Brit-Am Manifesto
by Yair Davidiy

The Hebrew [Tenach] Bible is true - The Bible shows that:
  • The existence of Israel fulfills the purpose of creation.
  • The good of Israel is the good of the world.
  • There are two halves of Israel represented by "Judah" and "Joseph".
  • Both halves have their own uniqueness and their own role.
  • Ultimately Judah and Joseph must re-unite with each other.
  • Each side is incomplete without the other and cannot fulfill their own task without the other.
  • Even before re-unification, the closer the two sides work with each other, recognize each other, and assist each other, so much the better and closer we come to Ultimate Redemption.
  • A prior condition for even beginning the process of Redemption is the recognition and mutual respect each side must acquire towards the other.
  • Most of "Joseph" does not know who he is, nor does Judah know who "Joseph" is.
  • "Joseph" must consciously recognize himself, Judah must be made aware of Joseph. 
  • Judah and Joseph must draw together.
  • Present day events have laid the groundwork for this process but time is running out and it needs to be speeded up.
  • Instinctive sympathies need to be revealed for family consciousness.
  • Brit-Am has taken upon itself this task.
  • Brit-Am needs your help.
  • By assisting Brit-Am, by acquiring Brit-Am knowledge, and helping to spread this information you will be participating in the process of Redemption.