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From: Thomas Gray <>
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2006 16:40:15 -0400

Subject: Mr. Jew

Well, Yair, since I am sending out photos at the end of the year, here is my offering to Brit-Am per the suggestion made a short time ago.  I think by this photo you can see why some of my students spontaneously call me Mr. Jew.  Of course, the beard helps.  I stopped shaving for good about 17 years ago.  I tend to take after the Williams and Prodger from Wales maternal side of my family more than the Gray, Wolverton on my father's side.  I have no known Jews in my ancestry, however.  My father, since he became a Christian from atheism, was 100% supportive of all Jewish people and took me to a synagogue a time or two, and he would be very tickled to hear them call me Mr. Jew.  However, he was down on the WWCoG's teachings and thus rejected the idea that he could be of the lost tribes.


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