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Brit-Am needs money constantly just to continue to function at a minimum level.
We are also working at what we consider to be near our maximum capacity in the long term.

We believe in what we are doing and need to continue along the lines we have been operating only in a better, more effective manner. We need your offerings and assistance to this.

At the same time we need to reach the Hebrew-speaking public.
In order to reach more Speakers of Hebrew:
It would be preferable that we had another web-site (and not space elsewhere) of our own dedicated only to Hebrew-speakers.
An additional computer etc since existing equipment is already employed most of the time.
Funds to employ an asssistant to do that portion of the work that an assistant fluent in Hebrew and with basic computer skills could handle.

The envisioned Hebrew-Language site would:
Contain ALL Rabbinical sources concerning the Lost Ten Tribes with (where possible) an accompanying Brit-Am Commentary.
Brit-Am Works and articles in Hebrew such as an improved version of "Achim Acharim".
Correspondence, Questions and Answers, etc in a blog-type format while retaining something of the Classicial Brit-Am style familiar to our English-language subscribers.
Other features such as Bible Studies, News, Commentary, etc
Ultimately the site would generate its own group of supporters and pay for itself.
It is expected that New sources of information and insights would quickly become known.
The best of the newly-available knowledge and the Give-and-Take that would result would be translated or otherwise transmitted in essence to our English Language folloowing.
This is something that can be done and dovetails with what we are already doing.
We would need financial support in order to do it and to ensure that it is done reasonably well and NOT at the expense of our other activities most of which also could use more input.
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