinative elements amongst peoples of Western Europe are descended from the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. We have also shown how the peoples of the British Isles and their overseas offshoots descend especially from the Tribes of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh. Though Ephraim as a Tribe may be more dominant in Britain it is also present in North America. Apart from this, it is the way of Scripture to refer to the Lost Ten Tribes in general, or at least to the leading Israelite factor amongst them, as "Ephraim".

Hosea 9:7 tells us, "The days of visitation have arrived, the days of payment have come, Israel shall know, the prophet is evil, the spiritual leader is mad because of your transgression there is great hatred."
The Muslims are not rational. Anyone in the west who acted as Islam seems to require its adherents to think and act would not be considered normal.
On the other hand similar things could be said about the adherents of many religions in different contexts so it is perhaps best to concentrate upon our own houses rather than probe how others run theirs.
Nevertheless the relevant verses concerning Ephraim suffering at the hands of Muslim terrorists are there in the Book of Hosea and they do have a specific intention.

[Abandoning the settlement of Judah in the State of Israel is another aspect of abandoning the God of Israel.]
Terrorists will commit acts of terrible destruction against Ephraim. They will be inspired by a spiritual leader, a madman, a Mahomad who desires their wealth. Wild beasts of men will feast on their ruins. 

We must repent. learn the Bible and pray. The Almighty God of Israel will save us and direct us.   


Hosea 9 and Muslim Hatred of All Israelites

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