16 Jan 2005 Revised on October 25, 2005
The New Middle East
by Yair Davidiy

The New Middle East Revised by Yair Davidiy

"Disengagement" (i.e. Evacuation of Population) has been applied to settlements in the Gaza area and a few isolated settlements in the North Shomron (Samaria). This in effect has meant the expulsion of about 8000 Jewish settlers from 22 settlements. The Brit-Am factor could be helpful in the future in bringing our peoples back to Biblical beliefs and an awareness of their origins. This could in some way help alleviate the problems of the Jewish State of Israel and those nations of "Lost Israelite" origin.

Reality according to Brit-Am:
We divide the world into Israelite, (Jews and descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes - mainly in Western Nations), and the others who we refer to here as "Heathen".

1. Heathen in General:  All non-Israelite Nations of the world consciously, or not, are opposed to the Jews. Regardless of AIDS, plagues, starvation, slavery, tidal waves, drugs, social collapse, civil war, or any other problems they may be afflicted with, every now and again these peoples suddenly seem to declare that nothing is so important to their way of thinking as removing the State of Israel from the face of the earth, or at the least taking steps in that direction.

It should be noted that though they form the majority of the world's peoples the Heathen do not give much to the world as a whole even though as individuals they are mainly positive in attitude and contribute to general stability by their very existence.

2. Non-Israelite Christian and Islamic Heathen: These potentially are closer to accepting Biblical truth but have an instinctive hatred of Israelites and Jews. The Muslims believe in superstitions and the non-Israelite Christians do not really believe in anything beyond themselves.

3. Jews: Outside of Israel these either may be classified with the people amongst whom they live or with those in Israel.
Assimilated Jews in Israel:
Within the State of Israel exist Arabs, Russian Gentiles, Other Gentiles, Assimilated Jews, and Religious Jews. The Russian Gentiles include many of some Jewish ancestry who identify to some degree with the State of Israel and with Jewish society. Most of the others are ordinary decent people trying to get by as well as they can but on the fringes they include Nazi Type anti-Semites as well as other negative elements. They provided much of the support of the anti religious anti Jewish Political party "Shinui", that until recently, was a Coalition Member of the Government. Disregarding the others, a not insignificant proportion of the segment of people, that considers itself Jewish, believes the answer to their existential problem is coming to an accommodation with the Palestinian Arabs, whilst adopting as much of Gentile values and culture as possible.

Secular anti religious elements amongst the "Jewish" population appear to dominate the Judiciary, the Media, part of the Police Force, much of the "Establishment". The Jews within Israel may be divided into Religious, Traditional, and Non Religious. Religious are Ultra Orthodox, or National Religious, though the distinction between the two is becoming less clear. Most of the settlers in Judah and Samaria belong to the National Religious camp. The National Religious supply about half the junior officers in the Army and more than half the soldiers in most elite volunteer front-line units. Economically they are more often middle-class. They are less successful than the Ultra Orthodox in passing their values on to their children. They are more modern in outlook, for instance, most of their homes possess television sets whereas this is rare with the Ultra Orthodox. The Ultra Orthodox have large families, and concentrate on learning Torah.  Economically and socially they are a blessing to the State but some secular elements attempt to depict them as parasitical. The rank and file of the Ultra Orthodox have basically a similar outlook tot hat of the National Religious but some of their leaders take a more "Moderate" approach. The "Traditional" number about 40% or more of the population. They in effect are Orthodox in sentiment and keep some of the basic laws such as Kosher food, Festivals, some Sabbath observance. "Sephardic" Jews (of Asian and African origin) dominate in the "Traditionalist" grouping that inclines to a nationalistic approach but under varying circumstances could swing either way. Non-Religious Jews are secular but many come from families who were pressured to abandon their religion in foreign countries or even in the early days of the State of Israel itself. They could return to their source. Demographically the secular have very small families and barely replace themselves.

4. (a) Israelite Descended Peoples in the West: There are peoples of Israelite or partial Israelite descent in the West but most of them are not aware of it. Even if they were to become aware of their ancestry how much of a change it would make is uncertain but some change could certainly be expected. These "Israelite" nations regard themselves as "Heathen Gentiles" and usually think and react as such but in extreme circumstances elements within them could revert more to an Israelite mode of behavior.
(b) Israelites Who Are Aware or Who Are Activated Without Conscious Awareness: These are those who follow Brit-Am or who have Brit-Am type beliefs or who instinctively identify as Israelites in the religious and/or national sense for other reasons. This group has the potential to deliver all of Israel and the world. It is this group that Brit-Am as an organization imparts its message unto and wishes to connect with even though there will remain important points that we will not necessarily be able to agree upon.

5. Oil and Strategic Positioning: A good portion of the petroleum of the world comes from the Middle East. Money generated from the sale of oil products helps buy economic and political influence. Oil interests are important in the internal politics of the USA, Britain, and other countries. The Middle East is strategically placed and control of areas within it is important in military and international planning.

6. Palestinians. A Palestinian population in the State of Israel (including Judah and Samaria) wages a war of terror against the Jews and a demographic race of constant population increase which it appears to be winning - though their numbers have been greatly exaggerated. The Palestinians have also succeeded in  galvanizing international opinion against the State of Israel and in legitimizing anti Jewish  propaganda of the most hateful and mendacious kind. The Palestinians in some ways may be genuinely suffering but their historical records shows that no matter what they are offered their ultimate aim will always remain the complete destruction of every vestige of the Jewish presence in this area.

7. Arabs. Arab states and maniacal Islamic such as the Iranians (and even potentially the Turks) surround the State of Israel and are fanatically committed to the erasure of the Jewish State at all costs no matter what concessions may or may not be offered. They are quite capable of taking a suicidal approach and against all logic waging war against Israel, the USA, and Britain whom they consider almost one and the same. On the other hand their psychology (and religious philosophy) allows them to acknowledge the "mastery" of anyone who beats them and is prepared to go on doing so. The USA still encounters resistance in Iraq since Americans are still considered "soft" by Middle East standards..

8. Europeans. Europeans are mostly Heathen Gentiles or at the least Gentiles now dominate their mode of thinking. They would like to invade the State of Israel using the "plight" of the Palestinians as an excuse though pure hatred of the Jews may be the real reason. In some cases a misplaced application of the Christian principles of "charity" etc. may also be used as an excuse to attack the Jewish State. [I personally have come across really "nice" Europeans working on behalf of the Palestinians and against Israel. They justified themselves on "Christian" principles but why here and not elsewhere, and why for the Arabs and not for the
Jews they could not adequately explain].

9. The USA. Within the USA exist many groups that are against the State of Israel and would favor a "European" type solution of the "problem". These groups could be supported by close to half the population. Even an administration that is basically friendly to the State of Israel must take some cognizance of these groups in the same way that a right wing Government in Israel must consider the feelings of left-wing elements.

10. President Bush and Prime Minister Sharon, the heads of the USA and the State of Israel, are both under pressure. Sharon is being blackmailed with having his two surviving sons as well as himself (once he retires) being sent to jail for illicit funding of election campaigns, possible bribery, finanical irregularities, and other things. He also was always an eater of pork and seafood. His major financial supporter is the largest retailer of pork products in the State of Israel. Eating forbidden foods in Israel (until recently) is a matter of  ideology. Sharon was also responsible to a degree for encouraging the bringing of many Russian Gentiles to Israel. On the other hand Sharon is a warrior of Israel, his generalship did help save the State of Israel in the past and many of the settlements in Judah and Samaria were first established thanks to his support and effort. There are contradictory elements in his personality and he is given to conflicting pressures.
President Bush is a politician and strategist. His enemies try to paint him as lacking in intelligence but so far he has outmaneuvered all of them and been more successful in what he has put his mind to than was to have been expected. His family has oil interests. His grandfather may have been an anti-Semite. His father was basically in favor of the State of Israel but did not balk at arousing popular anti-Semitic themes as a weapon to obtain his own ends. President Bush himself gives the impression of being at heart on the side of the State of Israel but nothing is absolutely certain. Evangelist Christians are a major supporting factor of President Bush and these are in effect "Zionists". Both Bush and Sharon are human beings with weaknesses and needs.

We thus have a situation in which both Bush and Sharon are under pressure from the international community and from within their own power-bases to do more for the Palestinians even if it means harming the Jews. They have now done something of a negative nature. They have encountenanced the destruction of an important Zionist enterprise in the Gaza strip. How much they themselves want to do more of such nature is another question. It may be that they have decided to give a "little" now in the hope that the situation will somehow change and the existing balance of pressures be improved. They may both prefer as little as possible to be done in effect and that to be drawn out as long as possible. Both President Bush and prime Minister have unknown facets to their beings.
That which has already been done exposes the Jewish inhabitants of Israel to greater security risks pushing the present level almost over the "toleration" limit. A dangerous precedent has been set. This may also indirectly lead to the European enemies of Israel and alien adversaries of "Israelite" principles gaining a foothold in the land. The settlers and more "Jewish" elements within the State of Israel on the whole believe in upholding Israelite right of possession to the maximum of their ability when they can in order to ensure the right of Jews to settle throughout the Land of Israel. Even this sector however has lukewarm associates who in moments of weakness are liable to weaken all the rest. There is also the religious factor whereby in our Generation Jews may well be Biblically commanded not to give up any part of the Land of Israel they have gained possession of. [This commandment also applies to all Biblical believers. In our generation we all have an obligation to encourage Jewish control of and settlement in the Land of Israel.] Onthe other hand the Settlers and National Religious sectors are on the whole fanatically dedicated to the principle of brotherhood amongst Jews and against fraternal violence. Historically they were the ones who prevented Civil War in Israel between right and left-wing elements. The Secular "Arab"- loving Jews also do not want violence on the whole but they contain elements that might desire to deliberately provoke it.

Brit-Am does what it can and does have an effect. Brit-Am needs to be supported. Much can be done with a relatively very low investment but even this must be made available.  Brit-Am at present is struggling to make ends meet. An offering to Brit-Am is good for everyone.

The aims of Brit-Am are:

Research, Revelation, Reconciliation.

The way of the world is that without support nothing gets done. Our goal is to increase Biblical values and Brit-Am ancestry awareness. This is our Mandate but we need your help to carry it through.

Through the Brit-Am message:
Biblical values may be strengthened in the home countries of Israelite peoples bringing increased economic blessings, health, well-being, and security. On the international scene Israelite values should be respected and Brit-Am Israelite entities respectful of their origins and themselves. If necessary, foreign "rogue" states should be placed under Israelite supervision. The truth of the Bible and the validity of Biblical values should be asserted and serve as the guiding light.

The State of Israel alongside "Israelite" nations in general should be strengthened. The Demographic balance may be improved in the State of Israel by increased Judaic awareness, more emphasis on family values, bigger families, no abortions, immigration of Jews from around the world,
and the ultimate movement of descendants of the Lost Tribes to the State of Israel. This should include the establishment of Israelite colonies in the surrounding areas of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Cyprus, and elsewhere with these areas firmly under Israelite control. The transfer of the Palestinians to Egypt, North Africa or South America should be undertaken as indicated in the Bible and explained in Brit-Am literature.

These aims are not so far-fetched as they may seem. They are consistent with Biblical values and the Bible message.

If you agree with the above you should be able to help Brit-Am in some way.

Brit-Am is a step along the right path  and any help given to Brit-Am is significant.

Contributions to Brit-Am help to support ongoing research and development, equipment and expenses.