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Biblical Proofs Are Only an Introduction
Ephraimite Nations, Jewish Nation
Religious Jewish Perspective: The Mixed Multitude
Personal Experiences of Yair Davidiy
Ephraimite Scandals
The Source of Ephraimite Confusion

Biblical Proofs Are Only an Introduction
re "Brit-Am and Judah":
Answers to Criticism Against Ephraimites
The attack of Tomer should teach us all a few things.
Just because you believe in "Ephraim" and "Brit-Am" do not assume that the issue can be taken for granted.
Brit-Am has Biblical and secular evidence to substantiate its beliefs.
Most people however will not relate to such proofs though some will.
For most people (Jew and Gentile) all non-Jews will be considered non-Israelites.
This can change but it will take time.
Evidence such as that adduced by Brit-Am will be considered by others and some will accept, others take it into consideration, while for the rest it will be rejected or put to one side, or not even considered.
The Brit-Am Biblical Proofs and Secular Evidence that we do have are not the beginning and end of our argument.
They should be considered challenging facts requiring verification one way or the other.
More research and intensified study can only work to our benefit in the long run.
This is our approach.
First make the subject matter available, open up to others so that they may open up to us and take the first steps.
The Three Rs of Brit-Am (Research, Revelation of Research Results, and Reconciliation between Judah and Joseph) are not sensational but they are efficacious and enduring.
Ephraimites should do everything they can to spread the message concerning their Israelite Ancestry and at the moment very little else. Ephraimites should avoid giving people wrong ideas, confusing the issue with alien agendas, and giving cause for wrong impressions, scandals, and panic.
 Our strongest points are our Proofs of Identity and emphasizing them is the best course we can take for now. Anything else is superfluous and counter-productive.

Ephraimite Nations, Jewish Nation
Descendants of most of the Lost Tribes and the regions in which they found Tribal expression are to be found in certain Western European nations and in those places that were later populated mainly from Western Europe. In those regions the Lost Ten Tribes are usually the dominating element and often give some expression to their Israelite destiny.
They may not however always be the dominant factor numerically.
At all events nations that may be considered to some degree or other as "Israelite" include Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Britain, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia,and New Zealand.
All these are "Ephraimite" Nations.
The Jews have the State of Israel.
"Ephraimites" at this stage should do their own thing in their own countries.
You may protest that the Land of Israel was promised to all the Tribes of Israel and not just to those of Judah.  This is true in the End Times.
At the moment Judah is preparing the way for the other Tribes.
No members of the Lost Tribes can prove who they are.
Brit-Am proofs are not known to or not accepted by others. At all events they only apply to a basic element amongst the general population and cannot be referred to in individual cases.
For the moment "Ephraim" is welcome to set up their own "Zionist-type" colonies in other parts of the Land of Israel such as Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, etc.

Religious Jewish Perspective: The Mixed Multitude
The Orthodox Religious Jewish Perspective roughly says the following:
The People of Israel received the Torah and the Land of Israel.
The Land of Israel was given them on condition that they keep the Torah.
If they did not keep the Torah they would be kicked out of the Land.
See the article, "Land of Israel" by Yehonatan Davidiy
The Ten Tribes separated from Judah, did not keep the Torah, and were exiled.
Some say the Ten Tribes returned and are now part of Judah while others say they are still lost. They have been tentatively identified with many different peoples.
Whoever they are, if and when they return they will have to accept the Torah anew and in effect convert or go through a process ("Renewal of the Covenant") parallel to conversion.
The Jewish people suffered in Exile at the hands of ALL the Gentiles especially the Christians though the Moslems were almost as bad or perhaps even worse.
The Jewish People has begun to return to its Land.
Amongst the Jewish People there exists a Mixed Multitude ("Erev Rav") descended from or at least similar to the Mixed Multitude of non-Israelites (Exodus 12:38) who accompanied the Children of Israel when they left Egypt. This Mixed Multitude is a treacherous element and tries to destroy the Jewish People from within by leading them away from religion and selling them out to enemies of the Jewish People.
There is an ongoing cultural war between the Jewish People and the Mixed Multitude.
Experience shows that insincere converts or Gentiles who infiltrate the Jewish People join the Mixed Multitude and fight against the Jewish Religion.
If the Jewish People depart from the Torah, fall into sin, and or mix with the Gentiles  they are in danger of being expelled from the Land and suffering (God forbid|) another Holocaust or worse.
Christians who wish to come to Israel, set up communities here, be accepted as equal citizens, etc would, if successful, possibly end up by joining the Mixed Multitude and working against the Jews of Judah.

In general, Ephraimites should therefore at the present time concentrate on their own communities in their own countries and strengthen their connection with the Almighty through Bible Study and Prayer.
There are exceptions to this advice but they should be regarded as just that, -exceptional.

Personal Experiences of Yair Davidiy
Yair Davidiy came to Israel in 1974.
On the whole I have lived amongst religious Jews but also intermixed with all sections of Israeli society. I have served in the IDF and lived and worked here. I have always read local newspapers etc and talked with secular Israelis.
Here and there I have encountered citizens of Israel who hate their fellow Jews and/or hate the Jewish religion and fight against it. Through a combination of circumstances some of these people became my friends or I otherwise became closely acquainted with them.
Often they are not legally ("Halachically") Jewish.
Who needs problems like these?

Ephraimite Scandals
Most "Ephraimites" are very good people. Even the good ones however sometimes express opinions that are very offensive. We sometimes hear disparaging remarks about the Jews, Conspiracy Theory Nonsense, both overt and subterfuge Missionary attempts, and other problematic behavior.
On two occasions we had "Ephraimite" leaders befriend us and help us but later give public expression to viewpoints close to those of the Nazis. On both occasions the guilty parties still expected us to maintain a cordial relationship with them. Similar (though usually less serious) experiences can be multiplied many times over and are also recounted by others who have contacts with Ephraimite personalities.
These experiences reflect encounters with minority fringe-element personalities and are exceptional.
Nevertheless they occur. This is an existing phenomenon and Ephraimites themselves must be well aware of it.

What Should We Learn From This?
We should realize that the suspicions Judah may have against "Ephraimites" are not entirely imaginary.
Both Brit-Am and the Ephraimite Movement need to advance cautiously and to be equipped with much forebearance and good will along with confidence in concrete evidence that confirms Brit-Am beliefs.

The Source of Ephraimite Confusion
Brit-Am says amongst peoples of Western European and related origin are those of Israelite Ancestry, i.e. they are descended from the Ten Tribes.
They should therefore spread this message to their kith and kin in their own countries. They should also intensify their Biblical awareness, improve their private lives, support the State of Israel, be sympathetic to the Jews and eschew Jew-hatred.  In the Last Days there will be a re-unification with Judah and all the Tribes (or at least representative portions of them) will receive their own portions in the Land of Greater Israel.
In MOST cases it is NOT recommended that they convert to Judaism or that they move to Israel at present.
The emphasis is on moving upward and fulfilling their Israelite destiny from where they are.
 This is the position of Brit-Am and basically what we have been saying since the beginning.
Certain sects who also to some degree agree with our identifications tell their members that they are "Ephraimites", or "Joes", or "Jacks", or whatever other name is appropriate.
They say in effect that this means they are the same as Jews only in some cases a little bit better since (amongst other points) they are also Christians.
They then lead their followers to believe that by rights they should be allowed to settle NOW in the Land of Israel and be treated the same as Jews but under a different name.
This is promoted as an agenda for which they should work towards achieving.
This is in bad taste.
They are saying that just because a Gentile Christian says he is of Israelite (not Jewish descent) though he has no proof he has to be given equal rights in the Land of Israel with the Jews. If not it is considered unfair discrimination.
No country in the world works on that basis.
Neither can the State of Israel be expected to do so.
To say otherwise is merely seeking an excuse to arouse resentment against Israel.
Not only that, it is also an attempt to undermine the Jewish nature of the State.
It also suggests that the Lost Ten Tribes issue is not what these people are really concerned with.

Brit-Am Biblical Proofs should be examined and taken to heart. These Proofs should be brought to the attention of others.
As far as we know this is what exists. It is the truth but until this truth becomes general knowledge and is more widely accepted it is unlikely that others (including the authorities) will consider it seriously.

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To Be Continued:

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