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Finland in Brit-Am Bible Codes

3. Issachar, the Fins, and Suomi!
4. Orjan Svensson: Issachar and Finland
5. What do the Codes indicate overall concerning Finland



At a sequence of 245. Begins at Genesis 50:23 where the verse speaks of Joseph being present at the birth of Machir son of Menasseh. Ends at Exodus 2:3.
FINLAND (vertical alignment, lime-green on brown) touches JOSEPH at the top (white on red) then on the next line are listed REUBEN, SIMEON, LEVI, ISSACHAR, and ZEBULON.
The word for WAR (black on yellow) is above MELEC MITSRAIM (green on black) which intersects FINLAND. MITSRAIM is also found below. Mitsraim is the Hebrew word for Egypt. We have explained however that in some contexts Mitsraim refers to Russia. Finland warred with Russia and was ruled over by her in the past. Attached to the end of FINLAND is HiTSPIN (white on blue) which in the text means "hide" and speaks of the hiding of Moses but in Hebrew this expression can also mean "Go Northward".

The People of Finland call their land Suomi. We submitted Suomi as it would probably be spelt in Modern Hebrew to the Bible Codes.
We came up with three results (-211,-252, 357) connecting Suomi to Joseph and one to Esau -331); We also came with one result in Psalms connecting Suomi to Ephraim (Psalms 107:43-108:11).

3. Issachar, the Fins, and Suomi!
Brit-Am identifies Finland with Issachar while noting the presence of Gad and Simeon.
We submitted ISSACHAR to a Brit-Am Bible Codes Examination.


The text is taken from Genesis 40:9-15. It is at an interval of 75.
This is a very IMPORTANT RESULT!
Just above ISSACHAR we find JOSEPH who also appears below on both sides. The word FIN occurs five times one of them being with a combination of the following I (YUD) in ISSACHAR to make FINI meaning "Finnish". An alternate form of FINI also occurs.
Taking the first "S" in ISSACHAR and reading from left-to-read (as is acceptable in Biblical Code reading) we find in Biblical Hebrew the word SUOMI which is the Finnish name for Finland!!
We thus find gathered around the matrix of the name ISSACHAR the word for FIN and for FINNISH and the name SUOMI meaning FINLAND!
These results are quite shocking.

4. Orjan Svensson: Issachar and Finland

The following finding was forwarded to us by Orjan Svensson:


Orjan Svensson who supplied this example lives in Sweden and has conducted important researches into the language of ancient runic scripts and the usage of Hebrew and Aramaic dialects in Scandinavia in Ancient Times.
The details for this finding need to be obtained from Orjan. It shows a combination of overlapping results. FINLAND (vertical lower left) has the name NAFTALI in the same equidistant vertical alignment as itself (begins from the 5th line upwards on the lower left) and then beginning from the "I" in FINLAND at a diagonal incline to the right there is an equidistant progression spelling the name  ISSACHAR that meets up with and crosses over the horizontal expression ISSACHAR AND JUDAH (Deuteronomy 27:12) .
Another point of interest is that the F in NAFTALI in the lower left is the final letter for the name JOSEF attached to it and enclosed in a rectangle with  [red sides. Also enclosed in a rectangle with  [green sides is the name YACOV and above that to the right is the name DAN whose rectangle has  [red sides.
This is followed by a double combination (for emphasis?) connoting STAFF OF MOSES, and linking up with ISSACHAR on the diagonal. In fact the word SHEVET (meaning both STAFF and TRIBE) links up with ISSACHAR in such as way as to also emphasis that ISSACHAR IS the Tribe of Finland. The important sea-port DOR in Menasseh interlocks with these patterns. The "D" in DOR combines with the letter besides it to spell DaN inside a  [red-sided rectangle. A bit higher up we then see additional connections to LEVI and to DAN.

5. What do the Codes indicate overall concerning Finland
We found almost overwhelming evidence that according to the Brit-Am Biblical Codes Finland is dominated by Issachar. In a general sense Finland belongs strongly to Joseph. We found no mention of Judah but we did find LEVI and a repeated appearance of Dan. The presence of an element from Dan is consistent with the Scandinavian location of Finland with Dan being dominant in the north (Numbers 2:25, Shabat 24).
Brit-Am analyses from other sources, as explained in "The Tribes", identifies Finland primarily with Issachar but includes elements from Simeon and Gad. There is therefore a slight divergence of opinion between the two approaches that further research may yet clarify.

The Bible Codes confirm Brit-Am Beliefs.
They are in their own right strong proofs of the Brit-Am truths.

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