State: Iowa

The Names: Iowa

Bethel, Van Buren
Bethlehem, Wayne
Egypt, Van Buren
  Goshen, Ringgold
Hebron, Adair
Jordan, Harrison
Kedron, Harrison
Lebanon, Van Buren
Mt. Moriah, Van Buren
Mt. Zion, Van Buren
Pisgah, Harrison
Salem, Henry
Sharon, Appanoose
Shiloh, Des Moines
Solomon, Mills
Tabor, Fremont
Zion, Adair
Zion, Van Buren

Tribal Associations of the Names: Iowa
Bethel, = Ephraim
Bethlehem, =Judah, Ephraim
Egypt, = Place of Exile of all Israel before the Exodus but also associated
with Joseph. The name "Goshen" (inn Egypt) is quite popular in the USA. We
also noticed "Zoar" (a place in Goshen) in Indiana. Joseph was responsible
for the settlement in Goshen. Maybe we should link Goshen with Joseph
instead of with the whole of Israel?
  Goshen, = Joseph?
Hebron, Judah
Jordan, = the Jordan River ran mostly through the territory of Manasseh on
both sides of the Jordan.
Kedron, = Benjamin
Lebanon, =Asher, Ephraim
Mt. Moriah, = Jerusalem, all Israel.
Mt. Zion, = Jerusalem, all Israel Pisgah, Harrison
Salem, = Jerusalem, all Israel Sharon, Appanoose
Shiloh, = Ephraim
Solomon, = Jerusalem, King of all Israel
Tabor, = Manasseh, Issachar
Zion, = Jerusalem, all Israel
Zion, = Jerusalem, all Israel

Iowa names link up with Joseph in general, maybe there is a predominance of Ephraim?