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Bruce McKerras refers to verses that in his view mean that the Israelites should not keep the Festivals or the Law in their Places of exile but rather should wait for the Messiah.
We agree (for different reasons) to some degree concerning the Ten Tribes but not Judah.
The Name, the Language and Sacrifice

by Bruce McKerras


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The Name, the Language and Sacrifice
by Bruce McKerras

Before making definitive decisions about the correct Name of our Creator, the language that we should speak, or the ordinances that we should observe, it is necessary to carefully discern Scriptures as given to us;

Deuteronomy 28:58 & 64 If you do not observe My Laws and revere this honoured and dreaded Name of the Lord your God, then He will punish and disperse you among the nations and you will serve other gods.

Hosea 9:1-4 Do not rejoice, Israel, for you have been unfaithful to your God. You are sent into exile from the Holy Land. Do not make sacrificial offerings to Him, as that will be like food at a funeral and would make you unclean. Your food must be only for your own needs, do not offer any to the Lord. Psalm 50:1-23

Hosea 9:5-7 What will you do on the day of the Lord's appointed feasts? For look; the people have gone out from their devastated Land and now live among the nations. Hosea 8:8 Their decreed punishment is upon them and because of their sins, their prophets will be as fools and inspired seers like madmen.

2 Chronicles 15:3 For a long time Israel was without the true God, without anyone to interpret the Law and without the Law.

Isaiah 28:9-13 Who is there that can be taught? That makes sense of what he hears? People are just like babes, newly weaned, because the Word is precept upon precept, a little here, a little there. So now, with a foreign tongue, the Lord will address this people, a people that would not listen, therefore they cannot gain understanding and will fall, be injured and captured.

My Comments:

The two kingdoms, Israel and Judah, are both conquered and their decreed punishment, that is exile from their Land, is upon them. Although part of Judah have returned to part of the Land, we await the final regathering and the return of all Israel. Before that, they are told not to observe the appointed festival days or make sacrifice, as they have no one to correctly advise them and interpret the Law. Now, the Lord will address His people in a foreign language. Pray for understanding!

Isaiah 52:6 On that day [when He saves His people] you will know My Name and know that it is I, your God who speaks. Hosea 2:16-17

Ezekiel 39:7 My Holy Name I shall make known in the midst of My people, Israel, and it will no longer be profaned, the nations will know that I, your God am holy in Israel.

Joel 2:32 Then, everyone who invokes the Name of the Lord will be saved. [on the great and terrible Day of the Lord's vengeance and wrath.]

Zephaniah 3:9 For then, I shall give to those people a pure language, that they may call upon the Name of the Lord and serve Him with one accord.

My comments: We will only know the true Name of God at the gathering of His people back to the Land, then later, at the Coming of the Messiah - The Name and that of the city.

Some verses abridged. Bruce McKerras December 2011
Slightly Adapted by Brit-Am with permission from the author.

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