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New Joseph Forum no.5 

Ephraimites, Two Houses, Joes, Ten Tribes Teachings
2 July 2009, 10 Tammuz 5769
1. Bert Lorenz: New Website
2. Mass Converts Pose Dilemma for Latin American Jews
3. Lost Israelites Still Feeling Lost while Drawing Close to Judah


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1. Bert Lorenz: New Website

Subject: My Website


I just launched BERTLORENZ.COM and one of my interests is to better understand the reconciliation of the tribes represented by Joseph with the tribes represented by Judah. I want to take some of your teachings and presentations to the next level and believe there is a deeper message that describes how Christianity will be joined with Judaism.

I know some people don't believe this is possible, but if it's true, then this topic deserves considerable attention. Please post this message on one of your communications. I believe your audience has an interest in this topic.
Bert Lorenz

 Re: The Prophet from Judah and the False Prophet of Ephraim

Shalom Yair,

I listened to this message today and heard a similarity with the message that I presented to you. God meets us where we are at and He will work His change in us.
Bert Lorenz
Brit-Am Comment:
We know Bert Lorenz as a Brit-Am supporter and as someone who has pertinent Biblical insights.
Beyond that those who are interested in his views will have to clarify for themselves.

The Brit-Am Ten Tribes Movement DOES NOT engage in inter-faith dialogue.

2. Mass Converts Pose Dilemma for Latin American Jews

First, Orthodox Jews in Colombia refused to accept Vargas and 200 or so others as would-be Jews, vehemently disavowing association with them and refusing them access to the communitys mikvahs for conversion.

The group, which calls itself Mayim Chaim, meaning "living waters", turned to religious authorities in Israel for training and, they hoped, eventual conversion, but it was stymied when Colombia's Orthodox Jewish leadership contacted rabbinic authorities in Israel and warned them against accepting the would-be converts.

Local Jewish communities are concerned about being overwhelmed by mass converts, and many have questions about whether the converts' motivations are genuine. In Israel and in Colombia, the converts often are viewed skeptically, as emigres-in-waiting more interested in obtaining Israeli citizenship, which is available to all Jews, than Judaism itself.

Approximately 70 percent of Maim Haim members have filed petitions for aliyah with the Jewish Agency for Israel. Their petitions are being held in abeyance while Israel's Chief Rabbinate makes a determination as to their Jewish credentials.

3. Lost Israelites Still Feeling Lost while Drawing Close to Judah
K wrote:

I am an American raised believing the truths you have found, but also having been taught a lot of "British-Israel" untruths that I had to "unlearn" with age and study.
So, today I know I am Israelite of one of the lost tribes, but there doesn't seem to be a place for us. My husband is also Israelite and he and I share this truth with our daughter and grandchildren. Problem is we have no community outside of us that gets it. We have a few friends of like mind, but nothing organized. We are not Christians and Messianic Judaism is no place for us either. ..
We have been studying Judaism ....They trust us to join with them now and then for Holy days and such. Also, they are 40 miles from where we live making Shabbos attendance very difficult.
What do you offer as counsel to those of us, like me, that know who we are and our Jewish people aren't able to understand us or take us in as their own? I have asked this of several Rabbis here in the states, but they just don't know quite what to do about us. They are, for good reason, very skeptical. How do we bridge this divide? How does Joseph reach out to Judah and say its me, your brother, without all the hard feelings and the suspicion? I don't' want to grow old, die and leave my family outside of our community!
I believe we have a Neshamah that is crying to return to our G-d and there are thousands of us out here, scattered, but there is no place for us to call community. Maybe we need to just start something for people like us? except we are not supposed to be separate are we? We are part of Israel and want to be one with our people.
Where do we go? Where is our community we belong too? Sometimes it is just so discouraging to feel so lost when you know who you are.
We really appreciate your work and dedication to this. We know it is not easy to keep it clear of the trouble with the extremists out there, but please don?t stop. We need your voice speaking this truth.
Any guidance you can offer to help settle our hearts would be most appreciated.

Brit-Am Reply:

We are not qualified to give advice on an individual basis.
In general we advise or rather prefer Ephraimites to stay in their communities
and proceed from there or to fellowship with each other.
An aspect of your problem may be that in general reflected by Gentiles who draw close to Judaism but cannot cross the divide. In this sense it is a problem for Judah to solve.

Or a question to be placed before Joseph in general.

Several attempts have been made to start groups along the lines you suggest.
Some of them may well still exist.
I personally believe that the Almighty provides answers.
Very often these answers are the ones just before us, "under our nose" so to say.
You have been blessed with a family.
This should be seen as a source of strength the Almighty has given you.

I know I may not have helped very much.
Our outlook is that the more Brit-Am Ten Tribes Movement knowledge spreads the easier everything will become.
We have evidently helped you understand a path you were already embarked upon before hearing of us.
What applies to yourselves should also be pertinent to others.
God be with you
Yair Davidiy
on behalf of the
Brit-Am Ten Tribes Movements


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