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New Joseph Forum no.16 

Ephraimites, Two Houses, Joes, Ten Tribes Teachings
15 February 2010, 1 Adar 5770
1. David
Tempelhoff: Appreciates Transparency of Accounting
2. Obadiah Avrahami: 10-Tribers should support Brit-Am!
3. Richard Johnson: I do not mind you asking for funding.


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1. David Tempelhoff: Appreciates Transparency of Accounting
From: David Tempelhoff <>
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1460
#5. What Does the Brit-Am Money Go On?

Dear Yair,

Thank you for revealing your needs specifically.

I believe the Transparency will give you credibility and spur people to give. Not that you were not credible before. But generous People like an 'open books'.

It might be a good idea to list your income and expenses every month as well as the traffic on your website.

Monthly financial statement.

Good accounting--- together with output, your vision, goals, bench marks. Would help.

"Without a vision the people perish"

Vision and statistics ( open book practice--unified with monthly productivity ( # magazines printed, new members, meeting, visitors--anything qualitative and quantitiative that you see as valuable to your vision and organization)

If you can measure it and count it--it will grow.

300000 people is a lot. If everyone gave $1/month you would be in a good place.

What would you do with 300K.

Whats your vision?

May need get advice from good website--ecommerce marketers to get a strategy. See what Brit am followers want , what their demographics etc. There has to be a reason why more folk are not giving. ( other than being broke)

What they can afford and do a big Push.

have to keep pushing and get a good strategy.
I hope this helps.

Brit-Am Reply:
We appreciate your opinion but neither we nor our  supporters feel that transparency is the problem at present.
We may have gone too far.
The information we gave out is liable to serve our enemies more than help us.
The small minority of those who do donate to us does not seem to have grown as a result of  what we posted.
It may have dwindled.

We said:

# we reach an estimated 300,000 different people per year and have a permanent audience (the composition of which changes over time) of around 2000 to 3000 on average every day. #

The estimated 300,000 was based on 423,665 visits to our site over the last 12 months.
The actual figure may be more or less than 300,000.

In real terms the second figure of ca. 3000 permanent partakers is more realistic. It includes all those who are interested enough to subscribe to our list
or who come back day after day to our web-site. Out of this number only a portion necessarily agrees with us and of them a still much smaller fraction buys publications or send offerings.
The numbers affected by us may be measured in the millions or reduced to decimal (or centurial) digits depending on how one looks at it.
A realistic appraisal is somewhere in between but tending strongly towards the lower values.

2. Obadiah Avrahami: 10-Tribers should support Brit-Am!
From: Kol haTor co-ordinator <>
Re: Brit-Am Funding

#4. Brit-Am Challenged Over Its Fund-Raising!

I have to respond to TG's audacious challenging of the worth of your work, Yair;  You may use this letter for which I will no doubt be condemned,  or file it in file 13;

First of all, I wonder who this TG is - a TenTriber, or from Judah?

Whichever, if he is a regular reader of Brit Am, then all I can say is "shame on him"!  For he dares to bite the hand that feeds him - else he would not be reading your materials.

If he is simply a trouble maker, then he is proving who's side he is on - the Accuser of G-d's People.  That is more than shameful.

Chances are, that he is just another 10-Triber on His Way Home - and then his attitude and audacious approach hits the pits.  Shamefully for 10-Tribers he does not stand alone, but amongst the crowd and approved of by the continuing silence and lack of support of the majority..

As someone who does similar work to yours, I have the frustrating experience daily that 10-Tribers simply receive and seldom (if ever) give to the noble work of which you and Brit Am are part..  Of course, they will heavily dispute this.  Fact is, that if they are indeed givers, then they certainly give it to sources that please their ears, sources that are NOT proclaiming the true way and the true facts, sources that in fact generally oppose the true way that you are highlighting.

10-Tribers are historically rebels against HaShem's True Way - which is why He cut them off from His Covenant, with eternal doom as their only prospect. But, because of His Caring, He oathed their Return and planned a Way of Reconciliation - which is today very evident - a very proof of the Message that you proclaim.

Do 10-Tribers have no appreciation for this unfathomable Grace?  Do they just take it for granted?  Don't they really value the efforts of people who dedicate their lives, to proclaiming it and encouraging them and giving them meaning and direction to their Return?  Do they really expect it to be your and my duty at our own expense?  Do they get anything for free in life - and if they do, it is temporal and not eternal like the knowledge that you and I share with them?

The sad answer to these questions is: Yes, they do expect just that.  They do regard it as their right, - and your own problem at your expense, for them to benefit from and spiritually fatten themselves on that which they wish to accept and apply from your explorations.

There are the exceptions - I do apologize to them.  Unfortunately they can be counted on one or two hands - but they at least help to put out the greatest fires - the rest simply burn on devouringly.

An erudite 10-Triber who has seen the Light, has recently commented on this spiritual disease which is so rampant amongst 10-Tribers.  I wish to share it with your readers here:

1. The Jewish Sages teach that vigilance is acquired through Torah study. The Ramchal writes in The Path of the Just that there are many people who know the way to perfection but fail to achieve it because their evil inclination justifies their inaction. All we need to do is ask ourselves a simple question. If Mashiach lived only one and a half hours away from us, would we not find a host of reasons to pick up and move that one and a half hours away, irrespective of the financial losses and costs involved in order to be so close to the king and be near such kedushah [holiness]? Would we not make it happen? Or, we could ask ourselves this question. If we find ways not to move closer, how will we ever find the ability to move thousands of miles away to Eretz Yisrael? This is what Shlomo, King of Israel, peace be upon him, wrote, "The sluggish says, A young lion is on the road, a lion is in the streets."

2. The man of trusting faithfulness pursues his objective with singleness of mind. He must be willing to utilize all of his resources (kol me'odekha [all of your might]) to achieve his objective. In so doing, he trusts and has confidence that Hashem will provide for him and for his. Otherwise, he is unworthy.

3.. Our rabbi has pointed out that obstacles present themselves in our lives only to increase our desire, to a point commensurate with the loftiness of the goal that we wish to achieve. When we have a goal of little consequence, there are few if any significant obstacles. Why? Because we already have sufficient desire to be worthy of achieving the goal. However, when we have a goal set before us that is massive, there may be many obstacles. Why? Because our desire may not be sufficient, and we are unworthy of achieving the goal. Realizing this, we no longer have to flounder around wondering why things are made so difficult for us. Obstacles are our allies. Since we now understand the issue, we have direction and meaning. All we need to do is continue walking down the path.

Nothing is impossible with Hashem. All of these obstacles indicate a single fact: the desire of 10-Israel is not yet strong enough." (end of quote).

To those 10-Tribers who are upset with my above statements, take it like a man!  Dare to check your lethargic financial attitude to support the Works that, after all, is for YOUR benefit.  Yair is OK.  He lives IN the Land. He is Home.  He does not have to spend his life researching YOUR identity on your behalf.  Most jobs that he can handle will pay him a livable income to live a life of dignity, not to have to plead for support from those whom he is 'feeding' and comforting.

Nevertheless, be sure that you are loved by those who dedicate their lives to the Greatest Miraclle of All Time - the Return of 10-Israel and the establishment of the re-united Kingdom of the G-d of Israel.

Yair, you may or may not share my attitude in this.  It is from me personally and on my own head.  It is for the sake of reconciliation in the House of HaShem. This reconciliation may have been just that much further removed without your labours.

May 10-Israel wake up to support their own interests!


3. Richard Johnson: I do not mind you asking for funding.


I do not mind you asking for funding. I try to send money regularly but I either forget or procrastinate. Your messages remind me to send you money as soon as I can. I believe the work you are doing is one of the most important works in the world. The time and energy that you have put into this work is immense and the least I can do is send in a contribution to thank you and support you.

Have you ever considered making large, laminated, wall maps of the wanderings and migrations of the tribes according to your research? I think this would be very beneficial to your subscribers and may also help your organization increase revenue. There are other companies who sell maps of the tribes and their migrations but some of these companies seem to have an anti-Jewish slant and I would much rather support your organization. I know you are very busy and I'm sure this task would be very time consuming so it might not be in your best interest but I figured that I might as well make a suggestion.

Thank you for all that you do for us. May our God bless you and your organization.

Richard Johnson Jr

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