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Brit-Am Now no. 1194
Date 25 Tammuz 5768 28 July 2008
1. Askarbek Mambetaliev: The Khazars and Turkish Groups
2. Bob Davis: Crusaders from Ten Tribes Lost Opportunity by Rejecting Judah?
3. Thomas Gray: The Fantasy of Evolution Leads to Racism!
Khazars". The Book Cover: Criticisms and Kudos
(a) Would Prefer  alternative symbols
(b) "not up to your usual standards"
(c) Priscilla Reid: 
Hearty Agreement  with Dave Browning and Kudos to Estelle
5. Zionism: More Brit-Am Sources and Answers to Queries


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1. Askarbek Mambetaliev: The Khazars and Turkish Groups
From: oscar@arunet.kg
Dear Yair,

I would like a comment about Khazars. As you know, the current Central  Asian Turkic Speaking nations assemble a conglomerate of different "dialects" or "tribes", which were spread all over the Siberia, Ural  and Caucasus, and off course the current northern Central Asia. While  some of those tribes have become individual nation states like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, some of them are still be a subject of ethnically different nations, for example Khakasia (Russia), Gagauz (Moldova). From my recent trip to Hungary, I  found there another turkic group called the Kipchaks (Kunsak in Hungarian), who have been assimilated by Armenians, Georgians and Russians as well. There were of course Khazars, who have disappeared from history. However, I want emphasize here, that those tribes with the suffix ys, az, uz, as, derive from the same family of OGUZ, which probably meant tribes. Turkmens are also have such tribes, while Turkish have lost their Central Asian identities due to the great mix with Europeans, whom they conquered prior to the Ottoman Empire.

Another point is that prior to Islam, Oguz tribes assimilated Jews and were tolerant towards them.

Best wishes,

Askarbek Mambetaliev.

2. Bob Davis: Crusaders from Ten Tribes Lost Opportunity by Rejecting Judah?
From: Bob Davis <bdavis@paxkom.net>
RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1193
#1. Dave Browning:
"Identity" racism and anti-semitism: "a disease of intellect"

Dear Yair,

Dave Browning raises an interesting point about the Crusades, "Think of it, if  we had established Israel then..."  I agree, It is horrible what the Crusaders did to the Jews and pretty much everyone else who opposed them, but who were they?  They were led by the royal houses of Europe, almost all of whom trace their ancestry to King David.  They were Normans, Saxons, Scots, French, Danish, etc.  These are all peoples that Britam associates with the lost Israelite tribes.  In essence, the Crusaders were Israel returning to recapture the lands of their forefathers, although they probably did not realise it having forgotten their original identity.  The new kingdom they created lasted for about 200 years.  Watch the film "Kingdom of Heaven" to see how they lost Jerusalem.


Bob Davis

3. Thomas Gray: The Fantasy of Evolution Leads to Racism!
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1193

#1. Dave Browning:
"Identity" racism and anti-semitism: "a disease of intellect"

One factor that should be duly noted as strongly influencing racism is the philosophy of evolutionism, usually called the "theory of evolution".  This does two major things in our society:

(1) It gives quasi-scientific support to the idea that there exist partly animal sub-humans.

(2) It casts doubt on the veracity of the Bible.  For example, once you doubt that God really created all things in six days, as Exodus 20:11 says, or that the Flood of Noah was world-wide, then it is super easy to brush over Genesis 4:1, which says that Cain was the son of Adam and Eve.

If there were no evolutionism, there might exist a whole lot of hatred, but there would be no racism to use to attempt to justify it.  I have been very disappointed in how many Jews and Christians are content to let evolutionism go unchallenged.

A final note:  Evolutionism did not start with Charles Darwin.  It started as long as 2500 years ago, and was put into a coherent expression by Lucretius Carus 2050 years ago.

Thomas Gray.
Brit-Am Comment:

You have a point.
Even "idendity" Racists who profess to be "fundamentalists" and claim to believe in the Bible are not beyond quoting "evolutionary" theory when it suits them.
Quite a few of the scientists who occupy themselves with race and evolution have racist prejudices and promote them.
I myself am interested in anthropology and "racial" distinctiveness etc so I try and keep update with current opinions and I come across racism all the time. Within limits I even have a certain tolerance towards it yet still find often find it offensive.
It is natural that believers in the Bible who also have intellectual inclinations will want to get along with academics.
We would like to agree with them. It is difficult to go against the mainstream all the time. Often they are right and have valuable points of view but sometimes their prejudices are so blatant and distasteful that one is obliged to disassociate from them as much as possible.

4. "Khazars". The Book Cover: Criticisms
(a) Would Prefer  alternative symbols

Dear Yair,

I humbly request that in place of the occultist Star of Solomon symbol, that it be replaced with either the harp or the menora-candelabra.

There is such an ongoing debate on the subject of the Khazars.  When will the book be ready for shipment?

Sincerely ... Nickie

In God we trust

2Ch 7:14  If MY people, which are CALLED BY MY NAME,
shall HUMBLE themselves, and PRAY, and SEEK my face,
and TURN from their wicked ways;
THEN will I hear from heaven,
and will forgive their sin,
and will heal (Strong's H7495 thoroughly make whole) their land.



Brit-Am Reply:

The symbol we use has six points. It is the Star of David.
This symbol is associated with the Jews more than anything else.
The Star of Solomon symbol has five points.
The Star of Solomon itself has a long history.
In recent times it has become associated with occultism and satanism.
There is a limit however as to how much we can allow others to appropriate simple geometric patterns to themselves and thus bar as from using them.
A cross is one of the simplest patters possible but is not almost universally associated with Christianity.
A swastika was once also a common symbol found all over the world.
The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia has a photo of an early synagogue excavated in the Land of Israel with a swastika decorative pattern. In the early 20th century right-wing racist groups began to adopt it and then it was taken up by the Nazis. Now it is still associated with the Nazis and is offensive.
These are examples of geometric designs that have acquired acknowledged symbolic significance but we do not have to allow such "monopolies" of design to spread.

The menorah design was an alternative.
Historically the menorah symbol was used by the Khazars and is found on Khazara tombstones etc.
We are going with what we have however, at least for the moment.
See the following entry for more on this matter.

As for when will the book be ready?
We hope to present it to the Printer shortly and after that it should not take too long.
We are making a pre-publication offer in order to raise money that we need for the printing and for other matters connected with the book and with Brit-Am in general.

(b) "not up to your usual standards"
[Paraphrased from a verbal communication.]
I think your proposed cover is not up to your usual standards.
You could do better. I have not read the book but what relevance do the proposed symbols have to the content? You are depicting Scottish bagpipes and the Star of David in Yellow with the word "Juif" ("Jew" in French) written on it.
Where do the Khazars fit in? Chaim.
Brit-Am Reply:

A cover does not necessarily have to reflect all of the contents;
An interesting aspect of what is contained therein is sufficient.
It should be attractive and catch the eye.
The present cover does that as well as arouse curiosity which is what we want.
The Khazars did have some connection to the Scottish as we elaborate upon within the book.
The Khazars became Jews, real Jews, the kind who were later despised and persecuted for their religion.
This is an aspect of being "Jewish" or becoming "Jewish" as the Khazars did that should not be denied.
They were once a powerful people with an impressive empire but became part of the Oppressed Lamb of Israel.
This is what the Yellow Star of David with the word "Juif" upon it reflects.
Even this unfortunate aspect of Jewish existence had a nobility and beauty of its own which the star shows.

(c) Priscilla Reid: 
Hearty Agreement with Dave Browning and Kudos to Estelle
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1193

#1. Dave Browning:
"Identity" racism and anti-semitism: "a disease of intellect"

Shalom Yair,

I find I must let Davey Browning know that there is hearty agreement
with his comments in your last letter. Well said, Sir!

Also I want to say that Ivery much like the color of the new book's
cover, and everything about it, actually. So kudos are in order for
Estelle Schutte as well.

All the best, always,
Priscilla Reid

5. Zionism: More Brit-Am Sources and Answers to Queries

(5. Jews in Arab Lands. How were they really treated?
It is frequently stated that the Arabs treated the Jews well during the Middle Ages
compared to how the Jews were treated in Christian Europe.
Is this true?

(6. Where did the term "Palestine" come from?

(7. Is Jordan "Palestine"?

(8. You have referred to certain Left-Wing supporters of the Palestinians as "Nazi Arab Lovers"!
Can you justify such an extreme description?



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