Ten Tribes Tribal Report no.22

14 June 2009 22 Sivan 5769
1. Britain: John Le Carre on Ephraim and Judah?
2. Australia: Climate Change Causing heat Waves and
3. Ulster: Israeli Flag Combined with Ulster Banner. Good Photos


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1. Britain: John Le Carre on Ephraim and Judah?
In my youth there was a stage where I read a lot of fictional works. I especially liked spy novels.
John Le Carre was one of my favorite authors.
Le Carre is more than a writer of pulp novels. His productions may eventually be counted as Classics.
Rabbi Kook and others have pointed out that in some respects the Literature of a nation  reflects its soul.
Le Carre in some respects may be taken as reflecting an aspect of the British soul.
He gives expression of the need of the British to play a role in world events no matter their situation.
A recurring theme in his works is that of a common purpose between the British and Jewish nations.
The LIttle Drummer Girl
##In this enthralling and thought-provoking novel of Middle Eastern intrigue, Charlie, a brilliant and beautiful young actress, is lured into "the theatre of the real" by an Israeli intelligence officer. Forced to play her ultimate role, she is plunged into a deceptive and delicate trap set to ensnare an elusive Palestinian terrorist.## An exciting story, excitingly told The Observer
A Small Town in Germany
##The missing man: Harting, refugee background, a Junior Something in the British Embassy in Bonn. The missing files: forty-three of them, all Confidential or above. The timing: appalling and probably not accidental; radical students and neo-Nazis rioting; critical negotiations in Brussels. London's security officer Alan Turner is sent to Bonn to find the missing man and files as Germany's past, present and future threaten to collide in a nightmare of violence.##
Harting turns out to be Jew seeking to prevent a resurrection of the Third Reich
Le Carre may be said in a sense to have intuitive felt the need for an ultimate union between Judah and Ephraim as predicted in Isaiah 10:11 and Ezekiel 37.

John Le Carr. why le Carr beats Fleming hands down

2. Australia: Climate Change Causing heat Waves and deathes
State must brace for more
heatwaves, deaths
CLIMATE change is causing heatwave records to be smashed in ways that would have been considered fantasy just a few years ago, a leading climate scientist has warned.

Monash University's Neville Nicholls said the increase in the number and severity of extremely hot summer days in Victoria was unprecedented, making it impossible to estimate accurately the impact it would have on people's health. The State Government recently estimated 374 Victorians may have died because of extreme heat in the final week of January.

Professor Nicholls, a lead author with the agenda-setting Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, said many people thought of climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions as something that would happen in 2030 or 2070.

"With heatwaves it is not. Climate change is happening now and will happen all through the rest of our lifetimes," he told a State Government conference on adapting to climate change.

"We are seeing huge changes in the frequency and the extremity of heatwaves ? every population centre in the world is being threatened by this."

The rise in extreme heat is one of the factors predicted to exacerbate the risk of bushfires as climate change takes hold.

Professor Nicholls said heat records for many centres were broken more than once last summer, often by huge margins by meteorological standards. Melbourne had never before experienced a run of three days hotter than 42 degrees. The final week of January had three consecutive days topping 43 degrees.

In March 2008, Adelaide had 15 days hotter than 35 degrees ? seven more than the previous record.

"The old records are not just being broken by increments, they are being smashed," Professor Nicholls said, pointing to other heatwaves this decade in Europe, the US, Asia and south-eastern Australia.

Professor Nichols said adapting to cope with extreme heatwaves would be easier than factoring climate change into other aspects of life.

Measures included increasing fluid intake, keeping cool and reducing physical activity.

The number of nights that do not drop below 20 degrees, linked with increased mortality rates, has risen by 20 per cent over the past 50 years.

3. Ulster: Israeli Flag Combined with Ulster Banner
On Saturday the 6th of June 2009, we passed through a newly built housing estate south west of Ballymena in Northern Ireland; as we approach the traditional annual commemorations of the Battle of the Boyne such Protestant, unionist and loyalists housing estates are bedecked in Union Jacks, Northern Ireland flags and other symbols of loyalty to the British Crown. A few years ago ,many of these estates adopted the Israeli flag and flew that flag too. Obviously Ulster loyalists find common cause with Israel in regard to their conflict over land & identity; this year though we encounter a new phenomenon someone has synthesised or fused or married the Northern Ireland flag with that of the state of Israel.  ( I attach the pics. including a pic of me in my Titanic Tartan kilt ! But it's the flags we are interested in.)
I have reports of Israeli flags flying in other parts of Ulster.

Ulster Israeli Combined Banner Photos

Ulster Flag

Magen David

Ulster Flag


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