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Ephraimites, Two Houses, Joes, Ten Tribes Teachings
3 November 2010, 26 Cheshvan 5771
1. Letter no.1. Et
tu Brutus?
How the Rabbinical Ancestors of Yair Davidiy Crucified the Karaite Messiah of Gentile Peoples
by Mark A. Robinson.
2. Letter no.2.  Why
Yair Davidiy Should Not Be Offended by Letter no.1!
by Mark A. Robinson.


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1. Letter no.1.
tu Brutus?
How the Rabbinical Ancestors of
Yair Davidiy Crucified the Karaite Messiah of Gentile Peoples
by Mark A. Robinson

RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1593

Yair, You should be ashamed of yourself...this "article" of yours on the Karaites is nothing more than a diatribe (think about the origin of that word) of vitriol against your brothers just because they don't accept the Oral Traditions of Judaism. The ugly truth is that your ancestors hung Messiah Ben Joseph on a tree for the same reasons.  If one speaks lies about the TANAKH, you would have a case for criticism. But here you are shouting 'crucify him' simply because he points out that the Oral Traditions violate the Torah in ways which are direct violations of the Word of God (Deu 4:2, Pro 30:5-6, etc.). Note also that the same command exists in the New Testament (Brit Hadashah) forbidding adding to and taking away from the word of the Lord (see Rev 22:18). Finally, I would point out that I like to think of Nehemia Gordon as a friend of mine. I have known him for a decade. He is a fine scholar and has contributed much to our knowledge of the Hebrew origins of the Gospel of Matthew. I recommend looking for the truth and throwing out the prejudice. You only hurt yourself using your words as weapons. And by the way, don't think you are stating a truth just because you add the words 'in effect' to The Karaites of history were saying that the Bible has no Divine Authority. You are stating a lie in a way that makes you seem righteous. In this case, you are not.
Mark Robinson.

2. Letter no.2.  Why Yair Davidiy Should Not Be Offended by Letter no.1
by Mark A. Robinson

Yair, Sorry if I hurt your feelings. That doesn't alter the veracity of my arguments, however. I find that many of us with strong feelings about our beliefs find it difficult to come to grips with error in our ways. In your case, I have to tell you that your bigotry regarding the Karaites is visible in many of your writings. The Khazars, for example, stinks to high heaven with hatred for the Karaites. It is not that the whole book is full of it... rather, the intensity of the bitterness where it is let out is what is disturbing. I think you know there is a clear and inescapable difference between the veracity of inspired scripture and the writings of flawed ideologues. There have been flawed ideologues in Judaism since the days of the Pharisees, and hateful & murderous men in the Christian religions ever since Constantine took control. Neither of us has the wisdom, inspiration, or license to advertize ourselves as the repository of all truth, nor do we have any basis for slandering other sincere believers with the vehemence that splatters spittle over our audience as well as our intended victims.

And do we do such things? Absolutely! Men love to prescribe boundaries for others of lesser spirituality. Which shoe must you put on first. Don't even think about turning on an electric light on Shabbat. Handwashing is prescribed for nearly all occasions. I have read in rabbinical writings of rabbis cursing the grave of one who wouldn't follow the prescribed handwashing regimen -that man was Yeshua, by the way, as I suspect you know. On the Christian side, pretend you are free from the Torah, and somehow you had the authority to change the 4th commandment to say honor the venerable day of the sun. Eat ham with vigor on the Spring Solstice. And so it goes.

Each of us could go on criticizing the beliefs of our brothers till we ran out steam, and then start again with our second wind. But we need to get a hold of ourselves. There is none perfect but the Messiah. We need to help each other in his direction, not bite and scratch any who step outside our particular belief system, especially where that belief system is based on the traditions of men, as opposed to the word of the Almighty. Mark Robinson

Brit-Am Replies:

(1) Letter no.1
You protested against our article but did not mention which specific points (if any) you found to be factually incorrect.
The fact that you are personally acquainted with Mr Gordon is very nice but not especially pertinent.
As for my ancestors (according to your letter) having,

 # hung Messiah Ben Joseph on a tree #

this is news to me.
Did we lynch him?
[Not all my ancestors were actually Jewish.
Some were irish, others Welsh, and English, and even perhaps Hanoverian!
The Irish can be a wild lot and the Hanoverian monarchs did like to "slum it up a bit" now and again!]
A lot of Jews were lynched, and crucified, tortured, raped, and burnt to death by Christians.
What about them?

(2) Letter no.2
"Faith Strengthened" by Isaac Ben Abraham of Troki (1533-1594)

Faith Strengthened / Hizzuk Emunah / by Isaac ben Abraham Troki 1594. Translated into English by Moses Mocatta in 1851. The Jewish response to Christian missionaries. The book is in two parts: Part I: Refutations of Christianity's Claims and Objections to Judaism, containing 50 chapters; and Part II: Review and Refutation of the Christian Testament's Inconsistencies, containing 100 chapters.

A Karaite work:
(Faith Strengthened)
by Isaac Ben Abraham of

The only work of literature the Khazars are still remembered for is a famous polemic against Christianity.

"Faith Strengthened"

by Isaac Ben Abraham of Troki (1533-1594)
Why do the Ephraimites not relate to this work?

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Telling it as it is.
Discussion of Ephraimite Questions in a Brit-Am Context


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