State: Mississippi

Bethel, Newton
Damascus, Scott
Ebenezer, Holmes
Mt. Zion, Simpson
Pisgah, Charles
Sharon, Madison

Tribal Associations of  Names for Mississippi:
Bethel, = Ephraim, Benjamin
Damascus, = Manasseh
Ebenezer, = Ephraim
Mt. Zion, = Jerusalem = all Israel
Pisgah, = all Israel
Sharon, = Ephraim, Manasseh

More names (not from the list of Moshe Davis that we have been using)
supplied by "Cathy" for Mississippi include:

Benoit..?.perhaps a derivative of Benoni?
Cairo ~ Egypt
Fort Adams
Mt. Carmel
New Hebron
Zion Hill

These additional names were supplied by "Cathy". The list of Moshe Davis is  based n names that were expressly taken from the Bible for Biblical  reasons whereas for our purposes any name with a Biblical connotation (no matter why the name) was adopted is sufficient.

Tribal Associations of the additional Names for Mississippi:

Adams: all mankind
Asa: a king of Judah who fought against the northern kingdom of Israel.
Bethlehem  = Judah but also found in Ephraim.
Benoit..?.perhaps a derivative of Benoni? = Benjamin?
Cairo ~ Egypt = associated with all Israel?
Eden = Manasseh
Elizabeth = Elizabeth is a name derived from "Elisheva" the wife of
(Exodus 7:23). She was from the Tribe of Judah and the sister of
the prince of Judah.
Egypt= all Israel?
Fort Adams = all mankind?
Hannah = the wife of Elkanan and mother of Samuel. They were Levites who dwelt in the territory of Ephraim.
Hiram = King of Tyre in Lebanon associated with Asher and Ephraim.
Mt. Carmel = Manasseh
Mt.Olive = Jerusalem
New Hebron = Judah
Nod = East of Eden associated with Reuben (?)
Ruth = from Moab but an ancestress of David King of Judah and of all Israel.
Sarah = wife of Abraham = all Israel
Sharon = Ephraim, Manasseh
Sidon = Lebanon = Asher, Ephraim
Zion Hill = Jerusalem = all Israel

Most of the names associated with Judah are Bethlehem and Hebron. These are popular because of their association with David who was the king of all Israel and from whom will emerge the future Messiah who will rule over both Judah and Israel.

The additional names are apparently Biblical names chosen for non-Biblical reasons,e.g. perhaps "Hannah" was the personal name of the wife of the person who founded the settlement. Even so, these names also fit the overall pattern but in perhaps in a less "focused" manner.

Most of the names chosen for Biblical reasons are obvious and popular ones, e.g. Zion, Bethlehem, etc. Some of the names that keep recurring are however not so obvious.
Perhaps when we finish the list we will attempt an overall analysis. We would appreciate input on these matters from any of our subscribers.