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1. Daniel Duffield:  "unlease the spirit of Joseph"
2. Identity Traitors Harass Brit-Am and Besmirch all Israelites
3. Michelle: "reason for not doing all the oral law"



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1. Daniel Duffield: "unlease the spirit of Joseph"
Subject: Joseph's Tomb

Hi Yair,
I was looking up information on Joseph's Tomb on the internet and found some interesting items.  Joseph's tomb was turned over to the Palestinians in October of 2000 and immediately the Palestinians started desecrating the site.  On February 23rd, 2003, the Palestinians destroyed the carved stone covering the grave of Joseph.  I came across an article entitled "The Destruction of Joseph's Tomb A Kabbalistic View", published shortly after that event on the following website:
I found it very interesting that the article predicted that the destruction of Joseph's tomb would unlease the spirit of Joseph and  could bring Meshiach ben Yoseph into the world.  The month following the article's prediction, the USA and their Joseph allies invaded Iraq on March 20, 2003.  It seems that their prediction of Joseph's spirit being unleashed in the middle east came to pass.  Anyways, it was an interesting observation that I thought I would share with you.
Daniel Duffield
2. Identity Traitors Harass Brit-Am and Besmirch all Israelites
Note: J. Richard Niemela is an  "Identity" writer.
He is a Nazi type who (like all Nazis) advocates Conspiracy Theories
as well as anti-Jewish hate rants.
He says he is a retired USAF Colonel and maybe he is but if so he has disgraced his uniform and betrayed the USA.
He badmouths the US military which might be acceptable if he did not tell outright lies about it.

We could badmouth "Identity" people indefinitely and most of the nasty epithets we might think of would actually be too good for such reprobates. Nevertheless, much as we should try I doubt if we ever would succeed as doing as well at appropriately naming these people as they do to themselves.
If one Search-Engines their literature and correspondence one will find that they are constantly quarrelling with each other and describing one another as:
"Spawn of Satan"
"lying satanic whore"
"Niemela (a.k.a Niematoad, Niematurd Nigger-Kike)" etc
Incidentally, Niemela himself is on record as writing that many (if not most) of his peers in the so-called "Identity" movement have inappropriate sexual proclivities.

The antics and mutual recriminations of these criminal clowns of scatological mindset would be dismissable as mere off-color entertainment in bad taste were it not for the fact that a few otherwise good people have been mislead by them. They give all those who believe in the Lost Ten Tribes a bad name. They have also done real harm in the past and are liable to do so in the future.
Niemela is apparently of part Finnish origin. We identify the Finns as part of the Ten Tribes mainly from the Tribe of Issachar.
The Finns however (like all Israelite nations) also contain non-Hebrew elements including some from Esau and Canaan. 

Niemela has written articles with titles like the following:
"Israel Controls The United States Government"
"Jesus Christ Was Not Jewish"

He has also written:
"Finland: An Israelitish Nation - Of Issachar!"
J. Richard Niemela Col. USAF (Ret.)
In which he says:
<<Early promoters, Dr. Ben Freedman, Yair Davidy, etc were Jews themselves, and needed a White European nation to accommodate their own convoluted history. They needed a Christian nation with whom to affiliate these Khazars, thus cloaking themselves in an improvised association with a true Semitic Nation, those who were the progeny of Noah's son, Shem.

<<Yair Davidy in his fairly recent book, The Tribes, does point to the fact that European Nations certainly do seem to fit the Biblical definitions of the "lost tribes of Israel" and in this regard, he offers considerable supportive comment. But, then he also makes the claim that today's Jews are in his view, genetically associated with ancient Judah and Israel, but are not Turkic in origin, not Ashkenazic Khazars, thus adding to the confused distortion of their true origins.

<<Mr. Davidy also misuses the term "Turko-Finn" applying it to the Khazars whom he denies as being the progenitors of today's Jews, a deviation from the truth. His denial of this Jewish, Khazarian background is very common among Jews today, for to say otherwise would distort the insidious hoax of the "Chosen". That is a false claim that today's Jews are the rightful recipients of the Biblical Birthright Covenant Promises made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel, and that they, the Jews, are those in whom these Promises were manifest over history. Wrong!

<<Davidy's use of the expression "Turko-Finn" is simply an attempt at fitting into an affiliation with a white Nation that does, however, have direct ties to ancient Israel, as I will show in this paper.

Brit-Am Replies:
First of all Niemala and his ilk would have the effrontery to link Yair Davidiy with the non-existent "Dr. Ben Freedman" whose existence was invented by some very sick people.
Secondly we never used the term "Turko-Finn"  anywhere as far as I know.
We never linked the Finns and Turks together but Niemala does.
We did gain the impression that some of the Khazars spoke a Finnish dialect and were probably historically connected with them.
Non-Israelites of partial Finnish origin who feel (as Niemala evidently does) offended by such an association should feel at ease.
We doubt if such types have any Khazar blood in them since the Khazars on the whole were far nicer and more positive people than they are.

Niemala has the following sentence:
<<In Finland we saw one of these miracles by a people militarily led by the Last Knight of Europe as Field Marshall Mannerheim was called. On occasion while addressing his troops in the field, he would exhort them as follows..
"Sons of Issachar, stand and die, but let only scorched earth fall into the hands of the antichrists".

Brit-Am Replies:
In our own writings on Finland we also quoted Field Marshall Mannerheim  as identifying the Finns with Issachar because we had seen it written elsewhere. When challenged by a Finnish citizen for a reliable source however we could not find one.
We may eventually do so.
The Field Marshall was pro-Jewish and the belief that the Finns were descended from the Lost Tribes existed in Finland from the beginning of recorded history (which was however quite late).
On the other hand it may turn out to have been yet another misleading piece of fabricated evidence.
British Israel and identity literature in general can sometimes provide valuable leads especially since they, like everybody else, borrow from the research of others. On the other hand we have learned to our sorrow that such sources are not to be relied upon without verification elsewhere.

Getting back to "Niemela"
He sent us the following missive:

At 11:13 PM 12/17/2007, "Richard Niemela" <> wrote:

In Steven Collins article, I see that he purposely refuses to point out a Fact of History, that Sennacherib, took MOST of Judah (54 Fenced Cities) on the third raid into the region of the Tribes...James 1:1 confirms this point..>And most of Christian Israel consider the Germans to be the remnant of that captivity of Judah

....There ain''t no Khazars that qualify either..>JRN

To which we replied:

People who hold such beliefs are not Israelites but because of such people (as yourself) most of the Mainstream do not want to hear about the Lost Tribes.
You have polluted the source.

We then received the following:
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2007 22:03:17 -0500
From: Richard Niemela <>

<<People such as yourself!  Well, If I was an ashkenazic Khazar I would hang my head...Ashkenaz was Not semetic, but the grandson of Japheth...Do you ever tell your people this fact? No, and jews go around thinking that they are semetic...Hardly...

<<II KINGS 18:13...Read it again for the TRuth about who was left to be reconstituted into an ersatz Judah...even the Bible begins calling these people the "inhabitants" or the "residue" of Judah...

<<130 Years later they too went into their own captivity from which they returned 70 years later as the 70 week nation of Jews, a Jewish nation ordained or chartered to last exactly that long.>Daniel 9 speaks to this point and proves who is who...JRN


Brit-Am Replies:
In reply we would say that the Bible is our standard and the Bible throughout refers to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and Judah (i.e. the Jews) as just that, as "Judah".
No other explanation is possible.
We have in our own writings, (e.g. in our books, such as "The Tribes" and in several articles such as, "The Completeness of the Exile") emphasized the fact that many of Judah were exiled with the Ten Tribes BUT we have also pointed out that in Scripture they are included with them and are not counted as a separate entity.
Nachmanides writes about this:
The term "Judah" always refers to those who remained behind, were later exiled, and returned in part under Ezra and Nehemiah.

We would not normally reply to scum such as Niemela but the present example is an exception.

We hope shortly to begin publishing several articles on the Khazars followed by a book.
This will show that the Khazars are of Israelite descent and ALSO confirm Brit-Am findings concerning the Israelite origins of Western Peoples as explained in our previous publications.

Anyone who is liable to be offended or whatnot should know in advance that is what we are about to do.
We already have some articles on the Khazars on our site:

We also have "Ephraimite Criteria" in which we have stated that anti-Jewish sentiments indicate non-Israelite origin.
This does not mean that anyone who is an anti-Semite is of necessity of non-Israelite origin.
There are Jewish anti-Semites as well and Isaiah indicated that tension between Ephraim and Judah would endure until the end times,
Isaiah 11:13
Nevertheless hatred of the Jews is an indication of non-Israelite origins.
What is more it is an offence against the Almighty for which the offender will be punished as may be seen throughout the Bible.
See the Brit-Am Commentary to Psalms, e.g.
Psalms 4:1  6:5 9:13 18:37 etc, etc.

3. Michelle: "reason for not doing all the oral law"
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-1038
#3. What Do Ephraimites mean when they say they keep the Law?


I can only answer why I was upset at the declaration. My opinion is that we need to become closer to Yah not the Pope. If you will notice Yair, as I have learned just this week from a Jewish Messianic friend that the Messianic Jews aka MJAA and UNJC have been working, stealthily I may add (many of their congregants are completely in the dark about this) to bring itself underneath the Roman Catholic Church through the Towards Jerusalem Council II trying to reconcile with the 'Mother Church'. The movement that has opened gentiles eyes to the truth of Torah and the Almighty's commands vs. Rome's commands is now disintegrating into the church. We need to go under Yah, His commands the King of the Universe's and not men. Men tend to go where they seek the favor of other men rather than G-d. We either go to You and Yah or Rome.  Rome's arms are wide open and you send us away, where shall we go if not home?

The reason for not doing all the oral law is because some of it is interpreted wrong by the opinions of the gentile mindset like milk and meat for Kosher. Some separate not to offend the brothers but others ask why when Abraham clearly served milk, butter and calf to the men(angels) that came to visit them. There are plenty of other places where G-d clearly says don't do this and it meant that. He used the words for milk and meat in other places and never said don't mix milk and meat. He said don't  boil a kid [goat] in it's mother's milk and it means that. It does not set a precedent to all milks and meats. That is the fence created by the Rabbis around the torah to protect breaking it. Some say that this was commanded to avoid a common pagan ceremony of the day.

I personally do not believe all oral torah is wrong like kosher slaughtered meat. We don't know how to do it when the written torah says to slaughter properly, one can only find that information in the oral law. The Almighty has shown me personally though a personal trial and months of study that kosher slaughtered meat is free of bacteria and fungi and blood etc... and I and my family only eat kosher slaughtered meat with a heksher [Approval of Kashrut] and teach others gentiles/Ephraimites to do the same.

Note: For an article explaining the Biblical Origins of the Prohibition against mixing
Milk and Meat see:
and scroll down a little to Question 3 and then to

"Milk and Meat"