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The Second Book of Kings
Chapter One

Elijah Burns Up the Soldiers. Ahaziah falls sick and dies.

Chapter Two
Elijah Goes to heaven in a fiery chariot. Elisha takes over and exerts his authority.

Chapter Three
Jehoshaphat of Judah and Jehoram of Israel are allies in War Again Moab.

Chapter Four
The Miracles of Elisha

Chapter Five
Elisha Cures Naaman of Leprosy.

Chapter Six
Elisha Retrieves iron from under water, a Syrian Army is Stricken with Blindness, Famine in Samaria.

Chapter Seven
The Syrian Army Flees Miraculously.
Four Lepers due to the Famine in Samaria decide to turn themselves over to the enemy. They find the Armaians had been seized with panic and fled leaving everything behind them. The Israelite official is trampled in the gate, as prophesied.

Chapter Eight
2-Kings. Chapter 8.
Elisha advises the Shunamitess to avoid the famine. Mini-Article: "Who Were the Philistines?" The Shunamitess comes before the king just as Gehazi spoke of her. "Speak of the D...!"
Elisha in Damascus. Assassination of Ben-Hadad and ascension of Hazael. Joram of Judah defeats the Edomites. Ahaziah becomes King of Judah. Joram-Jehoram reigns over Israel and is defeated by Aram.

Chapter Nine
2-Kings. Chapter 9.
Jehu Becomes King of Israel.
Elisha sends one of the prophets to annoint as King over Israel, Jehu the son of Jehoshaphat, the son of Nimshi. Jehu was with the army at Ramoth Gilead. When the other army commanders saw what had happened they proclaimed Jehu King. Jehu advances on Joram (Yehoram) son of Ahab, King of Israel, and Ahaziah King of Judah who were in the city of Jezreel recovering from their recent defeat by Hazael king of Aram (Syria). An attitude of self-destruction had seemingly overtaken both the defeated monarchs who in effect delivered themselves into the hands of Jehu. A possible parallel with stalin after the German invasion of Russia in World War 2? Jehu shoots an arrow at Joram hitting him in the back and piercing his heart. Ahaziah of Judah is pursued and also shot to death. Jehu enters the city of Jezreel. Jezebel taunts him so Jehu orders her thrown out the window. After eating and drinking Jehu orders that the body of Jezebel be attended to but only the head and feet remained. The dogs had eaten the rest.

Chapter Ten.
2-Kings. Chapter 10.
Jehu Rules Over Israel.
2 Kings 10 Summarized Jehu forced the elders of Samaria and rulers of Jezreel to actively participate in the execution of all the male descendants of Ahab. Jehu also captured and killed many of the family of Ahaziah King of Judah who was related through his mother to Ahab and his son Joram. The mother of Ahaziah was the daughter of Jezebel the queen mother of Israel and biological mother of Joram whom Jehu had killed. Jehy meets by chance with Jehonadab the son of Rechab. Jehonadab joins Jehu in his campaign against the worship of Baal. Jehonadab became the ancestor of the Rechabites who are spoken of in the Book of Jeremiah. Later the Rechabites were to be associated with the Lost Ten Tribes and the British Isles. In Samaria Jehu gathers together all the servants of Baal. Jehu poses as a worshipper of Baaal. A Convocation of Baal-Woshippers is summoned. The Temple of Baal is filled to the brim. The Priest of Baal makes a sacrifice then Jehu orders his men to kill them all. All the worshippers of Baaal were put to death. The Tempe of Baal was burnt and its stones smashed. Jehu was promised that for four generations his House would rule over Israel. Jehu maintained the golden calves in Dan and Beth-el for fear of the people repenting and returning to reunite with Judah and be ruled over by the House of David. A parallel situation exists today. Jehu himself was eventually led astray and worshipped idols. Hazael King of Aram attacked the Tribes east of the Jordan. Many Israelites even then fled or were exiled. Opponents of Jewish-Israelite settlement in Judah and Samaria will face the wrath of the Almighty!

Chapter Eleven.
2-Kings. Chapter 11.
Athaliah and Jehoash.
Ahaziah King of Judah had been killed by Jehu King of Israel. Athaliah the daughter of Jezebel and mother of Ahaziah seized all the heirs she could get hold of and killed them seizing power herself. Jehosheba a sister of Ahaziah by another mother and wife of the Officiating Priest hid the infant Joash son of Ahaziah in the Temple Precints. Six years later when Joash was seven years old the officiating Priest, Jehoiada, made a pact with the Captains of the Royal Guards. Parallels between Israelite and Anglo-Saxon division into tens and hundreds. The Royal Guards surrounded the Temple Mount. Together with the Priests and Levites they declared Joash king, and killed Athaliah. They then broke down the pagan altars and images and killed Mattan the priest of Baal. Joash was placed on the throne in the Royal Palace and declared King of Judah.

Chapter Twelve.
2-Kings. Chapter 12.
King Jehoash and Jehoiada the High Priest.
The High Places - Bamot.
The Full-Time Torah-Warriors of Israel Today.
Are the Haredim (Ultra-Orthodox Jews Distorted?
Criticism of point made in Brit-Am Commentary and Mini-Article
followed by Brit-Am Reply to Criticism.
Repairing the Temple.
The Jehoash Inscription.
Death of Jehoash.
The Account in Chronicles:
Idolatry and the death of Zechariah the Priest and Prophet.
The Aram (Syrian) Invasion.
The Assassination of Jehoash by the son of an Amonitess and the son of a Moabitess.
The Kingdom of Israel (in the North) Connection.

Chapter Thirteen.
2-Kings. Chapter 13.
Kings Jehoahaz and Joash of Israel.
Elisha and the Arrows of Vengeance.
The corpse that came to life after touching the bones of Elisha.

Chapter Fourteen.
2-Kings. Chapter 14.
King Amaziah of Judah. Amaziah attacks Edom. King Amaziah of Judah at War with Joash King of Israel. Joash succeeded by Jeroboam-2. Amaziah followed by Azariah (Uzziah). The Jeroboam-2 Empire.

Chapter Fifteen.
2-Kings. Chapter 15.
King Azariah (Uzziah) of Judah.
Zechariah King of Israel.
Reward, Punishment, the Four Generation Rule, and the 1000 Generation Recompense.
The One Month Reign of King Shallum and Ephraimites East of the Jordan!
King Menachem of Israel.
King Pekahiah of Israel.
King Pekah of Israel.
The Beginning of the Exile.
King Jotham of Judah.

Chapter Sixteen.
2-Kings. Chapter 16.
King Ahaz of Judah.
Moloch Sacrifice and the Beltain of Britain, Ireland, and Scandinavia.
The Alliance of Aram and Israel Versus Judah.
The Conflicts of Judah and Israel.
King Ahaz and Temple Innovations.

Chapter Seventeen.
2-Kings. Chapter 17.
King Hosea of Israel and Rectification of the Division from Judah!
Exile and Idolatry.
The Samaritans.

Chapter Eighteen.
2-Kings. Chapter 18.
Hezekiah Reigns in Judah; the Bronze Serpent.
Shalmaneser and Sennacherib.
Sennacherib versus Judah.
Hezekiah, the Destruction of Sennacherib and the Ten Tribes.
Brit-Am Summary of Isaiah chapter 37.
2-Kings 19:1-37.
"Like the wolf on the fold" by Lord Byron. Poem and Recording to Download.
Josephus, Antiquities, Book 10, chapter 1.
The Liberation of the Israelites in Exile?
(a) The Deliverance Described by Isaiah.
(b) Assyrians and Cimmerians.
(c) A. G. K. Kristensen and the Cimmerians.

Chapter Twenty.
2-Kings. Chapter 20.
1. The Importance of this Chapter to Brit-Am Studies! Dating of Megalithics Proven!!! 2. Isaiah chapters 38 and 39 Summarized. 3. 2-Kings chapter 20 in text without Commentary.

Chapter Twenty-One.
2-Kings. Chapter 21.
1. King Mannasseh begins His Reign Badly!
Rabbi Asi Encounters King Manasseh.
King Mannasseh Sins and Repents.
Idolatry and the Temple.
The Nazi Pact with Satan!
The Consequence of Sin.
King Manasseh in Wikipedia.
King Manasseh in the Book of Chronicles.
King Manasseh in Josephus.

King Amon of Judah.

Chapter Twenty-Two.
2-Kings. Chapter 22.
King Josiah. Early Reign.
Finding the Torah Scroll of Moses!
Prophecy, Women Prophets, Did Jeremiah Bring the Ten Tribes Back?
The Message of Huldah.

Chapter Twenty-Three.
2-Kings. Chapter 23.
Josiah. The Great King.
A National Assembly is Convened.
Josiah Begins the Purification.
Josiah Uproots Idolatry.
King Josiah Destroys the Altars of Beth-el and of Northern Israel.
Josiah the One and Only King of his Kind!
The death of King Josiah.
King Jehoahaz and King Jehoiakim.

Chapter Twenty-Four.
2-Kings. Chapter 24.
The Fall of Judah and Babylon.
King Jehoiakim of Judah.
King Jehoiacin of Judah.
King Zedekiah of Judah.

Chapter Twenty-Five.
2-Kings. Chapter 25.
The Fall of the First Temple and the Exile of Judah.
Fall of the First Temple.
Significance of this day.
The Final End of the First Kingdom of Judah.