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Ephraimites, Two Houses, Joes, Ten Tribes Teachings
5 August 2010, 25 Ab 5770
1. Answer to ??? about the Gentile Status of the Ten Tribes and Jewish Souls etc.
2. Tessa:  "classified as full Israelites at the appointed time."
3. Two Letters from Michael J. and Three Main Subjects.
(a) Compromise with Palestinians and Arab Converts?
Ephraimites as Muslims.


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1. Answer to ??? about the Gentile Status of the Ten Tribes and Jewish Souls etc.
Re Brit-Am Now no. 1553
#6. The non-Jewish Status of the Ten Tribes in Rabbinical Law.

Thank you for this more detailed explanation.  It still isn't completely clear what "legal" as in "legal status" means.  Do they need to convert to Judaism?  "They will return" does not imply that "they will convert".  What other "legal" status of gentile is there? They cannot become citizens of the modern secular state of Israel? In the final restored state of Israel, will these people be "legally" considered "Ger Toshav" [non-Israelite protected Sojourners]?  Whatever the explanations, to say that their "legal status" (and legal status must be explained) is that of gentiles is not the same as saying "for all intents and purposes they are gentiles" (because they are not in essence, in the root of their neshamot) gentiles, just their "legal status" is that of gentiles - which doesn't clarify very much.

There is more. The explanation that you gave actually teaches that these Jews have the same status as Jews who convert to a different religion (since their status, according to our Sages, is due to the fact that they worshipped idols).  Jews who convert to a different religion retain the spiritual requirement to "return" to Torah, they don't stop being "Jewish" in the sense that the origin of their neshamot doesn't change, the change in their status from their physical actions is only "temporary", and when they "return" to Torah, everything is as it was before.  This is VERY different than a gentile, who must convert to Judaism to be considered Jewish.  You might have clarified this in your email, as well as in your article, and not implied that these 10 lost tribes are the SAME as gentiles.


Brit-Am Reply:
Shoshanna Shalom,
I cannot go into detail because I do not know enough but the information exists.
"Legal Status" means how the person is related to.
A descendant of the Ten Tribes who goes through a Jewish religious marriage service with a Jewish girl is not legally married to her according to Jewish Law. He has the same status in this regard as a Gentile. This is the meaning of legal status.
They cannot be punished for not keeping the Torah. legally at present, they are no different from Gentiles.
Sources indicate that in Rabbinical Opinion the Ten Tribes are destined to convert. To our mind they may go through a process such that currently applied to Ethiopian Jews known as Renewal of the Covenant [Chidush Ha-Brit]. This is a de facto conversion while recognizing the possibility of Israelite Ancestry.
The State of Israel in Principle only accepts applicants of at least partly proven Jewish origin as potential citizens.
The Ten Tribes will return according to Prophecy BUT they will do so (as we understand it) as a group rather than a scattering of individuals.

[Our organization, Brit-Am Movement of the Ten Tribes on the whole does not recommend conversion at the present time but neither are we against it. Everyone must make their own decisions in this regard and we are not qualified to give advice on the matter.]

There are also indications that at first the Ten Tribes return to peripheral regions of Greater Israel in what is now considered Syria and Lebanon
cf. Zechariah 10:10, Micah 7:14. Egypt and Saudia are also possibilities. We see the present US presence in Iraq as a possible forerunner of this process.
Ephraim Comes Back!
The USA in Iraq: Has the Return of the Lost Ten Tribes Began?

As for what kind of souls the Ten Tribes now have we cannot say. Perhaps they may be compared to the Children of Israel while they were still in Egypt and had not yet received the Torah?

You spoke of a comparison with Jews who change their religion and of "Jewish souls" [neshamot] that remain Jewish. This may well be the case. We however are concerned with practicality.
Legally a Jew who changes his/her religion can repent and return.
A person born to a Jewish mother is considered Jewish. If the mother changed her religion after the person was born the matter is fairly straightforward. If however she changed religion before the person came into the world there is a problem and a Rabbi needs to be consulted. If three generations pass after the change of religion according to some opinions the person concerned will not be considered Jewish.
[At all events Orthodox Rabbis should be consulted on these matters.]

We do not have to explain, justify, or defend anything about this. It is the way it is in practice. Check it out.

Ben Zion (father of Prime Minister "Bibi") Netanyahu is a well-known historian who specialized on the Jews of Spain and Anusim-Marranos
(Jews who were forced to convert to Christianity) and he wrote about this. Prior to and after the expulsion from Spain (1492) many Jews converted to Christianity against their will in order to stay in Spain or in some cases simply to stay alive. In Portugal all the children were taken by force and baptized. For a long time afterwards some of these Jews and their descendants were making their way to Jewish communities in North Africa and elsewhere.
Lengthy and complicated discussions arose as to how they should be related to.
In an Appendix to one his books Ben Zion Netanyahu discuses this matter in detail and quotes from numerous sources.
The book was published in English.

In the opinion of the Biblical Commentator Abarbanel the return of these Anusim from Spain etc will be accompanied by the return of the Ten Times.

2. Tessa:  "classified as full Israelites at the appointed time."
Re Brit-Am Now no. 1553
#6. The non-Jewish Status of the Ten Tribes in Rabbinical Law.

Shalom Yair

There is a common thread from so many correspondents of a need to establish their identity, to be settled in their own minds as to who they are. Increasingly those of us who self-identify as Israelite from the Joseph branch view our countries of heritage (be it Britain, Denmark, Sweden etc) as stepping stones from Israel of old. These intermediate countries no longer adequately define those of us who have woken up to our hidden ancient Israelite heritage.

We may be classified according to Rabbinical Law as Gentiles but I daresay a good number of us would politely refuse to wear this title with all its connotations, because we consider ourselves to be returnees to the Covenant which is not for Gentiles. We have left behind as best we can the trappings of the Gentile.

Scripture teaches that we will return to the requirements of Torah and so, while we may not be stoned for failing to keep the Sabbath at this stage, it is a very good plan to begin to live in the way that was designed for us. Otherwise we are not really returning but are just claiming an identity without the responsibilities that go with it and yes we had better consider our records kept in the Heavenly Court. Those Israelites (whether Judah or Joseph) who still refuse to acknowledge the integral place of Torah in the life of an Israelite are just rebellious like some of their ancestors and will reap the same fate.

This is where DNA can only explain so much for there is a large component attributed to heart attitude which will reveal who is an Israelite. Anyone could have a family tree back to Jacob himself and still be outside the Covenant if he continues in rebellion. And anyone who has no Israelite blood can become an Israelite by faith like Ruth and Rahab.

I think the title of this post is apt - the Ten Tribes will always be non-Jewish (because they are not descended from Judah or Benjamin) but they will be classified as full Israelites at the appointed time.

Blessings - Tessa

3. Two Letters from Michael J. and Three Main Subjects
(a) Compromise with Palestinians and Arab Converts?
Ephraimites as Muslims.

(a) Compromise with Palestinians and Arab Converts?
Perhaps Ezekiel 25 means thus:
15 'Thus says the Lord GOD: "Because the Philistines (Palestinians) dealt vengefully and took vengeance with a spiteful heart, to destroy because of the old hatred," 16 therefore thus says the Lord GOD: "I will stretch out My hand against the Philistines (Palestinians), and I will cut off the Cherethites (Gazans) and destroy the remnant of the seacoast (Hamas-ran Gaza). 17 I will execute great vengeance on them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I am the LORD, when I lay My vengeance upon them."'
Does remnant refer to Israel whenever its mentioned in Scripture? Who is the remnant of the seacoast. I see that the Jews who settled in Gaza had their settlements destroyed. However, destroying the Gaza Jewish settlements seems to be something which is exactly against GOD's will. As Israel cuts itself up, it destroys God's mandate to establish Israel in the Royal Grant, which does include Lebanon! When Ezekiel's area of the tribes is mapped out, Gaza is one of the places specifically assigned to the Tribe of Judah.
Getting Palestinians and Lebanese to wake up to their responsibilities as Bnai Noach and Geri Toshav in Israel seems almost unimaginable. I would like to see the Third Temple rebuilt in my lifetime. Pastor Larsen's map puts it in Tel Shilo, which can be built with little protest from the Palestinians, but only if the One State Solution is accepted. Israel may be best divided into 6 groupings; Israel Proper with 11 provinces, Yasha (West Bank with Jewish Settlements), Gaza, Jericho, Samaria (Ramallah-Nablus) and Yabah (Jerusalem-Bethlehem-Hebron); four non-Jewish provinces to 12 Jewish majority provinces. As non-Jews gradually become a majority in Congress/Knesset over the decades, Jews can maintain a majority in a Senate-like body, to ensure Israel retains its Jewish character. The Courts should retain their Jewish character, somehow, as non-Jews will inevitably elect a Prime Minister who is non-Jewish. Alternatively, this is why promoting a popular Davidic family (perhaps the Shealtiel clan) is so important and urgent right now. A Jewish constitutional monarchy can save Israel's Jewish character and has worked well in Sweden, which is considered one of the most free countries in the world.
Michael J.

(b) Ephraimites as Muslims

Hi Yair,
If an Ephraimite is not an Israelite, should he live as a Gentile, then? How is a non-Jew to worship? I chose Islam..... Many Muslims believe Jesus is coming back and universally believe the Kaaba shall be destroyed one day. I do not believe in the physical return of Jesus to rule on earth, but believe the royal house of David shall be restored. I know the Ethiopian Royal House claims to be descended from Solomon, but am unaware of any genetic studies verifying their descent. The Quran does support Tanakh, but most Muslims are completely uneducated about Tanakh, which I regret. Tanakh shows the blessings and responsibilities associated with being a Jew and being an Israelite. Ezekiel 37 even encourages those who remain in the Land of Israel to embrace the blessings, while Ezekiel 25 does plainly condemn the Philistines which manifests in Gaza under the name Hamas; those who reject the blessings of the Land of Israel. I certainly do not like this talk of giving up the West Bank or not building settlements on vacant land. Many of the new settlements are on vacant land in the West Bank which is not occupied. The news is far too simplistic to report this fact. I really had to research it.
I find great comfort in the Bnei Noach movement, which seeks to integrate Gentiles in worship of God according to the law given to Noah. However, this movement is too small. One drawback is that Jews who promote this movement seem to discourage studying possible Ten Lost Tribes descent. I desperately want the Third Temple rebuilt. This is a blessing the world has been missing for several centuries. I don't see how anyone can oppose the rebuilding of the Third Temple as mandated by God's Prophet Ezekiel, since it is so clear. I suppose donations and book purchases can help you out. I have gotten many of them, but not all. I certainly want to promote your work. Israelites and Jews (and all descendants of Abraham and Noah for that matter) must help each other to enact the dictates of God as demanded by the Tanakh.
Michael J.
Brit-Am Replies:
(a) Compromise with Palestinians and Arab Converts?

Lately a few Jews (some of whom are associated with the so-called "Sanhedrin" Movement and with Temple rebuilding groups) have begun propagating the possibility of converting Arabs to Judaism or recognizing Arabs as descendants of Israelites and somehow assimilating them.
This to our mind is mistaken.
There are pro-Jewish or pro-Israel Arab groups in existence but until now all attempts to utilize them have back-fired.
Arik Sharon in the 1970s attempted some Kind of Union of the Villages. The idea was to encourage conservative, religious, Islamic local council groups who at the time were inclined to co-operate with Israeli authorities. It was thought they would become a moderating influence and make possible co-existence. They would serve as an alternative to the PLO. A de facto merger between the Village Leagues and the then-moderate social organization of Sheikh Yassin was encouraged.
The result is the Hamas Movement which is a Nazi organization or even worse than Nazi.

Sharon's Terror Child
How the
Likud Bloc Mid-wifed the Birth of Hamas

Under Begin and later Shamir, Israel created, funded and controlled the "Village Leagues," a system of local councils managed by Palestinians who were hand-picked by Israel to run local city and village administrations.

Yassin and the Islamic Association benefited from a system of Israeli controlled "Village Leagues," sometimes called Village Councils. The Village Leagues where largely funded by Israel. But the Islamic Association was allowed to raise tens of millions more each year from supportive Arab regimes angry with Arafat. The creation of the Village Leagues was Israel's first effort to encourage an alternative to the PLO.

Yassin used the money to operate a network of schools, medical clinics, social service agencies, religious institutions and provide direct services to the poverty stricken Palestinian population.

Israel saw benefits in the leagues which became a breeding ground for Palestinian collaborators who were blackmailed or bribed into reporting on the activities of other Palestinians. Many of them held positions of leadership in the Village Leagues and were friendly to Israel.

Reacting angrily to Arafat's decision to recognize Israel, and seeking to play to Palestinian emotions during the
Intifadah, the new organization, Hamas, openly embraced armed struggle against Israel.

In short there is no solution that involves leaving the Arabs in Israel.
The Arabs need to be transferred to some place like Brazil.
That is what the Bible requires.
Options for Survival: A Solution to the War in Gaza
Brit-Am Replies.
(b) Ephraimites as Muslims
A person acts as they have to according to their individual circumstances and understanding.
In Brit-Am we attempt to avoid theological discussion and inter-faith dialogue.
Adherents to the Brit-Am Movement of the Ten Tribes includes Jews, Christians, Noachides, Bible-Believers, Ephraimites,
and others. Apart from yourself there is at least one other member who defines himself as Muslim.
Inhabitants of Arab countries are regular visitors to our site.

I myself am an Orthodox Jew. The majority of our supporters believe in some form or other of Christianity.
When speaking to other Jews, I can explain the large proportion of Christians amongst the Ephraimite Forces we appeal to.
I point out that they were born that way and that there are Biblical sources indicating that such would be the faith of "Joseph".
In the Messianic Era all religious differences will be resolved.
In the meantime they have not been but we still have work to do, together.

It is as if a special exceptions clause exists for Christians but it would not be pertinent for other non-Jewish faiths.
Brit-Am Replies.
(c) Noachides
Regarding the Noachide Movement and Brit-Am you said,
# Jews who promote this movement seem to discourage studying possible Ten Lost Tribes descent. #
This may be so.
We once propagandized amongst Noachides with favorable results but for years have lost touch with their movement(s).
We need more people like yourself to spread the message to such forums.
The problem is not only Jews but also Gentiles who want to emphasize their non-Jewish and non-Israelite origins.
The Noachide Movement is supposed to be a movement of Gentiles for Gentiles.
If you start saying many of these Gentiles are really Israelites you kind of defeat the purpose from one point of view.
Nevertheless a study will show that most (but not all) Noachides are of Israelite stock and this matter should be spoken of.
Keep bringing the subject up in ways that are pertinent and in a civil manner and eventually others will relate to our beliefs with respect.

See our sister feature:
Telling it as it is.
Discussion of Ephraimite Questions in a Brit-Am Context


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