The Purpose of Exile and Loss of Identity
There were originally 12 tribes of Israel.
The 12 tribes were divided into two sections. Ten of the 12 tribes became lost.
The Lost Ten Tribes were exiled and lost their identity.
Judah was also exiled but Judah (i.e. the Jewish People) did not lose his identity. This is a fact.
Why was this?
The article below supplies some of the answers to this fundamental question.

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The Purpose of Exile and Loss of Identity
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The Ten Lost Tribes were exiled and lost their identity for Reasons hinted at in the Bible. Yair Davidiy from Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes, discusses sources concerning this question.

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The Purpose of Exile and Loss of Identity

There were originally 12 tribes of Israel.
The 12 tribes were divided into two sections. Ten of the 12 tribes became lost.
The Lost Ten Tribes were exiled and lost their identity.
Judah was also exiled but Judah (i.e. the Jewish People) did not lose his identity. This is a fact.
Why was this?

We know that descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes are now to be found amongst Western Peoples. We also know that originally they had been part of the Kingdom of Israel that broke away from Judah, were exiled, and lost consciousness of their national ancestry.
Why however were they exiled in the first place?
Was there a Divine Purpose behind this?
The Lost Ten Tribes are destined to have their identity made known to them and to return.
What cause was served by the Ten Tribes forgetting who they were and where they had come from?

Why were The Lost Ten Tribes exiled?
Why did the Lost Ten Tribes lose their identity?
Why did Judah not lose his identity?
What Divine Purpose was there behind this?

It was prophesied that the Lost Ten Tribes would be together in the same areas and this is what happened. Amongst the Lost Ten Tribes we have identified the English-speaking nations of Britain, America, Australia, and related peoples as having been dominated by the Tribes of Joseph.

In Genesis 32 it describes the Patriarch Jacob who was returning from Exile in Aram. Jacob divided himself into two camps [Genesis 32:10] .
The descendants of Jacob were also destined to be divided into two camps:
The two camps are Judah (the Jews) and "Joseph" who represents all the Lost Ten Tribes.

Joseph was the leading element amongst the Ten Tribes. Joseph, son of Jacob, had been sold into captivity into Egypt. He became the effective ruler of the Land and and saved the Gentiles peoples as well as his israelite brothers. Joseph is a prototype for the Ten Tribes.
In 1-Kings chapter 12 it describes the first division between Judah and Joseph. It says that the division was caused by God.
[1-Kings 12; 15] Wherefore the king hearkened not unto the people; for the cause was from the LORD.

Notice the words: "the cause was from the LORD". This means that God had His own reasons for allowing the division between Judah and the Northern Tribes (represented by Joseph) to take place.

It says further:
1-Kings 12:24. So says the LORD, You shall not go up, nor fight against your brothers the children of Israel: return every man unto his house; FOR THIS THING IS FROM ME. They hearkened therefore to the word of the LORD, and returned to depart, according to the word of the LORD.

 We see from the above that the Division was from God: FOR THIS THING IS FROM ME, it says.

 God had his own reasons for the Division.
The Division was part of the Divine Plan for world history.

Rabbinical Thinkers (such as Rabbi Isaac Kook, first Chief Rabbi of "Palestine" and foremost religious thinker) said that Joseph and the Ten Tribes and others became assimilated amongst the Gentiles in order to elevate the heathen from inside.
The Lost Israelites will constantly experience a subconscious drive to re-assert their Israelite identity and to draw closer to the Almighty.
In the process the Lost Ten Tribes will elevate not only themselves but also the non-Israelites they dwell amongst and alongside of.

On the other hand Judah (the Jews) had the task of developing the law and his inner world.

In principle the tasks of Judah (developing the law and spiritual existence) and Joseph (elevating the rest of the world) should have been combined in the one united entity of Israel.
This was, as if to say, Plan A.
The Tribes of Israel and external world conditions could not take the tension of one body possessing these two attributes and consciously affirming them.
Therefore there arose a need for Plan B.
The two parts of Israel (headed by Judah and Joseph) had to split in two. One side did its own particular task and the other took on the other goal.
This was required by the condition of the world and humanity as prevailed in the past.

Joseph took on those Israelite aspects of ruling the world and civilizing humanity. In order to do this Joseph had to loose his identity, to go do down to the level of the heathen nations of that time and then evolve upwards dragging the rest of humanity with him.

Judah (the Jews), on the other hand, lost his national geographical existence and went into exile but he kept the law and developed it.
In the future the two halves will re-unite.
The two aspects will become one.

We see that Judah has already begun to return to the Land of Israel and is preparing the infra-structure for the other Tribes as predicted by the Prophets, such as Amos and Hosea.
The time for Joseph (to reconcile his material achievements with spiritual potential) may be drawing closer as well?

It says that the Lost Tribes would be a light to the nations:

The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel are described by Isaiah as becoming "a light to the nations" (Isaiah 42:6 49:6): This means they will become some type of humanizing or civilizing influence. In Hebrew "light to the nations" is "Or Goyim". The Hebrew word "Goyim" can be translated as either "nations" or as "Gentiles" meaning non-Israelites. Both translations are possible.
       It was said that Israel would be "A LIGHT TO THE GENTILES". The word for "Gentiles" is synonymous with the word for "Nations". Both words are correct translations of the Hebrew "Goyim". Isaiah 49:5-12: i.e. Israel would be a "light" or a civilizing influence over non-Israelites and non-Israelite nations.

Isaiah 49:5-12 speaks of the Ten Tribes in the Latter Days. The Tribes of Jacob will have an enlightening influence over the Gentiles. They shall be a "Brit-Am" or covenant of peoples. They will be located at the ends of the earth meaning the geographical extremities of the Continental masses. They will have colonized relatively undeveloped lands and be found in the north and west (from the Land of Israel) and also in the Land of Sinim meaning Australia and New Zealand.

Again in Genesis ch.18 God had made himself known unto Abraham. Abraham was promised to become a great and mighty nation in whom all nations of the earth would be blessed. The descendants of Abraham would establish justice and judgment in the earth.

In Genesis 22 it is emphasized that these predictions were unconditional and had to be fulfilled!

# By myself have I sworn, says the LORD, for because you have done this thing, and have not withheld your son, your only son, That in blessing I will bless you, and in multiplying I will multiply your seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the seashore; and your seed shall possess the gate of his enemies;
And in your seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed; because you have obeyed my voice. # (Genesis 22:16).

Other verses emphasize and detail these points. The Lost Tribes would rule over other peoples (Genesis 27:29 48:19). They would be a world power (Numbers 24:7-9 Micah ch.5:7-9); They would rule the waves (Numbers 23:7). They would control all major strategic areas (Genesis 22:17, 24:60). They were to become the richest and mightiest entities on earth (Genesis 49:25 Numbers 23:8-9).

Secular studies (history, linguistics, mythology, archaeology, etc) also confirm the Hebraic origins of Western Peoples.

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The Purpose of Exile and Loss of Identity
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