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"Hebrew English"
The Israelite Language as part of English Speech and Thought Patterns
    by Yair Davidiy
Hebrew English

"Hebrew English"

220 pages
"Hebrew English" demonstrates how the English Language encompasses many Hebrew Words, Hebrew Linguistic features, and Hebrew thought patterns. English is a composite tongues derived from several sources. Nevertheless, the Ancient English created a language consistent with a Hebrew Prototype being ever present in their collective sub-conscious.

There were originally 12 Tribes but after the death of King Solomon they separated into two different sections. The Ten Tribes in the north separated from Judah, moved to the west, and lost consciousness of their ancestry. They moved to the British Isles and to parts of Western Europe.
This is proven from Biblical, Rabbinical, Archaeological, Mythological, and other historical sources. Numerous Hebrew words and linguistic features are now to be found in the English Language. If the Hebraic language infusion is to be accepted regarding words then it is equally feasible that this was accompanied by actual Israelites! This work concentrates on a sampling of the many Hebrew words and characteristics in English Speech.

The author, Yair Davidiy, lives in Israel, studies Judaism, and is a known researcher concerning the Lost Ten Tribes and Historical matters.

The book "Hebrew English" has 24 chapters and 220 pages.

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Hebrew English
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