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Ephraimites, Two Houses, Joes, Ten Tribes Teachings
19 December 2010, 12 Tevet 5771.
Tammy: Nehamia Gordon and "Faith Strengthened".
2. Wes Bullock: Karaism and Replacement Theology.
3. Answer to Michelle Bowie: Why are the Karaites a Menace?


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1. Tammy: Nehamia Gordon and Faith Strengthened.
From: Tammy
I cringe when I read about Ephraimites quoting Nehamia Gordon. He claims to be very respectful of [the Christian  Messiah] in one breath, yet he's one of the Karaites involved with the posting of the Anti-Christian polemic, Faith Strengthened.

"Faith Strengthened" by Isaac Ben Abraham of Troki (1533-1594)

He is truly a sheep in wolves clothing.

2. Wes Bullock: Karaism and Replacement Theology
Shalom Yair,
Concerning the Ephraimites who have an affinity for the Karaite teaching. Rabbi Feld attributes it to replacement theology. I think it's core reason is Ephraim's jealousy of Judah. According to Isaiah 11:13, at the time of the ingathering of Israel, this jealousy will disappear. In the meantime, this jealousy will take many forms that are repugnant to the Jewish people, such as Karaitism, speaking the Sacred Name, creating their own calendars with their telescopes etc. However, for the most part it won't be as hideous as the replacement theology taught by the churches for hundreds of years. Ephraim and Judah are still brothers, but a little sibling rivalry will be there until the end.
 Wes Bullock.

3. Answer to Michelle Bowie:  Why are the Karaites a Menace?

Shalom Yair,
Re The Karaite Blight!
by Rabbi Avraham Feld.
Brit-Am Foreword by Yair Davidiy.

Just curious about the Karaites. All I know is what I have read that they are strict adherents to the actual scriptural word of Torah. I know nothing else about them. Why would this make them a menace?
Genuinely wondering, m. bowie.

Brit-Am Reply:
Perhaps we were a little too harsh on the Karaite Cause.
Karaite type ideas may serve as a stepping stone for people going out or coming in.

In Going Out we find cases of Jews who first declare that they no longer believe in  the Oral Explanation but only in the written one.
They then try to keep only what they consider to be the Written Law but this usually lasts only for a very short while. The next stage is a decision that they do not believe at all or a return to full belief.

I myself in my inner path had received the impression (from academic type Jewish books) that the Oral Law was an invention of men.
This delayed my progress for a while. Eventually I came to the conclusion that I had been mislead. I realized that in order to keep the commandments and understand the Torah,  Rabbinical explanations are indispensable.

It could be however that Ephraimites, being Gentiles, could learn much from Karaite teachings?
Who knows?
Anything that helps maintain and intensify interest in the Bible and Biblical practice etc could be beneficial?

All Christians who are involved in a return to Hebrew Roots adopt Karaite-like doctrines as taught by their pastors etc in so far as they invent their own explanations as to how the Torah should be kept.
The Karaites are no worse than them.
We tolerate the Christian Ephraimites  (and they bear with us) etc and get on well with them both at the rank-and -file level and also with the leadership.
The Karaites should be no different.

On the other hand,

Karaite doctrines are false. They do not really teach what the simple meaning of Scripture says but rather what they understand it to say based on their inadequate knowledge of the Hebrew Language and other deficiencies. The Karaites themselves say that everyone is free to interpret Scripture for themselves as if the Almighty does not care how HIS words are interpreted.

One of the problems is that we find Karaite teachings being used as a cloak for anti-Jewish sentiments.
Saying bad things about Jews might be considered bad taste but detesting the Pharisee-Rabbis seems more respectable.
The teachings of the Karaite Master are being used in anti-Jewish ways by people with anti-Jewish sentiments.

The Karaites express themselves against Rabbinical Opinion but Brit-AM RELIES HEAVILY on Rabbinical Thought.

The Rabbis affirm our understanding of certain  key Biblical verses as referring to the Ten Tribes.

The Rabbis give indications as to the past and present of the Ten Tribes. This complements, supplements, and confirms Brit-Am research results using secular academic studies.

The Rabbis describe the Tribal characteristics and idiosyncrasies of the individual tribes amongst the Ten Tribes.
This is found to correspond with our results from other sources.

The Rabbis give a rational and philosophic background concerning the tasks and Future of the Ten Tribes and the eventual Re-union with Judah.

The Rabbis live and breathe the Torah.

The Rabbis think.
Some of the Karaites give the impression of being lucky to tie their own shoe-laces.
The Karaites spread hatred for the Rabbis.

The Rabbis represent Judaism and the Soul of the Jewish people.

Judaism is basically consistent with Brit-Am belief and the Brit-Am approach.
The Karaites (or at least their leader) are against it, disagree with us, yet sow their seed on our turf.

Reconciliation between Judah and Joseph will never be possible if Karaite ideas are held.

If may be however that this is what Some (not all) Ephraimites really want??

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