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The whole idea [of Brit-Am DNA] is new to me and it will require your participation, input and patience. Yair will moderate the postings of DNA at first but hopes to involve others in this responsibility.

The aim is to examine DNA findings in the light of Brit-Am conclusions. Brit-Am conclusions (as explained on our web sites) are that according to Biblical, historical, and related sources a significant portion of peoples in the West are descended
from Ancient Israelites. The Migratory Paths included:
a. Directly by Sea via Spain to the West.
b. Via Central Europe to the West
c. To Scythia and then Westward.
d. To the east and then westward (Khazar-Viking) via Scandinavia.
e. Whereas all of the above involved concrete population masses many
individuals split off
and later re-attached themselves to the migratory entities, e.g. from
Germany in the 1800s.
f. Descendants of Jews of Judah.

DNA findings may be discussed in whatsoever light is pertinent to our aim.
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Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 22:27:59 -0400 (EDT)
From: Elizabeth524@
Subject: DNA Evidence and Jewish Origins

     I am writing in response to your recent posting on the DNA Rootsweb list regarding Brit-Am. I am of Melungeon descent -- an ethnic group dwelling in the Appalachian Mountains of the southestern US which is of Sephardic Jewish, Muslim Moor and Native American ancestry (as shown by DNA haplotypes and genealogical documentation). While compiling DNA and historical information on my ancestors, I learned that several Sephardic Jews were not carrying  traditionally Semitic (Y and E3b) haplotypes, but rather were R1b (European) haplotype. Atfirst, I thought this indicated that they were all converts to Judaism, as a result of the Narbonne Judaic Academy (750-1000 CE) in southern France, but I think now that they may possibly have already been living in the Middle East at the time the Jewish people originated (3000 BCE) and been among the original Jews.
      My co-researcher (and fellow Melungeon) Donald Panther-Yates and I have traced several of these families to Holland, France and then England, Scotland and Ireland, where they arrived with William the Conqueror in 1066 and then increased after pogroms in England, France and Spain during the 1290 - 1500 period. Many were/are crypto-Jews. Some who immigrated to America (both  North and South) became openly Jewish; others remained secret Jews and are only now
rediscovering their Jewish heritage.
      Where I differ from you is in believing the evidence you see in Britain and the Americas for 'lost tribe' Jews is actually the presence of Sephardic Diaspora Jews beginning as early as 1000 CE in Britain. I would be happy to correspond with you about these issues and the DNA evidence now coming to  light.

Shalom, Elizabeth Hirschman, Professor of Marketing, School of Business,
Rutgers, University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 20:22:43 -0700
From: News Writing <newswriting@>
Subject: R1b and H mtDNA

Hi. Regarding R1b Y chromo and H mtDNA, these types are found all over Syria. They were in the Jewish population long before there was a religion and in the common ancestor around 7,800 years ago. R1b is also one of the Armenian Y chromo types as well as found in people of the N. Mesopotamian era and also found in Assyrians. The R1b has been in Europe for 40,000 years with the Aurignacian culture and came from the Arabian Gulf/Syria and Zagros mountains area long before there was any religion. R1a1 also makes up 10% of Syria. Hammer has figures in his articles on R1a1 making up 10 percent of Syrian men. I've seen R1b in Syrians and also they appear on the R1b printout from Family Tree.

I lived in a neighborhood of Jews from Aleppo. So if you compare their Y chromo with Jews from Poland,  you'll see plenty of R1b and R1a1 in both. Hope this helps. The R1b/R1b1 and R1a/R1a1 Y Chromosomes are found all over the Middle East and also all over Europe. What separates R1a is that they came from Central Asia/Ukraine 33,000 years ago to Europe. R1b1 came to Europe 40,000 years ago. Both are found today in the Middle East and have been there and in Europe for thousands of years.

You can check out the Neolithic types from Jericho. You'll find all these types there and in Europe showing up 9,000 years ago...before modern religions.  Hope this Helps.

Anne Hart, M.A.
author of books on DNA

The following claims that elements amongst families in the Border regions between England and Scotlandorginated in the Middle East.

Referring to an article in the 'New Scientist' by Tom Gilbert.
I sent some questions to a DNA forum but my queries were not posted.The fact is that several large business and research institutesas well as the lifetime works of leading scientists, as well as a lot of very dedicateddisciples who have expended vast amounts of energy, and enthusiasmare all committed to the stable transmission of DNA. There is something in it. It is valuable BUT to what degree?

The way I understand the article is that the DNA of entire populations can change in one generation both before death or after it. If any one of you can explain the article differently please do so. If anyone of you can put this article into simpler language I would appreciate it.

Death and destruction article can be found at:


 "Death and destruction
When the Vikings had departed this world and journeyed to Valhalla, some of their DNA survived to tell an epic tale of genetic pillage. Tom Gilbert helped to translate it (31/05/2003) By Tom Gilbert"