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Ephraimites, Two Houses, Joes, Ten Tribes Teachings
29 December 2010, 22 Tevet 5771.
1. Michelle Bowie: Churches Coming Back to Torah?
2. David
Tennefos: Connection Through Ten Tribes to Judah.
3. Pastor James PS Templeton: The reason Judah gives more support


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1. Michelle Bowie: Churches Coming Back to Torah?
Re NJF-21
#3. Answer to Michelle Bowie:  Why are the
Karaites a Menace?

Thank you for your reply. A couple of thoughts:
In my own walk coming to Torah in these past few years I see a similarity in what you say. We become so "into" Torah, becoming somewhat of a purist I guess you could say. This begins to change after about a year or two (depending upon spiritual growth and continued study of the deeper Hebrew meanings).
I am feeling that perhaps a coming together of both mindsets (could this be the two sticks of Ezekiel?) and blending them, might yield much more than always continuing to be rigid in our thoughts and feelings with regard to what we have been taught. Keeping an open mind. I have never thought of this as any attempt to "convert" anyone. That IMHO, is a futile act. It is about sharing  each other's point of view with regard to how they have gotten the message of scripture. Keeping an open mind and allowing one's self to "consider" this other point of view. Planting the seed with which our Abba Father will then step in with accordance to His will in the matter. Our job is done at that point unless the Father calls us to act on His behalf.
I can honestly say that I have witnessed this type of process a few times in the last couple of years. But something is happening, especially in the Christian churches. I have seen more and more poeple stepping away from their doctrine and coming back to Torah. These are of the lost House of Israel for sure.. What an exciting time we live in to see this incredible prophecy unfold before our very eyes.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
Shalom, m bowie

2. David Tennefos: Connection Through Ten Tribes to Judah.
RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1617

Yair, I find it interesting that the vast majority of the population of what we like to consider the 'Tribe of Joseph' nations are made up of those who accepted [the Christian Founder] as Messiah.  I believe that even as a believer and follower of [the Christian Founder]  I am connected with my fellow brothers and sisters of the Jewish faith because of my affinity with the lost ten tribes.  I am so thankful for your timeless energy and research into this area.  You are truly a blessing to all of us in the west.
David A. Tennefos

3. Pastor James PS Templeton: The reason Judah gives more support
Re Brit-Am Now no. 1620
# 1. Where does the Funding for Brit-Am Come From?

Dear Yair, Most people regard Brit-AM as Jewish and non-Christian, and those of Joseph who are likely to support you are generally Christians, but you must admit that you tend to emphasise your rejection of the Christian Messiah. It would be to your advantage if you never gave your opinion in this matter, also I think most of your Jewish supporters would be Messianic and believers in Jesus or Yeshua. If I am mistaken please correct me. I support you because you are doing God's work by revealing the identity of the lost tribes and I sincerely wish men like John Haggai would embrace this truth and I believe the time will come when they will. There will be a change before the Messiah comes in preparation for that event and the seed you are sowing will be fruitful. It is a pity the Sabbath keeping Identity churches are so exclusive that the truths they believe are self-contained and not propagated to the outside world as you are doing, yours very sincerely, James Templeton
Pastor James PS Templeton
Flat 1, The Fold,
Lawnfield Court.
Donard Park,
Newcastle, County Down,
Northern Ireland.
BT33 0SE

Brit-Am Reply:
Pastor James
Thank you for your letter.
We were not aware that our differences of belief regarding the Messiah were so jarring.
We will try to follow your advice in future and tone the matter down.
We have no reason to offend and every cause why not to.

We mentioned that a good portion of our funding recently has come from  adherents in some way or other to the Jewish Religion.
This includes both Orthodox Jews and Reform Jews and Converts to both brands of Judaism.
We were nor thinking of  Messianic (Christian) Jews.
There are quite a few of our subscribers who believe they have Jewish ancestry but now are practising Christians.
We do not however have these in mind at the time of writing.

The Messianic Jewish organization is officially against the idea of "Ephraimites" and regards it as a some kind of heresy.
The Ephramite Error: A Short Summary

See the Brit-Am Reply to the MJA:
#1. Question: What is your Reply to MJA [Messianic Jewish Association] Criticism?

It is however only fair to point out that the MJA Criticism was directed against Ephraimites who have a different emphasis than that of Brit-Am.
The "Ephraimites" were in part founded as a kind of protest against the exclusiveness of the MJA.
Brit-Am has nothing to do with this so maybe a different attitude would be taken towards us?

Anyway, Thanks again,
God bless you

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