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11 Av 5768 12 August 2008
1. Equal Treatment for all Brit-Am Now Subscribers?
2. Bible Research makes one "Not better or worse than anybody else"?
3. Nathan Proud: Carthage and Thoughts on Abortion
4. Robert Leslie: Appreciates
5. Edward Bradbrooke: Should Israel be called Judah?



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1. Equal Treatment for all Brit-Am Now Subscribers?
Brit-Am Now no. 1203
(f) Personal Commitment to Brit-Am is Necessary
Y wrote:

Hi Yair,
 My involvement with Britam is very similar to "A" with the difference that I never had contributed.

Does it make me a second class member of the Lost tribes?

Brit-Am Reply:
What your particular relationship with Brit-Am is  has nothing to do with your status (or lack of it) elsewhere.
Brit-Am works as a voluntary organization on a semi-business like basis.
Brit-Am is one thing.
Being a member of the Lost Tribes is another though Brit-Am can help people realize this aspect of themselves and see how it fits in with other matters.

We regret  having posted that particular section of our reply to "A".
We felt as if  requests were being made from of us as if we owed something whilst perhaps not being considered "worthy" from another point of view.
This lead us to figure what exactly was "owed".
Nothing is owed.
Nobody owes us anything.
We do treat everybody more or less as equals in principle.
If anything, people who really do help us out too often do not receive the attention we should give them.
We are also human however and may react accordingly from time to time.
With hindsight we have been getting by reasonably well for a long time now but this is has been due to an ongoing series of what I consider "miracles".

2. Bible Research makes one "Not better of worse than anybody else"?

I have no doubts that I am from the Lost ten tribes. Over the years I have invest more time in Biblical research than many of your subscribers however I don't consider myself better or worse than anybody else, I am just an ordinary guy. Y.

Brit-Am Reply:
Biblical Learning and research will always make you better than you were compared to what you were.
In many cases it may also give one an "edge" over others.
This should not contradict the need for humility.
An analogy is working out in a gym.
The regular exercise will nearly always make you somewhat stronger than you were.
It may or may not also make you stronger than others.
There is also always the danger of an accident, or of excessively overdoing some exercise and harming oneself.

3. Nathan Proud: Carthage and Thoughts on Abortion
Subject: a few thoughts on prophecy and the future
Hi Yair,
Generally, I believe that Israel has found its resting places until [the Messianic Age] regathers all Israel.  But sometimes I wonder if I'm mistaken about that.  What I mean is that Israel was rather settled in various places and seemed very secure: Carthage, Parthia, Scythia, Cimmeria, Spain, etc.  In each of those cases, however, they were driven away and in at least one of those cases (Carthage), I can see the same reason for their exile from there as in Canaan.  While they obviously had forsaken worship of God and turned to Baal et al, it seems that the last straw, so to speak, was child sacrifice.  In Jeremiah 19:5, He says that what they were doing was something He hadn't commanded or spoken of, neither did the thought enter His mind.  It was such a horrible thing that He didn't want attached to His name, and that's why He declared them Lo-ammi in the first place.  The Carthaginians also sacrificed their children and fell.  Tyre fell and was enslaved by Alexander for the same.  Judah even was doing the same and eating their children, and they were exiled.
So many people in modern Israel sacrifice their children to the god of convenience by aborting their pregnancies.  And whether we Christians are right in our religious beliefs doesn't matter: the name of God is attached to us.  We are known as people who worship the God of the Bible.  I believe the number is 3700 babies every day are destroyed.  What are your personal thoughts?  Do you see another exile or enslavement to another nation God may raise up (e.g. Germany, China, Russia, etc.) as a possibility according to your studies?
Also, is abortion very prevalent in the State of Israel?  It's unfortunately the Muslim countries that are outspoken, not the West.
Nathan Proud

Brit-Am Reply:
Concernig Carthage: This is part of the teaching of Steven Collins.
Brit-Am did not identify Carthage as Israelite though we are not against the possibility being considered.
Abortion is unfortunately common in Israel.

4. Robert Leslie: Appreciates
Dear Yair, I had not even considered the color scheme of the Brit Am site. I've always been more interested in the content. I also appreciate you answer regarding conspiracy theories. Thanks, Robert Leslie

5. Edward Bradbrooke:  Should Israel be called Judah?
It is my opinion that the Jewish State should be called, "The State of Judah" as Judah did not receive the Birthright Blessings from Yakov and the name, "Israel."
 The name "Israel" belongs to the descendants of Joseph, more in particular to Ephraim and Manasseh-Menasheh.
This is attributed to the utterance of Genesis 48.
It would also prevent further confusion in the world as to who is whom.

Brit-Am Reply:
Before the founding of the State of Israel there was a discussion as to whether to call
the new State "Israel" or "Yehudah".
An account of this discussion are probably exists somewhere.
It could be interesting.
Anyway, in my opinion the name "Israel" is appropriate.
This answer is better read in conjunction with out article,
 by  Steven Collins
 and Yair Davidiy
On the one hand,
In a Biblical sense most citizens of "Israel" descend from, or at least are the inheritors of, the former Kingdom of Judah.
They also fulfill the task allocated to Judah by the Bible.

On the other hand,
The territory of Judah historically (apart from the later Maccabee period) covered only the south.
"Judah" at present represents and is an emissary of ALL Israel.
Judah should try to seize and settle as much territory as possible!
Later the Land will be re-divided after the Tribes return and take back the greater Land of Israel from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean sea and beyond.
it is good that Judah be referred to at present as "Israel" since at present Judah is fulfilling a task of Israel.


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