STATE: North Carolina

(a) List of Moshe Davis:

Ararat, Surrey

Bethel, Pitt

Eleazar, Randolph

Mt. Gilead, Montgomery

Mt. Olive, Wayne

Ophir, Montgomery

Pisgah, Randolph

Pisgah Forest, Transylvania

Salem, Forsyth

Salemburg, Sampson

Tabor City, Columbus

Tribal Associations of Above Names for North Carolina

Ararat, = Place of Ten Tribes exile

Bethel, = Benjamin, Ephraim

Eleazar, = son of Aaron, Levi

Mt. Gilead, = Manasseh

Mt. Olive, = Jerusalem, all Israel

Ophir, = overseas

Pisgah, = Reuben

Pisgah Forest, = Reuben

Salem, = Jerusalem, all Israel

Salemburg, = Jerusalem, all Israel

Tabor City, = Tabor = Zebulon

(b) North Carolina: Additional Names (Biblical names chosen regardless of
reason) with Tribal Associations.


Davidson = Judah

Davie = Judah

Jackson = Jacob = all Israel

Montgomery = Mount Gomer = all Ten Tribes

Sampson = Samson = Dan


Berea = Benjamin, Ephraim

Danbury = Dan

Davidson = David = Judah

Davis = David = Judah

Jackson Springs = Jacob = all Israel

Jacksonville = Jacob = all Israel

Jamestown= Jacob = all Israel

Jamesville= Jacob = all Israel

Robbins = Reuben

Robbinsville = Reuben

Simpson = Samson = Dan

Zebulon = Zebulon

Zionville = Jerusalem, all Israel

Tribal Predominance Based on Names Only: North Carolina based on names only
appears much more mixed than all other states considered heretofore. No
single tribe predominating. The list of Moshe Davis indicated that Joseph
(Ephraim and Manasseh) were equal with Reuben and some input from Zebulon.
The more general list had Judah, Dan, Reuben, all about equal. Some of
Zebulon and all the other tribes.


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