Brit-Am Now no. 1210
21 August 2008, 20 Av 5768
1. W. The House of Joseph is pushing unification in the wrong way
2. Paul D Pruitt:
Hyksos of Egypt were Israelites
3. Tribal Deprivation as an Explanation for anti-Zionist anti-Semitism


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1. W. The House of Joseph is pushing unification in the wrong way

The reason I am writing this e-mail is to say that I think The House of Joseph is pushing unification in the wrong way.  We are quick to offer advice or criticism to Judah on how we think they should approach unification.  If one is not wearing Judah's shoes, they should not assume that they know what is good for Judah.

At the present Judah's main concern should be its survival, all other issues are second place, including unification.  Judah must bring its own people back to the land first, after that is accomplished, then other matters can follow. W.

2. Paul D Pruitt: Hyksos of Egypt were Israelites
From: Paul D Pruitt <>

There was an interesting broadcast of Jacob Jacobovitch and James Cameron (the director yes) on the History Channel. I had a DVDof the program and had seen it before. The broadcast gives the theory that the Hyskos expulsion that was done by Ahmose, was the Exodus and this occurred during the Santorini eruption. His evidence and explanations are:

(1. Ahmose means brother of Moses in Hebrew.

(2. Santorini ash has been found in Avaris contemporaneous with layer in where the Semite civilization is last found.

(3. 9 royal seals with the definitely Hebrew name of "Jacob" were found in Avaris.

(4. The Sea of Reeds was located in a region called today by a name that means "God Devours" in Hebrew.

(5. Blood in the Nile could have been created by CO2 reaction with Iron deposits on the bottom of the river. Water turning red because of volcanic forces is known to have occurred in 2 lakes in Africa in the 1980's.

(6. In the same lakes after the initial relatively harmless red water event, an earthquake led to a landslide which changed the surface tension of the lakes. A huge amount of a low lieing blanket of CO2 gas was released and 1,500 people died in their beds. People on higher ground suffered no effects. First born Egyptions slept on low level cots, other children slept on the rooves or in wagons, out of harms way of the possibly similar low lying blanket of CO2. The sitting upright Hebrews during the Passover rituals would have been immune.

(7. When the Iron reacted with the CO2 it removed all the oxyen from the water so the fish died, but not the frogs. The frogs were driven onto land where they died.

(8. Without frogs to eat them the fly and lice population exploded.

(9. The fly explosion lead to the cattle plagues.

(10. The darkness covering Egypt in one of the plagues was the ash cloud from Santorini.

(11. The fire and hale of one of the last plagues is an actual phenomenon of the collapsing ash cloud. You get hale and fire at the same time.

(12. There are mass graves of just young men in Avaris at the time of the expulsion of the Hyskos, no women, no older men.

(13. There is a Stele which describes the leaving of the Hyskos which are called the evi ones. The stele describes all the events in the Bible from the Egyptian point of view.

(14. There is another stele which calls the same events as when "God" judge the Gods of Egypt, and caused them to topple over (the stone statues of the Egyptian Gods were knocked over by the earthquakes.

At any rate, like I had mentioned to you before, I think Hyskos is a corruption of "Isaac" just as Genesis 48:16 says: "the Messenger who is redeeming me from all evil doth bless the youths, and my name is called upon them, and the name of my fathers Abraham and Isaac; and they increase into a multitude in the midst of the land" - Young's Literal Translation

Note this is my theory, not Jacobovitch' or Cameron's. Sorry to call attention to myself, but I think it has relevancy even if it has not been generally suggested before.

Brit-Am Comment:
In our work "Lost Israelite Identity" several chapters have been devoted to the Hyksos.
We also identify them with the Ancient Hebrews.
See also our article:
"Hycsos: Hebrew Shepherd Kings of Egypt"

3. Tribal Deprivation as an Explanation for anti-Zionist anti-Semitism
There is another explanation for pathological antipathy to Zionism which is in fact anti-Semitism though they usually deny it..
It is Tribal Deprivation.
Sub-consciously they may have liked to participate in the Zionist Enterprise but because they cannot (or believe they cannot) it arouses a chasm of inadequacy within them.
They feel Deprived, and blame the "Zionists" for it.

Christian Zionists and Fundamentalist Christians in general do not feel such inadequacy or if they do it is on a conscious level. They can cope with it.
They also realize that it need not be permanent.
They know that the Almighty will also give a place for them when the time comes and they instinctively understand that what Judah can gain at present is according to the will of God and also to their own ultimate benefit.

This is a new revelation for me.
This idea needs developing.
There is definitely something in it but how much remains to be seen.


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