Glenn Beckoning!
Prominent Media Personality and Political Commentator, Glenn Beck, identifies the USA with the Ten Tribes of Israel. Mr Beck testifies that this realization has come to him relatively recently. Whatever the source of his knowledge it is a welcome development. It is the truth and it is good that someone of high calibre, such as Mr Beck, is now aware of it and publicly speaks of it. Our movement, Brit-Am/Hebrew Nations has been advocating this truth in Israel for more than 30 years. Others have done the same elsewhere. Nevertheless each voice has its own distinction. It is interesting to note that on certain key issues, such as the importance of Judah and the Torah, the understanding of Mr Beck and ourselves appears to be the same.

Below we present a YouTube Video clip illustrating the above points along with an article on the subject.

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Recently Glenn Beck, the political commentator and well-known Media personality, spoke of the Ten Tribes of Israel having gone to Western Europe. He also spoke of the importance of Judah, meaning the Jews, having kept the Torah. Brit-Am/Hebrew Nations has spoken frequently along the same lines. We think the parallelisms to be of interest. We are hereby bringing you a few spliced clips from the talk given by Glenn Beck alongside a few by Yair Davidiy. The first section concerns the Ten Tribes in general. The second section compares what both personalities have said about Judah and the importance of Torah.

Durations 12.47 minutes. To read the rest of this article PLEASE SCROLL DOWN!

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The word Beck or Beckon is derived from the Old English beacen meaning to make a sign or beacon. It has come to mean call out or signal.
Glenn Beck recently announced his belief that the USA as a nation is the Ten Tribes of Israel.
Perhaps Mr. Beck is beginning the beckoning to descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes to realize who they  are?
We discussed his new message in previous articles.
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Major US Media Personality Spreads Message of US Ten Tribes Identity
#3. What did Glenn Actually Say about the Ten Tribes?

In his recent talkshow (see Video Clip below) Glenn Beck, amongst other matters,  said that:

1. The USA represents the Ten Tribes of Israel.

2. The pioneer Pilgrim Father founding element in the USA were the continuation of Israel.
They were the PHYSICAL descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes.

3. The Bible warns Israel, meaning the Ten Tribes in the USA, to repent.

4. The Ten Tribes  were taken into Exile by Assyria. They went up through the Caucasus  Mountains  to  the  coastlands of Europe.
From those regions they populated the USA.

5. Judah kept the Torah. That was the task of Judah.

We discussed the possibility raised by Daniel Duffield that, due to an e-book he gave to Mr Beck and that Mr Beck had promised to read, acquaintanceship with our message had been made.
#6. Daniel Duffield: A Possible  Recent Brit-Am and/or Steven Collins Influence on Glenn Beck!
In addition to the five points above Mr Beck illustrated the Lost Israelite characteristics of the USA by referring to the US Great Seal and the Statue of Liberty.
We have studied the Great Seal in detail in our book, The Tribes, and also, more briefly, on our web-site:
There were points however that Glenn raised that we had not mentioned.
One possibility was that Glenn had become familiar with the work of Stephen Spykerman.

See: Glenn Beck Continued. Stephen Spykerman: GLEN BECK & THE GREAT SEAL
Stephen says he had obtained some of his information from Raymond Capt. In his turn, Capt possibly was inspired by someone else.
In this field it is often hard to say where an idea begins.
It has happened that we have written something, forgotten it, and then picked it up again from someone who copied our first writing.
It also happens that we have thought we originated a notion only to find that someone else had preceded us.

We do not know for sure whether or not Glenn Beck ever read any of our works or was influenced by us in any way.

There are however parallels worth noting. Some of these parallelisms are common to most of those who now find the Ten Tribes amongst Western Peoples. A few of them are unique to us or at least most emphasized by us, and now by Glenn Beck!

1. We say that physically more than half the Ten Tribes are now amongst the US population; The USA represents both  Ephraim and Manasseh, especially the latter. The initial return of the Ten Tribes will probably begin from Gilead of Manasseh meaning the USA.
The USA today is the nation  that gives most expression to its Israelite Ancestry!

2. We emphasize PHYSICAL descent from Israel as against those who seem to prefer the more spiritual aspects. These too, however, are important.

3. We apply the Biblical message to both the Ten Tribes and to Judah.

4. We describe the migratory paths of the Israelites to the West. One of these routes was via the Caucasus Mountains and to the north and west.
The Ten Tribes went  to  the islands and  the coastlands. Many of them were also to be found elsewhere in Europe including Italy and Germany. Most Israelites who had been in Germany and similar areas separated themselves out from their Gentile non-Israelite neighbors and migrated to North America in the 1700s and 1800s or later.
Some of the proofs we bring concerning the whereabouts of the Ten Tribes  involve geographic provenance. The Lost Ten Tribes were to be in the isles of the Sea, concentrated to the north and west of Israel but also in the Land of Sinim meaning Australia and New Zealand. One of the categories of their location concerned THIGHS OF THE EARTH
Thighs, Peninsulas, Coasts
... the Hebrew word (yarcetei) meaning literally thighs and translated as coast actually refers to Peninsulas. A peninsula is a projection (i.e. a thigh) of land in to water, connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of land, called an isthmus. Major Lost Israelite Tribal centers such as Jutland (Denmark), Scandinavia, and North America are peninsulas.

[Jeremiah 31:8]

5. We emphasize the role of Judah in Keeping the Law.
The Jews are Judah

Judah and Joseph: Different Roles But the Same Destiny!!

These are points we return to quite frequently.
They are also emphasized by Glenn Beck. In fact Brit-Am/Hebrew Nations and Glenn Beck are unique in this matter.

The talk show on which Glenn spoke, The Blaze, ran for ca. 22 minutes.

[To continue reading the Text, please Scroll Down!]

  The section about the Ten  Tribes runs from  ca. 6.20 through.

Glenn said that:
The 13 stars in the configuration of the Star of David are in honor of Chaim Solomon (the Jew) who helped US. We owe the People of Israel  meaning, in this context, the Jews.

He continued:

# We are a nation based on the Judeo-Christian Tradition, Period... It's fact! (16.33) Nobody can deny that the majority of our laws come directly from the Scripture, right directly from Deuteronomy (16.34) but the Bible comes from Judah! Not the Northern tribes, the southern, Judah (16.45). They were supposed to preserve it, and they did (16.51). The People of Jerusalem, we owe our existence, in many ways, we owe our laws to them (16.57). #

#... without the Torah, without the People of Judah (19.10) you have no law. Ours doesn't exist, the country doesn't exist. nothing exists. You get rid of the Torah, nothing works any more (19.31)... #

This is very similar to what we have been saying.
Glenn Beck has however added an additional dimension.
He is saying the Jews represent the Living Torah. The Torah  is what keeps our civilization going.  If, God forbid, the Jews were to disappear so would the moral basis of the Torah meaning the Bible. Our whole civilization would lose its right to exist. Glenn implies that certain elements amongst the High and Mighty want our civilization to self-destruct. That is why they are working against the Jews, against the State of Israel , and against the Bible.

An almost identical message has been going out from Brit-Am for the past 30 or so years.
Glenn Beck however has upgraded the message. He has given it an element of sophistication and of self-expression and positive assertiveness that is unique to himself. And that was needed!

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