A very important Rabbinical Commentator, Rabbi Moshe ben Nachman ("Nachmanides"), 1194-1270, proves that the Lost Ten Tribes have noit returned but are still in exile. They will return. At present they are in Zerephath (France and its region) and the far north.

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Nachmanides was one of the greatest Biblical scholars of all times. He attached importance to the subject of the Lost Ten Tribes and spoke of them in several places. In the following articles Nachmanides gives us some important insights. There were actually thirteen tribes of Israel. The people of Israel include two sections, which are the Ten Tribes of “Israel” and the two tribes of Judah and Benjamin known collectively as Judah. Several Exiles occurred to the people of Israel. The Bible prophesied each one separately. Nachmanides discusses these prophecies and distinguishes between them. Just as part of Judah was exiled with the northern tribes so too did some people from the ten tribes remain with Judah. Their descendants are now to be found amongst the present-day Jews. The overwhelming majority of the Ten Tribes HOWEVER were exiled by the Assyrians and never returned though they are destined to do so. The Ten Tribes (said Nachmanides in ca. 1260 CE) are still in Tserefath (France and its neighborhood) and “at the ends of the north”, meaning at that time the northern areas of Europe.  

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