State:  Illinois

Bethel, Clay
Carmi, White
Goshen, Stark
Hebron, McHenry
Joppa, Massac
Jordan, Whiteside
Lebanon, St. Clair
Moriah, Clark
Mt. Carmel, Wabash
Nebo, Pike
New Salem, Menard
Pigsah, Jacksonville
Salem, Marion
Zion, Carroll
Zion City, Lake

Bethel, Benjamin and Ephraim
Carmi, A clan name of Reuben
Goshen, Judah but once pertaining to all Israel
Hebron, Judah
Joppa, Dan but occupied by Ephraim
Jordan, The Jordan River ran through the middle of Israel mostly through the territory of Manasseh
Lebanon, Asher and also Ephraim, as explained above.
Moriah, another name for Jerusalem: all Israel
Mt. Carmel, Manasseh
Nebo, Reuben
New Salem, = Jerusalem: all Israel
Pigsah, Reuben?
Salem, Marion, Salem = Jerusalem: all Israel; Marion is a form of Miriam
sister of Moses from the tribe of Levi
Zion, = Jerusalem: all Israel
Zion City, = Jerusalem: all Israel

Based on the above names alone we could tentatively say that Illinois shows a dominance of Manasseh, much of Ephraim, some Judah, and Levi but also a surprisingly strong representation of Reuben.