by Bruce McKerras

Foreword by Yair Davidiy, representing Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes.
In the article below Bruce McKerras shows how the northern Ten Tribes were destined to be separated from the Jews (i.e. Judah) who had a task of their own.
THE JEWS ARE JUDAH by Steven Collins and Yair Davidiy.

The Ten Tribes were to have their own destiny. They may be identified through noting which nations have fulfilled the Prophesied Destiny that Scripture says the Ten Tribes were destined to fulfill.

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by Bruce McKerras (May 2010)

Foreword by Yair Davidiy.
Part 1: The Ten Tribes were to become Lost and Were to be Differentiated from the Jews of Judah.
Part 2: The Ten Tribes According to the Promised Blessings and Prophecy.
Part 3: Present-Day Identifications of the Ten Tribes.


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by Bruce McKerras  (May 2010)

 Part 1:
The Ten Tribes were to become Lost and Were to be Differentiated from the Jews of Judah

The 10 Northern Tribes of Israel which were taken into captivity by the Assyrians, circa 722 BC, were resettled in what is now Northern Iran and the Caucasus Mountains area.  As historical records show, most of them migrated from there for reasons of freedom and seeking new lands.

The Bible tells how the two Southern tribes, that is the House of Judah, were conquered by the Babylonians, then returned only to be re-conquered by the Romans in AD 70.  Dispersed for 1878 years they are now back in the Land as the Nation of Israel.

This separation of the House of Judah and the House of Israel is God's Plan!
1 Kings 12v24: The Lord says, "This is My doing".
Zechariah 11v14 brotherhood was annulled between Judah and Israel.

The House of Israel was prophesied to lose their identity and be lost among the nations:
Deut.32v26  Remembrance of Israel to cease among men.
2 Samuel 7v10  A place assigned to them to dwell safely in their own land.
Amos 9v9 Israel sieved among the nations, not a pebble lost.
Genesis 22v17- Abraham's descendants will be as numerous as the stars in the sky... will possess the cities of their enemies.

None of these prophecies really apply to the Jews.

Yair Davidiy's comprehensive book "The Tribes, the Israelite Origins of  Western Peoples", gives the evidence for the historical, archaeological, linguistic and heraldic proofs of the various names and ultimate destinations of the 10 Northern Tribes.

But the obvious answer is that the Western nations are traced to the Caucasus region, that is, they are Caucasian peoples.  It's simple logic to see that most European and Scandinavian type peoples must be Israelite.

Part 2:
The Ten Tribes According to the Promised Blessings and Prophecy

It is God's plan that the House of Judah, i.e. the Jews, remain as an identifiable people group to fulfill the tasks assigned to them.  In these present days, one task has been to replant and rebuild the Land.

But the 10 Northern tribes, that is, the House of Israel, have been lost to history.

As Deuteronomy 32v26 says - I will cause the memory of them to cease among men. 
However, the Bible does give us some clues as to who they might be today. 
Who has received the blessings promised?
Where will they eventually come from to return to the Land?

To Abraham:  Father of many nations, exceedingly fruitful,
To Isaac: numberless descendants, Land given to them.
To Jacob: The richness of the earth. Peoples will serve you.  Curses on those who curse you, blessing on those who bless you.
To the 12 sons of Jacob (Israel):  Read Genesis 49.

1 Chronicles 5v1-2 states that the Birthright Blessing is given to Joseph.

In Genesis 48 Jacob blesses Joseph's sons, Ephraim and Manasseh. Both were to become great nations.

Deuteronomy 33v17  The 10,000s of Ephraim and the 1000s of Manasseh will push against the nations, even to the ends of the earth.

Only the British Commonwealth and the United States of America fulfill these prophecies. The other 8 tribes can be identified with certain West European nations.

There are many prophecies telling us of the House of Israel's return to the Promised Land in the last days, so where they will migrate from gives the clues as to where they are now.

Jeremiah 31v 8-10  See, I bring them from a Northern land ... gathered from the far ends of the earth.....a vast company...I am a Father to Israel and Ephraim is My eldest son.
Isaiah 49v12 They are coming, some from far away, some from the North and West and others from the land of Sinim (Latin: Australi )
Hosea 11v1  They will follow the Lord and when He roars His sons will speed out of the West.

So, the main location is in the Northwest and from there, spread around the world. A line drawn due northwest from Jerusalem crosses the British Isles.

Part 3:
Present-Day Identifications of the Ten Tribes.

Ephraim - the British Commonwealth

Manasseh - the United States of America

Reuben - France, 

Zebulon - Holland, 

Dan - Denmark and Ireland, 

Issachar - Finland and Switzerland, 

Gad - Sweden, 

Asher - Scotland, 

Simeon - Wales and Northern Ireland, 

Naphtali - Norway  

All these nations are founded on Biblical principles and have made the greatest contribution in spreading God's word.

Sadly, just as ancient Israel moved away from the Lord, so have the modern Israelite nations become mostly apostate. This is a sure indication of the approaching end times and judgment.

"The Tribes, the Israelite Origins of  Western Peoples"
Yair Davidiy

'It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God or the Bible.'
  George Washington