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Tribal Stones and Hues in the Light of Hebrew Nations Identifications

Issachar and Zebulon
Issachar and Zebulon were sons of Jacob by his wife Leah. They were of the same stock as Rueben, Simeon, Judah, and Levi. Neverthelss in the blessigns of Jacob and Moses as well as in Rabbinicial Tradition it is indicated that there would be some measure of mutuality between the two beyond that shared with the others.

Issachar we identify with Finland though elements were also present in Switzerland and elsewhere.
Zebulon we identify with the Netherlands (Holland) though also to be find in some degree in Belgium and in Scandinavia. ===============================
Issachar has dark-blue for its color and the saphire stone. The word saphire in Hebrew connotes sphere. This links us with astronomy and metaphysical studies.


The flag of Finland is a dark-blue cross on a white background.

Of interest is the fact that the symbol of the Finnish Air Force is a blue swastika. This was in use before, and independently of, its use by the Nazis and its anti-Semitic associations.

How the world loved the swastika - until Hitler stole it by Mukti Jain Campion

Concerning Finland:
# The swastika was officially taken into use after an order by Mannerheim on 18 March 1918. The FAF [Finnish Air Force] had to change the insignia after 1945, due to an Allied Control Commission decree, where the swastika had to be abandoned due to the association with the nazism." #

[It was reinstalled in 2005]. This symbol is used in Finland and may not have been intended to be anti-Jewish.
Nevertheless I would not be easy with it if I ever came across it. Nothing is by chance.

Finland during WW2 was allied with Germany almost against her will because she had been attacked by Russia.
Relatively speaking Finland had a good record concerning the Jews. 8 of the Jews of Finland were turned over to the Nazis and the rest were spared. Nevertheless there were and are Finnish anti-Semites.
Finland in recent years has been quite active in supporting Palestinians and anti-Israeli causes.

On the other hand some Finns have converted to Judaism. Numerous Finnish volunteers have also been active in Israel almost from the beginning and have done much good. This is apart from the Christian missionaries amongst them who may have had good intentions but have caused damage.
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A Dark Blue Sapphire-Like Stone?
Finnish Jewelry Shines and Gemstones Sparkle

The Spectrolite seems to be considered the national stone of Finland.
During the Continuation War against Russia, the Finns wanted to stop the invading Russian tanks coming across the border in Ylmaa into Finland. (Called the Salpa Line Fortification) To do so, they dug out huge boulders and placed them in the road to impede progress. These same boulders contained Spectrolite. This was in 1940.

The stone has all the colors of the spectrum, reflecting the rich hues of Finnish scenery, all the browns to the blues. It is regarded as the worlds most beautiful labradorite. The allure of the Finnish variety is due to the basic black base color as compared to a transparent base of other varieties. This iridescent quality is readily seen in the samples shown by Mr. Loovis.

Even the Brown Bears, the national animal of Finland and which, as its name testifies, has a natural brown color can look a deep blue in some lights.

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