State: Indiana

The Names: Indiana

Bethel, Wayne
Bethlehem, Clark
Canaan, Jefferson
Carmel, Hamilton
Eden, Hancock
Gilead, Miami
Goshen, Elkhart
Hebron, Porter
Lebanon, Boone
Merom, Sullivan
Mt. Carmel, Franklin
Mt. Carmel, Gibson
Ninveh, Johnson
Zoar, Pike

Tribal Associations of The Names: Indiana
Bethel, = Ephraim
Bethlehem, = Judah and/or Ephraim
Canaan, = Israel in general, especially Manasseh
Carmel, =Manasseh
Eden, = Manasseh
Gilead, = Manasseh.
Gilead was the name of the largest section of Manasseh east of the Jordan.
In our book "Joseph" we proved that descendants of Gilead became especially
important in the western section of the USA. A quick look at the list of
names shows a place name "Gilead" in Indiana, in Maine, Michigan, Nebraska,
and North Carolina (Mt. Gilead).
Five places named Gilead. This gives us two places (Indiana and Nebraska)
in areas we associated with Gilead and three places (Maine, Michigan, and
North Carolina) elsewhere. Can't win them all. We usually do surprisingly
well on these kind of tests.
Gilead was the son of Machir son of Manasseh. Descendants of Gilead were to
be found on both sides of the Jordan River. The daughters of Zelophehad
gave their name to provinces within Manasseh west of the Jordan and they
were descended from Gilead (Numbers 26:6). "Gilead" however is usually
associated with Manasseh east of the Jordan and the whole area east of the
Jordan was known as Gilead and Bashan. The Gilead we were interested in was
that east of the Jordan.
Goshen, = Judah, all Israel
Hebron, = Judah
Lebanon, = Asher, Ephraim
Merom, = Manasseh?
Mt. Carmel, = Manasseh
Mt. Carmel, = Manasseh
Nineveh, = capital of Assyria: Place of exile of the Lost Ten Tribes.
Zoar, = in Egypt associated with Goshen, all Israel.

Indiana shows a bit of Judah and Ephraim with an overwhelming portion for

These Biblical name tests are not being proposed by us as primary evidence.
We still have not even checked through most of them. We are saying that
after everything else is taken into consideration the names have interest
value and possible significance.