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New Joseph Forum no.14 

Ephraimites, Two Houses, Joes, Ten Tribes Teachings
31 December 2009, 15 Tevet 5769
1. Answer to Nathan
Barratt: Ephraimites, Brit-Am, and the Law of Moses
2. Descendant of Joseph Wishes to Move to Israel with his Wife
3. Kevin
Opp: Blessings and Cursings from the Bible
White People Do Not Get it but I Do!
4. Margie: John Darby was Mislead and Misleading!
5. MT: Not All of US Are White Men!


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1. Answer to Nathan Barratt: Ephraimites, Brit-Am, and the Law of Moses
re Brit-Am Now no. 1427
#1. Brit-Am, Ephraimites, the Temple, the State of Israel, and the Law of Moses

Nathan Barratt wrote:

Re: The law of Moses....

So basically - correct me if I'm wrong - you're saying that the
Ephraimites (who know who they are), until the rebuilding of the temple, must keep the law of Moses and the interpretations given by the Talmud as we are able, in the knowledge that we're doing all we can, and in the hope that one day there will be a place where we can worship? Sort of keep ourselves pure so as to entreat God to have mercy?

But then again, surely a tabernacle can be set up somewhere. Does anyone know where the ark of the covenant is? Or are synagogues, which don't hold the ark of the covenant, substitutes for the tabernacle?

Thanks very much for your answers,


Brit-Am Reply:
I do not say how you drew such conclusions from the answers we sent you.

Brit-Am says that Ephraimites should indeed know who they are and spread this knowledge to others. If they cannot do anything themselves then they should at the least support organizations such as our own (and especially our own, i.e. Brit-Am, the Lost Ten Tribes Movement) and this in our generation is possibly the main point.

That is what we do and what we consider ourselves an authority about.
 Brit-Am, the Lost Ten Tribes Movement, is concerned with the Lost Ten Tribes. We also work to heighten Biblical awareness in general.
We do not consider ourselves qualified or able to tell individuals how they should act on a day to day basis.
Non-Jews DO NOT HAVE TO KEEP THE LAW OF MOSES as far as we know. At least not in this generation. What will happen in the future we may all safely leave aside for the moment. The Talmud has nothing, or at least very little, to do with non-Jews whether Ephraimites or not.
On the other hand, in my opinion, if someone really wanted to know what the Law of Moses says they would have to take into consideration the Jewish traditional interpretation.
Also in our personal opinion Ephraimites (who know who they are) should begin to find their way closer.
How they do that is their own business and we really should not be involved.
Brit-Am, the Lost Ten Tribes Movement, should not be considered a religion but rather a belief system concerning the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel in the Bible, history, and the contemporary scene.
You suggested that we were telling Ephraimites to:
## keep ourselves pure so as to entreat God to have mercy? ##
Well that may not be a bad idea but did we really say that?
Anyway, the Almighty shows a pathway to they who search for one.
We ourselves are attempting to undergo a more intensive search of the Bible for the sake of Brit-Am and ourselves.
The Bible has the answers.
A real tabernacle cannot be set up. The Temple replaced the Tabernacle for all time. Remains of the original tabernacle are probably now buried under the Temple Mount. The Ark of the Covenant may also be there, or in Ethiopia, or in Ireland, or France. It all depends on the last book on the subject to attract our attention.
Synagogues existed in Temple Times alongside the Temple. They are not a substitute but an ancillary or supplementary element.

2. Descendant of Joseph Wishes to Move to Israel with his Wife

S wrote:

Dear Yair, My wife and I believe we are of Joseph. We want to move to Israel and work to stand with and support Israel.  Where should we start? Our children are grown and we wish to throw our lot in with Israel?  Respects and Shallom, Your Brother , Stan


Brit-Am Reply:
S Shalom,
I assume you are not Jewish since you mention being of Joseph.
In general the State of Israel does not encourage non-Jews to move permanently to Israel except in exceptional
Brit-Am does not decide and has no influence in these matters.
If you are in doubt contact an Israeli official near your place of residence.
This is the reality.

If a section of the Ten Tribes were to set up there own colony somewhere else in the Middle East especially in one of the Israelite areas (e.g. Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Cyprus) then things might be different and it could help all of us.

God bless you

3. Kevin Opp: Blessings and Cursings from the Bible
White People Do Not Get it but I Do!
From: Kevin Opp <>
RE: Jerusalem News 892.
In reference to: 3. White People STILL Do Not Get it!
Re Jerusalem News 891
#3. White People Do Not Get it.

Well I get it, it makes perfect sense.  It had nothing to do with Christianity, but adherence unto even the slight amounts of biblical law that they did.  That was what the founding of America was all about, to oppose the bondage of Catholic or Anglican Canonary Law, and make an attempt to create a society that was more scripturally correct.  Was it perfect, no, but it was apparently sufficient to set this nation above the rest of the world.  Just read the writings of John Adams or Thomas Jefferson and ask if it could be coincidence that men such as these happened to have founded what would become the most powerful and rich nation on earth?  Many of our early laws came from the Torah even, such as if someone fell on your porch stairs and broke their leg because you didn't shovel your snow, you were accountable, that was derived from the law in the Torah stating that if you dug a pit and did not mark it, or cover it, you were accountable, and there are numerous examples like this.  Also look at America being of a sole supporter of Israel over the years, the bible says God will bless those that bless you.  America, in making Israel capable of standing in times of certain defeat since 1948, has certainly caused blessings to come upon this nation, but solely due to scriptural compliance. 
America is now at a state where that is all waning, as is all of Western Europe to even greater degrees.  America is also beginning to loosen its ties with Israel, take God and his rules off of everything, experimenting with genetics and euthanasia (which is where Hitler started), and hence our society is now declining morally, economically, politically and in every way, shape and form beyond that. 
Just look at everything in US news today, we cannot go a day or two without hearing about a child killing other children, mothers killing children, fathers killing whole families, etc.  These were extremely rare cases only 20 years ago, now they are everyday events.  In the bible God makes it clear that the blood spilled on the land cries out to him and must be recompensed.  Therefore our lack of Scripturality, and move away from God over the years has led to a dramatic decline in morality, which has led to murders within families becoming everyday run in the mill stories.  Therefore, America is begging to see the visitation of God in our waning global dominance in this generation, and one can only assume it will continue to spiral downward the more Godless leaders we put into power, and the more we continue down this route.  A return to compliance to the scriptures nationally would change things, but seems unlikely.  When Abraham Lincoln was losing the war to the South he assumed they must have been in sin, therefore he called a fast and repentance to the entire North, afterwards the North began to win every battle.  Abraham Lincoln got it. 
So white people do not currently get it, and Christians today in America still do not get it, because we are historically retarded.  I have tried relentlessly to explain to Christian relatives that having a man like Barak Obama in office can only lead to the further decline of this country due to his morality and where he wants to take this country, and that cannot be blessed by God whatsoever, because it is a further move from God from where this nation once stood. White people in America today do not believe that there is any connection between any of this and where our nation walks, they simply believe that the smartest man could do the best no matter how wrong he is morally, and that our place scripturally has nothing to do with the success of this nation.  The only explanation this is the lack of knowledge taught in our churches and schools, which gets worse every decade. 
One thing I love about the Jew is that they understand that there are blessings and cursings involved with your compliance and non compliances to the scriptures, it is very clear.  This is something that modern Christianty must come to grips with.  Almost every reform movement in Christianty had to do with this realization, and an attempt to live it within that movement.  And then it is seemingly forgotten by the next generation. 
Kevin Opp    

4. Margie: John Darby was Mislead and Misleading!
Re Brit-Am Now no. 1429
#5. Brit-Am, British Christian Zionism, and John Nelson Darby no.1
#6. Brit-Am, British Christian Zionism, and John Nelson Darby no.2

Shalom Yair,
Many years ago I did some research on John Darby.  Darby is known as the "father of dispensation".  It appears Wickipedia has revised their article; it once noted that during a time after a riding accident, Darby was studying Isaiah, and he noted that the kingdom" of God as seen in Isaiah did not mesh with what he saw as the kingdom (i.e. "church") on earth.  Unable to reconcile the differences, he invented the dispensation theory, which basically says that God works differently/or changes from one age to the next.  This theory led to the development of the "pre-trib rapture" (a teaching less than 200 years old).  I think this is one of the most "anti-Semitic" teachings in Christianity.  Basically it says that in the last days when great tribulation comes upon the earth, the Christian Church gets vanished away, but Israel is left behind to endure all the troubles.  I don't think Darby did anyone any favors, and as a result of his theorizing, we have all kinds of "mixtures" of doctrines ("Babel") that are not Scriptural, such as the "dispensation and replacement theology".  The Bible says that God does not change, and all of His word is truth.  It was true the day He spoke it and will be true throughout eternity; this is simply the nature of truth, which cannot die or change (Psalm 119:160).  Once more, the kingdom of God from beginning to end is Israel, and all who believe must be grafted into that tree (i.e. Israel; reference Romans 11:24 and Jeremiah 11:16a).  Our Heavenly Father is calling His covenant people to stand as faithful witnesses upon the earth throughout all times--especially in times of tribulation--to give righteous testimony to His true nature, that He is an Elohim of Law (Torah) and grace (mercy), and He keeps His word!  This is the picture of the Ark of the Covenant, which held all the words of the Testimony, but you had to go through the "mercy seat" to reach the contents. This is the unchanging testimony to His whole being throughout all the ages. This reminds me of recent, wonderful insights by Avigdor (brit-am 1434), re the "coming day of the Almighty" and the condition of churches in America. This is what happens when you have "grace only" theology.  It erodes the "fear of the Almighty" and eventually leads to everyone doing what is "good in his own sight".

Here is a short, good article on Darby's systematic teachings:


5. MT: Not All of US Are White Men!
Re: Jerusalem News 892.
#3. White People STILL Do Not Get it!
Shalom Yair,
You are making a very gross assumption that I am white. I guess you've not seen the movie "A Patch of Blue"?

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