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Contents of "Brit-Am Now" Postings:
"Brit-Am Now" nos 501 to 800

"Brit-Am Now"-501
1. Replies to Some "Linguistic" Criticisms
2. Which House will the Messiah son of David head?
3. The Great Population Question

"Brit-Am Now"-502
1. The Other Brothers
2. America is Joseph not Edom
3. Ian McRae: England is Not Britain
4. Orjan Svensson: Linguistic Point
5. Books Going Out. Comments and Criticisms Requested
6. Arousal in Jerusalem Area
7. Questions on "Did You Know?" Sources

"Brit-Am Now"-503
1. Compliments
2. New Word from Chaim Hyman
3. Answers to More of the Same from Shlomo Scheinman
4. Athol Bloomer: Edom?
5. French Canadians, Jews, and Genetics
6. A Conspiracy Theorist's Version of Brit-Am belief
7. Origin of the Hebrew Name for the USA
8. Red Hair Originally Black or Brown?
9. Encouragement

"Brit-Am Now"-504
1. Question on Germany
2. Question on Poland

"Brit-Am Now"-505
1. German and "Wishful Thinking"
2. Opponents to Brit-Am Type Lost Ten Tribes Beliefs
3. Apart from Brit-Am there is no Alternative

"Brit-Am Now"-506
1. Question on Identity of Germany
2. Brit-Am Site the best for Celtic Israelites
3. DNA claims that one in five scots has connections with Ancient Iraq
4. Was Tartessos, off the Coast of Gibraltar, part of Atlantis?
5. The New Sanhedrin?

"Brit-Am Now"-507
1. The Phoenicians in Portugal
2. Encouragement
3. Stick of Judah placed on Ephraim.
4. The Messianic Era will Solve All Problems
5. Ephraim Amongst Australians and Kin
6. Issachar - Finland
7. Brit-Am Sources

"Brit-Am Now"-508
1. Question on Spanish
2. Latinos with traditions of Spanish Jewish ancestry
3. Wondering About Ancestry
4. Iranian-Viking Ancestral Links?
5. Galicia and Castile

"Brit-Am Now"-509
1. Swedish Support for Monarchy
2. Books Received
3. President Bush from Royalty?
4. Schechem and Samaritans
5. Steve Mathe: Renewing the Covenant

"Brit-Am Now"-510
1. Compliment. "Enjoy Your Books"
2. Hispanic Jews: Spain and the Jews
3. List of Huguenot Surnames
4. Different Environmental Causes for Blond/Red Hair and Colored Skin?
5. Questions on Sambatyon, Prince Harry, England, and France (Tzerefat)

"Brit-Am Now"-511
1. Karaites
3. Other Brit-Am Proofs

"Brit-Am Now"-512
1. Early British Kingdoms
2. Pelagians
3. Religious Reconciliation?
4. Karaite Clarification
5. Need for Acceptance of Tradition?
8. Roses
9. Appeal for Offerings and Book Purchases

"Brit-Am Now"-513
1. 2nd Edition of Joseph now available.
2. Preliminary Note to "Joseph.
The Israelite Destiny of America"
3. Tudor Rose and Smyth of Ephraim
4. Land of Ephraim in Israel?
5. Brit-Am Sources Used Without Acknowledgement
6. Brit-Am Allies
7. Brit-Am Odds and Ends
(a) Orders for "The Tribes".
(b) Feedback:
(c) "Joseph" and "The Tribes"
(d) Funds

"Brit-Am Now"-514
1. Jack Hertzog: Israelites in the USA
2. Brit-Am Allies
(a) Steven Collins
(b) David Ben Ariel
3. More on Latinos of Jewish Origin
4. Feedback: Appreciates "The Tribes"
5. New Linguistic Evidence

"Brit-Am Now"-515
1. Australian Desert - Reversible?
2. Palestinian DNA?
3. Does the tale of the Pied Piper reflect German colonization in the East?

"Brit-Am Now"-516
1. Psalms 33 & Pres. Bush
2. Cherie Koch: Psalms 33
5. Ray Fulford: Three Issues:
6. Another Religious Question
7. Steve Collins: African Slaves in Arabia

"Brit-Am Now"-517
1. Athol Bloomer: Brit-am Rose
2. Arabs
(a) Arab Slave-Farming
(b) Arabs a Mix; President Bush from my home-town
3. Quotations
4. Is George Bush really Gog of
"Gog and Magog" and Company?
5. Letter from France

"Brit-Am Now"-518
1. Steven Collins: Gog and Magog
2. Venneman: Semitic Linguistics in Northern Europe
3. Letter from Australia
4. Jews, Lost Ten Tribes, and Irish
5. Other Peoples from Lost Tribes?
6. Brit-Am Report Needed?
7. Abraham's promise and American power

"Brit-Am Now"-519
1. Question on Colored People amongst Israel
2. Kyle Ingle: Will History Repeat Itself?
3. 70 Clans of Israel versus 70 Nations
4. Are Some Palestinians Also From the Lost Tribes?
5. Joan Griffin: Earthquake in Jerusalem Prophesied

"Brit-Am Now"-520
1. Music: Pictures of modern lyre made in style of Early Anglo-Saxon models
2. Israelite Intellectual Achievements
3. Do Black Israelites Exist?
4. Is Miscegenation (Racial Mixing) Forbidden?
5. Correction to Population Statistics

"Brit-Am Now"-521
1. Question on North Americans, Poles, and Czechs
2. Question on Arabian Legends and Lost Israelites
3. Mormons Identify as Dan?
4. Interesting Sites on Lost Tribe Ethnic Names (Sponsor Unidentified)
5. "Brit-Am Now" Archive
6.Yair Davidiy: What Tribe do you Belong to?

"Brit-Am Now"-522
1. Swedish Marriage Custom of Jewish Origin?
2. Mormons Not from Dan: Clarifications.
(a) Claude Boisseau
(b) Scott Mitchell
(c) Lee Sheldon
3. Origin of "James" for Jacob of Norman Origin
4. Jewish society disappearing?
5. Brit-Am Related meetings: Please Come

"Brit-Am Now"-523
1. Canopies at Weddings: A widely spread phenomenon
2. Question on Immigration to Israel
3. The Tribes (3rd edition) Complimented
4. Compliments on Brit-Am Now Postings
5. The Snake and Psychic Powers
6. Online Bible Atlas

"Brit-Am Now"-524
1. Question on Israelites in Germany
2. Historical Changes in Ethnic Origins of Germans
4. Genetics: Hair and Eye Color Can Change Within One Lifetime!
5. Question on Tribal Lineage
6. Brit-AM and Tribal Identifications
7. Were the Getae "Children of Moses"?

"Brit-Am Now"-525
1. Query on Loden Surname
2. New Light on Brit-Am Biblical Proofs: Evidence from an unexpected (and unlikely) source
(a) Introduction:
(b) The argument of the "Magog"-fans
(c) The Extracts: America both North and West of Jerusalem and also at "End of the Earth"
(d) The Relevancy:
Relevance no.1 Northwest from the land of Israel
Relevance no.2 North Country
Relevance no.3 The West.
Relevance no.4 ENDS OF THE EARTH
3. Genetics: Hereditary Reflected in Names of Professions?

"Brit-Am Now"-526
1. Information on German Jewry
2. All Brit-Am Orders Sent Out
3. Apology to "Dream Boys"
4. Compliments for "The Tribes"
5. Does President Bush Really Read the Bible?
6. Esau and Elephants: Interesting Quotes
7. The Townships of Hebron in Britain

"Brit-Am Now"-527
1. Compliment on "The Tribes"
2. Comment on Psalms 34
3. Another Comment on Psalms 34
4. Message from New Zealand.
6. Question on Universalism of Biblical Message
7. Compliment

"Brit-Am Now"-528
(a) The Two House Doctrine (b) 1. Hair Color Change: A Personal Experience
2. Need for Audio/Visual Recordings?
3. Jewish Legend and Psalm 34
4. The Two House Doctrine:
Will Judah REALLY Go Unto Joseph?
5. The Two House Doctrine: Reactions
6. General Compliments and Comments
7.Questions on the Certainty of Being
an Israelite and Marriage to a Jew

"Brit-Am Now"-529
1. Joan Griffith: WCG was indeed Pro-Zionist
2. Atlas Laster: Note on Biblical Madness
3. Recovery: True Story from Life based on a report by Shmuel James,
4. Confidence in Brit-Am Findings
5. "Not Yet 100% Convinced"
6. Offerings to Brit-Am are a source of blessing
7. Finding Jewish and Other Surnames from Germany

"Brit-Am Now"-530
1. Interesting Article on Genetics and Race
2. Aliens Now Dominating USA?
3. Rose Vaimea: Prophecy on Assyria Already Fulfilled?
4. Jeremy Burningham: Non-Brit-Am Explanations are incorrect
5. Does Science Now Acknowledge the Possibility of Brit-Am Historical Correctness?
6. William F. Dankenbring Queries Brit-AM Explanation of Jeremiah 3:18
7. Comment on Brit-Am TV Appearance

"Brit-Am Now"-531
2. Another Note on the word "AL" in Jeremiah 3:18
3. Question on the Ten Toes in Daniel

"Brit-Am Now"-532
1. Brit-Am Orders
2. Individual Family Genealogies
3. David Ben-Ariel:
Judah shall both go TO and return WITH Joseph
4. "Now thanks to Brit-Am I know"
5. Question about Cyrus and Moden Iran
6. Some "Encouraging" Thoughts for the Day:
7. Question About Messiah

"Brit-Am Now"-533
1. Compliments on the "Jewish" Aspect of Brit-Am: See Brit-Am Comment
2. Calendar Calculations, New Moon Sightings from Israel, etc
Article on the Sanhedrin
3. Another Source Confirming Brit-Am Findings?
4. Message from Puah
5. Reply to Some "Biblical" Objections

"Brit-Am Now"-534
1. Letter from Puerto Rico
2. Note on HWA and Zionism
3. The Completeness of the Assyrian Exile

"Brit-Am Now"-535
1. Thank You
2. Questions on Abraham, the World, and the Holy Temple
3. History: Halstatt and the Early Celts part one

"Brit-Am Now"-536
1. Halstatt part two
2. "The Tribes", Thank You.
3. The Messianic Era and the Resurrection: Will There be Room for Everybody?
4. What is "Identity"?
5. Purim and Haman

"Brit-Am Now"-537
1. Brit-AM Claims Justified by New Studies: Changes in "ancient genetic patterns."
2. Joan Griffith: The USA and "Messiah son of Joseph"
3. In Praise of Steven Collins
4. Jorge N. Robles Olarte: Good Wishes
5. COG Still Faithful to Tribal Knowledge
6. Katy Whelan: Jerusalem?
7. John Stembridge: My favorite is "Joseph, the Israelite Destiny of America."

"Brit-Am Now"-538
1. The Food Taboos of Old Scotland
2. David Jackson: A New Solution to the
Problem of Relative Population Sizes (Deut 33:17).
3. Questions from Peoples
Not Identified as Israelite by Brit-Am
(a) Japan
(b) India

"Brit-Am Now"-539
1. Irish Israelite Traditions
2. Timothy F Murray: Levites in Scotland?
3. My heritage - African, Native American and Caucasian...Blessings to you and your ministry and your mission
4. Worth Quoting:
5. Reply to Criticisms

"Brit-Am Now"-540
1. Why the Mystery?

"Brit-Am Now"-541
1. The Origin of Non-Israelite Peoples
2. Appreciation
3. Understanding of Truth from Childhood
4. Joan Griffith: Brit-Am will be needed
5. Jack Flaws: The 7 times punishment period
6. Proverbs 1:4-6
7. "The Biblical Land Titles" by Steven Shamrak

"Brit-Am Now"-542
1. Robert Brenner: QUOTING PROVERBS
2. Timothy F. Murray: Thoughts on Ephraim
3. Proverbs 1:10-16
4. Joseph and Judah Need Each Other
5. The Cimmerians and the Later Celts

"Brit-Am Now"-543
1. Oil From the Tribal Territory of Asher?
2. Quotation
3. Ted Dornan: RE: Beware of False Reports!
4. Humor: The Picts (Source Unknown at Present)
5. The Temple
6. The Sun Never Set on the British Empire
7. Ephraim Frank: Re: Beware of False Reports!
8. Historical Now Item on the Stone of Scone
9. Meaning of the Name "Celt"

"Brit-Am Now"-544
A. 1. The Fourteen Aims of Prophecy in Isaiah
2. The Naming of America
3. Google Search For Brit-Am
4. Genealogical Interest in Joseph and Judah
5. Psalm 36?
6. ISAIAH: Brit-Am Highlights
7. The Future of Brit-Am?
8. Oil and the Tribe of Asher
9. Ian McRae: Oil from Asher in Scotland

B. Subject: Brit-Am and Burma? no.1 Reaction
Brit-Am and Burma? no.2 Sources
Brit-Am and Burma? no.3 Readers Reactions

"Brit-Am Now"-545
1. Value of Psalms
2. Jeremiah Birningham: Asher and Oil
3. Jeremy Birningham: An Event or a Prophet Required
4. First Map to label the New World as "America" to be Auctioned
5. Joan Griffith: The Wisdom of Prudence
6. Lost Tribes Distinguished by their "Mentality"
7. E-Book Suggestions

"Brit-Am Now"-546
1. Brent Michael Keith: More on Asher and Scotsmen
2. Jack Flaws: Other Maps
3. Ian McRae: Israelite Mentality and Brit-Am Reply
4. Hosia: Highlights
5. Brit-Am, Pesach, and Other Things

"Brit-Am Now"-547
1. Israelite History: DAN AND ANCIENT GREECE
2. Don Hamilton Jr.: "Don't tread on me"
3. Israel Feld: Mystical-Psychological; Explanation of "Burma and Brit-Am"
4. DNA Research
5. Question concerning Germans and Walloons in Sweden
6. Brit-Am Faces the Future
7. Ongoing Research Projects

"Brit-Am Now"-548
1. Jewish Demographics
2. The Parthians and Israel
3. Question on Ptolemy
4. Steve Collins: Shoes Tied to Bumper Cars
5. Are Israelites Chosen?

"Brit-Am Now"-549
1. Diane Herndon: help spread the word
2. Mark Twain: Quote
3. Sephardic Jewish Blood in Western Peoples
4. Tribal Origins of Present-Day Jews
5. Luke Martin: Ruth should serve as an example
6. What Can Brit-Am Do For Me?
7. Odds and Ends

"Brit-Am Now"-550
1. Question on DNA and DNA Doctrine Refuted
2. Orjan Svensson:
3. Proverbs 2:2-5

"Brit-Am Now"-551
1. Remember Your Kin
2. Orjan Svensson: Scandinavian Mythology
3. Should You Move to Israel?
4. Who is NOT Israelite?
5. "Brit-Am Now" Archive
6. Jews in America
7. Requested Research Assistance

"Brit-Am Now"-552
1. Why Are the Estonians Not Considered Israelite?
2. Terminology: Identification Instead of Identity?
3. Israelite Identification: A New Criterion?
4. God is a Zionist
5. Question on the Gates of Jerusalem

"Brit-Am Now"-553
1. Israel Ben David: Coming to Israel? New Avenues Ephraimite immigration development
2. All Israelites to the USA? And Brit-Am Reply Regarding Return to the Land of Israel
3. Hosea: A Message for the Lost Tribes

"Brit-Am Now"-554
1. J.C. De Ruco: Compliment
2. Questions and Answers Regarding the Return of Ephraim to Israel
3. New Information

"Brit-Am Now"-555
2..Harold Hemenway: Were SCYTHIANS Israelites?
3. Ephraimite imigration development
4. Gary David Atkinson: Question on Recent Events

"Brit-Am Now"-556
1. Blessings from Carole
2. Past and Future Calamities?
3. "An Open Question"?
4. Ezekiel: Judah Needs Ephraim
5. Nancy: The Law of Return

"Brit-Am Now"-557
1. The Origin of Non-Israelite Peoples
2. Seventy Gentile Nations, Abrahamic Groups, Israelite Clans
3. Thomas Malloy: Questions on citizenship

"Brit-Am Now"-558
1. Ephraimite or "Ephrathi"
2. Steve Collins: Joseph's Return
3. Are Racial Color Changes Possible?
4. Axel Robinson: Similarities between Welsh and Hebrew
5. Proverbs 2:7-8

"Brit-Am Now"-559
1. Is Korea Gog of "Gog and Magog"?
2. Rick Richardson: Trip to Jerusalem: Good Speakers
3. Interesting URL on the Scythians
4. Remark on Blonds and Albinoids
5. Why Should Brit-Am Matter to You?
(a) If You Are Not Jewish
(b) If You Are Jewish

"Brit-Am Now"-560
1. Magen David in House of Parliament?
2. Is George Bush Gog? Reply, NO!
3. Is George Bush Gog? Background
4. Steve Coneglan: Korea and Gog
5. Steve Coneglan: Korea etc.

"Brit-Am Now"-561
1. L: Cecil Rhodes Vision of British settlers
in Israel and the Euphrates Valley:
2. Steve Coneglan: Insights about Zebulon
3. Susan: The Glory of Scotland
4. Athol Bloomer: "Gog" Identifications Premature
5. Stephen Spykerman: Magen David in the Queen’s Robing Room
6. Jeremiah Birningham: Gog
7. Robert Jones: Gog is China?
8. George Bush Sells Jerusalem?
9. Stephen Coneglan: The breastplate

"Brit-Am Now"-562
1. Parthia: The First Effusion of Reuben?
2. Choong Keat Yian: Gog May be Both China and Korea
3. Mac Overton: Book Identified
4. Questions on Goliath and Excalibur
5. The Apple of God's Eye (Zechariah 2:8)

"Brit-Am Now"-563
1. Steve Collins: Gog
2. Charlotte Mecklenburg: Joseph and Judah
3. Harold Hemenway: Were SCYTHIANS Israelites?

"Brit-Am Now"-564
1. Jeremy Birningham: Brit-Am is the Answer
2. Athol Bloomer: The Davidic Ancestry of Western Royal Houses
3. Question from Valerie: Why Does Judah Not Accept Us?
4. Letter From Elisheva
5. Questions from Rita:
(a) Germany?
(b) Question on The "Ephraimite Error": Reply to International Messianic Jewish Alliance
6. Reinhard Lukat: Compressed Wood to be used by Gog and Magog?
7. Brit-Am versus DNA Findings?

"Brit-Am Now"-565
1. Do Not Come Back Now!
(a) Confusion concerning Brit-Am Intentions
(b) The Aims of Brit-Am
(c) What Joseph Should Do
(d) The Difference in Religion Issue
(e) Ephraim Needs Brit-Am

"Brit-Am Now"-566
1. Gordon Brown - Another Gog?
2. URL on the Great Seal
3. A few Pictures of Peoples in the Ancient Middle East
4. Question on Rebuilding the Temple
5. Question on Sanhedrin
6. Question From Norway: How Does One Join Brit-Am? Brit-Am Rose Buttons?
7. Culdee called Jewish heritics

"Brit-Am Now"-567
1. Aram Paquin: Brit-Am Rose
2. Paul Niehoff: Appreciation
3. The Names of Solomon
4. Aram Paquin: French-Acadian Israelites, Genetic Evidence?
5. Climate Change in the Past?
6. Tore Gannholm:
Ancient Swedish Connections to the Middle East
7. Question on the number 600, 000

"Brit-Am Now"-568
1. DNA-1
2. DNA-2

"Brit-Am Now"-569
1. DNA-3

"Brit-Am Now"-570
1. DNA-4

"Brit-Am Now"-571
1. Do Not Come Back Now! What was the Alternative?
3. Thomas Gray: Reservations Concerning Evidence
4. Ian McRae: Brit-Am Badge Needed
5. Jeremy Birningham: DNA Not Yet Properly Understood
6. Winston Churchill Quote: Never Give In
7. Tracy D. Wright: Confederate Israel?

"Brit-Am Now"-572
1. Letter from Student of Gaelic
2. Keep Away From False Prophets
3.Interesting Carving of Tudor Rose
(Predecessor of the Rose of Brit-Am)
4. Brit-Am Followers and the New Middle East
5. Tim Lick (RCN): Biblical Proofs Irrefutable
6. Ian McRae: What We Can Do To Help Brit-Am
7. New Files on Web Site

"Brit-Am Now"-573
1. Brit-Am Meeting in Jerusalem
2. Books Received
(a) "Who Are You America?" by Stephen J. Spykerman
(b) "America and Great Britain -
Our Israelite Identity Revealed!" by William F. Dankenbring
(c) "The Atlantean Irish: Ireland's Oriental
and Maritime Heritage" by Bob Quinn.
3. Brit-Am Is Encouraging
4. Brit-Am on Right Tract
5. Name "Jacob" Mentioned on Egyptian Scarab?
6. Sal: "all in preparation for another leap forward"?
7. Uploaded File: The Two House Doctrine and Ephraimites
8.Aed and Israel (Continued); Was "Aed" Joseph? New Findings
9. Proverbs 3:11-14, Verses and Commentary

"Brit-Am Now"-574
1. Statistical Analogy:

"Brit-Am Now"-575
1. Joan Griffith: DNA Irregularities
2. "The Tribes" to be used as College Reference Text
3. Web-site on the Anglo-Saxons
4. Brit-Am Meeting in Jerusalem
5. Updates to Website
6. Web-Site on the Clans of Scotland
7. Brit-Am Meets Ephraimites from Oregon and Idaho

"Brit-Am Now"-576
1. Thank You and Compliments
2. Searching for Kjell Groning,
3. British PM Makes Welcome Acknowledgement
4. Israeli Zionists Condemned by Amos for Trusting in USA? Warning to America
5. The Brit-Am Rose

"Brit-Am Now"-577
1. Questions on Validity of Prophecy
2. Can Prophecy Change? Does it have to happen?
3. Replies to Criticisms of Brit-Am Biblical Understanding?

"Brit-Am Now"-578
1. Brit-Am Rose Article
2. Did Each Tribe Have a "Star" Symbol of its Own?
3. New Articles on Brit-Am Web-Site
4. Quotation
5. Change of Address?
6. Jeremy Birningham: Will Israel receive a Sign?
7. Proverbs 3:18-21

"Brit-Am Now"-579
1. Results of Brit-Am Meeting
2. Does AEGEL meaning "Ephraim" represent BOTH the UK and USA??
3. Duncan Long: Additional Scottish-Hebrew Food Taboos?
4. Paul D Pruitt: An Arrow Drawn Through Stonehenge Points to Israel?
5. Jay: Star of David - A Hexagon
6. Letter from William F. Dankenbring
7. Proverbs 3:22-28: Hillel, King Alfred, Churchill, and the Man from China

"Brit-Am Now"-580
1. Archaeology: Possible Finding of the Palace of King David?
2. Comment on the Changing of Prophecy.
3. Rochelle Altman: Hebrew-Phoenicians in the British Isles
4. Stephen Spykerman: HOW the UK GAVE ISRAEL THE ATOM BOMB
5. Charles Bassett: Appreciation
6. Readers Comments on Stonehenge and Brit-Am Remarks:
7. Everyone has their own unique task

"Brit-Am Now"-581

1. Sean Grieve: More on the British Grid System
2. Overjoyed to find Brit-Am Web Site

3. Three New Articles on Web-Site:
(1. Ephraimite Criteria
(2. Loyalty to David is Required:
(3. The Completeness of the Exile

5. Scottish tartans

"Brit-Am Now"-582
"Brit-Am Now"-582:
1. Orjan Svensson: Direction to Jerusalem?
2. Sean Grieve: Grid Lines?
3. Brit-Am Web-Site. Important New Feature.

"Brit-Am Now"-583
1. Letter from Judy Brown
2. Stonehenge Image Now in .gif format.
3. DNA Findings: Brit-Am Claims of  Hereditary Environmental Influence Verified?
4. Emmet Sweeney: A Valuable Source for Dating the "Megaliths"?
5. Question and Sources on Megalithic Monuments
6. BRIT-AM AM NOW TABLE OF CONTENTS (Selections from nos 1 to 350)
7. Pagan Canaanite Practices of Our Ancestors?

"Brit-Am Now"-584
1. Question on the Tribe of Simeon
2. Non-European Origins of Irishmen Not Acceptable to Conventional Academia?
3. They Were All Your Ancestors?

"Brit-Am Now"-585
1. Jeremy Birningham: They Are All Gone
2. Names Written in the Mountain Profiles
3. The Newly-Found Palace of King David?
4. Thomas Gray: "History Lesson. America Be warned!"
6. Stephen Pursley: "Helping Brit-Am. Donations and purchases"
7. Great Scotsmen
8. Yair Davidiy: Gush Katif Personal

"Brit-Am Now"-586
1. Important and Interesting New and Improved Web-Site Articles
2. Descartes: Quotation
3. JR: Reservations on article  "History Lesson. America Be warned!" by Thomas Gray
4. Thomas Gray: Thanks
5. Web Site Usage

"Brit-Am Now"-587
1.Christina Kelly: In Support of Mr Gray
2.Joan Griffith : In Defence of Jacob and David
3. The Confederate Flag and Holy Tabernacle
The Truth About The Confederate Battle Flag
by Pastor John Weaver [Extracts Only]:

"Brit-Am Now"-588
1. Dr. Timothy J. Sakach: Pullback Only Temporary
2. The USA is also Blessed?
3. Jeremy Birningham:Our lack of Humility
4. Question on "The Land of Sinim" (Isaiah 49:12) and Australia
5. E-MAIL Addresses of Contributors

"Brit-Am Now"-589
Brit-Am Now"-589: THE STAFF OF MOSES

"Brit-Am Now"-590
1. John and Gloria: Egyptians in Australia
2. Jay: The Confederate Flag
3. Katrina
(a) West Bank in Israel and New Orleands?
(b) 8,500 Jews evacuated from Gaza 850,000 Americans forced to flee their homes in Louisiana
(c) New Orleans Evacuated
4. Joshua from Ephraim and Caleb from Judah and their Prophetic Significance?
5. Received Books
6. "Megalithic" Monuments: Avebury in England
7. Staff of Moses and Excalibur?

"Brit-Am Now"-591
1. Greetings from Holland!
2. Ashira Morgenstern:  Temple Music Preserved in West?
3. Message from Louisiana
5. William Rasmussen: The Warning of Bill Koenig
6. Henry Rhea: Another Opinion -followed by Brit-Am Comment
7. Brit-Am People "Birds of a Feather"?

"Brit-Am Now"-592
1. LINDA TAPP:  Israelite Heritage
2. William Rasmussen: Time to Repent
3. Celtic Connection to the East in Music
4. Ian McRae: Northern Sea-Land Routes
5. The Way Back
7. New Book by Stephen Collins
8. Quotation
9. French Language Version of Brit-Am Proofs on Web

"Brit-Am Now"-593
1. Wedding in Jerusalem
2. Ancient Egyptians in Australia?
3. Symmetry  Katrina -Katif? Israel-Judah
4. Was Simeon Ruled by Ephraim?

"Brit-Am Now"-594
1. Brit-Am Foreign Language Entries
2. Need to remember
3. Brit-Am Nations at Top of World Development
4. Brit-Am countries top list in competitiveness
5. The Picts: Historical Notes and Artifacts
6. Mani and the MOON: A forgotten source
7. Proverbs 3:28-35

"Brit-Am Now"-595
1. Orjan Svensson: Hebrew-Phoenicians in Scandinavia
2. The Palace of King David
3. Cyrus as a model for the US?
4. Scottish Bank Notes
5. Good Wishes
6. Arousal in Florida?
7. Brit-Am Historical Research Conclusions Strengthened
(a) From Scythia to Germany to Britain
(b) More on Phoenicians in Scandinavia

"Brit-Am Now"-596
| 1. Numerous Jewish Descendants Amongst British Gentiles?
| 2. Letter of Appreciation
| 3. German Historical Continuation With Rome?
| 4. Quotation: The Return
| 5. Jeremy Birningham: In Defence of Israel
| 6. Proverbs 4:1-4
| 7. Selected Articles From Past "Brit-Am Now" Postings Now Available
| [Main range ca. "Brit-Am Now"-298 to  "Brit-Am Now"-350]

"Brit-Am Now"-597
1. Athol Bloomer: "Richard the Lion Heart was Jewish in ancestry"
2. New Additions to Genealogy Section on Web-Site
3. Sebastian Villar Rodriguez: Europe died in Auschwitz
4. Meeting Yair Davidiy in Jerusalem
5. Selected Articles From Past "Brit-Am Now" Postings Now Available
[Main range ca. "Brit-Am Now"-351 to  "Brit-Am Now"-450]

"Brit-Am Now"-598
1. Ian McRae: European Hebrews to Return to Israel?
2. US in Danger?
3. Survey of Comparative National Sympathy to Jews
4. Charles Bassett: Need for Temple to be Rebuilt
5. David Ben-Ariel: Only USA Manasseh followed by News Item
and Brit-Am reference
 6. New "Did You Know?"
7. Brit-Am in Need of Funds

"Brit-Am Now"-599
1.URLs of Interest
(a) The Exodus and Archaeological Finds
(b) Notable Inventions and Discoveries
From the Past 800 Years
Note the OVERWHELMING proportion of Lost Israelites amongst the names mentioned.
(c) Israelite Traditions Prominent in Greek Mythology
(d) Excavations of Mazar in Jerusalem: Photos

2. David Ben-Ariel : Abortion Must End
3. William Rasmussen: Circumcision Lessons the Risk of AIDS
4. Did You Know?
"John Bull"
"World Super-Power"
5. Proverbs 4:5-6 and a Recent Personal Experience

"Brit-Am Now"-600
1.Cruzita Giron : The Values of Circumcision
3. New Entries in Brit-Am Genealogy Section
4. Sharon Lindstrohm:  Star Spangled Banner
5. Did You Know?
Light to the Gentiles
Egypt and Suez Canal
Geographical Extremities
Isle of Flaming Fires

"Brit-Am Now"-601
1. New Year's Blessings
a.Stephen Spykerman
b.Thomas Gray.
c. Tim Murray
d. Ted Dornan
e. Sally
2. Craig Blackwood: Numbers?
3. Diane: Need for more Direct Meetings
4. Question on Italy
5. Question on Hebrew New Year's Day
7. New Article on WebSite

"Brit-Am Now"-602
1.Robert Jones: Togormah
2. Opinion on the Throne of Saul and Benjaminite  Traits
3. "The Tribes"
4. The Shofar and the Return of the Ten Tribes
5. Change in Emphasis Needed

"Brit-Am Now"-603
1. Nazi Claims George Bush is Jewish!
2. Athol Bloomer: Brit-Am Needs to Stay Focused
3. New Subscriber
4. Noel Rude: Need for Linguistic Research
5. Marcel: Anger Aroused?

"Brit-Am Now"-604
1. "Brit-Am" Ephraimites of the "Brit-Am Ephraimite Movement" (BEAM)?
2. Questions on Tribal Symbols and the Tribes
3. David Ben-Ariel: George Really Is One!
4. Two Messiahs?
5. Theodore Roosevelt: Quotation
6.  Question:  What is the Brit-Am Reply to MJA Criticism?
7. New Question and Answer Section on Brit-Am WebSite
8. Thomas Gray: Remark on Linguistics
9. Yom Kippur

"Brit-Am Now"-605
1. New Source: Did Isaiah 18 Predict British Restorationism?
2. Dennis McGinlay: Why Bother with MJAA Criticisms?
3. Woodrow Lovett: HaShem did not divorce Judah
4. Dennis McGinlay: "Brit-Am Israel"  name Preferable
5. Proverbs 4:7-13, The Verses

"Brit-Am Now"-606
1. Brit-Am Should Continue to Serve the cause of Truth
2. Note on Cyprus added to article:
3. Marianne: Baptists Not Advocates of Replacement Theology
4. Goethe: Quotation
5. Did You Know?
(Dominant World Power Ends of the Earth Strategic Points)

"Brit-Am Now"-607
1. Updates to Website
a. Genealogy
b. "The New Middle East"
c. Questions and Answers
2. Info on the Brit-Am Website
3. Ian McRae: Islam In Europe
4. Orjan Svensson: Gematria and Tribal Identifications
5. Hurricane Warning to Repent

"Brit-Am Now"-608
1. Malcolm Osborne: Israel Not Divorced
2. Jack Flaws: Isaiah 18
3. Steve: Letter of Appreciation for Brit-Am
4. Genesis Commentary Now Available on Web-Site
5. More on Genesis Commentary: "Breishit"

"Brit-Am Now"-609
1. Steven Collins: The Abrahamic Covenant
2. Francis: Jeremiah in Ulster?
4. The Weekly Portion
5. Sweeney: Megalithic Monuments in Recent Ages?

"Brit-Am Now"-610
1. Summary of and Commentary on Sweeney
2. Steve Coneglan: 13 Stars and the Magen David
3. Orjan Svensson: Gematria
a. Britain, Norway and the Covenant?
b. USA and Israel
c. MENASHEH and the USA

"Brit-Am Now"-611
1. The Significance of the Eye on the Great Seal of the USA
2. Islam on the Rampage all over the world
3. Weekly Portion. Brit-Am Commentary Available
"Brit-Am Now"-612
1. Diane: Spreading the truth of Brit-Am
2. Grateful for Brit-Am answers
3. Quotation: Abraham Lincoln
4. New Uploads to Web-site
(a) Genealogical Section
(b) Questions and ANSWERS
5. The International Appeal of Brit-Am

"Brit-Am Now"-613
1. Letters to Tamar: Correction
2. Macaque Monkeys: Racial Coloring and Environment
3. Quotation: Seneca
4. Prof. Paul Eidelberg, "Myths About Science"
5. Some Non-Brit-Am Matters that have to be dealt with
(a) Brit-Am is Alone and Unique.
(b) Brit-Am tries to concentrate on its mandated task of
(c) Ephraimites Moving to Israel?
(d) Converting to Judaism and Missionizing for Christianity.
(e) Eddie Chumney

"Brit-Am Now"-614
1. Sally: Encouragement
2. John Dryden and Israel in Britain?
3. Pretenders to Thrones
4. Sunday Times article: Brit-Am Supporter and Friend Clifford Smyth with new findings about the Scottish Kilt
5. Rick: Support from Canada
6. Steve Mathe: pioneers of the great return must pray
7. Book in Hebrew. Competition? Hoax?
8. The Weekly Portion
9. Brit-Am Nations Still Least Anti-Semitic in World

"Brit-Am Now"-615
1. British Monarchs official claim to the title "King of Jerusalem"?
Historical Curiosity or Divine Providence?
2. Shlomo Scheinman: US Need for Change in Foreign Policy?
3. Rabbinical Sources
4. More Surnames added to Brit-Am Genealogical Section
5. Weekly Torah Portion
6. Brit-Am Tour to Israel
7. Questions and Answers Feature Greatly Expanded

"Brit-Am Now"-616
1. Paul Eidelberg:  Biblical Roots of the USA (Extracts Only)
2. Quotations
3. Brit-Am Not Refuted. Brit-Am in Need.

"Brit-Am Now"-617
1. Athol Bloomer: Hebrew Roots amongst Catholics
2. Noel Rude: Sabbath-Keeping
3. Brit-Am Warnings Acknowledged
4. Stephen Ray Hale: "Hale has no fury"
5. Sally: Psalm 80

"Brit-Am Now"-618
1. Thanks
2. Questions on Ptolemy and Brit-Am Tour
(a) Ptolemy
(b) The Tour
(c) Meeting Yair in Israel
3.  Alexander Klienforth and Robert Munro: More Strong Evidence Justifying Brit-Am.
New Proof Vindicating Brit-Am: Manasseh, Scotland, and the USA

"Brit-Am Now"-619
1. Good Wishes for Brit-Am
2. Tim Murray: Encouragement
3. Jack Flaws: Disappointed in Article on Scots Heritage
4. Declaration of Arbroath 1320: The Text
5. Priorities of Conviction Concerning the Brit-Am Ephraimite message.
6. This Week's Torah Portion
7. Brit-Am not fair? Protest registered
8. Declaration of Arbroath 1320: Sources and Comment
9. Does the Father or mother determine what tribe you belong to?

"Brit-Am Now"-620
3. Another Question on Judah.
4. Ray Lee: How Many Israelites Will There be?
5. Encouragement for Brit-Am
6. Steve Mathe: Thanksgiving
7. Advice from Athol Bloomer

"Brit-Am Now"-621
1. Jerusalem Table Piece by Thomas Turner
2. Jay Tompkins: The Tribe of Benjamin and British Royalty?
3. Dennis McGinlay:  'as the stars of the sky'
4. Ian McCrae: Scots Part of Israel.
"Jock" (Jacob) A Nickname for Scots
5. Some Statistics of Possible Interest

"Brit-Am Now"-622
1. Jay Tompkins: In Defence of Michal
2. New WebSite Features
(a) NEW List of Featured Surnames
(b) Overview of Genealogy Surname features in one page
(c) PDF Format for Brit-Am works.
(d) A few additions to our entry "Questions on Race".
3. Noel Rude: The Power of "Speech"?
4. Articles by Shalom Pollack: Brit-Am Tour Guide
5. Brit-Am Last Week
6. Wayne Laurence: Importance of Book on Scots Heritage
7. Now Admitted: DNA Changes Cannot Be One-Time Events??

"Brit-Am Now"-623
1. The Weekly Portion and its Significance for Brit-Am
2. Brit-Am Tour of Israel

"Brit-Am Now"-624
1. Questions and Comments from Kyrgistan with Brit-Am Answers
2. Questions About Heathen Newcomers
3. Henry Kissinger: National  Character and Soccer

"Brit-Am Now"-625
1. Shiloh and Tribal Unity
2. David Jackson: Remarks on
(1) Soccer
(2) Israel's Descendants
3. Maurice Barratt: The Name "Europe"
4. Joan Griffith
(a) Australia
(b) The "Strangers" Among Us
5. Dan in Ireland

"Brit-Am Now"-626
1. The Figs of Irritation
2. Anecdote
3. The Weekly Portion
4. Daily Miracles

"Brit-Am Now"-627
1. Outline of the Kings of Israel and Judah
2. Monotheistic End Times Comparison
3. Steve Mathe: Unite Our Hearts
4. Some English Words from Shmuel James
6. Acceptance of  Jewish Refugees During the Holocaust Years
7. Encouragement for Brit-Am From Norway
8. Some Biblical Quotes
9. Ancient Britain and the Phoenicians

"Brit-Am Now"-628
1. Your family Name
2. Phoenicians and the Like
3. Brit-Am Updates on Tarshish
4. Ancient Britain, Phoenicians, Horses
5. Linguistics: Germanic-Hebrew Similarities
6. Atlantis and Tarshish
7. Weekly Torah Portion

"Brit-Am Now"-629
1. PayPal Donations
2. A Great Book
3. Trivia?
4. Weekly Portion
5. Tarshish: New Article Added

"Brit-Am Now"-630
1. The Brit-Am Importance of Iraq
2. Churchill Quotation
3. The Philistines Today

"Brit-Am Now"-631
1. "Mousehole of the Phoenicians"
2. Helon Family of Zebulon?
3. 9/11 Koran Hoax?

"Brit-Am Now"-632
1. DAVID BEN ARIEL: The Real "9:11"
2. Gloria Bloomfield: Some Good Advice
3. Drew Thacher: Factual Correction
4. Arthur & Rosalind Eedle: "THE TIN ISLANDS"
5. Robert Jones: Tarshish
6. Yair Davidy: Clarification about false Koran quote
7. Quotation Concerning Spain and the Phoenicians

"Brit-Am Now"-633
1. Jay: Cadiz in Spain, Gad and Dan?
2. Another possible "Mistake"?
3. "Israel's Tribes Today" by Steven Collins

"Brit-Am Now"-634
1. Phoenician type script via Khazars influenced early Hungarian writing?
2. Ancient Tin Supplies from the Iberian Peninsula and from Britain
3. Tin and Bronze From Cornwall

"Brit-Am Now"-635
1. Weekly Portion
2. To Hear the Radio Interview
3. Some Reactions
4. Reactions Forwarded by Tamar Yonah:
a. Non-favorable
b. favorable

"Brit-Am Now"-636
1. Radio Interview Now Available From Britam Website
2. Continued reactions to Radio Interview
3. URL on Kabballa
4. Gold and Silver in Ancient Ireland??
5. Hebrew, Celtic, and Scythian Art

"Brit-Am Now"-637
1. Reactions to radio Show Continued
2. Questions
 What about the Pathans?
 "Torah observant Israelite" wishes to make Aliyah
 What are you doing?
3. Request to Modernize Bible Commentary Version

"Brit-Am Now"-638
1. This week's portion
2. Rabbi Siegel Speaks on Unity of Judah and Joseph
3. Brit-Am Hebrew Book Makes an Impact
4. Biblical Sources
5. Noel Rude: Appreciation

"Brit-Am Now"-639
1. More Names in Brit-Am Genealogical Section
2. Transcript of Radio Interview
3. Thomas Gray: In Defence of KJ Version

"Brit-Am Now"-640
1. Encouragement from New Zealand
2. Legal Depositions and Transcriptions.
Robert E. Lee
3.  Thanks to the transcript and Question
4. Explanation of terminology "Ger Shenitgerar"
5. Question on Zechariah 8:23
6. Tracy: Radio Broadcast:  "Fabulous".
7. Gold in Bronze Age Ireland

"Brit-Am Now"-641
1. New Brit-Am Feature: Answers to Questions About "Ephraimites"
2. Transcript Helped
3. In Favor of King James Version

"Brit-Am Now"-642
1. Eddie Chumney: Brit-Am, Ephraim, and Judah
2. Sue: Radio Interview "great"
3. New Article on Website
4. Brit-Am and the Doctor
5. Question: Why do Jews Not accept Brit-Am?

"Brit-Am Now"-643
1. Amnon Goldberg: Warning of Coming Disasters?
3. A Weekly Portion of Great  Significance for Brit-Am
3. Messages on the King James
(a) Craig Blackwood
(b) Bob Davis
4. Tom Turner: Zechariah 8:23 Means a "Minyan"?
5. Ezekiel Stick and Jerusalem Table-Piece
6. Cecil Davis: Friendly Advice
7. Welsh Daffodils and the Phoenicians?

"Brit-Am Now"-644
1. Sharon: "redemption drawing nigh"
2. The American Dollar and its Symbolism
3. Brit-Am Ephraimite Tour Cancelled
4. Steve Mathe:  We are the Pioneers
5. The Rescue of Pennsylvania

"Brit-Am Now"-645
1. Significant Family Names from South Africa?
 2. Henry Rhea: Some Objections, The Importance of Truth,
and DNA
followed by Brit-Am Answers
3. Reply from Henry Rhea and More on the Great Seal
4. The Dr. Rochelle Altman Incident
5. Please Support Brit-Am

"Brit-Am Now"-646
1. Bob Davis: Pennsylvania
2. The Star of David Probably WAS favored by George Washington
and WAS important in US and Confederate Symbolism.
3. Biblical Sources

"Brit-Am Now"-647
1. Batya Wootten: The Creator first used the Star of David
2. Snowflakes and the Star of David: Pictures
3. Tracy Wright: Scottish
Heritage of Southerners
4. Al Ramsay: Masonic Symbolism on Dollar Bill?
5. Bob Davis: Star of David in Heraldy

"Brit-Am Now"-648
1. Edward Bradbrooke: Only a Few Were Masons
2. Charles Bassett : Admires Golda
3. The Star of David Spells "David"?

"Brit-Am Now"-649
1. Batya Wootten: The Symbol Belongs to the Almighty
2. Art of the Picts of Scotland
3. Daffodils Were Not Enough! The Phoenicians Brought Leeks to Wales As Well!
4. Max Rambow: Snowing Magen Davids in Saudi Arabia?
5. Wayne Laurence: Union Jacks all over the place

"Brit-Am Now"-650
1. Compliment for Web-Site
2. "SLIGHTLY CONFUSED":  What is the Difference Between "Israel" and the "Jews"?
3. Isaiah Summarized Points chapters 21 to 25

"Brit-Am Now"-651
1. Mormon Interest and a Misunderstanding
2. Changes in Human Skeletons: Brit-Am Understanding Vindicated Yet Again
3. Phoenician Inscription on New Mexico Rock: History or hoax?
4. Was a future union between Islam and Christian Europe predicted in the Vision of Daniel?
5. New Material on Our Website:
(a) The Book of Daniel
(b) Conspiracy Theory Debated

"Brit-Am Now"-652
1. Jay: Was There An Ethnically Selective Plague in Britain?
2. Vic Summerour: More On Hebrew Inscriptions in America
3. Brit-Am Web-Site Popularity Increasing
4. Question on the Veracity of Celtic Legend
5. Isaiah Summarized chapters 26-30

"Brit-Am Now"-653
1. Brit-Am an encouragement
2. Question: Do the Jews Have a Legitimate Claim to Israel?
3. Should the Present State of Israel Have Used the term "Israel"?

"Brit-Am Now"-654
1. Questions on Asians etc, DNA, and learning Hebrew.
2. More on Learning Hebrew
3. Gary David Atkinson: A Jew is a person who practices Judaism
4. New Offer: All Five Available Brit-Am books for $70
5. Personal news from Yair Davidiy
6. Steven Collins: Los Lunas
7. Shaun D Hansen: Both Joseph and Judah Have Rights and Obligations

"Brit-Am Now"-655
1. The Book of Daniel, Islam, and Europe
2. Thomas Gray: Other Reasons for Amerindian Partial Demise?
3. Letter

"Brit-Am Now"-656
1. Jacob Jonker:  Naphtali and Goodly Words?
2. Amerindian Partial Demise Discussion
(a) David Jackson: Diseases to Blame
(b) Greg Lyons: Internecine Warfare at Fault?
4. New Sites in Favor of Brit-Am
(a) David Ben-Ariel
(b) Zecharyah Solomon
Latter-day Saints (Mormon) Emphasis
5. Message from Eddie Chumney
6. Brit-Am is not going Soft or Ecumenical
7. Answers to Questions Concerning Brit-Am and DNA

"Brit-Am Now"-657
1. Thank You
2. Brit-Am Interested in Radio Interviews
3. DNA Four Mothers of Present Day European Jews?
5. Brit-Am Message Definitely Does Help Others

"Brit-Am Now"-658
1. Batya Wootten: Correspondence Concerning the Khazars
2. DNA Feature Upgraded
3. Answers to Questions on DNA and Linguistics

"Brit-Am Now"-659
1. Brit-Am Reply to "Jewish" Objections.
2. Use of Brit-Am Articles
3. The Red-Haired Man
4. DNA Findings: The USA is Different?
5. More Chapters Uploaded to Daniel

"Brit-Am Now"-660
1. DNA: Celts or Amerindians?
2. Flag Folding Significance: The Equivalent of an Urban legend?
3. Isaiah Summary chs.31 to 35
4. New Find: Bronze Age Crete-North Frisia [Northwest Germany] Connections
5. Our Web Site: Advertising
6. The Will to Believe
7. Amazon Books
8. Brit-Am Need for Funds (Important)
9. Ancient Swedish Links to Greece and Phoenicia?

"Brit-Am Now"-661
1. Western Mail: 'Welsh aren't 'true' Celts' claim
2. Sally: Suggestion, "if everyone who is interested"
3. Tom Turner's Works of Art

"Brit-Am Now"-662: Pledge Drive
Pledge Drive

"Brit-Am Now"-663
1. The Children of Rachel Will Prepare the Way
2. Sally:  Brit-Am May be on the Verge of  "a leap forward"
3. Tom Turner: Ezekiel 37  and The Two Sticks
 That  Become One!
4. Cannot Contribute
5. Human Races Can Change
Background: The Kennewick Man

"Brit-Am Now"-664
1. Isaiah Summarized, chapters 36-40
2. Jack Dempsey (Once World Boxing Champion): Quotation
3. Israeli Tribal Flags Illustrated
4. New Website Feature
5. Betty Rhodes: Proofs That Northern Israel Was Exiled

"Brit-Am Now"-665
1. New Article Uploaded: Converts Prove the Case!
3. The Israelite Identity of the English: How Much Did The Russians Know?
4. Brit-Am 'Gold Block Ads'
5. Canaanite-Religion in Scandinavia: Brought by Israelites?

"Brit-Am Now"-666
1. Quotation
2. Letter from Norway
3. Cane Toads Prove Brit-Am Point?
4. Charlotte Mecklenburg:  Gathering God's people
5. World Science: Your DNA may reveal your last name

"Brit-Am Now"-667
1. Present-Day Descendants of King David
2. Brit-Am Strengthens Bible Belief and Helps Everybody
3. Daniel Chapter Seven Uploaded

"Brit-Am Now"-668
1. Thomas Gray: Brit-Am has "a callous disregard"?
Why Not Convert LTTs to Judaism?
Brit-Am Reply:
(a) Christianity is a Tool of Divine Providence
(b) No Need to Become Jewish
(c) Some Do Become Jewish
(d) The Tribal Aspect
(e) The Messianic Aspect
(f) Personal Limitations
2. Orjan Svensson: The English Bushel: A Biblical Measure?
3. Steve Mathe: Brit-Am Followers Should Be lIke Elijah

"Brit-Am Now"-669
2. Answer to Question about "Brit-Am" being dangerous
3. Jonothon Boulter: Bulgaria and Israel
4. Brit-Am Answer to Conversion Question Appreciated
5. New Articles Posted

"Brit-Am Now"-670
1. Brit-Am Broadcasts on Web-Site
2. Jeremiah Birningham: Brit-Am is Kosher
3. Capt. Ian McRae: To find the "truth about the situation"
4. Dr. Lee Kelley "like father, like son"
5. Robert Graves:  "stick to your message"

"Brit-Am Now"-671
1. Sephardic Jews and Brit-Am?
2. Brit-Am Peoples and the Noachide Movement
3. New Chapter on Daniel and Articles
5. Brit-Am Broadcast WONDERFUL!

"Brit-Am Now"-672
1. Dennis McGinlay: why  publish such ravings?
2. Questions on Returning (Repatriation) to Israel.
3. Cherie Koch: Despite the Evil Israel Exists!
4. Thomas Malloy:  Who was that nut?
5. Questions About David and Saul

"Brit-Am Now"-673
1. New entries on Web-Site:
(a) Lecture no.1 (b) Biblical Proofs. Part Two:
The Whereabouts of the Lost Ten Tribes according to the Bible
Sample list of English words clearly derived from Hebrew
2. Jeremy Birningham: Jews and people of UK ancestry
3. Question about the Ancient Greeks
4. Question from Cecil Davis: Conservative Jewish Opinion on Controversial Issues
5. Afghanistan, Japan, etc.

"Brit-Am Now"-674
1. Question: Are the so-called 'Palestinians' descended from the Phillistines?
2. Lorraine Harvey: The Welsh-Hebrew Aspect
3. Eliezer Abrams: "Sex and the Law": Insights
4. Cherie Koch: "we must focus on scripture"
5. Just for the Record: Note from Maimonides Code
6. Conspiracy Theories Are Against the Bible.
7. Question on Sharing the Blessings and Significance of a Name

"Brit-Am Now"-675
1. New Chapter Uploaded to Daniel
2. Walter Baucum: Philistines and Pelasgians
3. Daniel Explained: Brit-Am Needs Your Support

"Brit-Am Now"-676
1. Letter from Tracy and Brit-Am Comment
2. Question on the Effects of Intermarriage and Ancestry

"Brit-Am Now"-677
1. Amnon Goldberg: America's Founding Fathers and the Torah
2. Amerindians and Conspiracy
3. Question on Joseph and the Noachide Laws
4. Question on the Scythians
5. The Tribe of Asher, Olive Oil, and Copper Furnaces

"Brit-Am Now"-678
1. Disagreement from Nancy
2. New Entries on Brit-Am Genealogy Site
3. Viking Dentistry from North American Amerindians?

"Brit-Am Now"-679
1. Steven Collins: More on the Scythians
2. Family History from Germany Illustrates Brit-Am Point
3. Brit-Am "take" on DNA Proven Through Cohen Gene.
additional information.
5. Question About South Africa Answered on Web-Site

"Brit-Am Now"-680
1. The Nancy Ruckus: Background
2. The Nancy Ruckus: Selected Extracts from Letters Received
3. The Nancy Ruckus: End of Thread (we hope).
4. Chaim Hayman: Interesting Midrash about Persia
and the Last Days
5. New Entries from Steven Collins
6. New Lecture on Brit-Am Broadcasts
7. More  Surnames Added to the Brit-Am Genealogy Section

"Brit-Am Now"-681
1. New Article on English-Hebrew Affinities:
2. Marc Washington: Peoples of Ancient Mesopotamia and India
3. Paul ?: Remarks on Truman as Cyrus[??]
4. Question about Esau
5. Churchill Quote

"Brit-Am Now"-682
1. Brit-Am Beliefs
3. The Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant.

"Brit-Am Now"-683
1. Angels: Good or bad?
2. "The US  a Israelitish nation: wishful thinking"?
3. B-AMBI: New Lecture Available

"Brit-Am Now"-684
1. Besq: "No people on earth ... but the US.  And Britain."
2. Tara in Ireland
3. Germany From Assyria?
4. New Issue of magazine "Brit-Am Truth" in Preparation
5. Question: The Duties of Ephraim?
6. Is Michael the Special Angel of Joseph?
7. Brit-Am is in need of Funds and input

"Brit-Am Now"-685
1. Steven Collins: Tara, Tamar in Ireland, Menasseh in the USA, and Gad in Germany
2. Populations Increase and "Bottlenecks": A Biblical Precedent
3. Question Concerning Paternal versus Maternal Lineage

"Brit-Am Now"-686
1. B-AMBI: "The Historical Mission of Joseph"
2. Francis H: The People of Ulster and History
3. Attacks on Brit-Am from the Deranged

"Brit-Am Now"-687
1. Israelite Temple Music, Irish and Appalachian Music
2. The Bagpipes in Scripture
3. Isaiah Summarized, chapters 41-45

"Brit-Am Now"-688
1. French Canadian "Quadrille"
2. Ashira Morgenstern: Modality not Melody
3. Error Corrected

"Brit-Am Now"-689
1. Steven Collins: Clarification of Early Irish History
2. Alice:  The Medical Importance of Faith
3.  "nabal" means "bagpipe," and perhaps also "windbag"?

"Brit-Am Now"-690
1. Ends of the World
2. Tim Lick: We Are a Minority Everywhere
3. New Entries on Web-Site
4. Brit-Am National Criteria Added to
5. B-AMBI (Brit-Am Broadcasts Israel): New Talks Available

"Brit-Am Now"-691
1. Angleterre- Clarification
2. Why do you belief the Finnish are descended from Israelites?
3. Pesach

"Brit-Am Now"-692
1. Need for Support and Feedback etc
2. Michael the Guardian Angel of Joseph?
3. Gomer Place-Names in France and Spain
4. Steven Collins: More on Issachar and Finland
5. Visit with Yair Davidiy in Jerusalem

"Brit-Am Now"-693
1. John Hulley: New Site of Interest
2. Bible Codes Prove Brit-Am Proofs!
Australia and the Land of Sinim.

"Brit-Am Now"-694
2. Biblical Codes and Australia
Two New Articles
3. Good to See a Face

"Brit-Am Now"-695
1. "Land of Sinim" (Isaiah 49:12) Australia or China?
2. "christian zionist communities" in Judah and Samaria?
3. Where will the Arabs Go?
4. Yair Davidiy "Resume" for Root and Branch
5. John Hulley and the Ten Tribes

"Brit-Am Now"-696
1. Ephraimite Criteria in French
2. The House of David web-sites
3. Brit-Am: "A wonderful message"
4. British Israel Actually Pro-Jewish?
5. Why do "You need to know"?

"Brit-Am Now"-697
1. Bible Codes on Australia now Complete with Illustrated Examples.
2. The British in India
3. Question on Righteous Converts
and the Ten Tribes
4. Nigerians linked to Northern Europeans?
5. DAVID SCOTT HILL: Agreement with Brit-Am

"Brit-Am Now"-698
1. Interesting Essays on relevant topics.
2. The Codes: Changes and Questions
(a) Original Australian Flag and a poem
(b) Photo of Australian Cavalry Charge
at Beersheba 1917.
(c) Canada?
(d) Australia and the "Road to Beersheba"
3. Appreciation
4. Many New "Brit-Am Replies to Queries" Articles
5. Captain Ian McRae: "We are all battlefields" [and Warriors]

"Brit-Am Now"-699
1. Wayne Laurence: Kiwi bird incorrectly described
2. Facts about the Kiwi
(a) The bird
b. The Symbol
c. Vast Numbers Once Existed
d.  Kiwi Shoe Polish
e. The Nickname "Kiwi": bird, coin, and fruit

3. (a) The Pertinence to "Quail" in the Bible
(b) New Zealand birds like the Biblical "Quail" in in Numbers 11:30-32

"Brit-Am Now"-700
1. Lorraine Harvey: Commentary on Australia is Accurate
2. Quail or Chickens?
3. Britain and the Codes

"Brit-Am Now"-701
1. Were The Celts More Advanced Than the Romans?
2. Henry Rhea: Some Reservations about the Bible Codes
3. Shaul Suhr: Note from New Zealand
4. Does Brit-Am Teach the Torah?
5. New Zealand Protest or Compliment?
6. America in Brit-Am Bible Codes
7.  Articles, Notes, and Queries Received.
8. Compliment from Steven Collins
9. New Information on Australian Victory?

"Brit-Am Now"-702
1. Hebrew Names in Brit-Am Genealogy
2. Ephraimite Tour
3. Phoenicians in South America?
4. Robert Jones: France and Gad
5. Are the Jews Judah?
6. Some Objections to Brit-Am Beliefs
7. Membership of Brit-Am

"Brit-Am Now"-703
1. America in Brit-Am Bible Codes
2. Apology
3. Shaul Suhr: Proud Kiwi !

"Brit-Am Now"-704
1. Dennis McGinlay: Psalms 51
2. New Articles on the Codes
3. Betty: Ancient Celtic Names

"Brit-Am Now"-705
1. Changing Head Shapes
(a) in North America
(b) in Israel
(c) the Brit-Am Understanding
2. Proverbs 4:24-27
3. Question on Conversion

"Brit-Am Now"-706
1. France in the Brit-Am Bible Codes in French
2. Brit-Am (Britain and America) in the Brit-Am Bible Codes
3. Canada in the Bible Codes
5. Brit-Am in need of support.

"Brit-Am Now"-707
1. The Brit-Am Biblical Codes: New Articles (Wales, Belgium) and Improvements
2. Shortened List of Biblical Proofs (Re-Posting)
3. The Codes are controversial

"Brit-Am Now"-708
1. Many "Gentiles" today may be descended from Judah
2. The Brit-Am Code Results Compared with former Brit-Am Conclusions.
3. A Levite Protests

"Brit-Am Now"-709
1. In Defence of Levi
2. The Solution: Bring Ephraim Back?
3. Dennis McGinlay: "Spiritual Blindness" is to Blame
4. The Return by Aeroplane and Atlantic Ocean Lner
5. Bill Rasmussen: Need for Biblical Consistency
6. Orjan Svensson: Solution in Codes for Norway?
7. Brit-Am Bible Codes on Ulster

"Brit-Am Now"-710
1. Ashirah Yosefah: Agrees with Response
2. Iraq: Part of the Divine Plan for Israelite Colonization?
 3. Shaul Suhr: Need for Strength through Unity

"Brit-Am Now"-711
1. Dafydd: A few things....
2.  "Innocent" Nasty Letter: An Example of what we sometimes have to put up with.
3. The Future Tribal Significance of Encampment Around the Tabernacle

"Brit-Am Now"-712
1. Brit-Am Bible Codes and Norway
2. Wayne Laurence:  Linguistic Corrections
3. Letters to Billy and End of Thread (we hope)
4. Proverbs chapter five.
5. Finances

"Brit-Am Now"-713
1. Tudor Rose and Brit-Am Rose
2. The Codes and Christianity
3. Stephen Spykerman: Appreciation for Brit-Am from Britain

"Brit-Am Now"-714
1. Los Lunas in Danger: Help Needed
2. Scotland in Brit-Am Biblical Codes
3. Proverbs 5:1-9

"Brit-Am Now"-715
1. re los Lunas
(a) Steven Collins: aware of damage
(c) JB: doubts about the legitimacy of Los Lunas
2. Jewish Scotland??
3. Scottish pork taboo
4. Brit-Am Articles on Scotland
5. Proverbs 5:10-23

"Brit-Am Now"-716
1. Holland in Brit-Am Biblical Codes
2. re Scotland: Forgotten History
3. Orjan Svensson: Need for Caution in Appraising Brit-Am Code Results
4. Court Reporting, and Transcription
5. Shocking New Results for Finland!

"Brit-Am Now"-717
1. Unconvinced? Snake Oil and Brit-Am.
2. Another "Innocent" Nasty Letter
3. Scotland: Covenanters

"Brit-Am Now"-718
1. Answers to Questions on the BIWF, Jews for J, Ephraimites, etc.
2. Letters Concerning the "Synagogue of Satan"
3. Cherie Koch: "facts about this entire world are mathematically contained in the Torah"
4. Orjan Svensson: New Result for Finland
5. Holland: Not Surprised
6. Lane Kelly: Who Was Corrie ten Boom?
7. Lane Kelly: Who Was JOOP WESTERWEE?

"Brit-Am Now"-719
1.  Athol Bloomer: Early British Israel
2. Finland Codes Corrected and Expanded
3. Isacon (Isaac) ancestor of Picts and Scots
4. The Case of Ashirah
5. Joseph and Esau
6.  Reply to "Business" Complaint
7. The Magazine

"Brit-Am Now"-720
1. Leah Todd: Ashira "anti-Ephraim"
2. Paula:  It is adverse to Ephraim?
3. Ashira: No criticism of  Brit Am

"Brit-Am Now"-721
1. History: 1850, the Don Pacifico Incident
2. DNA  overview of nations
3. The Identification of Reuben with France in French

"Brit-Am Now"-722
1. What real Evidence is there for Brit-Am and related claims?
(A brief article of possible importance)
2. Pictures of Dolmens in Jordan
3. Isaiah chapters 45 -50 Summarized

"Brit-Am Now"-723
1. Ark of the Covenant and Tara
2. Wales and "Egyptian" love spoons
3. Pre-Columbian Links to the Americas?
4. History of County Cavan  (Ireland bordering Ulster)
5. DNA Theory: The World Scene

"Brit-Am Now"-724
1. Betty: Egyptian Prototype for the Ark?
2. Tara Ark URL run by Anti-Semites
3.  The History and Future of Israelite America
by Walter Baucum

"Brit-Am Now"-725
1. URLs of Interest
2. Thomas Malloy: Covenanters in Scotland
3. Is Anti-Zionism really anti-Semitic?
4. Brit-Am membership and the magazine Brit-Am Truth
5. Irish Jews can now wear chainmail and leather armor:
6. The Jews of Ulster and Ulster
7. Proverbs 6:1-5

"Brit-Am Now"-726
1. The Brit-Am (ca. 1995) warning against Islam and possible terror and disaster
2. Megaliths, Astronomy, Astrology
3. Subscribing to Magazine
4. Note on our letter "The Functioning of Brit-Am"
5. New Zealand and the Israeli Flag
6. New Zealand in Brit-Am Bible Codes
7. Does Psalms 53 refer to Manesseh?
8. Spreading the Brit-Am Message
9. Be involved with Brit-Am

"Brit-Am Now"-727
1. Shaul Suhr:  New Zealand in Bible Codes
2. Arabic Words in English?
3. South Africa in Brit-Am Biblical Codes

"Brit-Am Now"-728
1. New Entries to Brit-Am Genealogy
2. Thomas Malloy:  Seek and it shall be found for you
3. South Africa: Need for Caution
4. The Brit-Am Bible Codes:  Always of Interest
5. South Africa in Brit-Am Bible Codes

"Brit-Am Now"-729
1. First part of "Origin" in French
2. The Situation in South Africa
3. Acoustic Properties of "megalithic" edifices
4. Megalithic ("dolmen") similarities between the
Golan in Israel and Britain
5. Isaiah chs. 51-55 Highlights

"Brit-Am Now"-730
1. Mahomed in the Bible
2. Dolmens in Israel
3. Joining Brit-Am

"Brit-Am Now"-731
1. Michael Smith: Phoenicians in Spain
2. Japan and Germany
3. Charlene: "a pinch of German"

"Brit-Am Now"-732
1. Charlotte Mecklenburg: DNA  similar to linguistics?
2. Historical Interest: "Anglo-Saxon Mass Migration"
3.  The Codes in Action: An Example.
The Codes, Plants, and the Garden of Eden

"Brit-Am Now"-733
1. America and Canada in Brit-Am Biblical Codes.
2. Some Reactions to Betty Leaving
3.  The Israelite Tribe of Asher in Scotland
4.  "the picture of you... is downright scary"
5. Dennis McGinlay: Are the Codes Really Necessary?

"Brit-Am Now"-734
1. Answers to Questions about Correspondence with Brit-Am etc
2. Letter from Australia
3. Khazars
4. DNA
5. Synopsis of Isaiah chapters 56-60

"Brit-Am Now"-735
1. Dennis McGinlay: Support for Israel
2. Space-Freaks, Witchcraft, and Anti-Semitics
3. Up-dates and need for funds
4. Isaiah chapters 61-65 Highlights
5. Tolkien and the Jews: An anecdote

"Brit-Am Now"-736
1. Deleted
2. New Findings Concerning the Exodus?
3. "Secret Jews" amongst Mexicans in Texas?
4. Question and Sources about the Shield of David
5. "Origin" in French

"Brit-Am Now"-737
1. Brit-Am Biblical Codes Articles Upgraded.
2. DNA Theory Turned on its Head?
Brit-Am Proven Right Once More?
3. Proverbs 6:6-11

"Brit-Am Now"-738
1. Is Spain Moab?
2. Ashton Lemonius: Is Moab also Latin America?
3. Ancient book of Psalms unearthed from Irish bog
4. Psalm 83 Speaks to Israel From Ireland
6. DNA Refuted? A Clarification

"Brit-Am Now"-739
1. A Quiet Season?
2. Question on Herbert Armstrong and Differences with Brit-Am?
3. New Brit-Am DNA Feature
English NOT the same as North Germans

"Brit-Am Now"-740
1. Steven Collins: Tribal Identities Clarification
2. The Magazine and Brit-Am
4. Who Belongs to the Ten Tribes?
5. Is Switzerland Gad?

"Brit-Am Now"-741
1. France's Newly Discovered "Stonehenge"
2. Question from Baruch: Will France Invade Israel?
;3. Steve Mathe: Message from the Irish Psalms

"Brit-Am Now"-742
1. URLs of interest on Biblical Geography
2. The Temple at Baal Bek: King Solomon or Only the Romans?
(a) Baal Bek in Lebanon
(b) Photos
(c) No-nonsense posting about Baal-Bek
Not so gigantic! built entirely by Romans!
(d) Painting of Baal Bek by David Roberts
(e) Built by Solomon?
(f)  Immanuel Velikovsky 1895-1979)
Baal Bak is Ancient Dan? (An Interesting and valuable article)
3. Brit-Am Replies to Queries: Subject and Question List

"Brit-Am Now"-743
1. Rules of Conduct when meeting Orthodox Jews
2. Walt Baucum: The Solomon Building
3. New Features

"Brit-Am Now"-744
1. Is Israel sitting on an enormous oil reserve?
2. Maps and Symbols
3. Israeli Stamps:
Tribal Symbols

"Brit-Am Now"-745
1. Publication Orders
(a) PayPal
(b) Thrilled with books
2. The Fifty States of America!!!
3. Messages
(a) Prayers
(b) Thanks
4. Who is Judah?
5. Dennis McGinlay:  Reunification, "all things will be revealed"

"Brit-Am Now"-746
1. Today is the Annual Feast-Day of Tribal Reconciliation
2. LINDA FREEMAN: The Ten Tribes and Ezekiel 1
3. Lloyd George on antisemitism, 1923, quotation
4. Pictures worth viewing.
5.  Blood tests and DNA tests

"Brit-Am Now"-747
1. Graphic Comparison of Phoenician and Viking Ships
2. Peter Salemi: Holland and Zebulon
3. Are The Kurds from the Lost Ten Tribes?
4. Are the Welsh and British from Syria?
5. Fulfillment of Prophecy in Judah

"Brit-Am Now"-748
1. New Dolmen [Israelite?] site discovered in Syria
2. Compliments to Brit-Am
3.  Robert Jones: Kurds and Moab
4. Kevin: Russian Germans in America
5. Steve Coneglan: The Civil War and Joseph

"Brit-Am Now"-749
1. DNA
(a) Ancient DNA of Denmark different from present?
(b) Normans not Norwegians?
2. Question and Comment on the Kurds and the LTTs.
3.The Hebraic bond by Ilana Mercer

"Brit-Am Now"-750
1. A Feeling in the heart
2. More on Russian Germans
3. Welsh Symbol on cover of  magazine, "Brit-Am Truth".
4. Headshapes
5. Questions:
 What is the attitude of Brit-Am to Christianity?
How many members does the Brit-Am Organization have?
How many are on the Brit-Am e-mail list?
How many visit the Brit-Am web-site?
Are Jews Dishonest?
6. Proverbs 6:20-23
7. Suggestions from Sunny Concerning Brit-Am

"Brit-Am Now"-751
1. Encouragement from Germany
2.  Different North-South DNA cuts through DNA Haplogroups?
3. Proverbs 6:24-26

"Brit-Am Now"-752
1. Can DNA testing Confirm Jewish Ancestry?
2. Prefers Previous Photo
3. Entertainment, Brit-Am Makes Headlines on the Web
4. A new term needed? Something instead of "Joe" or "Ephraimite"?
5. Dell Griffin or Maggid ben Yoseph.
6. Willis and Dell
7. Ancient British Links to the East

"Brit-Am Now"-753
1. Stephen Ray Hale: The Term "Joe"
2. David: In Defence of Brit-Am
3. Question on Value of DNA Testing
(a) DNA Differences to be explained by Past Environment Influences
(b) Practical Applications
(c) Who performs the Tests?
(d) What can these tests tell you?
(e) Levites or Descendants of David.
4. Clarifications
(a) Dell Griffin
(b) Norman Willis
5. alternative nickname for ten tribes
6. Another Opinion on DNA Testing
7. Brit-Am Feature on DNA

"Brit-Am Now"-754
1. In  Favor of "Joes"
a) Lorraine Harvey
b) Patricia Robbins
2. Robert Jones: Assyrians
3. Important new article! DNA Racial Classifications Refuted!

"Brit-Am Now"-755
1. What Does the CMH ["Cohan Gene"] Really Tell Us?
2. Who Are the Assyrians?
3. Is Judah the First to Return?
4. Lorraine Harvey: Judah Returns
5. Sha'ul Suhr: Agreement
6. DNA Tests: Information
7. Brit-Am: Special Offer for this Week Only

"Brit-Am Now"-756
1. Dienekes Pontikos: "Lamarckism"?
4. Question on CMH and Jewish Ancestry
5. The Biblical and Future Borders of the Land of Israel

"Brit-Am Now"-757
7. Celts in Ancient China?

"Brit-Am Now"-758
1. Mutuality of Acceptance between Judah and Joseph Expected?
3. Pictures of the Tarim Mummies (interesting)
4. The Scythians
5. "Gather Ephraim"
6. Albert Einstein: Quotation
7. Bob Davis: Visigoths in London
8. People Gone Missing? Updated Addresses Needed
9. Poll of Americans  42% Israel was  given to the Jewish people by God

"Brit-Am Now"-759
1. Manasseh - Important New Insights
2. Another DNA Conundrum
(a) North West Irish from Where?
(b) Welsh-Irish-Amerindian Connections?
(c) Little if Any Jewish Ancestry Amongst Mexicans according to DNA findings.
3. "Brit-Am TRUTH" Magazine Sent Out

"Brit-Am Now"-760
1.  Martie Carreon: Jewish Ancestry in Mexico?
2. Important New Insights on Manasseh - Sources?
3. Proverbs 7:1-3

"Brit-Am Now"-761
1. Question on Parthians and Goths
2. Another Question on Sources for Manasseh article
3. Messiah son of Joseph from Ephraim  or Manasseh?
4. Brit-Am "Answers Many Questions"
5. George Helon: Who is a Jew and Who is Not and Location of Tribe of Zebulon?

"Brit-Am Now"-762
1. Goths and Parthians?
2. Proverbs 7:4-18
3. Uncle Tom?  Quisling?
4. New List of Articles on the Brit-Am Web-Site
5. Brit-Am Site Undergoes Changes-

"Brit-Am Now"-763
1. Question on the Khazars
2. Steve Collins: Parthian-Goths
3. Juan Alfredo: DNA Insights
4. New Scythian Finds in Mongolia
5. Peter Piper: Historical Observations?
6. The Japanese are not Hebrews!
7. Missing Addresses

"Brit-Am Now"-764
1. Magog in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan?
2. Joan Griffith: World War I and Germany
3. DNA News: R1b from Ancient Israel??

"Brit-Am Now"-765
1. DNA again: The Matriarchs
2. Phoenicians in Wales? DNA
3. Yair Davidiy on Arutz-7

"Brit-Am Now"-766
2. Received Magazine (Brit-Am TRUTH no.9) -First Impressions
3. Brit-Am on Arutz-7
4. Reactions Received by Tamar Yonah to Interview
5. "Black-Balling" of Brit-Am by Ephraimite Leaders Admitted!
6. What Does Brit-Am offer?
7.  A Regular Brit-Am Arutz-7 Radio Show?
8. Send us Your Reactions
(a) The magazine
(b) The radio interview and proposed radio show:
9. Brit-Am is Now Alone and in Need of You

"Brit-Am Now"-767
1. Brit-Am is pro-Christian concerning Joseph
2. Dennis McGinlay: "The Creator of all things
has a plan for the reunification"
3. Marshall Mannerheim Never Referred to Issachar?
4. Question on RH O Negative blood and the Messiah
5. Characteristics of US and Menasseh in Rabbinical Sources

"Brit-Am Now"-768
1. Problems Seeing Article? Explorer is better
2. Are Jews really of Edomite blood?
3. Letter forwarded From Tamar: "Faith not Nationalism"?
4. Steve Mathe: To Tamar re
5. From Tamar: re Gather Ephraim
6. Andy Reaume: "a bond between us...yet a repelling force keeps us apart"
7.  Justified Jealousy of Rabbi Avichail?
8. Criticisms of Brit-Am

"Brit-Am Now"-769
1. Charlotte Mecklenburg:  "It helps confirm what they believe"
2. The Dutch are the world's tallest people
3. Messiah Son of Joseph from Manasseh?
4. More Feedback from Radio Interview
5. DNA and Nial of the Nine Hostages

"Brit-Am Now"-770
1. How Many Messiahs Will There be?
2. Criticisms of Brit-Am Answered
3. Time to Get Serious?

"Brit-Am Now"-771
1. In Defence of Brit-Am
2. Thanks to Brit-Am E-Mailings
3. Biblical Proofs: BEST ENDLAND BIRD
4. "Well, No-body is Perfect", Brit-Am Answers Criticisms
5. Brit-Am Mentioned prominently on Star of David blog

"Brit-Am Now"-772
1. Brit-Am is not a Cult.
2. Searching for a DNA Y marker for descendants of King David
3. Jay: The Lost Tribes and the Spies
4. Manasseh to be Lead by "Presidents"
5. Sir Francis Drake: Quotations

"Brit-Am Now"-773
1. John Hulley: Insights  of value
2. Dennis McGinlay: Brit-Am is ...a warning and an invitation
3. British Origins from Spain?
4. Question on German (Wendish?) Levi DNA 5. Brit-Am  "The Only Voice"

"Brit-Am Now"-774
1. Viking Settlements in Ireland Comprised Mainly of Irishmen?
2. Bits and Pieces of Interest Concerning Australia
3. The Shame of Ireland[?]
4. "Brit-Am Truth is great"
5. Messiah son of Joseph in Scripture?

"Brit-Am Now"-775
1. Zechariah: The Return of Joseph
2. Steven Collins Defends Brit-Am
3. Knowledge of Australia in Ancient Times
4. Description of Available Brit-Am Books
5. Archaeology: Isotopes and Anglo-Saxon Teeth?
6. David Jackson: USA founded on Mercantilist Base?
7. Looking for Addresses
8. Jacob Jonker: The origin of the word "Yankee"
9. Rob Jones: Question on the coming destruction of Damascus

"Brit-Am Now"-776
1. Famous Rabbinical Book about Messiah son of Joseph
2. Athol Bloomer: Bearing Witness for Brit-Am
3. Cecil Davis: Testimony for Brit-Am
4. Biblical Proofs Upgraded
 5. Letters etc

"Brit-Am Now"-777
1. Steve Coneglan: Parallels between Simeon and Australia
2. Russell-Davis Publishers
3. Brit-Am Enemy Suspect
4. Rabbinical Source: Repentance of Ten Tribes Precedes
that of Judah?
5. Should the Ten Tribes Keep the Law?

"Brit-Am Now"-778
I. Israel Feld: Ten Tribes to Repent First!
2. Interesting and important article on Ptolemy
3. A Silent Supporter
4. Historical Achievements Due to Bible Study
5. Proverbs 8:1-5

"Brit-Am Now"-780
1. Dal Riada in Scotland
2. Personal DNA: The U Neil Mystery (not O'Neils!)
3. Brit-Am seeks the following addresees:
4. Irish Milesian (?) Tradition
5. Proverbs 8:6-11

"Brit-Am Now"-781
1. Francis Hynds Irish Confusion
2. William Rasmussen: "B'nai Menashe" furor an Opportunity?
3. Ezra Stiles - An Early American believer in Israelite Origins?
4. Succot - Taking it Easy
5.  New Controversial Claims about British Origins
6. Surname Distribution in the British Isles
7. Frisian Legends
8. Cecil Davis: Lost Ten Tribes in South America?
9. Reflections on Finland

"Brit-Am Now"-782
 1. Francis Hynds: Ancient Ireland and Ulster
 2. Emmet Sweeney and the dating of New Grange, Ireland
3. William Adelman: (Important) Genetic Links Between Vikings and Jews

"Brit-Am Now"-783
1. Tom Turner: Anti-Semitism Paralleled by foreign hatred of "Anglos"
2. Khazars in Sweden
3. Ezekiel Sticks and Jerusalem Tables

"Brit-Am Now"-784
1. DNA Europe: Prehistoric Populations very different from
present ones?
2. DNA: Links between Ashkenazic Jews, Scandinavians, Shetland Scotts, and Amerindians?
3. DNA: Personal

"Brit-Am Now"-785
1. Not Convinced
2. Thanks from Ilkka
3. Alan Brook Brookmanship and Brit-Am
a. Brook goes over the Brink
b. Brit-Am  Brooks, Brakes, and Breaks the Brinkmanship
of Brook Book Brokery
4. Brit-Am Meets With "Ephraimites" in Jerusalem
5. Raymond Lee: Joes Needed for Defence

"Brit-Am Now"-786
1. VE: Where's the kosher beef?
2. Mormon Parallels
3. Timothy F Murray: Pleased and Looking Forward
4. Sally: Encouragement
5. Is Judah Occupying the Land of Joseph?
6. What do you mean by Repentance?
7. The Brit-Am Judah Fund

"Brit-Am Now"-787
1. The Hebrew Calendar
2. Anna Arnold:  thanks
3. Paul Velasquez: "britam" is complete wrong
4. Robert Jones: Academia
5. Dennis McGinlay: Keep the message coming
7. Reply to DNA Query
8. Judah Outreach on PayPal
9. Q. Why is Brit-Am Not a Corporation?

"Brit-Am Now"-788
1. Are The Two Sticks Now Coming Together?
2. Dr. Richard Griffiths: Star of King David on US Marine Swords!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Ancient Middle East Boats in Britain
4. Q. Why is there so much Support for Bnei Menasheh?
5. The Jewish Viking Replies
6. Brit-Am talks to Visitors and Locals
7. Regarding "Brit-Am and You"

"Brit-Am Now"-789
1. Biblical Proofs" - Summary
2. Star of David, Damascus Swords, and Wilkerson sword makers
3. Black Athena -3rd Volume
4. A Friendly Critique of John Hulley
5. Brit-Am and You" Progression

"Brit-Am Now"-790
1. Returning to the Land
New Feature
2. Correction -Wilkinson
3. Unite Our Heart Discussion Group Opens
4. Origin in French
5. New Article in German
6. The Khazars from Simeon
7. Proverbs 8:14-21

"Brit-Am Now"-791
1. Problems with viewing articles on Web Site
2. Question About German Names
3. Copies of a A Brit-Am Classic Still Available!!
4. Edward Anderson: Antagonism between the Tribes
5. Dennis McGinlay: The Divine Agenda
6. Important New Entry to "The Return of Joseph"
7. Raymond Capt and Brit-Am

"Brit-Am Now"-792
1. Minutes of DISCUSSION: The Return of "Ephraim"
2. General Brit-Am Meeting to be held soon
3. Results of Recent Brit-Am Appeal
4. Charlotte Mecklenburg: The Key Lies with Judah
5. Stephen Ray Hale: UCG Piece- A Good Article
6. The Brit-Am Knowledge Campaign
7. Abortion is Forbidden
8. Spain and Scotland: Ancient Connections

"Brit-Am Now"-793
1. Charlotte Mecklenburg: The Almighty Wants Return!
2. Spain and Scotland: Ancient Connections
3. Compliments
4. The Readmission of the Jews to England
5. Question on the Samaritans
6. Edward Anderson: "to witness AND warn"
7. Amerindians, Lost Tribes, and Martial Arts

"Brit-Am Now"-794
1. Randall Stiver: America & Britain in Bible Prophecy in html format
2. Brit-Am Anglo-Saxons, Noachides, Lebanon
3. New Entries

"Brit-Am Now"-795
1. Letters From John Tillotson
2. Missing Addresses
3. New Articles on Web Site:
Return of Ephraim Forum
German Language- New Article
4. J. Botha:  The Relevance of Joseph Today
5. Dolmens from Around the World

"Brit-Am Now"-796
1. Stone Henge in the Golan, Israel?
2. Climate Change
 re Brit-Am Message from Dennis McGinlay
3. Brit-Am Message from Dennis McGinlay
4. Note on "The Tribes" from Holland
5. Steven Collins: Recommended Film about Esther
6. Recent General Questions: New Feature
(1. Why did the Creator Speak in Plural Form?
(2. Where Did Baruch Go?
7. New articles and Entries:
(a) "Returning to the Land Forum":
Genealogy Matters!
Coming to the Land and
The Need to Cleave to Joseph or Judah
(b) Kevin Opp:
Notes on Amerindians and Lost Israelites

"Brit-Am Now"-797
1. Answers to Criticisms on Web Site
2. Herman L. Hoeh: Compendium of World History
3. Craig White: Interesting Articles on Brit-Am Type Themes
4. John Dewey: Quotation
5. The Importance of the House of Israel and House of Judah

"Brit-Am Now"-798
1. North West Irish Haplotype not so Irish?
2. Question on The "Northwest Irish Haplotype" Example
3. Tea Tephi Did not Exist??
4. Dell Griffin on the Rampage
5.  Both Houses in Danger?

"Brit-Am Now"-799
1. Concerning the term "JOE"
2. OvadYah:  to "enrage the nations"
3. New Article in German
4. Land of Our Forefathers and Future: A Map
5. Yair Davidi (the other one) is not me!

"Brit-Am Now"-800
2.  Benayahu Zentgraf: Maybe you have a split personality?
3. Dolmens in Germany

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