State: Maine

The names:
Bethel, Oxford
Carmel, Penobscott
Gilead, Oxford
Hebron Oxford
Hiram, Oxford
Jerusalem, Franklin
Lebanon, York

Tribal Associations of the Names: Maine
Bethel, =  Benjamin, Ephraim
Carmel, = Manasseh
Gilead, =  Manasseh
Hebron = Judah
Hiram, = Hiram was the Prince of Tyre in Lebanon which pertained to Asher but which is destined to be associated with Ephraim.
Jerusalem, = all Israel
Lebanon, = Asher, Ephraim
Lebanon, Maine, is in the county of York. The name York was originally "Yboracum" or "City of the Iberi" or Hebrews. The Celts of Britain did not call themselves "Celts". They called themselves Iberi, i.e. they called themselves Hebrews, see the article in "Brit-Am Now"-160

Notice the recurring pattern of these US names and the repeated predominance of the Tribes of Joseph with a good representation of Judah.