"The Hebrew Identity of Celtic Races"

"Ancestry. The Hebrew Identity of Celtic Races"
    by Yair Davidiy
        Proof that amongst Celtic Peoples (especially of Britain and Ireland) were to be found many Hebrews from the Lost Ten Tribes. This still applies today, to their descendants.

"The Hebrew Identity of Celtic Races"

The Ten Tribes were exiled and moved to the West in different movements of migration.  One section became part of the Cimmerians and helped give rise to Celtic Civilization. Another portion were transported under Assyrian-Edomite direction in  Philistine (Minoan), and Phoenician (Tyrian) ships to Spain and from there moved to Ireland, Gaul, and Britain. This is confirmed by archaeology and written accounts including those from Ireland, Wales, Britain, and Scotland.

               There were originally Twelve populous large Israelite Tribes. Ten of these Tribes split off from the remaining two and formed  their own kingdom of "Israel". They were conquered by the Assyrians, exiled en masse, and disappeared. Exiled along with them were many from the two Tribes that remained.
                The Bible (2-Kings ch.17) and archaeological discoveries prove that most of the Ancient Hebrews were taken away by the Assyrians. Their identity, according to conventional accounts, was lost to themselves and to others and nobody is quite certain what became of them. NEVERTHELESS, they are spoken of throughout the Prophets (e.g. Jeremiah chs.30-31, Hosea chs.1-3, most of Isaiah, Amos, etc.) and in Talmudic and Rabbinical sources as if wherever they are they remain grouped together and are destined to return to God and to the Land of Israel. Before their return, Scripture tells us, they will be fulfilling an important role in civilizing and humanizing mankind. In other words the "Lost Ten Tribes" exist, and must be somewhere, and logically must be an important polity (as the Bible  says they will be) in order to fulfill the task laid upon them. 'Ancestry' brings proof that they migrated in several waves (and by varied paths) mainly to Western Europe and the British Isles whence their descendants eventually colonized North America, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.
                This book proves the 'Ancestry' case in the same way as the other published works of Brit-Am/Hebrew Nations (e.g. "The Tribes")  each in its own way also did. The proofs adduced in this work are conclusive and demonstrate the truth of 'Ancestry'. This book was written to prove the Israelite identity of certain western peoples and that is what it does do. 'Ancestry' contains information that may well be more valuable than anything you are likely to find in other works. The particular truth that 'Ancestry' reveals may be what this present generation has need of. By acquiring and reading 'Ancestry' you will have become involved with the revelation of history. 

'Ancestry' concentrates on evidence concenring the Celtic peoples of Western Europe and their overseas offshoots as being of Israelite origin from the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. They themselves are on the whole unaware of their 'Ancestry' from Israelites.
The 'Ancestry' claim is a true one, plentiful proof exists and enough of it is presented in 'Ancestry' to prove the point.
The Celts did not call themselves "Celtic" but rather Iberi or Hiberi meaning "Hebrew"! 

   The evidence in "Ancestry" is derived from Biblical, archaeological, and written sources, all of which are adequately referenced.

   'Ancestry' shows how Celtic (Irish, Scottish, and Welsh) legends confirm the Hebrew "Ancestry". Often precise details are imparted that are proven to be accurate. The Celts preserved names of Hebrew Tribes and places. In the past, from pre-Christian times, they practiced aspects of the Mosaic Law and in Scotland continued to do so until fairly recently. The Bible and Jewish tradition confirm and supplement these findings.

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The Hebrew Identity of Celtic Races"
by Yair Davidiy is published by Russell-Davis Publishing, Jerusalem, Israel

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Ancestry  Ancestry The Hebrew Identity of Celtic Races. Now Available! Now AVAILABLE!