Joseph's brothers
Address by Rabbi Avraham Feld

The Prophet Hosea told us that the Hebrew people would be without king, sacrifice, high priest, ephod, for a long time before the Messianic Era.
Afterwards the Children of Israel will return and request the LORD (HaShem) their God and David their king. They shall fear the LORD and David their king in the Latter Days (Hosea 3;4-5).
We are standing here all of us together about to form a co-operative Brit-Am. We are here together on the verge of a historical covenantal merger. We have no king, High Priest, Temple, Sacrifice, nor Prophet. Nevertheless all of us with our different views, feeling, backgrounds, and philosophical nuances stand here together about to be re-united. Though we have neither king nor High Priest to guide us each one of us is guided by his respective inner voice, common sense, and reverence for God as each of us sees the Divine Presence. We are all relying on God and His representatives for aid, direction, and wisdom. We march shoulder to shoulder, soul to soul in these approaching Latter Days.
We all concur with the ideas expressed by Yair Davidiy, Ephraim Frank, Ed Chumney, Steven Collins, and others. An expanded Brit-Am presented to the world community would indeed draw people back together and encourage
co-operation and unification. Those interested in the Ten Tribes would recognize Brit-Am as the authoritative umbrella entity. The creation of such a body would effectively inspire and bring many people into an international co-operative for the restoration of Lost Israelite Identity. We envision a group that will place a strong emphasis on the long-suffering patience of the Almighty and His universal compassion. The Wisdom of Proverbs will guide our interactions and promote tolerance, sensitivity, and broad mindedness. Its ways are ways of peace and all its paths are Peace (Proverbs 3;18).
There is a problem of funding. Once this is overcome a properly funded Brit-Am in Israel would become the fountain-head for an International Organization. Once the upstart money became available it would soon become self-supporting and able to support activities elsewhere.
Joseph supported his brothers when they went down to Egypt, i.e. during the period of exile and uprootedness. So too according to tradition Joseph will materially assist Judah to resettle in the Land of Israel and Judah will be preceding the other tribes and preparing the way for them. This is what is happening. It is happening and has happened during the establishment of the State of Israel. We also see it occurring with Brit-Am in Israel. The blessing of Ephraim (Joseph) upon Judah is crucial. So too is it important for Judah to become healthy both spiritually and physically. We are endeavoring to do what we can here in Jerusalem and with few resources have done much. We still however need the assistance of Joseph and those who recognize themselves as descended from Joseph. Let us do as much as we can for the sake of each other, for the sake of ourselves, and of our children. God will reward us according to the effort we make and the intentions we have.