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The Yearning of Ephraim

For Redemption

More About
The Future of Ephraim and the Reason for Exile and Loss of Identity

Based on a message from Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook
by Yair Davidiy
Who Was Rabbi Kook? Selected Extracts
The Source of the Present Extract Subject of Our Study
The Language and Our Translation
The Message Explained
Commentary on the Message
The Message Translated Quite Literally
Poem. Ephraim Coming Back

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The majority of the Ancient Israelites were exiled and lost knowledge of their ancestry. Only a minority retained consciousness as to who they were. These were the Jews. The others became the Lost Ten Tribes sometimes referred to as Joseph or as Ephraim.
The Lost Ten Tribes today are to be found mainly amongst Western Peoples. This has been proven through Biblical and secular sources as may be seen by the other articles on this site.
The article below analyses a note by Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook (1865-1935). This note and the commentary we have made on it sheds light on the reason for the Ten Tribes having been exiled in the first place. It also describes how through the Lost Ten Tribes coming to realize who they are and acting on it the whole of humanity may be redeemed.
Rabbi Kook was a very great Sage and is highly revered in present-day Israel especially with the National-Religious community. The extract below from Rabbi Kook that we shall discuss deals with an issue very important to us and to everybody else. Due to a quirk of history (as explained below) chances are that this opinion of the Rabbi is still not widely known even amongst his most devout followers!

Who Was Rabbi Kook? Selected Extracts

Abraham Isaac Kook (1865-1935) was the first Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of the British Mandate for Palestine, the founder of the Religious Zionist Yeshiva Merkaz HaRav, Jewish thinker, Halachist, Kabbalist and a renowned Torah scholar.
He was one of the most celebrated and influential Rabbis of the 20th century

Kook built bridges of communication and political alliances between the various Jewish sectors, including the secular Jewish Zionist leadership, the Religious Zionists, and more traditional non-Zionist Orthodox Jews. He believed that the modern movement to re-establish a Jewish state in the land of Israel had profound theological significance and that the Zionists were agents in a heavenly plan to bring about the messianic era. Per this ideology, the youthful, secular and even anti-religious Labor Zionist pioneers, halutzim, were a part of a grand Divine process whereby the land and people of Israel were finally being redeemed from the 2,000-year exile (galut) by all manner of Jews who sacrificed themselves for the cause of building up the physical land, as laying the groundwork for the ultimate spiritual messianic redemption of world Jewry.

Kook was critical of the secularists on certain occasions when they went "too far" in desecrating the Torah, for instance, by not observing the Sabbath or kosher laws.

Rabbi Kook was a prolific author. His style was an archaic, flowery kind of Hebrew very different from the spoken vernacular that was being revived at the time.

The Source of the Present Extract Subject of Our Study

Rabbi Look during his lifetime published a good many works. He also wrote numerous letters that were later published in several volumes. In addition he left a great number of writings in manuscript form. After he passed away his son (Rabbi Tzvi Yehudah Kook who himself was a great scholar and who Yair Davidiy met several times ) and assistants edited many of the manuscript works and compiled books from them. These works were studied intensively and widely by thousands of the greatest minds in Israel. Rabbi Kook had himself founded an important Yeshiva but his followers set up hundreds along the same pattern along with other institutions and Ulpanas or Girls Colleges. In all of these establishments the works of Rabbi Kook held an honored place and his opinion would be referred to as much as possible. Amongst the manuscripts of Rabbi Kook had been what are known as The Eight Folios (Shemoneh HaKevatsim).

These were collected spontaneous impressions the Rabbi had had the habit of writing in his spare moments. Extracts from some of these may have been included in some of the works published under the name of Rabbi Kook but much remained until 2004 when the whole was published as it was in unedited format. It is from this work that the extract below is taken. Chances are that despite the esteem Rabbi Kook is held in this particular opinion of his may not yet be widely know of.
The Language and Our Translation:
We have attempted below to translate a short note by Rabbi Kook.
Even in Hebrew the language and terminology used by Rabbi Kook is quite difficult. A great many Commentaries on his works have already appeared. Learned Rabbis give lessons in which they go over his teachings sentence by sentence.
At all events in the extract below we believe we have captured the main gist of what Rabbi Kook was saying and have interpreted it faithfully. Read our explanation of the message. Read what Rabbi Kook wrote as we have translated it. One does not need to thoroughly comprehend every expression: It is enough that the overall message comes through.
The Message Explained:
Rabbi Kook says that Ephraim i.e. the Ten Tribes were assimilated amongst the Gentiles. In our times Israel (i.e. the Jews in his terms) are returning. Rabbi Kook uses the name Israel for both Ephraim and Judah. The assimilation of Ephraim will be revealed has having been for the benefit of both Israel and the Gentile nations. The Israelite Spirit that was contained within Ephraim is continually striving to express itself. It is more and more making itself felt in our times since we are drawing close to the Latter Days where everything returns to its source. Assimilated Israelites (from Ephraim) are becoming more and more assertive of the Israelite spirit.  They are striving to make the nations amongst whom they live become Israelite. Consequently the world is progressing. They will evolve until in the end a complete realization of Israelite National Consciousness by the Israelites of Ephraim will take place. This will bring about the salvation of humanity.
Commentary on the Message.
Rabbi Kook was a great man. No-one denies that Rabbi Kook knew his sources very very well and that his opinion deserves consideration. Nevertheless, not everyone agrees with him. Nor do we have to agree with him but we can still learn from his insights.
Amos indicates that the Israelites will not have intermixed to such a degree that Rabbi Kook supposes.

The Zohar (VaYechi) also supports our interpretation of Amos as to Israelites having remained relatively whole.
Nevertheless some intermixing will have occurred (as Rabbi Kook says) and the fruits of this also has to have had an influence.
In addition, whether physically mixed in or not descendants of the Lost Ten tribes historically spiritually and psychologically (as well as legally) have become part of the Gentiles.
Eventually they will return to becoming complete conscious Israelites themselves and they will uplift themselves and the whole world in the process. This was the purpose for the Ten Tribes getting Lost in the first place. This is what Rabbi Kook says and on this point we can agree with him.
The message of Rabbi Kook also brings up another possibility: The Lost Ten Tribes may actually in some places be a minority but as a result of their descendants constantly instinctively (unbeknown to themselves as to why) striving towards the Light they transform those Gentiles amongst whom they live into Israelites like themselves, or something close to it!
The Message Translated Quite Literally:

##Every curse at its close turns into a blessing. All evil happenings become good. Everything that happens emanates from the far-sighted planning of the Source of all Benefit. FOR THE LORD IS A GOD OF KNOWLEDGE, AND BY HIM ACTIONS ARE WEIGHED [1-Samuel 2:3].  The depreciation of the Israelite spirit seriously harmed Ephraim and the Tribes associated with him. This resulted in the calamity of Ephraim being assimilated amongst the nations [Hosea 7:8]#1. This assimilation in itself will qualify all the world for ultimate salvation. This especially applies to Israel in these End Times that are approaching and coming closer before our eyes.

##How is this?

##The vital potentiality that is enclosed in Israel encompasses within it the ability to acheive sanctity, purity of attitude, psychological purification, and an eager readiness to receive the torrent of Divine Inspiration. Even though external circumstances caused a blockage of the mental faculties and diminishing of deeds the nature of body and soul has not entirely changed. There was a mixing-in by which a portion of the Israelites became assimilated amongst the peoples and swallowed up by them. This mixing of the blood by being taken in amongst the Gentiles, caused a great fermentation. Due to the clarity and strong surge of Israelite life-force the spirit of the Gentiles has been affected. Consequently they have progressively been becoming more and more suited to receive the appearances of Divine Light, of clear revelation and mental lucidity. This phenomenon stands ready to increasingly make its appearance in the world through the light of Israel that is progressing towards revival and ascension. An inner push caused by a renewed [Israelite] spiritual approach would cause all peoples to move forward.
This is a consequence resulting from the hidden ability of those who in ancient times assimilated. [Their descendants] will be yearning and striving to declare the name of Israel on their inheritance. This will be a goal they will feel a need to achieve. The spiritual urge to Communicate with the Divine will progressively enlighten the national spirit and increasingly come to dominate it. Eventually they will be able to reach complete enlightenment through the Supreme Light of the Word of God. This will out-shine in its glorious perfected appearance all the darknesses of the world.##

Source: Rabbi Avraham Isaac Kook, Shemoneh Kevatsim, Kovets 8;205 written ca. 1917 in London, Great Britain. Published straight from the unedited manuscript in ca. 2005 though it may appear elsewhere in one or other of the edited works.
Extract translated freely by Yair Davidiy and may not due justice to the original.

#1. In the KJV this is translated as:
[Hosea 7:8]. It should more correctly be rendered:
 "Ephraim will be assimilated amongst the nations".         

For more on the teachings of Rabbi Kook in the light of Brit-Am learning see:
The Divine Purpose for the Exile and Division of the Tribes

Poem. Ephraim Coming Back

Background to the Poem:
The name Ephraim could refer to a particular Tribe or to all the Ten Lost Tribes
of Israel as a whole.
In the above article, "The Yearning of Ephraim For Redemption" it is explained how Ephraim (meaning all the Ten Tribes) had to loose his identity in order to bring about the uplifting of mankind especially at the time of his final redemption.
The rest of the Poem relies mainly on Jeremiah chapter 31.
The Lost Tribes when they return will be weeping (Jeremiah 31:9).
Rachel the mother of Joseph mourns for her children (31:15).
Jeremiah calls on the Lost Tribes to take notice of the megalthic monuments that prove the migratory path of their forefathers to the West (31:21).
When the Tribes return they will come from the Atlantic Ocean area and bring their silver and gold with them [Isaiah 60:9].

Ephraim is the name in the Holy Bible
For one of the sons of Joseph our forebear
Who was born to Jacob in Canaan and favored there.
Ephraim is also the term for division inter-Tribal
For Ten out of Twelve of the Hebrew Tribes
As written down by Prophetic Scribes.
Ephraim wished to be their own nation and dare
to set their own destination, worship, and welfare.
They set themselves apart and cut loose
As from the start they had chose to choose
Their name and fame to dominate

Ephraim was to loose his identity
Not know who he was, but free.
Ephraim amongst the Gentiles inter-mixed
He became as one of them and did assimilate
So that his character was set and trans-fixed
Like a non-Israelite he was to dissimulate.
Ephraim went down to the deep
The Commandments not keep.
His Hebrew soul all asleep.

From out of the depths he will awake
Yearn, strive, and search for the truth
In repentance and fear of God he will quake
Weep for the waste of his youth.
As Rachel her child pities
He will turn once again
To find the path way back to his cities
According to the monument track
Ephraim will by dolmens, cairn stone-heaps
and other megalithic signposts come back.
For her Lost Children Mother Rachel weeps.

As Jeremiah foretold
Remember his fame
Call out his name
It was prophesied of old.
Laden with silver and gold.
Ephraim will return
His heart will burn.
Joseph coming back
Will bring mankind in his track.

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