The Khazars were from the Ten Tribes.
The Khazars were a people who once dwelt in southern Russia (ca. 500 CE to 1200 CE) and ruled over neighboring areas. The Khazars converted to Judaism. Some (a minority) Jews today are descended from the Khazars. The Khazars were descended from Israelites. They were part of the Ten Lost Tribes.

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The Khazars were from the Ten Tribes
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Khazars from the Ten Tribes.

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The Khazars were a powerful nation in southern Russia. Many Khazars converted to Judaism. The Khazars in fact were descended from the Lost Ten Tribes (especially Simeon and Manasseh) and brother Israelites to Western Nations.

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The Khazars were from the Ten Tribes

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"The Khazars.
Tribe 13"

The Khazars were a people who once ruled over Southern Russia and the neighboring areas .
They were prominent from about 500 CE (or earlier) to ca. 968 when they were defeated by the Rus of Russia.
After their defeat the Khazars were never the same. Nevertheless groups of Khazars remained in the area and sometimes seem to be have been relatively important. After the Mongol Invasions in ca. 1260 they disappeared altogether.
The Khazars had converted to Judaism in ca. 740 though there is an opinion (Avraham Polak, "Chazaria", 1949, in Hebrew) that the conversion began about a 100 years earlier.

Polak also claimed that at first the Khazars adopted a kind of Bnei Noach type of Basic Judaism (without becoming Jews) but later became full-fledged converts.
At first the King and leading nobles converted, then all of the Khazars. Apart from the Khazars part of the subject and allied peoples ( such as a portion of the Alans) also became Jewish. A lot of Jews had fled to Khazaria from the pagan Persians and Arabs in the Middle East and from the Byzantines who then ruled over Turkey, Syria, Greece, and part of Southeast Europe. The Islamic Arabs, pagan Persians (before the Moslems conquered them), and Christian Byzantines had all persecuted the Jews so they fled in  large numbers to Khazaria where they freely intermixed with the population. This facilitated their later conversion.

Yehuda Halevi (1075-1141 CE) wrote the book "Ha-Kuzari" (The Khazar) which is based on a Disputation the King of Khazaria is said to have had between representatives of different faiths. As a result of this Disputation the King decided to convert to Judaism. The book Ha-Kuzari  by Yehuda Halevi is an Apologia or argument presenting his behalf in Judaism. This is a Classical Work in Jewish Literature and Rabbinical Studies.

After the Mongol invasion in the 1200s CE, the Khazars disappeared.
Many of the Khazars were assimilated by the Jewish People. Some Jews today are their descendants. Exactly what portion of Jews descend from Khazars is not known but all indications are that it is not a substantial number. A minority of Jews however do come from the Khazars and a great number of Jews may have some Khazar ancestry. 
Khazars were also to be found in Sweden and in Scotland. In Sweden we have archaeological evidence and in Scotland we have proofs both from archaeology and mythology. The Khazars were also known as Agathyrsi and according to Roman accounts a portion of the Agathyrsi crossed the sea and became the Picts in Northern Scotland.

Anti-Semites make use of the Khazars to attack the Jews, Zionism, and the State of Israel.
They say that the Khazars were a Turkish Tribe who became Jewish and their descendants gave rise to all the Ashkenazic Jews of Europe. The Jews are therefore impostors they say and not the People of the Bible and have no ancestral claim to the Land of Israel.
This is not true. Even if it was true however it would not matter.
The Bible allows the Jewish people to accept converts. Converts are Jews. They have the same rights as everybody else (Exodus 22:20, Numbers 15:15, Ezekiel 47:22). They also have a right to the Land of Israel since God promised it to the Israelite Nation as long as they acknowledge ONE GOD (Genesis 17:8) and keep the Law (Leviticus 18:25).
Nachmanides: The Connection Between Law and Land

Even if, theoretically, all the Jews were Khazars they would still be the Chosen People of Judah of the Bible and the land of Israel would still belong to them (Ezekiel 47:22).
We do not however need to make this point.

The fact is that most Jews do not descend from Khazars.
Not only that but we have proven that the Khazars were descended from Israelites. They were an offshoot from the Ten Lost Tribes.
The Assyrians exiled Israelites to the northern regions of the Assyrian Empire. The Assyrians were conquered by the Babylonians and Medes.
In the meantime the exiled Israelites had become associated with the Scythians who also at that time dwelt in the Middle East.
The Scythians and related peoples are referred to as Sons of Gomer in the Bible. The union between the Scythians and Israelites is referred to in the Book of Hosea (chs. 1 and 2) where the Ten Tribes in Exile are identified as Children of the loose woman called Gomer.
The Scythians were driven from the Middle East into Southern Russia. From there in stages they moved to the west becoming the so-called Barbarians who invaded Europe. The Scythians in effect became Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, and related peoples and moved to Western Europe.
The Khazars were part of these peoples but had remained behind and converted to Judaism.

"The Khazars.
Tribe 13"

This is a book, "The Khazars. Tribe 13",  we have written about the Khazars.
The book is called "The Khazars. Tribe 13" because Jewish and Khazar traditions existed relating them to the Israelite Tribes of Simeon and Manasseh.
Their leadership came from Manasseh. This is even indicated in the Talmud, as we shall explain.

Manasseh in effect was the Thirteenth Tribe.
There are really 13 tribes of Israel since the Tribe of Joseph split into two Ephraim and Manasseh.
Manasseh is an additional tribe. He is no.13.
Manasseh is also prominent amongst descendants of Israel in the USA. In many ways Manasseh has determined the characteristics of the USA.
The number 13 is important in US tradition. There were 13 original colonies who broke away from Britain.
Look at a US dollar bill. 13 stars, 13 arrows, 13 twigs, 13 berries, 13 feathers in the eagle's tail and so on.
The Khazars were also similar to the early Americans in their national characteristics.
They were liberal and just rulers, brave and of independent mind.

Anti-semites try to claim that the present day Jews are descended from the Khazars.
It would not matter if they were but they are not.

At all events the Khazars were descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel.
They were Hebrew as we shall show in a coming episode.
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The Khazars were part of the Lost Tribes.

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The Khazars were from the Ten Tribes.
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The Khazars were from
the Ten Tribes

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