Barak Hussein Obama is the present President of the USA. He was photographed carrying a book by Fareed Zecharia. This work (without conscious intention) contains factual evidence that the Tribes of Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh) were to be dominant in Great Britain and North America. The book also gives us an opening to understanding the mind-set of Obama who may be bad but is not stupid on the operational level. The book is in fact a warning that the present administration may not necessarily have the best interests of the US population-base at heart.

The Prophet Balaam and Barak Hussein.
Obama, Fareed, and the Promises to Israel.
Balaam the Heathen Prophet and
Obama and Manasseh.
Who is
Fareed Zakaria?
The Photo and the Book
What Significance does the book "The Post-American World", by
Fareed Zakaria, 2008, have?
The Book. Excerpts, Summary, and Commentary.

         Fareed Zakaria

Barak Hussein Obama President of the USA is in alignment with nasty elements detrimental to Israel and Israelites. Obama is surrounded by sinister figures and his background indicates links to gangsters, terrorists, and anti-American anti-Jewish racialist maniacs. The article below analyzes one of the more respectable influences upon the present policies of Obama. Parallels are noticed between the Biblical story of Balaam the heathen prophet and the present situation.

Balaam the Heathen Prophet and Barak-Balak
Balaam was the Heathen Prophet who was hired by Balak [cf. Barak Husein] King of Midian (Numbers ch.23), to curse the Children of Israel.
Instead of curses Balaam was forced by the Almighty to utter blessings and from these blessings we may deduce who today are descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel.

Balak-1: Balak and the anti-Zionist Barak Obama, Balaam the Pagan Prophet and the Talking Ass

Balak-2: Blessings to Israel. Proofs concerning the Lost Ten Tribes

The Blessings to Israel that God placed in the mouth of Balaam involve national characteristics on a long-term historical basis through which we may confirm our identification of North America, Britain and the daughters of Britain as the leading group (dominated by the sons of Joseph)  amongst the Lost Ten Tribes.
The Blessings were Irrevocable and at some times have to be fulfilled (Numbers 23:19). See the Brit-Am Commentary to the Book of Numbers chapters 23 and 24 for explanations. One of their national symbols would be a lion and a unicorn [Numbers 23:22,  24 24:8-9] which is the emblem of Great Britain.
The Promised Seed would be found In Many Oceans; They would be the Ruler of the Waves and the Major World Power (Numbers 24:7, 24:17); They would become a Distributor of Wealth and enabling of well-being to the rest of humanity (Numbers 24:9); They were to comprise the Most Powerful Ethnicity in the World and a Civilizer of Mankind. This was the end result. Initially however Balaam intended to curse Israel and bring about its destruction. At first it  was as if Balaam was offering God the service of Balak in place of that of Israel. Balaam initiated "Replacement Theology" especially in its Islamic version (Numbers 22:41).
In order to curse Israel Balaam needed to separate Jacob from Israel meaning to create a division between Judah and the Ten Tribes (Numbers 23:7). He succeeded in part or at least what he intended to do did come to pass later.
The Separation of Judah from Joseph in some respects is a curse (Numbers 23:7, 24:2).
It is a bad thing in itself.
Later the Israelites committed mass whoredom with the women of Moab and Midian who prostituted their daughters. These females gave their bodies to Israelite males on condition that the men first defecate in honor of the god Peor [Numbers 25:3]. This was due to the advice of Balaam [Numbers 31:15-16],  whom the Israelites eventually captured and killed [Joshua 13:22]. As a result of this massive public fornication the whole Israelite nation had been placed in danger of extermination at the hands of the Almighty. The zealotry of Pinchas [Phineas] saved them [Numbers 25:8, 11 Psalms 106:30].

 The name Balak in some Semitic dialects could be pronounced as Barak since the "l" and "r" sounds can interchange.
The present President of the USA is named Barak Hussein Obama. Barak Hussein Obama aggressively promotes abortion on demand along with  privileges for homosexuals and deviates who in turn actively promote their perversions. These attitudes undermine the moral fiber of the USA. What affects America influences the world.  Obama also seems in favor of immigration to the USA of third world natives to supplement the raw manpower as well as the intellectual resources of the USA as discussed below.  There may or may not be anything wrong with this in principle but it does lead to a dilution of the Israelite element. It weakens the Judeo-Christian foundation of Western Civilization. [Some people are critical of the term "Judeo-Christian" since it is neither Jewish nor Christian. Nevertheless it captures the Biblical Ethos without which our very survival is endangered.]  There is a parallel between Barak and Balak.     
Obama and Manasseh
The father of Obama was from Kenya and his mother from the USA of English  and/or Irish ancestry. Barak Obama may be serving illegally since the Constitution of the USA requires a President to be a natural born citizen. Obama may have been born overseas and has not proven otherwise. The USA embodies the principle of Manasseh and descendants of  the Israelite Tribe of Manasseh play a dominant role in America. For Manasseh principles of the Constitution are integral to its very being.
See our article:
Why the USA is Manasseh: A Summation
#3. Manasseh Represents Responsible Representation
The name "Manasseh" in Hebrew means the Principle of Responsible Representation such as is embodied in the USA Constitution and which is considered sacred by the citizens of the USA as if it represents their ancestral principle and reason for being.
The very name "America" is derived from a Latinized version of the Hebrew "Machir" who was the first-born son of Manasseh and which name in Biblical Hebrew embodies the principle of Capitalism.
Is the USA Ephraim or Manasseh?
Item 8. The Names
Apart from the Constitutional point there is nothing necessarily wrong in having a foreigner as the leader. The person in question however should be in tune with the background of what he is leading and have its interests at heart.
President Obama throughout his youth and academic career apparently had several mentors. These include anarchists, Phnom Phen type communists, advocates of domestic terror,  and black Jew-hating racists such as Jeremy White. Anyone of these nutcase psychos might be appropriate for the role of Balaam the evil advisor but we have chosen someone who is far more becoming. Compared to the gallery of sinister influences in the background of Obama a person like Fareed Zakaria looks highly respectful.
Who is Fareed Zakaria?
The name Fareed in Arabic seems to mean "one of a kind, unique". The family name is the equivalent of the Hebrew "Zechariah" implying "God will Remember".
#Fareed Zakaria is editor of Newsweek International, a Newsweek and Washington Post columnist, weekly host for CNN, and a New York Times bestselling author.  Esquire Magazine has called him "the most influential foreign policy adviser of his generation."
Fareed is a non-practising Muslim from India.

Fareed Zakaria
Zakaria was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India to a Konkani Muslim family. His father, Rafiq Zakaria, was a politician associated with the Indian National Congress and an Islamic scholar. His mother, Fatima Zakaria, was for a time the editor of the Sunday Times of India.
... He received a B.A. degree from Yale University where he was President of the Yale Political Union and editor-in-chief of the Yale Political Monthly. He later earned a Ph.D. degree in Political Science from Harvard University in 1993...
In October 2000, he was named editor of Newsweek International.[2] and writes a weekly foreign affairs column in it.
Zakaria is the author of From Wealth to Power: The Unusual Origins of America's World Role (Princeton, 1998), The Future of Freedom (Norton, 2003), and The Post-American World (2008); he has also co-edited The American Encounter: The United States and the Making of the Modern World (Basic Books). #

[In ca. 2004 Zakaria bought a 3.4. million dollar townhouse in Manhatten.]
[Both Obama and his wife, Michelle, are also millionaires. Where does all the money come from?]

#In 2007, Foreign Policy and Prospect magazines named him one of the 100 leading public intellectuals in the world.[4]

Zakaria has been described variously as a political liberal,[5][6] a conservative,[7] or a moderate.[8] This is because he supported President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s, but moved left during the 1990s. He currently self-identifies as a "centrist".[9] ... Zakaria wrote in Feb. 2008 that "Conservatism grew powerful in the 1970s and 1980s because it proposed solutions appropriate to the problems of the age", while- in contrast- "a new world requires new thinking".[11] He supported Barack Obama early during the primary campaign and then for president over John McCain. In January 2009 Forbes referred to Zakaria as one of the 25 most influential liberals in the American media.[5]

#...he has been critical of the George W. Bush administration's emphasis on holding elections in the Middle-East without equal regard to building institutions of law, governance, and liberty.

#More recently,
Zakaria has also criticized the "fear-based" policies employed not only in combating terrorism, but also in framing immigration laws and pursuing trade, and has argued instead for an open and confident United States.[16]

Zakaria is a naturalized citizen of the United States.[19] He currently resides in New York City[2] with his wife, Paula Throckmorton Zakaria, son Omar, and daughters Lila and Sofia. ##
Fareed Zakaria reads well and is open-minded. When necessary he changes his mind and admits his mistakes. Fareed Zakaria became a backer of Obama in his Presidential campaign. Obama made a point of being photographed with the book, "The Post-American World", by Fareed Zakaria, 2008, in his hand. Just because Obama read a book and liked it does not mean that he will let it rule his life or affect his policies. An analysis of this work however does help explain several points in the attitude of Obama.
In an interview Fareed emphasized some of the points his work analyzes:
Zakaria says we live in a changing world. Asia is coming up, Europe is going down. The USA however has advantages through which it may yet maintain some measure of pre-eminence.
The USA has:
1. Adaptability, Momentum, the ability for adjustment
2. Regarding Future Industries the USA leads, e.g.  nano-technology, bio technology, etc,
3. In Higher education the USA leads. This is reflected in Scientific discoveries etc. Claims that the USA is lagging behind education-wise are based on a misreading of the statistics. The USA actually has higher standards and better achievements.
4. Europe is aging, the USA stays young through immigration.
The USA must adapt, keep on taking  in foreigners from Asia and take in even more.

The Photo and the Book
Obama was photographed carrying a copy of the book "The Post-American World", by Fareed Zakaria, 2008.

What Does Obama Read?
... The original photo by Doug Mills, which shows
Barack Obama leaving his plane to attend a campaign event in Bozeman, Montana in May 2008, appeared twice on the New York Times website, first in an election-themed slideshow and again the next day in a blog posting by Dwight Garner discussing Obama's choice of reading material.

Obama is indeed carrying a copy of Fareed Zakaria's The Post-American World, published in May 2008 by W.W. Norton. Born in India in 1964, Zakaria is a naturalized American citizen residing in New York City. A former editor of Newsweek International and Foreign Affairs, he is a world-renowned expert on international relations. And he was born a Muslim, though he describes himself as "not a religious guy."

... Its that the power and influence of non-western countries are rising and will continue to rise on into the 21st century, presenting new "opportunities and challenges" to the United States. "That does not mean we are entering an anti-American world,"
Zakaria notes in his introduction. "But we are moving into a post-American world, one defined and directed from many places and by many people."

This is not a development for Americans to fear,
Zakaria said in a Washington Post interview just after the book was released, "but rather one to prepare for and compete in."

BA Comment:
The picture may be posed. Obama probably made a point of being seen with the book in hand. Obama dresses very well and has excellent publicity advisors. It does not seem by chance that Obama let himself be photographed with this book in hand.
Is there a picture anywhere of Obama holding the Bible?
What Significance does the book "The Post-American World", by Fareed Zakaria, 2008, have?
A reading of this work shows us not only what Obama may be thinking and what his present and future policies may be but incidentally it also provides further proof as to the Israelite Heritage of the USA and its identification with the Tribes of Joseph.
Below we provide excerpts and summaries from the book followed by Brit-Am Commentary.
The book is concentrated. It contain numerous discussions with over-views, facts, historical throw-backs, and pros and cons, alongside its own agenda.
There follows a collection of excerpts and summaries we considered of interest to our readership. This does not make for a  well-balanced review of the work but it gives some idea of what it is about. Even so, there several points that Zakaria devotes a great deal of space to but we do not, or hardly, mention them at all. Not because they are not important but because they lack interest to ourselves and probably also to our readership. The book is well written but we found certain sections somewhat boring and in our mind superfluous.

The Book. Excerpts, Summary, and Commentary.
2000-2007 world economic growth was 3.2%, greater than any other time in history. There is less war now than ever before despite media reports.
The Islamic threat is diminishing, prosperity is wearing the threat away,  radical elements are  diminishing .
BA Comment:
We disagree. The Islamic threat exists as long as Muslims do. Their relative influence may be increasing. Simeon Peres, President of Israel was also an advocate of prosperity and economic connections as a means of placating Palestinians and hostile Arab neighbors. It did not work.

"At the turn of the twentieth century, despite robust growth in demand,  wheat prices declined by 20 to 35 per cent in Europe, thanks to America's granaries." 19
BA Comment:
The USA and other Israelite Nations were blessing to all the world in the humanitarian and economic spheres.

A Blessing to Others
Light to the Nations
"With 5 per cent of the world's population, the United States has generated between 20 to 30 per cent of world output for 125 years". 41
BA Comment:
The USA and other Israelite Nations
wereto be  blessed with great economic prosperity on a world-wide, historically-significant  scale.
Heading: Blessings
Asian States were once well-developed and were on the way to evolve upwards.
Why then did they not continue to do so in the same way as Europe did?
Absolutism in Europe was countered by the Church, by the landed aristocracy, and by geography: Europe is broken up by mountains and rivers and therefore lends itself more to the separation of different areas. This in turn encourages diversity and initiative.
BA Comment:
The Blessings to the Israelite Peoples (Canada, USA, Ireland, Britain, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa) came about only partly due to innate virtues of their own. A good portion of what they achieved and received may be attributed to the opportunities given them and the
environmental, geographical, historical circumstances they found themselves in. This is how Divine Providence works.
# Nial Ferguson has argued that the British Empire is responsible for the world-wide spread of the English language, banking, the common law, Protestantism, team sports, the limited state, representative government, and the idea of liberty. Such an argument might gloss over the hypocrisy and brutality  of imperial control, economic looting, mass executions, imprisonments, torture. Some, the Dutch and the French, for example, might quibble with the exclusively English provenance of such ideas. But in any case, it is undeniable,  that as a consequence of Empire, European ideas and practices blanketed the glob. # 68
BA Comment:
This strengthens the point made above, that the Blessing to Israel included being a boon to others. The Dutch and French also include within their populations elements from the Ten Tribes of Israel. In France the Tribe of Reuben is influential and in the Netherlands Zebulon is predominant. They too
benefited from the blessings repeated by Balaam. Joseph however was the firstborn and received an increased manifold portion.

Geneaology of the Blessings to Israel
# In the next few decades, three of the world's four biggest economies will be non-Western (Japan, China, and India). And the fourth, the United States, will be increasingly shaped by its non-European population. # 74
Today, almost one fourth of the world's population, 1.5 billion people, can speak some English. # 79
# Some 80 per cent of the electronically stored information in the world is in English. # 80
Asian and other nations might take a lot from the west but they are still developing along their own lines. They are becoming more independently minded and producing their own variations of western products.
# China, # is the world's largest country, fastest-growing major economy, largest manufacturer, second-largest consumer, largest saver, and (almost certainly) second-largest military spender. China will not replace the United states as the world's superpower.# 93
China will however in many areas "become the second-most-important-country in the world".# 93
BA Comment:
The book also points out that developing countries that are antagonistic to the USA receive support from China without demands being made that they conduct themselves in a civilized manner. The book is full of barbed remarks against the administration of President Bush. China wants to take over Taiwan. China wishes to undermine the military supremacy of the USA and seeks ways to do so. China tends to position itself in the world as an alternative to the USA.

# The architect Norman Foster pointed out to me that in the time it took for the environmental review process for one new building at Heathrow, Terminal Five, he will have built ? start to finish ? the entire new Beijing airport, which is larger than all five of Heathrow's terminals combined. # 136.
India is also of growing importance. India has human capital. The Indian public is pro-American. India is a nuclear power at odds with its neighbors, China and Pakistan, who are also nuclear powers.
The advantages of India include,
# a vast, growing economy, an attractive political democracy, a vibrant model of secularism and tolerance, a keen knowledge of both East and West, and a special relationship with America. # 165.
#the base of American power, a vibrant American society,  was its greatest strength and its weakness. It produced America's gigantic economy and vibrant society. But it also made its rise halting, its course erratic, and its involvement on the world stage always fragile. # 166
The British Empire at its height covered a quarter of the globe and a quarter of its population.
# During the Diamond Jubilee [June 22, 1897], 165 ships carrying forty thousand seamen and three thousand guns were on display in Portsmouth, the largest fleet ever assembled. # 169
#...the British Empire created the first truly global market. # 170
Britain was the greatest and most successful exporter of its culture and values in history.
British values, as propounded by Dr. Thomas Arnold,  included,
# ideas of fair play, athleticism, amateurism.
The New York Times (1897) on behalf of the USA said:
# "We are a part, and a great part, of the greater Britain which seems so plainly destined to dominate this planet". # 171
In the Boer War that began in 1899 450,000 British troops defeated ca. 45,000 Boers but at great cost. Britain was friendless and condemned by every other nation.
British entry into World War -1 was a mistake for Britain. The USA should learn the lesson . 173
Britain (1845-1870) had 2% per cent of the world's population, 30 % of global GDP, 20% of world trade, 40% of world manufacturing trade.
The USA equaled Britain in most fields by 1870 and surpassed it in the 1880s.
In 1860 Britain produced 53% of world's iron (# then a sign of supreme industrial strength #); in 1914 less than 10%.
In 1914 Britain however was the world financial capital. Returns from overseas investments  masked its economic decline.
Fareed draws parallels between Britain as compared to the USA with the USA rated against up-and-coming China.
Britain did not resist the rise of the USA but rather acceded to it.
# It was a strategic masterstroke. # 177
# As a result, Britain remained the master of the seas, controlling its lanes and pathways with "five keys" that were said to lock up the world, Singapore, the Cape of Africa, Alexandria, Gibraltar, and Dover. # 178
BA Comment:
The points above reflect the blessing. Israel was to rule the waves and be the foremost military power with ports and bases in vital international strategic areas:

Gates of Your Enemies

Rulers of the Waves
In Many Waters

The Joseph Characteristics
 Rule Over Other Peoples
A World Power
Military Might
 India and Egypt

Britain and the USA are both sons of Joseph. Manasseh was to become great after Joseph. Reading between the lines it would appear  that Fareed advocates coming to an accommodation with China and helping China to reach its potential.
Fareed continues:
Britain, due to USA and Australian prejudices, did not reach accommodation with Japan and lost Singapore in 1942.
World War-2 ended the greatness of Britain but Albion retained influence due to the personality of Churchill. The USA had been paying most of the Allies economic costs.
# In return for its loans to London the United States took over dozens of British bases in the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, and the Pacific. # 179
Margaret Thatcher helped turn the British economy around in the 1980s. Today London is once again becoming the world financial center. 
# The US economy has been the world's largest since the middle of the 1880s, and it remains so today. # 180
# The British army was sufficiently small that the German chancellor Otto von Bismarck once quipped that, were the British ever to invade Germany, he would simply have the local police force arrest them. # 181
#The American military, in contrast, dominates at every level; land, air, space; and spends more than the next fourteen countries put together, accounting for almost 50 per cent of global defense spending. # 181
# The United States spends more on defense research and development than the rest of the world put together. And, crucially, it does all this without breaking the bank. # 181
BA Comment:
The USA in many ways is a continuation of the British Empire but with characteristics typical of
Machir of Manasseh rather than the aristocratic-oriented Tribe of Ephraim. The USA is big and emphasizes size. The Commentators noted that Manasseh was greater than Ephraim is size and wealth
even when Ephraim was predominant.
Part of the American lead over other nations is due to its research capabilities and innovations. The Jewish population both in the USA and in Israel contributes greatly to this. The Jewish intellectual and innovative influence comes not only from the Jews themselves but also from their Gentile co-workers who are influenced by them. This phenomenon was remarked upon by John
Hulley ("Comets Jews and Christians" ,1996).
In the short term, Europe is the most significant economic challenge to the USA.
 # The native-born, white American population has the same low fertility rates as Europe's. # 198
BA Comment:
Diminishing population is due to several factors the most important being the abandonment of Biblical values. BA Israelite people should have as many children as they can.
# If America's economic system is its core strength, its political system is its core weakness. # 198
Europe is becoming a financial alternative to the USA.
[ Capital markets outside the USA are chiefly London and Hong Kong. ]
# The United States has been and can be the world's most important, continuing source of new ideas, big and small, technical and creative, economic and political.. # 210
Major US problems: health care, Social Security, tax reform.
The US can no longer dominate, says Fareed.
There is Less need for the USA in the modern world.
BA Comment:
Fareed means that other countries, especially Asian ones, have less need of the USA.
Bush, unlike Clinton, did not demonstrate sufficient sympathy for the cultures of foreign countries.
As many as 80% of Europeans oppose US foreign policy (under Bush) and say the US is the greatest threat to world peace. 227
BA Comment:
Much of Continental Europe (even Israelite Countries) are dominated to some extent by Esau-Edom who is the arch enemy of Joseph. Japan is also suspect.
 Joseph Defeats Esau
The Japanese are not Hebrews!

During the Cold War there was always a basic support for the USA. After the Cold War the world fears the USA regardless of the specific justice of the situation in Iraq. 228
US must involve others in its policies like Roosevelt did during WW-2.
USA must make friends with Iran (implied p. 235), China, and Russia.242
#American tentacles and interests are spread as widely today as were Britain's at the height of its empire. For those who believe that America's place in the world is wholly different from that of the British Empire it is instructive to read the "Base Structure Report" for fiscal year 2006. In it, the Department of Defense boasts of being 'one of the world's largest landlords'! The report lists a sprawling network of 766 bases in forty foreign countries from Antigua to the United Kingdom. These overseas bases were worth at least $2127 billion in 2005, housed 197,000 uniformed personnel and an equal number of dependents and civilian officials, and employed an additional 81,000 local foreign hires?# 238
BA Comment:
This emphasizes the point made above that Britain and the USA fulfilled the blessing to Israel that they would have bases all over the world and rule the waves.

USA has difficulty in overcoming Iraq, Israel cannot beat Hezbollah even though it has more power. Need for more Peace Corps type activities. American Muslims should be enlisted on the side of America. Preferable to be loved not feared. 250
BA Comment:
The USA and Britain both reflect the Blessings to Joseph. Britain has been waning for some time but is still potent. The USA has reached a turning point. The world really is changing.
Fareed seems to believe in letting the USA gradually become Asian in its demographic constituency and its world wide policies. To what extent Obama agrees with Fareed is another matter. Obama does work for dialogue with Islam and Asia. He also seems to work towards weakening the linkage between the USA and Britain and the close connection of America with the State of Israel.

The book by Fareed in its analysis of the former glory of Britain and the present situation of the USA provides additional evidence that Britain and the USA have fulfilled the blessings given to Israel. This identifies them as containing amongst their populations a significant proportion from the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes, works to promote knowledge and awareness of this fact. Fareed proposes policies that Obama may well be forwarding. These are against the Biblical and Israelite characteristics of the USA. If put into practice they are liable to endanger the world.
What is good for Israelites is good for the world. The book admits that such was the case in the past. It is the future we are arguing about. People like Fareed may be more dangerous than maniacs like Jeremy White. In many areas Fareed recognizes the truth. He has good qualities.  Merits in one's enemies make them more dangerous, not less.

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'It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God or the Bible.'
  George Washington