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Your True Identity

Originally there were twelve tribes of Israel. Ten of these Tribes disappeared.
The Jews of today are mainly descended from the Tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi. The other Ten Tribes, according to the Bible in the last days, were to be found mainly amongst peoples of West European descent, especially those in North America, Britain, and of British origin. This is what the Bible says in accordance with the original Hebrew text and Rabbinical explanations.

The Bible says that in the Last days the Lost Ten Tribes will be situated at the ends of Continents. They are compared to a bald-headed eagle (symbol of the USA), and by a lion and unicorn, which are the symbols of Britain. They were to be in Isles of the Sea, in the best parts of the earth, mainly to the north and west of the Land of Israel, but also in Australia and similar regions. They were to be associated with the Atlantic Ocean, to be seafarers, the mightiest, the most powerful, and the richest nations in the world. They were to be a civilizing influence in the world, and extremely numerous. They were also to be largely unaware of their Israelite identity and to practice a non-Jewish religion. Judah, at first, would not know who they were. Scripture gives numerous other identifying characteristics that taken as a whole can only fit one group of peoples.

Historically: The peoples of Western Europe are largely derived from groups whose ancestors  can be traced to the Middle East and ultimately to Israel.

Linguistically: The languages spoken by these peoples are classified as
Indo-European though they contain major linguistic elements that do not fit in with such a definition and can best be explained by a Hebraic component.

These peoples should realize who they are and act together.We have the information that can confirm this identity, and more is available as revealed by ongoing researches we are conducting.

The Hebrew [Tenach] Bible is true - The Bible shows that:
  • The existence of Israel fulfills the purpose of creation.
  • The good of Israel is the good of the world.
  • There are two halves of Israel represented by "Judah" and "Joseph".
  • Both halves have their own uniqueness and their own role.
  • Ultimately Judah and Joseph must re-unite with each other.
  • Each side is incomplete without the other and cannot fulfill their task without the other.

"Joseph" (The Lost Ten Tribes) must be made aware of who he is.

  • Judah should be told about Joseph.
  • Judah and Joseph should draw together.
  • Even before the two sides once more join together, the more they recognize each other, help each other, and work with each other, so much the better.

Brit-Am works for these goals.
Details may be obtained from the free Brit-Am e-mail discussion groups, the web sites, and Brit-Am publications and tapes.
By learning about Brit-Am, spreading this information, and helping Brit-Am, you will be on the side of the good and good will come unto you.

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