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Contents of "Brit-Am Now" Postings
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Contents of "Brit-Am Now" Postings:
"Brit-Am Now" nos 801 to 1000

"Brit-Am Now"-801
1. Presidents Johnson and Reagan were Identification Believers!
2. Review of New Books on British Ancestry
3. Question. Is Brit-Am Racialist?

"Brit-Am Now"-802
1. The Brit-Am Commentary to Jeremiah
2. Bronze Age Sicilians in ancient Salcombe [Southwest England]
3. Biblical Brit-Am Identification Prophecies in a Nutshell

"Brit-Am Now"-803
1. Brit-Am Biblical Prophecies in a Nutshell: Chomash
2. Use of  Rosette [Similar to Brit-Am Symbol] Explained
3. Afghanistan: Questions
4. Afghanistan: Brit-Am Subscriber on Front Page of Jerusalem Post
5. Irish Sources

"Brit-Am Now"-804
1. Japanese are [Not] Israelites article and Brit-Am Comment
2. New Names on Brit-Am Genealogy
3. Enemies of Brit-Am Pretend to be Jewish!
4. "Shavei Israel" and Alternative Identifications
5. Help Spread the Brit-Am Message
6. William Rasmussen: Letters to JPost in Support of Brit-Am
7. Brit-Am Projects

"Brit-Am Now"-805
1. Steven Collins: THE ISRAELITE
2. Jews Against Zionism??
3. Giving Ourselves a Pat on the Back?
4. Japanese and the Star of David
5. Kevin Opp: Need for Unity between Joseph and Judah

"Brit-Am Now"-806
1. Is Turkey Edom? Ireland? Japan?
2. Isaiah: Brit-Am Highlights
3. The Star ("Magen" i.e. Shield) of David
(a) Zionist Associations?
(b) Magen David Blog Site
(c) Vermand Treasure and the Magen David: Brit-Am Remark
(d) Magen David Pictures of Interest

"Brit-Am Now"-807a
1. New Names on Brit-Am Genealogy List
2. The Book of Isaiah in Summary
Isaiah Summary chs. 1 to 10
3. Brit-Am Postings Not Reaching You?
4. Steven Collins: Clarification on Teman and Edom
5. The Book of Isaiah in Summary
Isaiah Summary chs. 11 to 20

"Brit-Am Now"-807b
1. New Book Claims Ancient Egyptian is Welsh!
2. Brit-Am Commentary to Jeremiah
3. New Feature: Brit-Am Photos

"Brit-Am Now"-808
1. Proposed New Feature: The Brit-Am Family
2. Brit-Am Manifesto
4. British Israel and Conspiracy Theories
5. Proposed Extracts from Herbert W. Armstrong?
6. Origin of Nations Site
7. We are what there is

"Brit-Am Now"-809-810
1. Photo Section "very nice"
2. HWA Copyrights Still in Force
3. Re-Union: Nashville, Tennessee Shows the Way?
4. The Morality of our "Expurgated" Version Proposal
and some encouragement
5. Rabbinical Sources Not Sufficiently Appreciated?

"Brit-Am Now"-811
1. Runes
2. Jeremiah chs. 11 to 15
3. HWA Idea Shelved
4. Brit-Am Dolmen article in German
5. Robert Jones: Legend and Archeology
6. Heraldry Site of Interest?
7. David Jackson: More Brit-Am Books Would be Preferable

"Brit-Am Now"-812
1. Junk DNA in Y-chromosome control functions: scientists
2. DNA : University of Iowa scientists explore function of 'junk DNA'
3. DNA Implications: Brit-Am on the right track
4. Questions on Specific Names and Early Jewish Communists.
5. Isaiah chs. 21 to 25 Summarized

"Brit-Am Now"-813
1. Menasseh, Ephraim, and the Heritage of Scotland
2. Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III - Close Up of Jehu
3. DNA. Vikings in Ireland: How Many?
4. Robert Brenner: Feedback
5. Richard Clarkson: Learning Hebrew

"Brit-Am Now"-814
1. New idea concerning origin of "Star of David"?
2. English Words in Modern Hebrew
3. Silver from Tarshish
4. James Wright: Dolmen in Bible Codes
5. Question on Saturn and the British Isles

"Brit-Am Now"-815
1. DNA Differences between Ancient Europeans and Present Ones
2. Jews in Nigeria and Mormons in Africa
Interesting Parallelism
3.  The Great Irish War Pipe traced to Middle East

"Brit-Am Now"-816
1. DNA: Cimbrians in North Europe and North Italy?
2. Summaries in Isaiah
3. Brit-Am Photos/Family
4. Replies to Queries about Brit-Am
5. Other Ten Tribes Claims:
Brit-Am is the only LEGITIMATE answer
6. Brit-Am and Racial Characteristics
7. The Tragedy of the Irish

"Brit-Am Now"-817
1. More Articles in German
2. Edom and Israel together control much of world wealth
3. Other Claims to be Israelites
4. Eric Schendel: Question on DNA, Environment, Palestinians, and Western Peoples
5. Brit-Am Photos: Pat Robbins

"Brit-Am Now"-818
1. Stephen Ray Hale
(a)  "Hale down under"
(b) Abbot and Costello: The Hebrew Language
2. Question about the Galatians and Franks
3. Q. How Many of your followers are Christians?
4. Phoenicians
5. Isaiah Summary chs 36 to 40

"Brit-Am Now"-819
1. Teeth unravel Anglo-Saxon legacy
2. Who are the Gentiles?
3. Brit-Am Personal Testimony:
4. Isaiah Summary chs 41 to 45

"Brit-Am Now"-820
1. The Magen David and Sinister Motivations
2. Conspiracy Theories
3. Aran Patinkin:  "Legends of the Lost Tribes"
4. Isaiah Summary chs 46 to 50
5. Criticisms on "What Spake Zarathustra?"

"Brit-Am Now"-821
1. Isaiah Summary chs 51 to 55
2. DNA: Popular Articles on DNA and Ethnic Ancestry
3. Is Eisov/Edom Turkey? by Yoel Kramsky

"Brit-Am Now"-822
1. Ted Dornan: Magen David represents the name "David"
2. Did Ancient Israel Reach to the Euphrates?
3. Kevin Opp: "Biblically there is no gentile"
4. "To Death Do us Part":
Postscript to DNA and Environmental Influence
5.  Craig White: "Origin of Nations"

"Brit-Am Now"-823
1. New Article
Biblical Studies: Edom to the North of Israel
2. Tea Tephi - A Masonic Tradition?
3. Isaiah Summary chs 56 to 60

"Brit-Am Now"-824
1. Question on Tea Tephi and Freemasons
2. Steven Collins: Tea Tephi
3. Yoel Kramsky: The Almighty has Plans of His Own
4. Conspiracy Freaks blame Freemasons for British Israel
5. Brit-Am Beliefs

"Brit-Am Now"-825
1. Athol Bloomer: British Israel, Dina, Joseph, and Dan
2. Do Jews Know the Bible?
3. Pax American and Brit-Am Teachings

"Brit-Am Now"-826
1. The Gates of His Enemies
2. Missing Persons
3. Early Arab Accounts of the British Isles
4. "Germania and Magog" in Iran??
5. Isaiah Summary chs 61 to 66

"Brit-Am Now"-827
1. New Brit-Am Articles in German
2. Yoel Kramsky: Ultra-Orthodoxy and Scripture
3. In Defence of Brit-Am

"Brit-Am Now"-828
1. The Future Return from South Africa
2. Keep Away from Anti-Semites
3. We Are Alone (excerpt from "Proof")

"Brit-Am Now"-829
1. Thomas Grey: The Brit-Am Family
2. Rabbi Dovid Siegel: The Reunification of Judah and Joseph (Excerpts)
3. Thomas Gray: Suggestions
4. Cyprus- source
5. Robert Graves: Need to know the "Jewish mind"
6. Why it is Forbidden to believe in Conspiracy Theories
7. Dolmens in Bible Codes

"Brit-Am Now"-830
1. Jonathan Tillotson: Israel is a light to the nations
2. Encouragement
3. The Cyprus Reference Again
4. Diane Henderson: Agrees with Thomas
5. List of "Israelite Nations"

"Brit-Am Now"-831
1. You are what you Agreed to be
2. Viewing the Brit-Am Web Site
3. "Ephraim" out of print.
4. The Brit-Am and Tudor Roses
5. A Specific Biblical Overview

"Brit-Am Now"-832
1. Questions from Elisheva:
2. Jeremiah chs 16 to 20
Brit-Am Commentary
3. Photos from Lebanon

"Brit-Am Now"-833
1. Brit-Am and the Return of "Ephraim"
2. Letter from "Lee" in Arizona
3. Brit-Am and the Return of "Ephraimites" as Individuals
4. Scythian Mummy in Mongolia
5. Question on Continuing Conversion process
6. Question on Judah and Josph from Jonathan Tillotson
7. World Map of Comparative Happiness

"Brit-Am Now"-834
1.  Were Many Early Russian Communists Jewish?
2. Martin van Wieringen:  New Jerusalem
3. Anti-British Empire article
4. The British Empire: List of possessions
5. Niall Ferguson and The British Empire

"Brit-Am Now"-835
1. WG: Is the Ark in North Ireland?
2. Questions on Family and Tribal Significance
3. Brit-Am and the Karaites
4. Biblical Truth
5. Question on Race and Color

"Brit-Am Now"-836
1. Thomas Gray: Kipling's Poems
2. DNA: Redheads in Early Britain
3. Stephen Ray Hale: Personal observations on Racial Color
4. Ark of the Covenant in France?
5. Kevin Opp: Karaites no Good

"Brit-Am Now"-837
1. DNA: Theory in Trouble?
2. DNA: Voles Again: "Junk" DNA fulfills social function
3. Answer to Question on Race: Illustrations
4. Kipling's Poems
5. New Feature: Pictures of Ancient Israelites

"Brit-Am Now"-838
1. Rival site depicts Ancient Israelites
2. Hebrew Pictures: More Pictures
3. Israelite Nations Planned Union in the Past
4. Not Convinced. Letter from Peter and Brit-Am Reply
5. Appreciation for Brit-Am

"Brit-Am Now"-839
1. More Remarks from Peter and Brit-Am Replies
2. Is the USA Really Manasseh? Or is it Ephraim?
3. What about Brutus?
4. Kevin Opp: Brit-Am is Biblically True!
5. Hebrew Pictures
(a) Pictures Added: The Pict People of Scotland
(b) Compliment
(c) Comment

"Brit-Am Now"-840
1. President Bush and the Messiah son of Joseph?
2. Steve Coneglan: Manasseh is America
3. Steve Collins: An Historical View of Ephraim and Manasseh
4. Ephraim or Manasseh? Another source of Value
5. Yaacov Fogelman and Rabbi Avichail

"Brit-Am Now"-841
1. Evil Speech? What was the point?
2. Chad Leatherby: Brit-Am Stretching a Point?
3. Americans Biologically Different? Quotation
4. Britain and France Almost United!
5. Brit-Am Important
6. Brit-Am Fortunate
7. Brit-Am makes Racial Accusations

"Brit-Am Now"-842
1. Questions on Manasseh and Gog
2. Message from Steve Mathe
3. New Brit-Am Article in German on Web Site
4. The Celtic Influence on the English Language
5. Not necessarily everyone can give

"Brit-Am Now"-843
1. Forward to "The Requirements of Judah"
2. Yoel Kramsky: The Requirements of Judah
3. Genealogy: Your Royal Ancestors?
4. White Rose of York on Mayflower
5. Skull Shapes Changing in US and Elsewhere?

"Brit-Am Now"-844
1. More  "Hebrew"  Pictures
2. Africans in Ancient Ireland?
3. Pronunciation of "Mashiach"?
4. Judas and Red Hair
5. Robert Graves: Appreciation
6. DNA made Easier
7. Middle Eastern Origin of West European Matriarchs?

"Brit-Am Now"-845
1. Did  admixture affect the color of Israelites?
2. DNA: R1b subclades now traced to Turkey?
3. Questions on Hamites, Slaves, and Brit-Am prejudices

"Brit-Am Now"-846
1. Compliment from Atlas Laster
2. The Greatness of Egypt and the Mother of Joseph
3. Pennsylvania Dutch from Germany?
4. Scots-Irish and the USA
5. Scots-Irish US Presidents
6. Ancestors of George Bush
7. Question about the Basques of Spain

"Brit-Am Now"-847
1. Tim Murray: Basques Deserve Reconsideration
2. Steven Collins: Pennsylvania Dutch Indeed from Germany
3. Jonathan Tillotson: Questions on
(1. Authorship of The Psalms.
(2. Universality versus Particularism.
(3. Israelites in the East.
4. Jonathan Tillotson: More Points
5. DNA: Yorkshire clan linked to Africa

"Brit-Am Now"-848
1. Yoel Kramsky: Aish Article Answers Paticularism Question
2. Historical Studies Justify Brit-Am Researches
3. Duncan Long: Appreciation
4. Stephen Ray Hale: Personal Anecdote
5. Lee Kelley: The Future Kingdom Open to All
6. Don Brown: Disagrees with Article Against Color Prejudice
followed by Brit-Am Answers
(a) Blacks not in Ancient Israel?
(b) Jethro a Black High Priest?
(c) Is a bastard a mixed-breed?
(d) Was not Adam a red and white man?
7. David Jackson: Autonomy of Israelite Tribes?

"Brit-Am Now"-849
1. Steven Collins: Bible forbids color prejudice
2. Raymond Fulford: Brit-Am Should Stay on Topic
3. Bob Davis: "Bows" Indicate Ephraim?

"Brit-Am Now"-850
1. Ephraimite Duties
2. Cherie Koch: White Africans and Black Whitemen
4. JERRY GARLEB: The Use of the Bow and Ephraim
5. David Jackson: Miriam and the Importance of Family
6. Don Brown: Question on Abinoidism
7. Peter Castro-Solomon: Israelite Blood in North and South America
8. Jonathan Tillotson: Brit-Am Concerns
9. Dennis McGinlay: Inbuilt Variety from time of Creation

"Brit-Am Now"-851
1. Randall Stiver: The Bow of Ephraim
3. Alternative Commentary: New Insight?
4. Re-Unification Candidate?
5. Not Happy with Brit-Am?

"Brit-Am Now"-852
1. Timothy F. Murray: Compliment
2. Joan Griffith: "More Brit-Am than Brit-Am"
3. Robert Jones: Present-Day Archery or Artillery?

"Brit-Am Now"-853
1. Elaine Knight: GI Joes and Messiah son of Joseph?
2. Messiah son of Joseph and Brit-Am
3. Steve Coneglan: Gad, Succoth and Scotland

"Brit-Am Now"-854
1. Orjan Svensson: Gad mainly in Sweden
3. Steve Coneglan: Gad, Israel, Scotland, Succoth, and the Thistle
4. New Zealand: A Maori-Indian (Cush) Connection?
5. Robert Jones: Ancient Crete and the Tribe of Dan

"Brit-Am Now"-855
1. Stephen Spykerman:
2. History: Israelite Nations and UN Voting
3. KJETIL TANGEN: Gadites and Asherites in Norway
4. Jorma Larinkoski: Issachar-Gad in Finland

"Brit-Am Now"-856
1. Stephen Spykerman: The Royal Thistle
2. Jorma Larinkoski: Issachar-Gad in Finland
(not Norway)
3. Third Temple Model
4. DNA Conundrum: Ashkenazi Jews-Irish-Brits
5. Available Soon: "Proof"

"Brit-Am Now"-857
1. Bonnie Berggren:  The Fruitful Thistles?
2. Richard Griffith: Ancient Testimony to the Tartan
3. Steve Coneglan:  Scots from Gad, Irish from Asher, Sweden Naphtali
4. Messiah Ben Joseph: Wikipedia Article Mistaken
5. Don Hamilton Jr:  Succoth, Scots, and Swedes in the USA

"Brit-Am Now"-858
1. Stephen Ray Hale: Thistles in Texas
2. Notes on Red Hair
3. Brit-Am Articles on Messiah son of Joseph
4. Stephen Spykerman:  The British Liberation of the Holy Land
5. British Versus Latins
6. The Unicorn
7. Interesting articles on National Symbols

"Brit-Am Now"-859
1. Brit-Am Website SEARCH box recommended
2. Hidden "Stephen" and the Lost Ten Tribes
3. The "HIDDEN ONES" of Israel
4. Bob Davis: Red Haired Picts, Scotts, and Irish
5. Time to Choose: Or Brit-Am or Nothing

"Brit-Am Now"-860
2. Dr Richard Griffiths: The Spartans & Simeon
3. COMMONALITIES by Yaacov Levi
4. The term "Hebrew"
5. Christianity and Identifying the Lost Ten Tribes
6. How Can Brit-Am Believers Become More Involved?
7. New Books from Brit-Am

"Brit-Am Now"-861
1. New Articles:
(a) Why Brit-Am should or Should not be Supported
(b) List of Articles according to Subject
2. Athol Bloomer: Very Offended by Brit-Am
3. Patricia Robbins: Brit-Am Involvement
4. Questions from David and Some Brit-Am Answers
(1) Are there some Germans who are not Edomites?
(2) Which Tribes Can Conquer Which territories?
(3) Present day heads of the different Tribes today?
(4) Is Judah too Zealous?

"Brit-Am Now"-862
1. Brit-Am Web-Site: International Ranking
2. German Spies in Hebron: Pictures
3. Concerning the Complaint of Athol Bloomer
(1) Yair Davidiy on behalf of Brit-Am
(2) Dennis McGinlay
(3)  Robert Graves
4. Trouble With Brit-Am Website?
5. Brit-Am Outreach
(2) Tim Murray
(3) Yair Davidiy

"Brit-Am Now"-863
1. Jonathan Tillotson: "Israel should be the servant of all the world"
2. Lee: "The Tribes" is the best
3. Runes in Hebrew and/or Cathaginian/Phoenician?
4. Call of the Hour: Live for Your Country
5. David Jackson: "we can live together in harmony"

"Brit-Am Now"-864
"Brit-Am Now"-865
"Brit-Am Now"-866
1. Web-site on sub-Roman Britain
2. In Process
3. Slovenia
4. Brit-Am and Secular Research
5. Brit-Am Relevant Articles in "Jerusalem News"

"Brit-Am Now"-867
2. An Alternate Viewpoint-
Claim that the Hyksos were Edomites
3. Why Brit-Am Should be Supported

"Brit-Am Now"-868
1. "Jerusalem News" e-mail option now available
2. DNA and Migration History: Spain and Portugal
3. Sonja Durski: Message from Germany
4. More Articles in German
5. Judah and Joseph Need Reach Other. A Message from Rabbi Kook
6. Mummification in Ancient Britain
7. Brit-Am Notes

"Brit-Am Now"-869
1. New Article: "From Parthia to Gothica. The Moving of King David's Throne"
by Cam Rea
2. Albert Einstein: On Research
3. Question on Davidic Ancestry of Royal Family
and Star of David on Albert Memorial

"Brit-Am Now"-870
1. Questions on the Purpose of Brit-Am, Pertinence of Message to Possible Non-Israelites,
Intuited Lack of Clarity in Brit-Am Message
2. DNA. More on Lactose Tolerance
3. Brit-Am Appeal for Funds

"Brit-Am Now"-871
1. Lactose Tolerance and Gluten Intolerance
may not be acceptable?
2. New Zealand Soldier Flew First Jewish Flag in Jerusalem
3. Dafydd Cotter: Sundry Items:
The first Jewish Flag? Amish; Australia and US-Manasseh, Canada and UK-Ephraim?
Joseph:Tartan and Tomb? The Coming Fall of Europe? Brit-Am Comments
4. DNA. John McEwan: Lactose Tolerance and Pastoralism
5. What does have Brit-Am have against Bnei Noach?
What is "Bnei Yoseph"?

"Brit-Am Now"-872
1. Question on Mongolian Hordes and Lactose Toleration
2. Carol Hawke: Gluten Intolerance, Italy and Israel
Different Tribal Life Styles and therefore Different Tolerances?
3. Roy Garland: Some ANZAC History
4. David T: Question on the blue thread
5. Questions on Bnei Yoseph
6. New Zealander Doing Her Share
7. DNA. Nicholas Wade: English and Irish may be closer than they think
9. Nancy in Arkansas: Food Tolerance and the Law

"Brit-Am Now"-873
1. "Bnei Yoseph b'Yehudah" [Children of Joseph in
Judah] group forming
2. Janice: Goat Milk and Geography
3. Query on South America and Amerindians
4. Question on Herbert Armstrong
5. David Jackson: lactose Intolerance

"Brit-Am Now"-874
1. Ruth: Pasteurization at fault?
2. Brit-Am and Christianity
3. Extract from a letter by a leading Ephraimite Christian and Genuine Friend of Brit-Am

"Brit-Am Now"-875
1. Andy Reaume: On Lactose Tolerance
2. Question: What did the Ancient Israelites call themselves?
3. The Brit-Am Family is Lonely
Send something about yourself to us
4. Bill Rasmussen: Appreciation
5. Eddie Chumney: Compliments
6. Kevin Opp: "we are still very much alike"
7. Lee Kelley: Acceptance of the future David

"Brit-Am Now"-876
1. New Entry to Brit-Am Family Page
Justin and Regina Walker
2. David Tempelhoff: Encounter with an Israeli
3. The Maharal: Very Important Early Rabbinical Authority who thought along Brit-Am
4. New Articles in German
5. Lactose Intolerance an Outcome of Pasteurization?

"Brit-Am Now"-877
1. Did the Lost Ten Tribes intermix with other peoples?
2. A Greek Muslim British-Israel Writer?
3. The Maharal and the Lost Ten Tribes

"Brit-Am Now"-878
1. Question on the Irish
2. Question on Melungeons, Amerindians
3. Robert Jones: Early Hebrew Alphabets followed by Brit-Am
Remark on British Silos
4. New Article by Steven Collins
"DNA Study and Israelite Brotherhood"
5. List of articles by Steven Collins

"Brit-Am Now"-879
1. Joan Griffith: Mixed Origins are Common
2. Steamships and Rivers of Cush
3. Ancestor in Court of Henry viii
4. John Michaelis: Is there An Israelite-Judah Religious Phenotype?
5. Todd Robertson: Blessings

"Brit-Am Now"-880
1. Maharal Source
2. Fred Hendrickson: Questions and Compliments
3. Question on Seba of Ham or Seba of Shem?

"Brit-Am Now"-881
1. Question Concerning the Completeness of the Exile
2. "Lost Israelite Identity" Available
3. Black Irish Article
4. Robert Jones: Ancient Hebrew History

"Brit-Am Now"-882
1. Computer Upgrade and Some Confusion
2. (a) Stephen Oppenheimer and Some New Ideas Concerning British Origins
(b) First Literary Reference to Celts: A Hidden People
3. Jewish and Israelite Replacement Theology

"Brit-Am Now"-883
1. The Portuguese Discovery of Australia
2. Clarification: No Offence Intended
3. Composite Pictures of Male European Athletes:
Country by Country
4. Invitation to Symposium on Star of David

"Brit-Am Now"-884
1. Kevin Opp: The name "Jew" for Ephraimite here to stay?
2. More on the Early Discovery of Australia
3. Brit-Am and Ephraimite-Jew-Names/Identifications

"Brit-Am Now"-885
1. Witches Versus Brit-Am
2. Silbury Hill- A Pyramid in Ancient Britain?
3. Lennart Moller : Sweden, the Goths, and Gad
4. David Bell: Early Knowledge of Australia
5. Dennis McGinlay: Terminology

"Brit-Am Now"-886
1. Problem of Web Site Solved for Present
2. Carolyn Cummings: Appreciation
3. David Bell: Turkish Map Genuine?
4. Letter of Appreciation from North Carolina
5. Timothy F Murray: Prayer also Works

"Brit-Am Now"-887
1. Taking a Break
2. Lost Postings
3. Web Site Updates
4. Scotch and Irish Whiskey "from Coptic [Egyptian] or Arab alchemists"
5. Participate in "Brit-Am Now" Postings.

"Brit-Am Now"-888
1. Steve Coneglan: Dan and the 'Dont Tread on Me' Flag
2. Inheritance of the Blessings
3. Brit-Am Call for your Help.

"Brit-Am Now"-889
1. Timothy Burton: "Celtic" Incursions into England
2. Good Wishes from New Zealand
3. Joan Griffith: Mycenaean Greece and Ancient Israel
4. Brit-Am New Zealand Representative
5. Academic Prejudice Concerning National Origins Admitted
6. Ancestry Maps in the USA
7. Amnon Goldberg: Churchill
8. Ian Cliff: Ancient Maps depicting Ends of the Earth and the Cimmerians
9. Brit-Am Discussed on Jewish Forum

"Brit-Am Now"-890
1. The Worship of Baal in North Europe of Ancient
2. Are the Slavs Israelites?
3. We Were Missed
4. Searching for Booklet
5. Are DNA Scientists Really "Closet" Creationists and the Reversal of Roles?

"Brit-Am Now"-891
1. The Gentile Soccer Teams that call themselves "Jewish":
Ajax of Amsterdam and Tottenham of England
2. Pictures of Welsh People Presented by Timothy Burton
3. The Chronicles of Eri
4. Appreciative New Member
5. General George Patton Considered Himself a Re-incarnation of Hannibal

"Brit-Am Now"-892
1. Different Sheep Breeds in Britain before 1800
2. Odds and Ends Concerning Promoting the Brit-Am Message
a. The Opposition: Raymond Capt is doing well
and advertising on Jewish forums!
b. The Opposition: Japanese
c. Spreading the Brit-Am Message. How it can be done -an example
3. "The picture you have of Patton is not Patton"

"Brit-Am Now"-893
1. The Patton Picture - Reference Corrected
Pictures of Scotsmen
2. Questions and Assumptions about the English, Jews, and Israelites
a) The term "Angle"
b) the term Saxon
c) the term anti-semitic
d) "Israelites" being anti-Israelite
e) the mistake automatic assumption of belonging to Israel
f) the probable disqualification of anti-Semites
3. Question on Applicability of DNA

"Brit-Am Now"-894
1. Question on the Walloons of Belgium and Sweden
2. Meeting with Leonart Moeller in Jerusalem
3. Peter & Sonja Durski:
Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day

"Brit-Am Now"-895
1. Philistines, Crete, Israelites, and Northern Europe
2. Capt Advertises on Jerusalem Post Site
3. Welshmen Named After David?
4. Uttering the The Names of God
5. Word of Encouragement

"Brit-Am Now"-896
1. Davidic Dynasty group
2. Pronouncing the Name
3. Interesting Encyclopedia Article on The British Empire (Extracts)

"Brit-Am Now"-897
1. Question on Davidic Surnames
2. Hebrew Types, Englishmen
3. Lost Israelite Identity

"Brit-Am Now"-898
1. Taking Advantage of
"Lost Israelite Identity.
The Hebrew Origin of Celtic Races", offer
2. You Cannot Win them all!
3. Proverbs 8:22-36

"Brit-Am Now"-899
1. Article on Phoenician Expansion Under Assyria
2. Question on the name "Sciot"
3. Another Unconvinced Erstwhile Subscriber
4. Kevin Opp: Different Tribal and Other Appearances
5. Phoenician International Maritime Enterprise and Assyrian Expansion

"Brit-Am Now"-900
1. Cherie Koch: Racial Mixing and Israel
2. Lost Israelite Identity: More on the Way
3. "Role to Rule.
The Task of Joseph"
Pre-Publication Offer

"Brit-Am Now"-901
1. Deleted by Request.
2. Cynthia Fitchlee: Irish Means Israelite!
3. Linda Bedwell: Symbolic Significance of Coat of Many Colors?
4. Melvin Rhodes: How One of Today's 'Bad Guys' Ended the Scourge of Slavery

"Brit-Am Now"-902
1. Question on the Stone of Scone
2. New Postings to Brit-Am Commentary on Jeremiah
3. Was Elvis Presley Jewish?

"Brit-Am Now"-903
1. Question on Biblical Proofs
2. Question: What is "Junk" DNA? and the Brit-Am Understanding
3. Ancient Anglo-Saxon Usage of Magen David Symbol
4. Welsh "Curing Stone" derived from Ancient Egypt?
5. Important New Article Concerning the Assyrian Exile from Cam Rea

"Brit-Am Now"-904
1. Jeremiah Updated
2. Answers to some "Jewish" objections
3. Nickie: A List of Secular Proofs Would be Welcomed
4. Dennis McGinlay: The Need for Faith
5. Question on Blood Groups

"Brit-Am Now"-905
1. The English Word "THE"
2. New Feature: Ephraimite Forum
3. Cam Rea Article Recommended
4. Hebrew Language Brit-Am WebSite Under Consideration
5. Brit-Am Secular Proofs-A Preliminary List

"Brit-Am Now"-906
1. An Observed Difference between "Ephraim" and "Manasseh"
2. Noel Rude: The English Word "The" is Indo-European?
3. Yellow Star of David Exhibit
4. Hebrew Types: Pictures of Irish
5. Dennis McGinlay: "These truths and understanding of them comes only from the Almighty"

"Brit-Am Now"-907
1. Orjan Svensson: A Similarity between Scandinavian Languages and Aramaic
2. The Names of God
3. The Status of Book Orders
4. Updates to Jeremiah: Chapter Outlines
5. Question to ALL: The Nomadic Rechabites and Australia?
6. New Zealand and Australia Representative
with copies of "The Tribes"
7. Brit-Am to Change Format: Need for Assistance

"Brit-Am Now"-908
1. Sinikka Tarvainen: Tarshish (Tartessos) in Seville (Southern Spain)?
2. Beth Hirschman: Scotch Irish in Appalachians
3. Khazars and Phoenician Script

"Brit-Am Now"-909
1. Hebrew-Language article about Brit-Am on Maariv Newspaper Web-site
2. Brit-Am was Missed!
3. John Michaelis; Statistical Proof

"Brit-Am Now"-910
1. Remark on Statistics and Jewish Blood amongst Persecutors
2. The Maariv Article on Brit-Am and Reactions:
A Translation and Commentary
3. The Phoenicians of Gades-Tarshish in the East

"Brit-Am Now"-911
1. Comments on Maariv Article
2. National Percentages of Brit-Am Viewers
3. More Statistics
4. Brit-Am Attitude to Statistics
5. Brit-Am need for funds.
Opportunities Available.

"Brit-Am Now"-912
1. Complaint concerning Orders
2. Corrections to Note on DNA
3. Diane Herndon: "Be a little miracle"
4. Encouragement from a Bulgarian in the South of France
5. Pleased with Web-Site
6. Encouragement from the Bible
7. Settlement of Wales
a. Archaeology: Native Settlement in Wales
b. Traditional Literature: William F. Skene
8. Query re Special One-Week Only Offer
9. Kevin Opp: Mauritius and Brit-Am?

"Brit-Am Now"-913
1. IQ and the Wealth of Nations
2. New Brit-Am Article on The Tribe of DAN
3. The Scots Irish in the USA: Interesting Article
Administrative Notes

"Brit-Am Now"-914
1. Interesting Article on the Jewishness of the Khazars
2. Jewish Communities in England and Wales Prior to 1290 CE
3. Phoenicians in Cornwall
4. Picts, Hittite, etc in Europe: An interesting Extract followed by Brit-Am Commentary
5. A Hebraic Source from Cornwall?
6. Genealogy: Irish Ancestry-Surname Search by Region
7. Genealogy: Britain Ancestry-Surname Search by Region

"Brit-Am Now"-915
1. IQ and GNP Figures Misleading
2. Linguistics: Theo Venneman
3. Charles Moore: Geographical Notes
4. Genealogy: Decreasing of the Lineages
5. Notes on Mauritius

"Brit-Am Now"-916
1. The Ashleys: Early Israelite Restorationists

"Brit-Am Now"-917
1. Lane Kelly: "I consider myself an Ephraimite".
2. Interesting "Lost Ten Tribes" Site
3. Peter Shannon: Minstrel Ancestor
4. David Jackson: "our common heritage, our common destiny, and our desire for the establishment and security of a greater Israel"
5. Leah Todd: "It is Brit-Am's job to teach the truth"

"Brit-Am Now"-918
1. Question on 'Ephraimites' that "fear"
2. Fears of Brit-Am, Nefarious Effects, etc.
3. Why are you focusing on the Gentiles?

"Brit-Am Now"-919
1. Question on Edward vii and Magen David sign
2. Richard Griffin: The Welsh in Canada & Discovery of Diamonds
3. Will Israelites Lose Control of the USA?

"Brit-Am Now"-920
1. The Maariv Aricle: Missing the Point?
2. Complaint re Racist Article
3. Steven Collins: Referring DNA Queries to Brit-Am?

"Brit-Am Now"-921
1. PayPal Payments
2. Question on DNA and Italy
3. G. Ashley: The USA and Number Thirteeen
4. DNA, Racial Connections, the Jews, and anti-Semitism
5. Keating History of Ireland

"Brit-Am Now"-922
1. G. Ashley: Symbols of Joseph and the USA
2.The Dolmen Path - Dolmens Describe Roadways?
3. Brit-Am Megalithic Dating Proven!!
A Research Breakthrough??

"Brit-Am Now"-923
1. Luke W. Martin: Proof from the Dutch
2. Question from Australia
3. J Botha: South African Surnames
4. The English Sphinx?
5. Divine Providence and The Path of Megalithic Monuments

"Brit-Am Now"-924
1. Duncan Long : English Sphinx (a)
2. Ron Hoover: English Sphinx (b)
3. Early British King list, Hebrew Names, and Summary of Mythology
4. Recent DNA Research and Admixtures: Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Scotland
5. The Megalithic Path of Migration, Portugal, and Calendar Change

"Brit-Am Now"-925
1. Jeremiah Summary chs 37 to 40
2. Megalith Updates
3. Letter from Indiana

"Brit-Am Now"-926
1. Jeremiah chs 41 to 44 Summary
2. Ted Dornan: Is the Messiah Now in Iraq?
3. Sandie B: Conspiracy Theories a Ploy of Satan!

"Brit-Am Now"-927
1. Jeremiah chs. 45 to 48
2. Megaliths: Velikovsky and Calendar Change
3. Biblical Significance of Calendar Change.

"Brit-Am Now"-928
1. The Northwest Peoples: Neither Celtic nor Germanic
2. Brit-Am Web Site Statistics
3. Unimpressed?

"Brit-Am Now"-929
1. John Hulley: Comets and Velikovsky
2. Sonja Durski: Time Shift. Effects of an Earthquake?
3. Charlotte Mecklenburg: Hezekiah, the Sun Dial, and Calendar Change?
4. Pictures of the "Sun Dial" of King Hezekiah
5. King Hezekiah: The event
6. King Hezekiah and the Sun-dial: The Solar Calendar Implications
7. Sally: Likes Site Design

"Brit-Am Now"-930
1. Conspiracy Freaks and Mental Aberrations?
and other articles by Stephen Collins
4. Sandie B: Comments on Recent Issues
5. Corrections to Solar Calendar Implications

"Brit-Am Now"-931
1. Question on Jewish-Germanic Surnames
2. Ron Hoover: No English Sphinx
3. Question on Moving Movie
and Brit-Am Movement
4. Nathan Proud: Hebrew-English link
5. Brit-Am Commentary to Jeremiah chs. 49-52
6. Appreciation for Brit-Am
7. Question: Should Ephraimites Circumcise themselves and Keep the Law?

"Brit-Am Now"-932
1. Note by "L" on Star of David
2. Circumcison for Ephraimites?
3. Questions on Arians, Aryans, Jews and Judah
4. Dafydd Cotter: 360 Degrees and an Ancient Calendar of 360 Days
5. Question on Tea Tephi: Do You Believe it?

"Brit-Am Now"-933
1. Steven Collins on Tea Tephi and Jeremiah
2. Norwegian Researches
3. Where is the Genealogy Section?

"Brit-Am Now"-934
1. What is the Difference between "Brit-Am Now", Jerusalem News, and Ephraimite Forum?
2. Velikovsky and Calendar Change: Complete Extract
3. New Features on Megaliths and Brit-Am
4. Brit-Am DNA Under attack!
5. Brit-Am DNA Article Vindicated!

"Brit-Am Now"-935
1. British Royal Family Traced to Ireland
2. New Article: What Does Brit-Am Believe?
3. Nathan Proud: Brit-Am Movie?
4. Diane Herndon: Anticipating "Role to Rule"
5. DNA: Experts Affirm Brit-Am Understanding

"Brit-Am Now"-936

"Brit-Am Now"-937
1. Brit-Am Priorities and the "Movies".
2. Arnold Barker: A Special Task for Judah
3. Letters in Support of "Brit-Am and the Movies"
4. Wayne Laurence: Corrections in Order
5. Debunking Koestler: Jews Not descended from Khazars

"Brit-Am Now"-938
1. Steve Coneglan: New Insight into Machir of Manasseh
2. Stephen Coneglan: Australia more like America followed by Brit-Am Comment
3. New Books (by others) on Brit-Am themes in preparation for publishing on Brit-Am themes.

"Brit-Am Now"-939
1. Feature Contents
2. Cam Rea: Brit-am the Movie
3. Shaul Benya'akov: Australians More Like Americans
Canadians and New Zealanders Closer to British

"Brit-Am Now"-940
1. Craig Blackwood: Comparisons between Australians and New Zealanders
2. All Pre-publication Orders Sent Out
3. Stone of Scone Abbey Found

"Brit-Am Now"-941
1. Craig Blackwood: Insights
2. New Entries to "Hebrew Pictures"
3. David Jackson: Red Sea Splitting and Israelites

"Brit-Am Now"-942
1. Lane Kelly: The Variety of Israel
2. Cam Rea: War Games and Simulation
3. Thomas Gray: "a profound observation"

"Brit-Am Now"-943
1. Steve Coneglan: Subject: NZ and Oz
2. Question on "Feeling Welcome" and Re-unification
3. Questions on Bohemians, Faris of Lebanon, and Tea Tephi
4. Andrew: "Keep 'em coming"
5. Brit-Am News

"Brit-Am Now"-944
1. "The Green Revolution": Another Blessing from Joseph?
2. Craig Blackwood: More Comparizons- NZ, OZ, France
3. Jack Flaws: Pharez and Zerah?

"Brit-Am Now"-945
1. D. Cotter: Simeon, Reuben, Oz and NZ.
2. Steve Coneglan: Reuben Not France? Sheepfarming
3. Stephen Spykerman: Simeon to be Scattered, and therefore not Australia

"Brit-Am Now"-946
1. Chris Josephson: "Role to Rule" -the best
2. Ron Fraser: Pleased with Chronicles Commentary
3. Steve Coneglan: Thanks
4. Wayne Laurence: Disagrees with Identifications
5. Upcoming Article by Stephen Spykerman: France is Reuben
6. Jack Flaws: Relative Tribal Positioning
7. Individual Tribal Identifications on Brit-Am Site

"Brit-Am Now"-947
1. Stephen Spykerman: Reply to Wayne on Heraldry
2. Winston Churchill:
Ancient Israelites "not so very different from ourselves"
3. Australia - odds and ends

"Brit-Am Now"-948
1. Cam Rea: The Antiquity of Heraldry
2. Craig Blackwood: Israel salt and light
3. Runes from Phoenicia?

"Brit-Am Now"-949
1. Cam Rea: The Antiquity of Heraldry- Corrected
2. Boers of South Africa: predominantly German?
3. New Addition to Brit-Am Hebrew Pictures: Ancient Egyptians

"Brit-Am Now"-950
1. Benayahu Zentgraf: South African Boer Origins
2. Question: How do you know the difference between Israelites and non-Israelites?
3. English Royal Family of Irish Milesian origin

"Brit-Am Now"-951
1. "Psalms-80-2-corrected" and another correction
2. Milesians in Mythology??
3. Cam Rea: Role To Rule

"Brit-Am Now"-952
1. Origin of the English
2. Complaints and Comments Invited
3. The word "hobby" from Hebrew?
4. Question on South Americans
5. Questions Jewish Family Names, etc
6. Question on the Magazine

"Brit-Am Now"-953
1. Letter of Support for Brit-Am
2. Charles Voss: "natural allies"
3.Cam Rea: The Need to be aware of Israelite Ancestry in General
4. Question on the Magazine
5. Ancient Britons from "Armenia" or France? (a)
6. Ancient Britons from "Armenia" or France? (b)
7. Brit-Am and the Radio

"Brit-Am Now"-954
1. New York Times Article on Amerigo Vespucci
2. Captain Ian McRae: "Britain" not just "England" is the correct term!
3. Brit-Am Reply to Mistaken Charge of Anti-Semitism on Germanic-L

"Brit-Am Now"-955
1. Scots-Irish Founder Effect in Ulster
2. Some Free Tapes Sent Out
3. More Correspondence with Germanic-L
4. Germanic-L Replies and Answers
5. Megaliths - A New Source of Verification?

"Brit-Am Now"-956
1. "English", "Anglo" and "Brit"
2. Dr David Faux -a new positive force
3. Steve Collins: Scythians

"Brit-Am Now"-957
1. Sick Nutcase Attacks Brit-Am
2. Answer to Irrate US Customer
3. Question on the Names of the Patriarchs LITERALLY
being applied to their descendants
4. Archaeology: Cimmerians and Scythians - Important New Sources
5. History and Brit-Am Research: Just for the Record

"Brit-Am Now"-958
1. William Rasmussen Replies to Nut case
2. Sally: Comments on "A nasty attitude" and happy with Role to Rule
3. Anna Arnold: Pleased with Role to Rule and reply to Nut case
4. Janice: Comments on DNA Findings and Brit-Am Reply
"Brit-Am Beliefs and the Importance of DNA"
5. DNA: Early Anglo-Saxon Settlement and Hypothetical "Apartheid" in Britain

"Brit-Am Now"-959
1. Inverness:
re Nutcase "probably about as sane as anyone else"
2. Aram Paquin: Demography and French Canadian Example
3. Joan Griffith: WHO is in Eretz Israel in these End Times?
4. Claim that the World is Upside Down and Brit-Am Reply
5. Editorial to Brit-Am TRUTH no 10

"Brit-Am Now"-960
1. Brit-Am Appeals Demeaning?
2. Challenge to Nut-case
(a) Real identity of Nut Case Not Known
(b) No Wish to offend German supporters and subscribers whose forebears came from German
(c) Benayahu Zentgraf: Hard Questions Put to Nut Case
3. "Role to Rule" Appreciated in Denmark
and Interesting Danish Expression

"Brit-Am Now"-961
1. Nickie: Let us not lower ourselves
2. "Peace and Courage to Get Through the Day"
3. Allen Ramsay: Take the High Ground

"Brit-Am Now"-962
1. Janice: The US Brokered Oslo
2. Nickie: Commercials on TV cf. Brit-Am Appeal
3. Two Good Articles Exposing "Christian Identity"
4. Janice: The Hairy Head of Absolam
5. Jonathan Tillotson: Is Brit-Am too Political?
6. Offended
7. Inverness: The Test of the Book of Obadiah
8. Daniel: Thanks again for your efforts
9. Brit-Am Should "stay on course"

"Brit-Am Now"-963
1. Question: What are the needs of Brit-Am?
2. New Additions to the Brit-Am Web-Site
3. Timothy F Murray: Courage to you
4. Janice: More on Absolam
5. Cecil Davis: "Role to Rule"

"Brit-Am Now"-964
1. Question on the Expulsion of the Jews from England 1290 CE.
2. Question on going to Israel and Tribal Identity
3. Nickie: Need for the Repentance of Judah and Joseph
4. Brit-Am Available for Speaking Engagements
5. Joan Griffith: Your task is every bit as difficult as Jonah's!

"Brit-Am Now"-965
1. Maximus Taylor: Jews in Spain
2. David McLeod: Salvation for Israel
3. The Pots = Mud?
4. Serious Brit-Am Mistake concerning Date of Rosh HaShannah
5. Question on Psalms 81

"Brit-Am Now"-966
1. Inverness: Jews in Spain
2. Craig Blackwood:
New Zealanders were on the hit list!
3. Questions: About Celts and Hebrew Origins

"Brit-Am Now"-967
1. Vendyl Jones and Edom Article
2. Menasheh and Ephraim. "May they be like fish".
3. Jews in Spain and Brit-Am Reference to Tartessos
4. David Jackson: Let us Ignore Conspiracy Theory
5. Sundries:
(a) The Magazine "Brit-Am TRUTH"
(b) Needed: A Hebrew Bible Studies Forum
(c) Recent Orders

"Brit-Am Now"-968
1. Archaeology: Evidence of Ancient Tribal Clans in Samaria of Manasseh
2. Extracts from Posting about Forced Portuguese Convert Ancestry
3. Update to WebSite Articles
4. Answer to Cantankerous Correspondent and the Book of Jasher
5. Proverbs 9:7-11

"Brit-Am Now"-969
1. Captain Ian McRae: Runes And The Hebrews
2. Shavei Israel and the Burma Blues Again
3. Robert Kennedy: Need for Union
4. Lane Kelly: re "The Book of Jasher" -Thank You
5. Inverness: Brit-Am "a light
that attracts the mosquitoes"!

"Brit-Am Now"-970
1. Robert Kennedy: Ephraim to Come as they are
2. Leah Todd: In Defence of The Book of Jasher and Brit-Am Reply
3. New Year for Brit-Am?
(a) The Hebrew New Year
(b) Brit-Am
(1) Negative Side
In Sum.

"Brit-Am Now"-971
1. Question on Islam
2. Don Lawrence: A Question for Robert Kennedy
3. Thomas Malloy: Burma Blues Turn Green?
4. Sandie b.: Pleased with Newsletter
5. Atlantis and the Ten Lost Tribes

"Brit-Am Now"-972
1. Reactions to Question on Islam and
end of Thread
(a) Paul Leivers: Islam Not the Same
(b) Jonathan Tillotson: "Political Correctness gone bonkers"
(c) "Sam": Islam is the common enemy
(d) Brit-Am Comment and Probable End of Thread:
2. J Botha: The Temple Mount- EXASPERATED
3. Question on Welsh Genealogy and Being Certain of Israelite Origin
4. New Article on Islam by Stephen Spykerman

"Brit-Am Now"-973
1. Sam: Brit-Am and the New Year
2. Brit-Am Membership Certificates and Magazine Subscription
3. Needed "Ancient Chronicles of Eri"

"Brit-Am Now"-974
1. The Influence of Jewish Principles on the Founders of the USA?
2. Ancient Scots Mummified Their Dead
(Remnants of a Canaanite Custom?)
3. Links between Sweden and Scotland
Scottish Settlers in Sweden
4. Whites in USA under siege?
5. A Mexican Israelite?

"Brit-Am Now"-975
1. Cam Rea: Whites Under Siege in America?
2. Phoenicians and Israelites in Ireland and Britain alongside the Pussy Cat
3. Iron Age British Tribes

"Brit-Am Now"-976
1. Question on the attitude of "Jewish Religious circles" to the Lost Tribes
2. Brit-Am Survey Questions: Progress
3. Meeting of Brit-Am Representatives with Rabbi Avichail

"Brit-Am Now"-977
1. Proposed New Front Page to Web-Site
2. Wikipedia Article on Lost Tribes
3. Medieval Jews Anticipated Ten Lost Tribes
Reply to Jonathan from New Zealand
4. Question on Gomer and the Lost Ten Tribes
5. New Article in German

"Brit-Am Now"-978
1. Anglo-Saxons Crossed to England in Search of Cattle Pasture
2. Comment on New Frontpage for Brit-Am Web Site
3. Brit-Am Broadcasts Israel: Psalms

"Brit-Am Now"-979
1. Meaning of the word "Shevet", Sebet, Sept?
2. Questions Regarding Arab (?) Enemy of Brit-Am Who was Quoted by Wikipedia
3. Brit-Am and Succot

"Brit-Am Now"-980
1. Identity People to Stay Away From
2. Limitations of Wikipedia
3. Pleased with New Site Appearance
4. Mistakes on the Web
5. BAMBI (Brit-Am Broadcasting Israeli
Psalms Two

"Brit-Am Now"-981
1. Dennis McGinlay: WWCG
2. Letter from a Biblical Zionist
3. Heredity: Interesting Quote
4. BAMBI (Brit-Am Broadcasting Israel)
Psalms Three
5. Dr. Richard Griffith: The Steam Ship and Early USA

"Brit-Am Now"-982
1. "at least one faithful listener"
2. Meetings in Jerusalem
3. Brit-Am Still in Need of Support

"Brit-Am Now"-983
1. BAMBI and The Psalms
(a) very good commentary
(b) "refreshing and comfortable"
(c) Your delivery sounds 'unscripted'
2. Brit-Am Survey: First Question
3. Archaeological Works Confirm Brit-Am Migratory Routes
4. Was Zebulon to become a "Haven" or not?
5. Should Brit-Am Concentrate Only On, or at least more on, Judah?
6. Renewed Article: "The First Five Books of the Book"
7. Need for List of Identity Groups that are OK and PhD Thesis

"Brit-Am Now"-984
1. O.Shane Balloun: "Haven" Means "Port"!
2. Answers to Second Question Posted
3. Comment on believers who are pro-Jewish and Question on the Prophesied Return

"Brit-Am Now"-986
1. Lasse Martinsen: Some Tribal Identifications
2. Michelle: "confused about what your mission is exactly"
3. Kevin Opp: Jews in USA (Benjamin?) cf. Jews in Israel
4. Site in Hebrew?
5. The Encampment in the Wilderness and Today

"Brit-Am Now"-987
1. BAMBI: Psalms 4
2. Encampment Around the Tabernacle
(a ) Sandie B.
(b) Extract from "The Tribes"
3. Tessa: Judah versus Amalek!
4. Thomas Gray: "to get together and do something"
5. Complaint Against the Brit-Am "Agenda" and Brit-Am Answer

"Brit-Am Now"-988
1. Phoenician Cadiz, 'Europe's oldest city' is found
2. A Goth from Sweden Confirms Brit-Am identifications
3. Charlotte Mecklenburg : What Can We Do?
4. Jews in Scotland?
5. Brit-Am Questionnaire: Answers to Question 4

"Brit-Am Now"-989
1. Brit-Am Outreach:
Types of Respondents
2. Brit-Am BAMBI Commentary to Psalm 5
3. Answers to Brit-Am Questionnaire, Q.5

"Brit-Am Now"-990
1. Francis Hynds: Ulster and Israel
2. What is a "normal ten triber"?
3. What was the Point of the Categorization of Respondents?
4. Traditional Burial Places of the Twelve Israelite Tribal Ancestors?
5. Traits of Judah

"Brit-Am Now"-991
1. Question on Judahites amongst Lost Tribes
2. Comment on Judah: Preliminary List of Traits
3. Question on Ireland and Ulster, Anti-Semitism, and longish Brit-Am Reply
4. BAMBI Biblical Proofs
5. Brit-Am Questionaire

"Brit-Am Now"-992
1. "Individuality" more of a process of Americanization
2. A Family Squabble?
3. The Brit-Am Family: Where is everybody?
4. More Brit-Am Sources on Ireland

"Brit-Am Now"-993
1. Query on Lactose Intolerance
2. Americanization, Individualism, and Joseph
3. Posting of different perspectives to be encouraged
4. BAMBI: Outline of Geographical Proofs
and List of Ephraimite Criteria
5. New Feature:

"Brit-Am Now"-994
1. Brit-Am Survey: Summaries and Intermediate Conclusions, A1. to 6.
2. "Lost Israelite Identity.
The Hebrew Origin of Celtic Races"
again in stock
3. Article: "Dan and the Serpent Way.
Dan in Northern Israel, Greece, and Elsewhere"
4. Hebrew Types: More Pictures
5. "Bravo to Rachael!"
6. Jonathan Tillotson: Historical Explanations for a Feeling of Community and Lack of it.
7. Descendants of Ephraim Amongst the Jews of Morocco?

"Brit-Am Now"-995
1. Question on Rabbis Supporting Brit-Am etc
2. Brit-Am Questionnaire:
Answers to Question no.A.7
3. "Cyrus the Israelite" by Cam Rea
New Article!

"Brit-Am Now"-996
1. Cam Rea: "the more we help in pumping out books, magazines, and articles, the high criticism will have to respond sometime"
2. Brit-Am TRUTH Magazine Announcement
3. Brit-Am Questionnaire: Answers to Question no.8

"Brit-Am Now"-997
1. Answers to Brit-Am Questionnaire no.A. 9
2. Example of Double Place-Name Etymology
3. Additions to "Ireland in Bible Codes"
4. Brit-Am Under the Weather 5. Brit-Am still in need of funds.

"Brit-Am Now"-998
1. Moderating the List, Just for the Record, and the last words of Ned Kelly.
2. The Questionaire A.10
A. 10. What do you consider the strongest point of Brit-Am?
3. Correction: "Information inundation" was given as a plus!
4. Rabbis who agree with Brit-Am?
5. Lost Israelite Identity has not been revised!

"Brit-Am Now"-999
1. New Article: DAN
in Biblical Codes
2. No Rabbinical Dispute versus Brit-Am
3. Craig White - New book on Germany

"Brit-Am Now"-1000
1. Short Article on the present situation of Brit-Am
2. Tribal Articles Brought Together
3. Why Should the Jews Care
that the Lost Ten Tribes are in the West?


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