STATE: New York

(a) List of Moshe Davis:

Bethel, Dutchess

Bethel, Sullivan

Bethlehem, Albany

Canaan, Columbia

Carmel, Putnam

Eden, Erie

Ephrata, Fulton

Gilboa, Schoharie

Goshen, Orange

Hebron, Washington

Jericho, Nassau

Lebanon, Onandage

Moriah, Essex

Nineveh, Broome

Sharon, Schoharie

Shushan, Washington

Tribal Associations of Above Names for New York

Bethel, = Benjamin, Ephraim

Bethel, = Benjamin, Ephraim

Bethlehem, = Judah (though there was another town named Bethlehem in the north)

Canaan, = all Israel but especially Manasseh as explained in Joseph.

Carmel, = Manasseh

Eden, = all Israel

Ephrata, = Name for regionof Bethlehem in Judah but Ephratiis a  nickname
for anyone belonging to Ephraim

Gilboa, = Menasseh

Goshen, = all Israel, Joseph

Hebron, = Judah

Jericho, Benjamin

Lebanon, Ephraim

Moriah, = Jerusalem = all Israel

Nineveh, = Assyria = Place of Exile of Ten Tribes

Sharon, = Ephraim & Manasseh

Shushan, = all Israel esp. Judah.

b. New York: Additional Names (Biblical names chosen regardless of reason)
with Tribal Associations.

York in northern England was originally called Eboracumor City of the
Iberi, i.e. City of the Hebrews. Eboracumbecame shortened to Yvorac.
Later (as Orjan Svensson pointed out) the Vikings called it  Jorvik(which
means something else, i.e. "bay of earth")  and from that we have the
present name York. Nevertheless we can safely say that the Vikings chose
their name for the place since it sounded similar to them to the name that
already existed.


Albany = Lebanon= Asher, Ephraim


Montgomery (Mount Gomer) = Gomer (Hosea 1) =all Ten Tribes

Cities and Towns

Adams = all mankind

Adams Center = all mankind

Akron= Ekron = Philistia= Judah

Albany=Lebanon= Ephraim

Avon = Manasseh

Babylon = Exile of Judah

Dansville = Dan

Jordan = Manasseh

Lake Carmel = Manasseh

Levittown = Levi

Lewiston = Levi

Based on names only: New York State comes out strongly with Ephraim and
Manasseh with Manasseh predominating slightly; a strong presence of Judah
and Levi; General presence of the other tribes.   Dan, and Asher are noted.
Some presence of Benjamin who belonged to both Judah and Joseph.