State: New Jersey

Carmel, Cumberland

Genesis Bay, Cape May

Goshen, Cape May

Jericho, Cumberland

Jericho, Salem

Lebanon, Hunterdon

Mizpah, Atlantic

Mt. Bethel, Warren

Mt. Gilboa, Hunterdon

Mt. Hermon, Warren

Mt. Horeb, Somerset

Mt. Nebo, Sussex

Mt. Pisgah, Sussex

Mt. Tabor, Morris

New Egypt, Ocean

New Sharon, Gloucester

New Sharon, Monmouth

Salem, Salem

Siloam, Monmouth

Zarephath, Somerset

Zion, Somerset

Tribal Associations of Names for New Jersey

Carmel,  Manasseh

Genesis Bay, All Israel

Goshen, All Israel, Judah, Joseph

Jericho, Benjamin

Jericho, Benjamin,  Jericho in the County of Salem

  = another name for Jerusalem

Lebanon, Asher, Ephraim

Mizpah, = Benjamin but also the name of a place in Gilead of Manasseh
(Joshua 11:3).

Mt. Bethel, Benjamin, Ephraim

Mt. Gilboa, Manasseh

Mt. Hermon, Naphtali,

Mt. Horeb, all Israel, Simeon

Mt. Nebo, Reuben

Mt. Pisgah, Pisgah: Several places but known in Reuben (Joshua 13:20).

Mt. Tabor, Manasseh

New Egypt, all Israel, Joseph

New Sharon, Ephraim, Manasseh

New Sharon, Ephraim, Manasseh

Salem, = Jerusalem , all Israel

Siloam, = Jerusalem , all Israel Zarephath, Somerset

Zion, , = Jerusalem , all Israel

New Jersey: Several names not certain; Manasseh and Ephraim dominate; several other tribes present.

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